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Crazy wife episode 16-17 by : 6:15 pm On May 7, 2021
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Crazy Wife
Chapter Sixteen
Married again?
I entered into my humble home.
Hmmn. Riches, wealth, Fame, what else does this parent ask for that they didn’t get?
They had it all and wanted more of it.
Victor would say ‘Violet let’s go for holiday at Canada, mum just say a business opportunity’
He always says that to me whenever my parents sees a business opportunity, he uses that to protect me against my parents who prefer to sell me to anybody to gain what they want. Once we go to Canada, it prevents me from my parents suffering.
Victor had always protected me. I loved him with all my soul. Without him I don’t know where I would be by now
But when he died. Barry’s parent and my parents strikes a deal. His parents where richer than mine so they would anything to meet Barry’s parent standard. My parents preferred to sell me to Barry to gain more fame. I never knew why Barry agreed to the marriage when he was asked if he would marry me. He was my brother’s best friend. He was supposed to reject the marriage. But he agreed instead even after knowing that it was business purposes.
Maybe it was all for my good. I never knew I would fall for him.
I continued pretending i was good at my marriage. Else mum could go extra miles to beat me up. I have always been scared of her from the start and would never dare to look in her face. Victor was the only one that made me talk to my mum and joke with her. Or maybe if visitors were around we would be like we have the best mother to daughter relationship
But no! We were almost like total enemies
Mum called. Barry said she called me to come here. I had prayed. This better be good. It better
I move into the sitting room as Millie welcomed me with a run stretching her hand. I bent down and carried her up swinging her side by side
It was my duty to protect her too. She was just 3years old and my mum isn’t willing to try anything funny with her yet.
I had made up my mind. Once she was 6. I will take the responsibility of taking care of her. She could be molested at 6 too, my mum could do anything for money
And oh my dad. He was just my mum’s puppet. He had never raised a voice at my mum or never questioned her authority. I wonder why a man could be as dumb as my dad. If visitors where with us. He talks with his deep voice emitting authority. But deep inside he was just a shithole man with shithole wife.
Millie was beautiful girl and maybe if she was 6 she would live with Barry and I. I’m sure he’s gonna give me his full support in taking care of Millie and taking he away from my mum and dad
“I expected you sooner?”I heard my mum’s voice. I look up and dropped Millie down.
“I had to do my wife duties!”I said to her with a slight frown. She turned to look at me and cackled
“Wife duties..?”she asked again
‘Yeah..you were always calling me and asking if I was taking care of Barry. Isn’t that what you wanted me to do.”
“Oh yeah.”she said again raising Millie up from the ground
“Follow me..”she commanded and I pull my bag to my body tighter and followed her
I followed her into my room as she dropped Millie on the bed. Hmmn. My only escape route. My room. I would always lock myself in. Especially when I didn’t go to school on a Saturday. It was hell staying with mum at home. She would always take me to anywhere she went. So i could meet anyone she meets too. Always introducing me everyone. Always showing off.
I would lock myself in my room or go to Ella’s house. That didn’t stop Me from staying if she really wanted me to stay.
“I called Barry to tell you..to come over..”her voice trailed as she opened my curtains
“Of course I know you did..if not I won’t be here..you never called back”I said
“Hmmn. You’ve grown so rude for the past two months..”she stated
I turn my eyeball to the side ignoring her as i stare at my wardrobe with my picture hanging on it. Aww. Cute.
“Anyway..”she sighed “I’ve just got little things to say to you”
I turn to look at her
“Do you know Denix jewelries?”
“Heard of it..”
“Are you kidding me Vee..you don’t know Denix jewelries…the parents whose son was born with red hair”
“Oh..i remember..”I try not to smile. But it was obvious i will smile soon
Denix jewelry store? Who doesn’t know their son with Red Hair. I follow him on Instagram infact.
