Crazy wife episode 18-19

Crazy wife
Chapter Eighteen
The kiss
I know I might regret it later but i threw the pillow I had with me and locked my lips with Barry’s to shut him up
It was stupid. It was crazy. I knew. But I could not bear it again. It started In the afternoon when our clothes hooked together. I held back then, but now?
Not when we are both watching a hot erotic movie and not when he was teasing me at my weak point.
He didn’t respond to my kiss. He was shocked. I felt how startled he was. But I didn’t want to stop and feel stupid. I kissed him with my eyes closed.
Then his hand wrapped my waist gently and slowly as he pulled me closer
Movement made!
I had suddenly locked lips with him, suddenly went on top of him, he had to take his time and I’m happy he made a positive move
I never believed he could open his mouth slightly to feel my lips
He kissed me gently and the moan and groan from the TV boosted our morale.
My hand went to his hair and ruffled it as he took over the kiss instead with my lips just following his movements.
He gently turned me over to the three seaters chair and he was on top of me now. He was big, huge, he covered me but he didn’t break the kiss.
He didn’t kiss me hard so I wasn’t afraid of my lips swollen. He kissed me with care ,he took his time not to hurt me. When he went more slowly i was afraid he would stop.
I wrapped my hands round his neck and pulled him closer as we went on.
This was what couples did right? I wanted to experience it too. With Barry. After mum’s rubbish today and Bianca’s adventure. I think this was the only thing Barry would do to make me happy.
When he moved to my ear to kiss it. I moan. He should stop targeting me ear. He kissed my forehead and then my cheeks and my nose and back to my lips, he went down to my collar bone and slip my gown off my shoulder to kiss my shoulder. He moved to my neck and my jaw and my lips again.
Who told us to watch this movie in the first place? Oh it was the channel we placed it and it was looking very interesting before they started…
And I boasted that I could watch the movie. Not knowing I was just some weak ass.
When he stopped kissing my lips. I wondered..
I opened my eyes slowly to see a cute Barry staring at me. His eyes glistened with love and his mouth was slightly opened. Was he also shocked we did this?
“Are you okay?”
He asked my the most funniest questions he had always asked.
Even with the sudden kiss I have him. He still asked if I was okay.
“Did I hurt you?”he asked again.
I nodded negatively as I sat up and he moved away from me.We both sat down as I looked at our tiles on the floor
“I’m sorry..”he apologized
“No..”my voice trailed. I turn to look at him. “I started don’t have to be sorry..”
“But I went on with shouldn’t be..”
“I wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t like there’s no big deal if you went on..”I mumbled and I was sure he heard.
Let him hear that I like him. It was enough prove
“But if it really got you upset..I’m sorry..i just got lost too..”
Hmmn he got lost.
“You weren’t a bad kisser after all. I enjoyed it”I winked at him
He laughed
“Seriously Vee! If we had settled in for more. You would know I’m not a bad kisser”
“I’ll love more anyway.. but you still look like a novice..”
He laughed
“Look who’s talking..I’m more matured,how many people have you kissed”
“Just Blake and you..”
“Then whose was better…”
“Who knows..ask my lips”
“When I kissed you..your lips shouted for more..”
“I didn’t hear it shout…”
“That’s the only thing I would hear”he winked and i smiled
“But sincerely Barry. You don’t have to be sorry for Kissing don’t expect this relationship to be boring do you?”I asked and walked out leaving him with his own answers
Barry’s POV
You don’t expect this relationship to be boring do you?
That actually came out from Violet.
What does she mean
She doesn’t want a boring relationship. That’s gonna be pretty baaad . We would end up doing what couples actually do..and she doesn’t even care.?
Was she getting more matured? She was comfortable with me kissing her? Giving her hugs! Wrapping my hands round her on the bed. She was comfortable?
You don’t expect this relationship to be boring do you? You don’t expect this relationship to be boring you?
I still can’t believe she said that!
I heard a scream upstairs, wait did she just realized I kissed her? I better run!
I jump on the bed immediately i got to my room and I rested on the back of the door
“Hah!”I gasped covering my mouth
He kissed me. We kissed. I liked it. He did too. I had the courage to tell him it was nothing! Someone help. This kiss is driving me crazy
I pick my phone and jump on my bed . I dialed Ella’s number and walk-around on the bed as the number beep.
