Crazy wife episode 10-11

Crazy wife
Chapter Ten
I gripped the tray harder. It musnt fall. What will be my reason of it falling..because I’m not comfortable with the fact they are laughing with each other?
“Water!”I gave Jennifer
“Oh thanks!”she said still in her laugh drinking the water before she dropped it
“Jennifer wants to stay over..since it’s a Saturday tomorrow”Barry announced
“No I’m not”Jennifer insisted
“Come on we could play games or watch teen wolves”Barry said
“Eww. Who still watch’s that?”Jennifer groan
“Actually I do!”I cut in
She and Barry stared at me
“I’m sorry if I made you feel inferior”she apologized
“Of course you did”I said and she bit her lip.
She was surprised I admitted she made me feel inferior
“No it’s okay i mean..I’m the only teen here!”
“That’s not what I mean”
Even though she was apologizing I still felt irritated
“That’s okay!I’m not angry”I gave a smile that appeared fake and rushed upstairs.
I don’t know why I was even angry with that..
But I wasn’t happy none of them taught Teen Wolf wasn’t cool.
“Come in!”I said answering the knock
“Are you sure you want me to come in”
It was Barry
“Yeah sure..come in”
“Are you sure you don’t want to come to the doorstep and ask why I’m here”
“Barry come in..I’m too stressed to walk to the door”
He opens the door and comes in with a tray
“Seriously I’m now allowed to enter into your room?”he raised his brow and make quotation marks with his fingers like a girl.
I laughed
“Yes are now allowed to enter into my room “I said copying him and sitting up. He dropped the tray on my bed smiling
“Are you okay?”he asked me
“Yeah sure..why do you think I’m not”
“Cause..of what Jennifer..”
“No..I’m not’s normal..”
“She didn’t actually want you to feel that way”
“I know..hope she isn’t upset?”
“Sort of..”
“Oh..I’m sorry..let me go apologize to her”
“No..”he held my hand. I shrink
“Why?’i manage to say
“She left!”he answered
“Oh..I’m really sorry I made her leave..”
“No that’s okay..”he said and I stared into his eyes. I look down at his hand on mine and flinch a bit
“Are you scared of me?”he asked
“No..I just..your hand looks bigger than mine and..”
He laughed
“Scared I’m gonna pin you on the bed and kiss you?”
We both laugh
“I promise I won’t do any of that..okay. don’t be scared if I touch you..I have no bad intentions”he said and I nod
“Trust me?”
I nod again.
“Okay..I brought us a for”
I looked down at the tray with two cups and a drink
“If you don’t mind I can go drink mine in my room..”
“No..”I touched his hand
“That’s okay by me..that’s what friends do right?”I asked
He gave a smirk and poured the drink into the two cups
He handed one over to me
“I like this new side of you!”
I blush red hot and he smile again
“Now let’s go watch teen Wolf”
“Yay!”I screamed
Barry’s POV
It wasn’t Boring watching Teen wolf, neither was it boring with Violet but anyways she slept off on my shoulder.
I laughed as she let out a small snore and I rested on the sofa to make her comfortable on my shoulder. This was what Victor had always wanted. He had wanted his sister to be happy. To be safe. And I’m so happy she is. I owe it to Victor.
Her hair came to her face and I slowly shove it off to the back of her ears. Even though she slept she still looked extremely beautiful.
“Ucckn..I’m Sorry”I heard from the door step. I look up
“I could go back of you want”Ella said again
I laughed
“Are you serious.? Come in!”
“No..I could go back”
“Seriously what were you thinking? You teenagers nowadays are corrupt than I think. I just shoved her hair to her ear that’s all..or did you see more than that?”I asked her
I hoped she didn’t catch me admiring Violet.
“No..i was just wondering what brought her to sleeping on your shoulders and you shoving her hair!”
“We were actually watching a movie together!”
“Seriously? Violet?”Ella shouted and I smile and look at the sleeping Violet.
“Can you shove her hair one more time?”Ella asked bringing out her phone
“I just want to take a know to frustrate her with it.”
