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Crazy wife episode 2-3

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Crazy wife episode 2-3 by : 5:56 pm On May 7, 2021
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Crazy wife
chapter two
“Submit everyone”the lecturer announced after seeing the class rowdy. He hurriedly collected all our script and left
“How was it”almost all my class mate chorused and rushed to ask me
“Get out”I yelled in annoyance almost crying
Some laughed
“Leave the girl alone she doesn’t want to tell us her experience with her husband..you also go get married”one of my mates said
Was that supposed to make me feel better
Every single word angered me
“So you mean she’s not a virgin again” a girl gasped and there where many murmurs
I just sat there, surprised, shocked
This is how I might continue living my life
When Barry came to pick me up at school
He saw I was sad. I could see through the expression on his face. He had a slight frown when he saw my sad face, bit he didn’t dare to ask me what was wrong at school, I would end up embarrassing him. What should he mend in my affairs
“Mind to tell me what’s wrong ?”He asked in the car and I gave no reply as usual
“You look really sad today”He said again.
Have I ever been happy?
It has always been a bad experience for the past few months I got married
No rest of mind, always picking up a fight, I even got lean.
If this is how all marriage was then I better quit
Barry stopped the car
“Two soft drinks please”he ordered from a kiosk nearby and they sold it to him
“Care for?”he asked me pointing a drink
“Could we talk when we get home”I said rejecting the drink
“This would be the nicest thing you’ve said to me since we got married”he said and gave a smirk.
I ignored that was cute and gave him a straight face
“Sure we’ll talk..we would definitely talk”he replied
“Thanks”I replied him
“There is no problem Violet..you can talk to me whe….”
I increased the volume of the song in the car. I had said we should talk at home, not now, I really need to think.
He shut up as I increased the volume and we had a silent drive
We got home and i got down as usual, no letting him enter the garage to park his car. I opened the door and moved to the sitting room. Today has been the worst day of my life
Everyone one thinks Barry and I had had s£×. I needed to call all this off
The door opened and he comes in
“So..”he started
“I want to talk to you so take a seat”I cut in ordering him
He gave me a glare Before taking his sit
“Eerhm..we both know..that we are not happy about this marriage..and you have been stupid enough not to voice out to our parents..”I pause as he gave me a semi deadly glare Before I rephrased my words
“I mean we have been stupid enough not to voice out to our parents”I said emphasizing the we. “So if we insist on not telling them then we should take a divorce then”I said to him
“A divorce?”he asked
I nodded
“Well that’s a good one”he said again
My worms jumped
“Oh thank you”I said so happy with a wild smile
“But if we take a divorce, how will our parents not know about it?”he asked
I hit my palm on my forehead “Psst.. Fool we won’t let them know”I said still laughing.
I stopped when he didn’t laugh
Oh I had called him a fool.
Gosh that was one thing I hated in this marriage, I couldn’t insult him at free will.
We are definitely getting a divorce
“Okay then..a divorce!”he said and I jumped up
“Thank you Barry thank you”I said and he also smiled
“Well since we would be divorcing then try to play nice!”he said. I scowl. “Come on..it’s not that I like you..or do you like me?”he smirks
“Hell no!”I retorted
“Well then. Play nice!”he chuckles
“Owkay Barry..”I grabbed my bag and head upstairs
“I’ll make you lunch!”he shouted after me
“I’ll try not to reject it!”I shouted back and I heard him chuckle
At least today wasn’t a bad day after all
I yawn and groan slightly as the light through my window peered directly into my eye.
I changed direction and rolled over the bed as I buried my face in the pillow. I didn’t want to wake up yet. But I had to. The thought of getting a divorce as fast as possible as been on my mind through out the night. We needed to discuss the fastest method. I had to prove to my classmates I was still a virgin
“Ow!”my hand hits the plates nearby as I stretched. I sit up to the see the left over grains from the food Barry prepared for me yesternight.
I had eaten his food?
Well it was..