Immediately she picked up.
“Violet..”she said
“I kissed Barry!”I said
“Oh my..God… aaaargh”she screamed and i scream along with her too
“Are you kidding me!”she asked again in a serious note
I chuckled “No I’m not..I’m damn serious”
“Okay..hint me..”
“We were both watching an erotic movie..”
“And…I hot sort of horny.. especially sitting with him..”
“ kissed him?”
“I didn’t really plan to..he was targeting my ears..”
“Oh. Those weak points!”
“So I had no choice..”
“Did he respond?”
“Lile hell. He pulled me to the chair with those lips longing for more”
“Awwn…so sweet you guys are really in love”
“Thanks buddy!”
“How happy are you”
“How about the 3..”
“Well you know..a girl got to have ego..”
She chuckled.
“It didn’t feel awkward when you both stopped the kiss?”
“No it didn’t..we joked over it!”
“Joked over a deep kiss?”
“Not that deep..just deeeeep”
“I am so happy and blushing that I can’t come out of my room”
“Okay then. I’ll come over and ease your tense!”
“Thanks s bestie!”I jumped on the bed again and hung up
Crazy hun?
“Violet I’m off to work”he shouted down the stairs. A normal me won’t be awake if Barry was heading to work. I either meet him in the kitchen about to go or he had gone. But I had woke up very early this morning to do unnecessary house chores just to see him get ready for work. I had even washed all the clean plates giving Barry the excuse that germs penetrate through bla bla bla..
I had almost cleaned the wall, when I was cleaning the TV. Just to watch him pick some things in the sitting room and go back upstairs. I had entered his room To asked if he had hair clip for my hair. I wondered what that would be looking for in his place.
“I’m coming!”I said as I hurried downstairs.
“You said if I was leaving I should inform need something?”he asked
I had only wanted to see him leave.. but how could I say that?
“Eerhm..yeah..I just wanted to know when you’re leaving!”I said
He stared at me and rolled his eyes
“Ow..Kay!..Well if you say so..”he said and turn to go
“Barry!”I called him. He stopped and look at me
I move to his front and gave him a smile. He raised his brow wondering what was wrong with me. I move very close to him and put my hands round his neck to knot his tie. He stood there watching me closely and I see him smile. I smile too bit continued not looking at his face even if his gaze was on me.
“Perfect!”I said as I hit his chest a bit
“Eerhm..”he laughs… “..i don’t know what to say Vee.. but the thank you..”
“No p”I said and moved forward to give a kiss on the lip
“And take care..”I said and my startled husband kept staring
Crazy Wife
Chapter Nineteen
Just caring!
Barry’s POV
I am still smiling. I had left home after Violet kissed me on the lips and i find myself still smiling in the board meeting
“Barry..”The CEO said. Yeah that’s my father
I laughed out loud as he called my name and all the workers stare at me.
“Can you please tell us what’s so funny about the secretary making advances to a customer?”he asked
Oh that was why they called a meeting.
That was what they were talking about
I burst out laughing at my foolishness for laughing at the wrong time
And i guessed I laughed at the wrong time
“I’m sorry..”I said stifling a laugh
“I got lost..”i smiled at my dad
He frown and raised his brow
“Okay.. Gerald go on..”he motion to the manager
“Alright..”the manager sat up “..the secretary has done a wrong thing..and she should..”
I burst out laughing again and everyone turn to me
Are they seeing what I’m seeing
The way Gerald said ‘should’ is the way Violet brought her lips this morning.😘 Only that Gerald was funnier and he looked like a pumpkin.
“Barry!”my dad slam his hand on the table and I jump a little from my sit
“Sorry..”I smiled again and he groan. My gaze went to Jennifer and she raised her brow
That was the face I gave when Violet locked her lips with mine. Only that Jenifer looks cuter and I looked like a squirrel
“Barry get out!”I heard my father shout. I come back
“Out now!”he said and i look around at all the eyesπŸ‘οΈπŸ‘€πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈstaring at me. I stood to my feet and give my dad a wink before leaving for the board meeting I was supposed to have. Everyone just looks funny to me.
Even my father looks like the guy in the episode if Teen wolf I watched with Violet one day.