“I don’t think she’ll like it..”
“No she will, just pose like you’re having a photo shoot, shove her hair to her ear..’that’s all”she fuss
“Oow-kay..I’ll do that..”I concur
“Okay 1..2..go”
She took a picture as I shove Violet’s hair to the side looking at her with so much love
“A peck on her forehead!”
“What..?”I laughed “Are you kidding me?”
“Please…”she winked at me
I kissed Violet on her forehead and she tilt her head a little
“Perfect!”Ella said giggling
“You’re gonna put me in trouble Ella”
“I’m gonna save you from trouble too uncle Barry”
“Barry!”I corrected
“These pictures are perfect!”Ella said admiring what was on her phone
“Did you actually make me do what I might regret later?”
“ won’t..Violet told me you both are now friends”
“Yeah she said so.. but if she de ides to unfriend me with this picture..what are you gonna do about that?”
“Barry..I’m her best friend..don’t you get”she made quotation marks with her fingers “I can make her forgive you with just a snap of my finger”
“Well then.. mademoiselle..if she gets angry seeing those pictures which I’m very sure you’ll show her.. apologize to her on my behalf..and also tell her…her forehead is succulent..”I smirk and she giggled
“I might not deliver the speech you said before..but I’ll definitely deliver those last four words of yours”she wink
I laughed
“Teens of nowadays..”I said shaking my head off.
“Anyways..”I gently placed Violet’s head on the couch.
“I’ll be off to Jennifer’s place..I might come late..deliver that to Violet”
“Okay then..see you soon”
I picked my car key and left the house
“Violet!!!”I heard a loud scream. Why was he screaming. Was he in trouble?
‘Barry!”I screamed after him. He was falling..falling from the cliff.
I had to help.
I had to help
No matter how I want a divorce
I liked him.
He was nice.
He showed me love
Very caring
Straight forward
He was Barry.
My husband
No matter how I shouted. He still maintained himself. He was talking from the cliff. I had to help
“Barry”I screamed again moving to the cliff stretching out my hands.
Luckily he grabbed them. He was sweating profusely
“Violet!!”I heard again and this time I was knocked.
I mean not knocked over the cliff with Barry
Knocked on my head
“Ouch!”I groan opening my eyes to see a blur Ella. How come she was on the mountain with Barry and I. Had she come to save both of us
“Violet?”she called again
“What?”I asked opening my eyes wider.
I had a clear view. I was in Barry’s sitting room.
When did we get here?
“Are you okay?”Ella asked me
“After that deadly fall we almost had..I’m not sure I’m okay?”I said scratching my hair
“What deadly fall”
“You fall..Barry..and I..and you came..wait..Am i in Coma?”
“ are in a dream..were in a dream probably!”
“You mean I was dreaming!”
“I should be asking you that!What were you dreaming of, you were shouting Barry’s name”
I scratch my head again and looked around
“You are watching too much of horror movie”she scolded
I remember now
Barry and I were watching Teen wolf and i slept off and …the cliff..and Ella?
Damn I was dreaming
Thank Goodness!
“Come on!”she dragged me from the couch.
“Let’s go to your room!”she said and dragged me upstairs too.
She threw me on the bed and closed the door resting her back on it. She kept staring at me
“What?”I raised my brows
“I don’t understand”
“You don’t understand what?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
“You chatted me up yesterday have decided to be friends with uncle Barry..decided to play nice..what’s wrong”
“Isn’t that all you’ve always wanted?”
“Yeah I do want you to be nice to uncle Barry because he’s also nice..but I’m not pressuring you to do what you don’t like…if you still want to be rude.. go have your reasons..I am not the one in this marriage”
“’s are not pressuring me on know after R&B program..I’ve sort of learnt a lot from Beauty,so it won’t be do bad if I take some of her advice”
“So you and Barry are good now!”
“No more divorce?”
“That is still existing!”