“We are going business with them”she gave a wide smile
I smile at last
Wtf? Doing business with them is like signing contract with the president
“And..they are coming over to our house tomorrow”she said. My heart jumped.
Oh really?
“Yeah!”she replied like she read my mind
“And I want you to meet them!”
Oh 🤦the usual!
But I would really and gladly love to meet them.
“I called Barry that you’ll be staying over”
“What? I am not staying over. I need to go home”
“He agreed..so you are!”
Oh f√¢k why did he agree?
“This is still your room..I didn’t give it to anyone else..and i bought you a gown..it’s in your wardrobe..check it out… remember it’s the Denix we are seeing!”she said and left my room with a wink.
What a mother!
I opened my wardrobe and I was forced to smile at the sight of the gown.
She had good choices. Always in for the best
Always with that fashion sense.
One reason I really liked her. She makes me smile too. But isn’t that perfect mother I watched in movies.
I turn to see Millie playing with my pillow
At least. I’ve got Millie to keep me company. I threw my bag on the bed as Millie made way to search it. I move to my window and look out
Oh. Vee got a life!
“I’m sorry I called you late..”I heard Barry say immediately i picked up his call
“No problem. I hadn’t slept..”
I was chatting with Ella. And getting Millie. And was waiting for his call too. I hadn’t slept, and I was so glad when i saw his call
“How are you doing over there?”he asked me.
“Just cool..”I replied
“Hope you aren’t sneaking watching Teen wolf?”he asked. I laughed
“Oh..i hadn’t Even Taught of that thanks for reminding me anyway”I said and I heard him laugh too
I bit my lip as there was silence between us after the laugh
“Have you taken dinner?”
“yeah..mum ordered Chinese rice”I said
“Oh that’s nice then!”
“What did you eat?”I asked
“Just ordered fish and chips…”.he said
“You ordered? You didn’t cook?”
“Yeah.. anyway who would I cook for..when you’re not here..”he said and my heart melts.
Aww. He does all that for me?
That’s do sweet of him.
I chuckle “I’m sorry if I take you through stress in cooking..”
“No..that’s okay..i love it anyway..”
“Oh. Thanks”
“Come home soon..”he said
“Sure..I’ll be at home before you get back from work tomorrow”
“I might not go to work tomorrow..it’s a probability..I’m taking a short rest”
“It’s your father’s company after all”I whined
“And I’m his son…after all”he whined too and we laughed
“Thanks for checking on me!”I said
“It’s a pleasure…and my duty”
I chuckle
“Talk to you later”I said.
“Sweet dreams!”he said too
Love you. I replied too. In my f√¢king stupid mind. What will I be thinking to say that loud. Hell no!
9:00 was when mum came to pick me up from my room. The had come 15minutes before but where saying somethings downstairs. I waited patiently staring at myself in the mirror admiring how beautiful I looked.
“Vee..let’s go!”she said taking my hands. I stopped her
“Am I okay?”I asked
“You look extremely good!”she said and drag my hands again.
“Ouch!”I groan as my hand twisted a bit with the ring I wore. She knew I wasn’t used to it. Yet she was dragging my hand
“What’s this shit doing with you?”she asked as she dragged it from my f!ng£r and threw it somewhere in my room
“Mum..”I shouted
“Let’s hurry now. They are waiting”she took my hand and we walked away from my room.
I walk majestically downstairs with my mum as I stared at the Denix family in our house. All of them fixed their gaze on me and I knew my mum was as happy as hell.
“This is my Daughter Violet!”she introduced when we got downstairs
“Hello sir!”I greeted the man who I presume was the Denix himself
“She’s pretty..”he said to his wife and she smiled and touch my cheeks
“Meet Denix Parker and Denix Flora”my mum said. I bow slightly at them and they nod
“And meet.. Denix Justin and Denix ..”