It had been so great and seeing the plates now makes me savour in my thoughts
I stood up and stretched one more time as I look at the mirror in front of me as I checked out my simple small br£@sts with two nlpp!es pointing at the mirror
I really need to take a picture if this. To tell the world my nlpp!e still stands and it’s untouched. To show them I have not been touched by any man. At least It should be an evidence..I think?🙄
I look down at my pubic hair. It was well shaved and only little could be seen. I turn around to look at my hips and butts and I smile when I see a good sight
I had always slept n@k£d from when I have been born. I don’t know why my mum brought me up with that but I wouldn’t feel comfortable if cloths were on.
I sleep n@k£d and of course wake n@k£d
Seeing my good figure at the mirror I smile again. Violet was growing up. This 17 year old girl in front of the mirror was already becoming a young adult
I clear all my thoughts as I grab my long bathroom robe and put on slipping my hands through and tying the ropes at the front
I picked up the plates and head downstairs to the kitchen.
Hmmmn. Barry was in.
Oh my what is that in the pot?
I move to the zinc as I swallow my saliva and I drop the plates
“At least say good morning..we are still having a divorce!”he said and I shrugged
‘Good morning”I greeted. He turns back to look at me and shake his head
“Our parents sent for us!”he said and the plate in my hand almost fell
“What? You told them about the divorce. I should never have trusted you to keep it a secret!”I yelled
“Hey Violet chill okay? I didn’t tell them anything about the divorce..this is just a coincidence..I got a call this morning that we should come over at your house..”
“Yes..look trust me..I could never tell them about the divorce okay? Because I want the same..so cool those nerves and let us hear what they have to say”he said and I sigh
“Okay”I said.
“Get ready, breakfast will be ready soon!”he said and I moved away from the kitchen
My parents, calling? This better be good!
A warm hug embraced me that I almost choke to death
“So happy to see you too ma’am”I said to the woman who happened to be my mother in law and she ushered us in.
Trying to picture when last I came inside my humble home. That was two months ago..Geez I miss home it fees so nice and different, so different again.
It was a long walk to the dinning and I could see from afar as the whole family member sat at the dinning like we are holding a banquet.
I turn to look at Barry and sigh
This better Be good. I have been reassuring my self since we left home
“Welcome darlings”My mother welcomed us and we took a seat beside each other. L'ttle Millie giggled as I touched her hair and bent to give her a klzz
“Cheers”my father said and raised his cup and we all made a toast. My mum served everyone food but I couldn’t take my eyes off that roasted chicken. I knew that was my mum’s doing. We all started eating after a short prayer from Barry’s dad
“You look beautiful”my mum said to me
“Thanks mum”I replied with a smile you wouldn’t know was fake
“All thanks to him right?”she said to me again with a wink
I replied her with my usual smile
“We called for you two”My father in law said and I sat up
Start already!
One could tell with the expression on my face that I was anxious and nervous to hear what he wanted to say
“We have planned to give you guys a surprise!”My father said.
I hate surprises from both parents
“A surprise?”Barry asked and they all nodded at once
“Then spill it out already dad!”I said so eager
“Here it is..”my dad said bringing out a small paper and handing it to Barry. I turned to Barry as he opened it and kept staring
“Come on..show it to your wife”his mum said and he handed it over to me
“An honeymoon ticket?”I screamed as I read from the paper
Okay now guys tell me what to do?
Should I really disappear from here
What the hell?
A f√¢king honeymoon ticket?
I thought I was getting a divorce
Pls like👍
Crazy wife
Chapter 3
“An honeymoon ticket?”I read and asked with shocked screaming. They all smiled in reply. I turned to face Barry and he managed a smile too with the rest
“But dad..I can’t take this”I said to my dad handling the tickets back
“Why violet?”he asked and everyone gave a concern look
Why? Because I don’t like this marriage and I’ve been pretending to you guys so you wouldn’t kill me. Why? Because I am not in love with my husband. Why? Because we are getting a divorce soon? What should I even say?
“Bee..ca..use…..my school. I mean I can’t leave school to go for honeymoon. It will affect my studies”I finally voiced out
“Well as far as i have raised
you..during these periods you should be having your tests and a two weeks holiday us coming next right?”
