Crazy wife episode 12-13

Crazy Wife
Chapter Twelve
I’m Falling
I didn’t know why he was upset. I didn’t want to ask him. Seeing him like this has made my own anger fade.
“Barry what’s wrong with you”I asked him as we both eat on the table of the restaurant ,i had to ask him, it won’t been nice if I didn’t.
“Nothing”he gave the same fake smile
“I know something is wrong with you..just say it”
“It’s nothing Violet..just stressed out a bit”
“Its painful you can’t tell me what’s running through your mind”I said and he sigh
“Violet?”he held my hands. I shrink inside of me and my goosebumps popped out
“There are some things you would get to understand when you grow of it is..Never hide your feelings to the one you really love.. especially when you see things are getting out of hands..most girls think it’s really shy and embarrassing to tell guy how she feels..but the fact is there is no rivalry between both girls and boy..the wasy a guy will feel is the same way a girl will feel too. If you think you might feel embarrassed telling a guy how you feel. Use bait if necessary. You show..and don’t over show..Be wise in what you do..and..”
“Why are you saying all this?”
“Because I’m in love with someone that I can’t tell!”he said. I gulped down
Was it me?
Hell no!
How would I think I was the one
“Why can’t you tell the person”
“Same reason as always..I’m afraid I’ll lose her..or she doesn’t likes me too”
“Use bait if necessary too..”
He laughed
“All bait didn’t catch the fish”
“Then jump into the river to catch it yourself.. Tell her you love her”
“I’ll do that..not now”
“Okay then..after we get a divorce. I’ll be one of her bridal trane ”
“Do I know her?”my heart skipped as I asked this question
“Are you guys a couple?”The waiter walked up to us and shouted very overwhelmed. It gained attention as all other people in the restaurant stared at us
“Actually Yes”I replied and Barry looked at me surprised I did
“Oh my God..”I heard from almost everybody
“This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen”the waiter gushed again
“They are both perfect”another said
“He must really be taking care of you hun?”one if the waiter winked
I laughed
“He takes care of me than you all think”I said too with so much boldness
“I’ve seen another R&B”one of the customers said and I laughed. Barry stared at me wondering why I laughed to that
“A picture please”I heard someone say.
“Sure!”I stood up immediately as I held Barry’s hand for him to stand up too. I got popular marrying Barry..that’s the best thing ever.
Barry slip his hand round my waist and my heart skipped. We both pose with some other couples as we took pictures in the restaurant.
I was being tagged as the youngest wife with the most handsome husband.
Oh yeah I didn’t tell you earlier?
That was because we were not in good terms
I was married to the most handsome man. More handsome than my brother. And he was the caring and most sweetest thing. He’s making me so popular in a flash.
What else do I want in this marriage
Oh a divorce.
I can’t say any longer.
“A peck..”they said and Barry chuckled.
He turn to me and whispered
“Did Ella ever tell you I said your forehead is succulent?”he asked
I smile wide. I knew he kissed me in my sleep but Ella missed that part. He smirk as he kissed me on my forehead again as the took pictures.
Even if I was forced into marriage. I was comfortable
We got home and said goodbye to each other as we departed for our room. I closed my door and pull of my clothes. It was night already and I was about sleeping.
I stripped naked in front of my mirror and admire myself once more. I move to the shelf and increased the AC as I come across the big book on the shelf. I turn back to look at it and picked it up
I opened the book to check who owns it.
Damn! She had said she had a book for me..but I was too busy thinking about Barry going to Jennifer’s place that i didn’t listen to what she said. I just heard her say it
Was this the book she had for me.
30 ways to know I like a guy
Hmmn. Now let’s check if the writer is correct.
I really like Blake. Let’s see…
I jumped on my bed and flipped through the book as I went to the contents. I didn’t have time to read the explanation. So I just went to read the laws listed in the Table of content
One: He’s…I don’t know..just..
Wait that was number one?..what kind of dumb writer writes this as law one symptoms of knowing you like a guy?
I move further to the main book to read the explanation of that dumb thing the writer wrote
One: He’s…I don’t know..just..
These are the kind of words that comes from your mouth when you like him. You find yourself in a situation where you are to explain to your friends about him and you become speechless. Bang! You really like him. When you love someone, all bad characters seems flawless. He’s perfect to you even in a way you can’t describe…
Perfect? Blake isn’t really perfect too me, he’s too corrupt, he’s flirty, he likes to be noticed..he’s not like Barry. He’s supposed to be humble, caring, straight forward and funny.
Barry is matured, selfless, simple, loving, crazy..he’s..I don’t perfect!
Crazy Wife
Chapter Thirteen
He likes me
Wait. I come back to my senses. I just fulfilled KRADIE BLACK rule number one.. I just said that..I was speechless describing Barry.
According to KRADIE BLACK rule. I like him. I like Barry? doesn’t really work that way. There are still more ways..
I read on. Just one law can’t make me believe i really like Barry.
Two: Unnecessary Jealousy
Jealousy? Jealousy? Jealousy?
No! No! No!
Wait! Wait!
He’s becoming too friendly with her. Why?
Because I’m not taking time with my husband she thinks she can…
Wait? Jealousy? I’m jealous. Im jealous of Jennifer
This can’t be.
I closed the book.
I liked Barry
“I like Barry!”I screamed and cover my mouth up.
“ in love with Barry?”I asked myself
“Okay.. let’s be truthful’s just you and I in the room. He’s handsome. He’s Rich. He’s caring..cut the story short he’s perfect..he made you popular..but he’s 10..okay 9Β½ years older than you.
Even though..?
Today at the restaurant you were regarded as the youngest wife and everyone liked it. Everyone accepted it. It was sweet..oh Violet think”
I slapped myself again
Something struck me. I remembered what Barry said
“Don’t hide your feelings from the one you love”I repeated
I should tell Barry I like him
Tell an uncle I like him?
Isn’t gonna work.
But I hold on..Barry told me he’s in love with someone. Could it be me?
He doesn’t know how to express himself. Is he shy am gonna reject him?
I hurriedly pick up my Diary and unlock it as I pick my pen
Dear Diary
I came across a book Ella gave me. I’ve been reading it’s telling me’s telling me I’m in love with Barry which I’m finding it hard to believe. I couldn’t be in love with him. At least not so soon.
But I think so far I have to admit I really like him. It’s something you should know yourself. I can’t really describe how perfect he is..and Jennifer..I’m always pissed off when I hear her name from Barry.
Okay now Diary.
Let’s admit this
I really like Barry
I think he likes me too
But I’m not sure..he said he really likes someone and he can’t tell the person.
I was just wondering. Could it be me?
I want us to do this together
Barry mentioned something. He said ‘use bait if necessary’
He is still trying to tell the girl he loves by using baits..showing he cares..even if he’s not saying a word.
I want to watch him. I want to watch Barry. Once he shows me he cares for me. Then I’ll be certain he loves me and I might get rid of the Divorce…