Yeah Jade..i know him..there was no need to introduce. He was the red haired guy. Thr whole of Crown Einstein would freak if I tell them Denix Jade was at my house
“Nice to meet you..”I give my best smile as I shake both of them each
“They both have been fighting over you before we got here”Flora said as my mum motioned me to take a seat
Fighting over me? Why?
“But since Justin won!”the father said and they all laugh. I smile too
“It isn’t fair Justin has to take the girl!”Red haired guy said
“Oh come on..you could have many other girls later”Flora said
“Well at least..I win this time even if I dont have a red hair”he smirk at his brother and Red haired jerked him
I am lost!
“Violet..?”Flora called “Do you like Justin already?”she asked me
“Huh?”I asked with that confused look
“Justin..our sin..do you like him already..your mother showed you his picture right?”she asked me
“Of course I did..you can’t expect her to say she likes Justin in front of Justin…girls can be very shy you know!”my mum said
Wait! Christ! Shit! Wtf! How come?
Please tell me it’s not what I’m thinking
“You stupid and useless mother!”I screamed at her.
She slapped my in the face and I held my red cheeks tight
“You never called me useless”.
“You sold me…”I mumbled in a trembling voice
“And what’s wrong in that?”.
“You didn’t even ask for my opinion!”I screamed at her
She gave me another slap on the same cheek
“Keep your voice low Vee!”she said with no emotion
“I am married!”I trembled
“I know..”
“And..no way am I Cheating on my husband”
“You’re not cheating..you are filing a divorce”she said
What? Filing a divorce with Barry? What we were planning to do without her consent and bow she was throwing the offer openly
“Our business with the Brown’s are finished..we have business with the Denix now!”
“Am I a ball you would pass around..”
“Oh come on stop making a real deal out of it..what’s so wrong in getting married again?”
“Am I that useless to you?”tears rushed down my cheeks
“He’s handsome,caring, git the looks ,rich, popular ,what your friends will like you doing..”
“You are very evil!”I shouted at her and moved back from her
Incase I might receive a slap.
“Don’t walk out on Me Violet!”
“You are very evil!”I screamed at her again and ran out of the house
Victor please save your sister from this psychopath.
“Barry!”I ran inside to hug him so close as more tears ran through my eyes wetting his cloth. No. Mum isn’t right. I wouldn’t leave Barry. I wouldn’t get married again. I refused to be a ball passed around. I refuse to become useless
I feel Barry’s hand rub my back slowly soothing every pain I had. But I cried the more tightening the hug I gave him
We might remain like this till God knows when!
Crazy Wife
Chapter Seventeen
Gotta be brave!
Barry!”I ran inside to hug him so close as more tears ran through my eyes wetting his cloth. No. Mum isn’t right. I wouldn’t leave Barry. I wouldn’t get married again. I refused to be a ball passed around. I refuse to become useless
I feel Barry’s hand rub my back slowly soothing every pain I had. But I cried the more tightening the hug I gave him
We might remain like this till God knows when!
I couldn’t stop crying. I just couldn’t stop.
Barry pulled me away slightly and stared into my eyes. I was wet and tears still streamed down.
“What happened?”he asked with his eyes so full of emotions. I stare at him. To hell with mum if she wants me to leave him. I sniffed trying to regain myself
“Mu…mum..said..I was getting married again..she said..she made a contract with your parents and it’s over now..I have been signed into another contract..I am getting married to someone else…”I cried
He bit his lip and ruffled his hair. I think he does that when he’s angry or pissed off.
“Shit!”he groaned
“What are my going to do Barry..”I cried louder. He turn to look a me and pulled me in for a tight hug
“Vee..”his voice trailed “it’s gonna be okay hun?Trust me”
I trusted him and I trust him to do something fast about it
I pulled a little from him and looked up at him.
“I don’t want to leave you..”
His eyes glittered in the most loving way I imagine. He was almost in tears too but wiped mine away with his palm
“I don’t want to either..”he said and my wolf smile.