“Oh!”she fuss and I chuckled
“You’re still hesitate hun?”she asked
I nodded in agreement
“Okay well’s nice you guys are friends..your divorce won’t be too hard for you two..anyway as for me I like the way you guys are going”she winked
“What do you mean”I raise a brow
“Isn’t it lovely..couple watching movie together and the wife sleeping in the husband’s shoulder?”
“Oh my God..I slept on his shoulder?”
“Of course you did..and when your hair flew to your face, he gently shoved it behind your ear..isn’t that sweeeeeeet”she tickled me
“Oh come on..he just helped me”
“But awwn….the view was nice”she tickled me again
“Whatever..I slept off”I said giggling
“Let me show you some pictures”
“You took pictures?”
“Yeah..i told Barry to stay still”she said searching for something on her phone “Good here it is!”she gushed handling the phone to me
“Awwn..see those cute eyes if his..he was staring at you with so much love and passion and..”
“Oh shut up Ella!”I shun her but still couldn’t keep my eyes off the picture. It was looking like a week planned photo shoot. Even if I wasn’t aware of his touch in my face. Me seeing it now is making me have goosebumps.
“Go on.. check check”Ella said as I scroll to the next picture
“Oh!”I gasp almost out of breath
“He kissed..Me?”I shouted like a teenager with and handsome crush…
She giggled
“He kissed you so guys are just perfect”
I blushed.
I regretted why I did that
“Oh my God..did you just turn to a tomato?”Ella shouted
“Hell no..I wasn’t blushing..i was just you..know…surprised he did that!”
“Hmm. Let me get us some need to tell me about that dream of yours..I was just gearing Barry..Barry”she mimicked me and left the room
I find myself smile and something struck me. I quickly took my phone and switch it on putting the password immediately
I move to Ella’s Xender and connected it with mine as I begin to click on the pictures. As fast as the app sent immediately and I disconnected it
“Hey what are you doing with my phone?”Ella comes in sooner than I expected
“Just checking out those pictures we took at R&B”
“Really?”she asked obviously doubting me
“Are you doubting me?”I whined her
“No..I just were doing.. something fishy?”
“Hmmn..”I murmur and took the drink she brought. She didn’t even bring a tray or cup like Barry would
“Where’s Barry?”I asked after taking a gulp
“Hmmn…”she smirk
I smile
“I asked a question?”
“He said he was going to Jennifer’s place”she said nd my smile slowly Fade.
Crazy Wife
Chapter Eleven
Angry Mode
I knock on the door.
“Who’s there?”Lesley shouted. I kept quiet as I heard her footstep moving toward the door
“Barry!!”she screamed.l and jumped on me for a hug. I chuckled as I pulled her close and spin her.
“Why’s my princess this happy to see me?”I whined
“Cause I need a lot from my king!”
“Okay princess what do you want from your King?”
“Headset..and..Sneakers..that’s all..”
“At your service Princess”
“Yay…when should I send my account number”
“Do it now..”
“Oh thank you”she smiled along with her sister
I smirk at Jenny and waved at her
“Hey Queen..why is the princess in need when the queen is here”
“Cause..the queen is cashless..”
I laugh with Lesley
“You should have told me you needed some money..”I come back to my serious tone
“Just joking..I’m as rich as you Barry”she winked
“Arrrgh spare me Jenny..You are not as half as Barry..”Lesley said
“Whatever..that’s why I have him as my best friend”
Boy friend you mean? I wish she said that
“I gat your back Jenny”I wink at her again. She smiled
“How’s Violet. Hope she isn’t angry with what I said..”
“Of course why wouldn’t she can you say Teen wolf isnt hurts my soul..”Lesley defended
Not her fault..she was just the same age with Violet.
“Violet isn’t least not anymore..she wanted to come downstairs to apologize to you..but you left”
“Awwn..Violet is just too nice for my liking..”Lesley fuss
“Pay her a visit tomorrow. She’ll like it”
“Sure..”Lesley said. “This is my account number”she said. I chuckled as I brought out my phone to send her the money.