I closed my diary and sighed
I admit! I admit I like Barry. But i have to confirm if it was really me he liked. Once he shows me he really cares. I’ll be certain he loves me
Then I’ll cancel the Divorce.
Ella would like to hear this!
“Good morning Barry”
“Morning Violet how was your night?”
“Nice too..did you dream about me?”he gave a smirk.
I smile widely
“You bet I did!”I whined and he chuckled
“What should I help with?”I asked him as I move to the Zinc to wash my hands
“No.i want to help in the cooking today..”I said. He turn to look at me
“You sure you can do something?”
Oh come on. Just Because i don’t help him in kitchen dies not mean I don’t cook. Im a damn great cooker. I just pretend..because I’m sort of lazy to cook
“Sure..I can help with some things”I said
“Okay. Slice this onions and chop the Carrots too”
“Okay..’that’s good”I said bringing a plate, knife,water and chopping board. I started
“Lesley is coming over today..she wants to say hi..”
“Hmmn Really..that’s nice”
“You like her?”he asked
“Sure..even if we are not close..she’s sharp and forward”
“And you?”
“What’s your character like..”
“I’m annoying, rude, crazy and stupid” he laughs
“So you don’t have any good abilities?”
“None..I think..”
He chuckled and i smile too as I chopped on.
There was silence between us. I bit my lips as I turn to stare at him. He even looked handsome sweating
“What do you think about me?”I asked him
“Well..earlier..when we got married..I thought you were this silly, rude and annoying girl..”
“But now..?”I asked anxiously
He dropped what he was doing and faced me. We both stared as a smile cross his lips.
“But now…you’re perfect”he smirked.
I blush.
What did he say?
I’m perfect?
He said I was perfect. According to the book. You find your partner perfect. He likes me. He likes me.
Use bait if necessary
Is that what he’s doing
Being nice and showing care?
“Thanks..”I manage to say with a little whisper. He actually said I was perfect
“You whispered the ‘thanks’..what’s wrong..are yoi doubting me?”He asked
“Not really..I was just wondering..that..eerhm..after my can still call me perfect..”
“That’s fine..that’s I’m the are perfect..just know that hun?”
I nod and continued chopping
He likes me. He likes me. Was he scared to tell me he likes me? I wouldn’t shout at him. He should just say something. He should speak to me. I might cancel the Divorce.
We could be a great couple. Just say something Barry. I don’t want to say I like you first. I have been the stubborn one. Please Barry just tell me you like me..
“Violet..”I heard him shout!. I flinch.
“What?”I said
He grabbed my waist as he pulled me close and took my hand as one of my fingers slip into his mouth.
Ouch why did he go that?
What were you thinking?”he shouted again as he brought my finger out. It was still bloody so he sucked it again.
“Are you insane..I said chop the onion, you were chopping your finger..”
“I..i..don’t..I’m..sorry..”I water into his eyes as it was wild. He was angry I hurt myself. That’s enough prove for me to know he cares. His hand was on my waist and I was so close to him. I kept staring at him with my finger still in his mouth.
Even his saliva on making me mad!
Suddenly i removed my fingers from his mouth and walk out..but feel him drag me back by the hand. I turn to stare at him
“Are you okay?”he asked me in the sweetest of voice ever
I stared. No Barry. I’m not okay. I’m in love with you.

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