“Okay..let’s talk..”he said taking me to the three seaters chair
I wiped my tears with the back of my palm
“Who did they sign the contract with?”
“Denix jewelry”I answered
“Okay..I’ll talk to my father about it”
“He won’t say a word..your parents and my parents signed a contract over me..and it’s over..this is another contract and it’s none of their business!”
“Actually..I need to tell you something..”he said and I nod motioning him to go on
“Actually… your parents thinks I’m married to you because we signed a contract..”
“Then what’s the real story..”
“I’m married to you on purpose..because..that was Victor’s last wish..”
“We both know..how mum loves money..he made me promise I’ll take up the responsibility of taking care of you after he’s gone..by marrying you.. so you’ll be away from mum..”
“I convinced my parents too and told them to make a deal with your mum..as expected your mum brought the offer of me marrying you and I agreed..”
Christ. Barry has planned it from the start. He was protecting me from the start. And I’ve been very rude to him because he was my brother’s best friend and had agreed to the marriage. All he thought about was me all along. He didn’t wants me to be harassed by whoever my mum would bring. He had been watching over me after Victor died. No wonder I saw him at our house frequently before we got married. He wanted to make sure I was okay..
“Thanks..”I whispered, but burst out in tears instead.
He had always wanted me to be safe.
“Hey.. don’t cry okay?”
“You don’t deserve to be treated this way..you are beautiful brave and perfect..you just have to face this..”
“You have to take that hold step and confront your mum..stop being naive..it will do no good..you have to stand up for yourself..and don’t worry I got your back”he said. I stare
Confront mum. Is that gonna be easy.
“If you don’t stop this Violet..after her contract with the Denix..she’ll still go for another and you’ll be her prey..so you’ve got to stop this now”
He sighed. “For now I don’t think we are getting a divorce..”
“Sure no p”
“Okay then..we have all the court proceedings to show that you are legally married to me..”
“That’s the first con we have against your mum”
“She might want to tell everyone it was just an arranged wedding..”
“Then we’ll also tell the court we fell in love during the process..”
My heart melt. Of course we did
“You are also gonna show the Denix you are married and tell them to back up from you”
“How..?she threw my ring!”
“Our court agreement is the only believable proof..even the ring isn’t..”
“Bit I liked the ring..”
He laughed
“I’ll get you another one..”he said and i smile.
“You’ve got to stand up for yourself Vee..that’s all it takes”
“Thanks Barry..thanks so much..”
“And anyway..the gown really looks good on you.”he commented. I managed a smile
“She could do anything to make me look good”I sniffed my tears
“I want to take you somewhere.”
“Just come with me..if you trust me..”
“You’re good this way. Just damp your face a bit”
I smile. I stood up but something stopped me. I turn back to look at my dress hanging Barry’s dress. I turn to remove it as our head hit each other
“Sorry”we both apologized to each other and chuckled. I sat down back to remove what hooked our clothes together and our hands met. I look up at him at the same time he did look up at me. We both stared at each other closely and I glanced through his lips. I fixed my gaze there but suddenly jerked off what hooked our dress..and walk out
What wanted to happen there isn’t gonna happen
At least not yet.
“Where is this place?”I asked him
“Wait and see..”he said and I rolled my eyes which made him smile
We knocked on the door of the house and a feminine voice answered us
Oh God. We are in Jennifer’s house
Why the hell would he bring me to Jennifer’s house?
Oh lord Let it jot be Jennifer
“Oh..my..”I gaped as the girl opened her door with a small baby on her hips
“Bianca!”I screamed and have her a hug along with the baby
“Violet..”she puller me closer to
“Come in please..”she said with a smile as Barry and I come inside her house.
“I’m so glad to see you.”I have a wide smile and she chuckled too
“I missed you too”she said giving the baby to Barry
“What’s her name?”I asked
“His name is Victor!”