In a shirt while. Her phone beeped
“Thank you Thank you..”she said as she checked her phone for the message
“My pleasure”I replied her
What can’t I do for my to be girlfriend’s sister
“Do you care for tea or drink..”
“None..yoghurt is fine”
“Oh..let me check if I still have that in my fridge..or maybe Lesley drank them all..”
“I didn’t drink them all .At least there should be one more in the fridge”
A knock on the door.
All of us stiff
“Lesley are you expecting someone?”Jennifer asked her sister
“No..Kingsley isn’t coming over..”
“Are you expecting someone Barry”
“No..This your house after all”
“Are you expecting someone Jennifer?”she asked herself as we chuckled
“ least..Jerry isn’t..oh my God..Jerry..!”she whispered-screamed
“Did you tell him your address?”Lesley asked Jenny
“Yes..I..oh my..”
“I’m confused..who’s Jerry?”I asked
“Jenny’s boyfriend..”Lesley spat and my heart sink. I turn to look at Jenny
“Really?”I asked
She ran to the door without answering me and my heart beats continuously as she opened the door gently
“Hey”she waved slightly with a wide smile
“Hi..”I heard a deep voice.
It was a man. It was really a man looking for Jenny
“Come in!”she said as I say the masculine figure come in
Broad chest?56%
Jennifer doesn’t like guys with broad chest. Thank God
“Pink lips?12%
Thank God
Quiet short no..not Jenny’s taste but she’s smiling..he even pulled her in for a hug which she took
“Hi Lesley”he waved
He even knows Lesley?
“Hey man!”he gave me an handshake which I dumbly took.
“Is this your brother you told me about?”he asked
“Yeah..he’s the one..”Jenny said
“Oh..nice to meet you really have a great sister!”he said and I smile dumbly too. My gaze settled at Jennifer’s eyes and I bit my lip and ruffled my hair.
She knows I do that only when I’m angry
She bit her lip to and whispered a sorry
The guy moved to sit on her one seater chair
“King?”Lesley called
“Huh..”I answered
“I’ll do the introduction”the guy cut in
“I’m Jerry..a friend of Jenny..we are going to be Jerry-Jenny but only if you allow us..”he said
“‘That’s guys should have a nice chat..I’ll be off”
“Wait..”Jenny stopped me. I turn to look at her. We have been friends for long for her to know I’m angry..or maybe I was jealous
“I’ll call you..”she said and I walk out of her house
I was jealous. I was fucking jealous. Why does she wants to have a boyfriend. I’m here for her. What does she need that I don’t give her?
This is stupid!
I have been patiently..did I say patiently?
I have been angrily waiting for Barry to come home since he has left for Jennifer’s place. I was angry. I don’t know why? Since Ella told me he had gone to Jennifer’s place. My mind was not at rest. Was I jealous? No! Why would I be?I didn’t love him. I just liked him!
Jennifer was trying to take my place in his heart
In his heart?
I walked to and fro in the sitting room waiting for Barry. Ella had left. I hadn’t pay any serious attention on her since she told me about Barry’s disappearance…
The door opened. I stopped walking as I stood there staring at me. He also stood at the door staring at me.
Now he was here
What should I say?
What should I do?
I am angry you went to Jennifer’s house?
No..he would think I was insane..
He gave me a smile that was clearly fake. He has never given me a fake smile before. He was always genuine.
He closed the door slowly and slowly walk out on me.
What was wrong with Barry?
Should I ask?
Was he okay?
I was angry with him..but he came back with a bad mood too.
I followed him to the kitchen and he took some water and gulped it down his throat. He threw the bottle away..
He was angry?
Who upset him?
“Barry..”I Managed to say swallowing my saliva
“I’m sorry..but I’m not in the mood to cook for dinner..why don’t you get dressed and let’s go out for dinner”he said not seeming happy at all
I wouldn’t stress him. I move to my room to change my clothes and I ame downstairs too. He stood up immediately he saw me and left for the car. I followed him behind. I have no idea why he was upset.

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