Holy shit
“Oh..”I trailed and managed a smile “I thought I still had class”I said
They all smiled
“So you are leaving on a Wednesday. Today is Saturday you have time to pack up the things you’ll need”my mum said
“And don’t forget the lingeries”Barry mum winked at me and they all laugh
Thanks mum! For this stupid arranged marriage that will boost your business
“Barry!”I heard my father’s voice
Barry looked up at him
“She’s a jewel..keep her safe!”he said
“Well I’ve been doing that!”he said with a smile
“So mum, dad, thanks for this banquet..but we gotta go”I said standing up
“Hun..not so soon?”
“I’m sorry too mum but we got to attend a friend’s wedding!”I said carrying my bag and giving Millie a klzz
“Aw. That’s not nice. We thought you would really spend some time”Barry’s mum said
I smile
“We thought too.. Sweetheart!”I turn to face Barry. He looked up at me and I signalled
“Can we go now?”I asked.
“Sure. Sure. Mum dad. Thanks for all this!”he said and put his arms around my neck
“We would get going now!”he said and they all have a bye as we move out of the house and entered our car
“Damn damn damn!”I threw my self on the couch of the sitting room “I didn’t ask for a honeymoon ticket”
“I didn’t either!”Barry said sitting on a one seater chair
“We should cancel this..we should look for ways!”
“I tried thinking about it..but it’s not working!”
“How about you make excuses about your job”I suggested
“I work under dad’s company..nothing will change”he said
I screamed out my lungs. This isn’t happening. Please this isn’t happening
“Hello!”Barry pick up his phone that just rang
“Seriously Jennifer.”he laughed and i turn to look at him
This Jennifer of a girl!
Maybe his girlfriend or something. All i know is that they call each other a lot and he laughs a lot too.
I pick my bag and go upstairs to my room. I might have the most awful weekend
“I am as Happy as hell!”I said to Ella as I walk towards the school cafeteria. Today was last day at school and I was so happy to share the good news to Ella
“I’m happy for you too..geez you would have gone through hell if you went for that honeymoon”
“I thought my plan wasn’t going to work at first..but it did!”I squeal and she laughed
“So you pretended to be sick!For real!”
“Yeah Barry and I are good at acting”I said and chuckled myself
“That must be a great relive for Barry as well”
“Yeah.. he was so happy when dad canceled it”
“Weird couple!”Ella said
“Not couple..we are getting a divorce”I said. She gasped covering her mouth
“Oh my God..does mum knoes..”
“Hell no!it’s what Barry and i are planning”
“Now I I just believe you and uncle Barry don’t like each other”
“Call him Barry”I said as we entered the cafeteria
“No Uncle Barry is fine”
“No it’s not”
“It is”
“Is not”
“It is”
“Uncle Barry”
“Owk. Barry”
“Blake”I stopped walking immediately
“Bla..wait..is that his other name?”
“No..i mean..look… Blake!” I stare at the masculine creature sitting with his friends at the cafeteria and I swallowed
“Get a life Violet..”
“Get a life?”I turned to her “Come on..I’ve been crushing on him since like third grade!”I said making a quotation with my f!ng£rs emphasizing on third grade
“You are still not over him yet?”
“Not when he looks extremely handsome now”
“Stop crushing on someone else..you are Marr..”
“Hold it there..i am not married with my free will..and come on Blake is my life..His name is like everywhere in my diary.yoi know yourself..you stole it once to read”
“I know you are in love with this Blake but damn, he had never talked to you since high school and it isn’t going to happen at college”
“He talked to me at high school. I borrowed him my pencil once”
“Hey Violet”she smack me and I chuckled and look back at where Blake was sitting. I wish I could just get a chance to talk to him one. Alone. He was always with either of his friends if I tried to talk to him. So I never got the chance
I saw one of his friend spin a beer bottle and it landed at Blake
“Awwn. I wish I could join them for truth or dare. I could get to klzz Blake”
“Are we going to just stand here and stare at them or can we get something to eat?”she shouted at me
“Come on..stop shouting”I whispered in her ears and we turn to look Blake and his friends once again
Luckily they were also staring at us
“Am I dreaming?is Blake actually staring at me. Actually admiring me!”
“You wish!”Ella said and drag me away as we moved to the counter and I didn’t stop staring at Blake. He was also staring back. Was he crushing on me?