“A boy..oh he looks so cute and you named him my brother’s name..”my voice cracked “that’s very nice of you Bianca..”I feel a tear stream down my cheeks
“I didn’t bring you here to cry Violet.i brought you here to be very happy to see your brother’s baby”
“I know..i just..I..”
“That’s okay Vee. I miss him too..but we’ve got to be really strong”
“I’m trying”I sobbed and Barry pulled me close together with the baby as our lips almost touch.
“Pull your self together hun?”he whispered and I nod
“I’ll get you yoghurts Barry..and Fruit juice Violet..”
“Still remember Hun?”I asked and she nod
“So cute like Victor..”I hold the baby cheeks and he giggled. Barry smiled
“Beautiful hun?”he asked me and I nodded
“You’re ready for us to have ours?”he teased
“I’m so ready..”I replied and we laughed. We stared at ourselves in our smiles
“So how are you two doing?”Bianca cut us short
“We are great. Vee is really going Great too”
“I trust her to be responsible anyway. “Bianca supported
Barry smiled and I smile too.
“How’s mum?”Bianca asked me..
“Always good..”
“I would have gone to see her.. but..I didn’t know where to put Victor..she wouldn’t like to hear the baby was for her son”
Even though that was true. But I still feel my mum might accept Bianca’s baby. She had always like Bianca since victor started dating her but she never wanted them to get married not to get of having a baby…because she still had a lot of girls she could sell Victor to.
“Since Victor is gone..mum might accept the baby”I suggested
“That’s a probability..we are not certain”Barry said
“Ok. But if by chance you want to see her ..you can bring Victor to our place..”I said and she smiled.
” I’ll do that”she replied
(Back home)
We were watching at first when the couple stated klzzing and we both shifted in out sits. It was awkward for both of us watching movies like this. After the klzz, the romance butt in, and slowly they showed everything.
Barry sat up well and I did the same.
The couple rolled on their bed as they both had fun. God knows I was sweating inside sitting with Barry like this
When the guy started pull off her gown. I shrink inside of me. Barry isn’t switching off the TV and neither am I
He was pulling of her skirts and caressing her butts
“Don’t you think this movie is not good for girls at the age of 17″the teasing tone in his voice was obvious and the fact he whispered it into my ear sent tingles down my spine.
“I’m more mature than you think you know?”I turn to face him with a bold look
“Oh really?”he asked with a smirk and i smile as we both took our gaze back at the TV
He had pull of her skirts. Shit! His hands was under her blouse and he carresed her with love. Their lips intertwine and I’m afraid both lips would swell
My throbbing center was starting to move. Watching this erotic movie wasn’t really my thing. It was making me h**ny. I couldn’t stand it. The fact Barry was beside me was worse. His presence makes me want to drag him amd do the same thing on the TV.
The lady pulled his belts off and slip his trouser down. The groan that came out if the man when she stroked him made me grab the pillow between Barry and I and pull it close to my chest.
I heard a chuckle from Barry
“Are you sure you can go on?”I didn’t expect his voice in my ears as it made me more h**ny. He should stop talking in my ears. They are basically my weak point. This time around I didn’t reply him . I don’t know if I could go on watching this or not but me starting it doesn’t want to make me stop. From their waist downward both couples were n@k£d. Each body colliding with neediness.i tighten my pillow harder and feel my hand starting to sweat. This was just so awkward. The man pulled her blouse of her as her br£@st came popping out. Shit how embarrassing! He s√¢ked her right br£@st and she pushed her head backwards with a loud m0@n. He continued and went faster and it makes me feel I was having s£× with my pillow. My G spot was starting to move to the bit of their m0@ns and I gripped myself tighter. When she bent down and stroked him again. My spot responded instead. This was making me feel so h**ny.
“You don’t wanna stop?”I heard another whisper down my ear.
Oh my weak point!
I know I might regret it later but thew the pillow I had with me and locked my lips with Barry’s to shut him up

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