I move to my office and sat down on my rocking chair. I rolled and turn around with a smirk on my lips.
“Okay..what’s wrong?”I heard Jennifer voice as she entered into my office
I turn to face her
“What are you doing here? You aren’t attending that dumbass meeting?”
“..Was asked to check on Dad”
“Hmmmn. Set of Squirrels..” I burst out laughing again
“Haha! Very funny. Now go straight to the point”
“What point I’m not trying to make a point by calling you squirrels. I f I wanted to make a point I would have called you all mouses..”I chuckled
“What’s wrong with you are shitty weird this morning..”
“Nothing..maybe because I got a weird kiss from Violet..that’s why I have been smiling.. everyone just looks like you remember when Gerald said ‘should’..”I mimicked sticking my mouth out and laughing at myself
“..and when you raised your brow at looked like an angry pumpkin…”I laughed again and she frown
“Okay..not funny.. sorry”I hold my ears and give her a wink
“You and Violet kiss?”she said with her hands folded
“Yeah..twice deep..this morning..peck”.
“Are you nuts..she’s a small girl”
“Hello.??she’s my wife!”I snapped
“She wants to divorce you!”
“Look.. Jennifer..Violet is okay with me kissing her and us doing what couples do…till we get a divorce”
“ are are gonna use her before you divorce her?”
“No..not that negative way..we are gonna act in love till we get a divorce ”
“And you will end bad..what if you fall in love with her?”she asked. I stared at her and smirk.
“It isn’t a bad thing though..”
“Jasmine Is gonna be fine..after all she doesn’t know I like her..”I wink at the supposed jasmine at my front.
“Well I think..your marital matter isn’t supposed to be disturbing your business..”
“I’ll try to concentrate then..thanks love..”
“I’m not your love. Violet is!”
“Aw. Look who’s jealous..”
“I’m not jealous!”she snapped. “..I just want to be sure if you really like her so I won’t make unnecessary arrangements for your birthday next week Thursday!”
“ you are up to something..”I moved to her and hug her from the back
“That’s what bestie do anyway..”she said
I smiled on her neck.
“So cute of you..don’t stop any arrangements..I also want to tell you something on that make it great as possible!”I said and she nod
“Thanks..”I pecked her on the cheeks “..and you can attend the meeting now!”
I said and she rolled her eyes and finally left. I chuckled
I loved that girl!
I saw blood in the sitting room. Then I saw Violet cloth soaked in it. I looked around.
What was going on?
I looked closer at the pool if blood on the floor, then I saw finger prints on the floor with blood trace. I looked around and saw the same finger blood stain on the wall of the stairs.
I went red hot as my mind ame to Blake.
The idiot has the gut to come to my house to threaten my wife.
This was blood
He had hurt her!
“Violet!”I screamed throwing my bag away.
I rushed upstairs and made way to get room.
“Violet!”I bang the door. But there was no answer
“Violet!”I banged harder
“Barry?”I heard a soft voice. She was in trouble. She was out of breath. What was he doing .
“Violet..please try to open the door!”I banged louder
“Barry..”that soft voice came again and I hear the door click and open wide
“Violet!”I pulled her in for a tight hug as I looked around for Blake
“Where’s he?”
“Where’s who?”she asked rubbed her eyes
I rolled my eyes “Blake?”
“Did you see him?”she asked pulling away from my hug
“He was here right?”I asked her
“No..why would he be here?”she asked me. I raised my brows
“Blake never came here?”I asked
“Are you okay..did anyone hurt you?”I asked
“No..your shout woke me up. What’s wrong did you see Blake..”
“”I scratch my head. “I..just saw your clothes in a police of blood downstairs and i.. thought”
“My clothes..oh.that is Ella’s doing..she needs a cloth for her tie and dye practical do I gave her mine. So she planned om using a red dye looking unique..she went to the garage to get something. I’m sorry if she messed the sitting room up”she said
I bit my lips and sigh
“’s okay..I..just thought those were blood and you were in trouble..that was why I rushed here!”
She gave a small smile “Thanks for caring. I was sleeping all along. I got scared when you bang the door that way!”
“I’m sorry for scaring you..”I said and pulled her for a tighter hug as I sigh and ruffled her hair.

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