As we carried our food. I looked for a seat where I could see the view of Blake well. Last day of school and all I do is stare a him. It gladdens my heart so much
“Will you stop staring at the person at my back and ho on with your food!”Ella bang the table
“It’s last day of school. Let me just do this today”I said and we one of my fries
“If you are so..in love with Blake..then try talk to him into becoming friends with you..instead if admiring him from afar”
“He’s always with his friends! He never will alone…wait..oh my..he’s coming to us..he’s coming here..how do I look…he’s coming here Ella!”
Ella turn back to see Blake really coming. She gaped which made me more nervous to see him
I flip my hair to my shoulder and pretend to be a normal girl who wasn’t crushing on him
“Hi!”I heard a cool sweet voice and I was forced to look up.
I opened my mouth wide as I saw him smile at me. My crush was standing right in front of me and saying hi. I had wanted to make the first move
“Hiiii”Ella and i waved dumbly back at him
“Can I seat?”he asked
“Sure sure sure…you can..just sit”I stood up and brought out a chair for him. I was obviously behaving stupid but I didn’t care
He sat down and I also sat down too as he kept smiling at both of us
“Blake Douglas”Ella and I chorused and it was his time to gape. He let out a small laugh
“Well I guess you girls already know me”
“Of course..how would we not know the hot handsome s£×y sweet Blake Douglas”I said putting my hands together near my cheek and staring at him as s£×y as I would
“I don’t know him!”Ella blurted and we both turn to her
“Hun?”I asked her
“I only got to know him because his name is all over your diary as the guy you have been crushing on since third grade!”she blurted
I gasp letting her know the guy she was talking about was here
Blake too seems a little surprised but instead he gave me a smirk
“Seriously since third grade?”he asked me and I scratch my hair
“Thanks for embarrassing me Ella!”I threw one of my fries at her
“It’s not embarrassing..I mean..I’ am honored to be a beautiful lady crush”he said and winked at him. My worms jumped
“I’m Vio…”
“Violet Anderson!”he said and Ella and I gasped
“You..you..know me..”I stuttered
“Yeah..I mean since you got married..you are the talk of the school!”he said.
I frown. “Well that’s a nice popularity award”
He chuckled
“But seriously, can’t anyone understand that this is just an arranged marriage..nothing but compromise.. no love..nothing else and it will soon be over!” I shouted that only our table could hear
“Really?..you are not happily married to Barry?”he asked
“Yes Blake..and Barry knows himself..look..I’ve got nothing to hide..we had never had anything before..I control the house..”
“So you mean..your heart is still open for cute guys like us”he said in a more serious and babyish tone
“Yes..yes..yes..I am free to do anything..don’t say because I am married..you shouldn’t talk to me…I am free as hell..”
“Wow..well I didn’t know that..but I’m glad your heart can still occupy some feelings for young guys like us”
I chuckled “stop being sweet”
“So..”he put his hands in mine on the table. My heart skipped. I stared at it drunkly, he actually did that
“Next semester then”he said and I look up at him
“Today is last day of school..so next semester then!”he said
“Not really!”I said immediately
Why the hell will he postpone US till next semester. I might run mad before then
“Not really?”he asked
“Yeah. I’m having a party at my house tomorrow night. It’s an all night party”
“Yeah..you know..we can get to talk..get drunk.. play…klzz?”I asked. He nod with a smile
“I’ll be at your party!”he said
“Awwn.Thanks..and bring people too..as much as you can”
“No problem”
“Yeah.”I replied as we both stared right into each other’s eyes. He gave another cute smile begore leaving our table
“Christ..that was awesome”I said and lay my head on the table
“At least you didn’t notice I was here..good for me”Ella said
“I’m sorry”
“So what party are you talking about..you didn’t tell me anything”
“That’s because..I just made it up now”
“Wait..you want Blake to come over to your house like that”
“No..i mean I’ll be throwing areal party..”
“Wow so everyone is invited”
“And uncle Barry?”
“He’s out for business.. coming on Wednesday”
“Oh..that’s why”
“There is nothing he would do if he was around”
“Hmmn..who’s the boss?”
“Mee..”I shouted and she shake her head as we chuckled
My crush since third grade is gonna be coming to my house
Gonna talk to me
This is so insane
I could get a klzz from him

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