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Crazy wife episode 1

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Crazy wife episode 1 by : 5:53 pm On May 7, 2021
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By your naughty writer
We were shriek with laughter as Bob entertained us with rib cracking jokes
“Seriously I get fed up with girls like that” Bob said still making some of us laugh.I opened my locker, took my biology textbook, we were going to have a morning test tomorrow
“Enough of this jokes, we have a test tomorrow” I said to my friends who were standing beside my locker
“I’m relying on you Violet. I still don’t understand Biology”Ella said to me and some of us laughed
“Crazy girl” I said and dragged her pig tailed hair
“Hey!”I heard a deep baritone voice which was annoyingly sweet.I immediately recognized the voice.I turned to him with a disgusting look,Some of my friends were sniggering already,It made me angrier the more.
“You ready?”he asked me
“What if I text you the area of concentration for you to read this night”I said to Ella snubbing him
“Area if confusion you mean?I still don’t understand Biology Violet”Ella told me
“But you can…”I wanted to talk but Ella cut in
“See you tomorrow Violet,Lets go guys” and she left with my friends who waved a bye to me.One could tell they only wanted me to be alone with the person talking to me but the fact was that I don’t want to.
“You ready?”he asked me again
Pissed I shouted “What do you want?”
“I..just..”he stammered
“I know the way”I shouted at him and barge out of the school hallway.I could feel him following him but a few distance far from me.Few people waved me hi but I didn’t bother to reply.
I felt irritated,the fact that he has to come to my school everyday annoys me.I came to a stop where a convertible car was parked,the car was the talk of the school,no body was rich enough to afford it,even lecturers,but everything about the car pisses me off.
I waited near the car for the person I’ve been running from. He turned to the other end of the car, and clicked the key in.I opened my door and hopped in with annoyance.In 15 seconds,he drove out of the school premises
Soft music played as silence dwelt I’m the car
“How was school today?”He asked and looked at me
“Barry I-don’t-want-to-talk!”I said picking my words
“I just…”he started talking and I increased the volume of the song in the car to the lowest that I couldn’t hear anything he was saying.I looked out the window and sighed This was just my life.
Barry is my Husband and of course I’m his wife.Dont be too surprised,it was not my decision nor was his.It happened because it had to happen.
Matchmaking by our parents.
The most annoying thing is the age difference between Barry and I. He is a successful 27year old accountant and I’m a 17year old student at college
Perfect match right?
Crazy wife
by Hedimahlo
Chapter one
He drove into the driveway of the duplex we lived. He got down to open the garage and I hopped out.
I moved to the front door, took my personal key from the bag and opened the door.
The fact he has to pick me from school still annoys me
I entered into the living room, I threw my shoulder bag on the couch and made way to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and took some lemonade and gulped it down my throat. I sat down on the stool nearby and laid my head on the breakfast bar.
This was child abuse. I have never thought I would end up like this, married at this stage…to an uncle? I scratched my chignon hair and i heard the door of the living room close.
Barry was in
“You have a call” I heard Barry shout from the living room. I stood up and left the kitchen
“Here”he said and gave me his phone
“Yes mum”I answered the phone after checking the caller ID
“How are you doing Violet”my mum said.
I am doing bad mum, everything is driving me crazy
“I’m awesome”I answered her shrugging my thoughts off. “Why didn’t you call my phone instead”
“Your phone was switched off”she said as I moved towards where I had threw my bag the other time, opened it and brought my phone
“Oh I forgot it was off”I said to her
“Barry told me a lot about how you take good care of him”My mother happily said and I looked at Barry
“Really? Did he?”
“Yes and I’m very impressed you’re doing well in your Marriage. I’ll give you a biggy kudos!”
“Awwn I should blush to that”I said to my mum and smiled. Then my eyes met with Barry and I gave him a deep frown
“Just keep respecting and honouring him”my mum said
“Sure mum, trust me”I said to her and eyed Barry
“Give the phone to Barry”she said
“He’s at the kitchen”I lied
“Kitchen? Aren’t yo supposed to be there Instead”she shouted
“Oh come on mum. Couples help each other. That’s the fun in marriage don’t you get. He’s only there to assist me”I lied again and Barry shook his head continuously with a hidden smike about to cross his lips
“Anyway give him the phone!”my mum hesitated
“Sure. Barry! Barry love..”I shouted like I was calling him from afar
The fool was just right in front of me
“Coming Violet”he answered playing along
“Mum wants to talk to you”I handed the phone to him trying him again
“Yes mum”he answered the phone
He’s just fond of calling my mum his mum
“No she doesn’t disturb me in anyway”he said again “Alright okay bye”He ended the call and took a look at me, then dropped his phone on the center table.
I switched on my phone and brought out my biology textbook
“Violet!”He called and his voice made me remember how he said “you ready” in school with my friends
“Can you get us something to eat?”he said and i laughed. That laugh that annoys him. I was used to it already. It was my way if pissing him off. Laughing when he says something
“I am not hungry”I said still laughing
Even if I was
“Okay can you get me something to eat then?he asked
“You sure know the way to the kitchen Hun?”I asked with a stern look
“Yes..”he answered
“Then use it”I said to him
He was silent for some while
Sure!He Should be. He had to gulp in what I said
“Okay should I cook something for you”he said
Gosh I hate when he’s so caring. It annoys me
“You heard me right Barry”
He stood up and entered the kitchen. I hit my biology textbook on my head. I’m fed up of this marriage
My phone rang
“Hey what’s up”she shouted from the phone
“Keep your voice low”I said softly
“Violet are you there? I can’t gear you”she shouted again
“I said keep your voice low!”I said louder
“Oh am I shouting”she said and giggled herself
“Where are you?”I asked
“On my way home, just wanted to call you and ask if you were home!”
Another thing I hate about my marriage.
Normally I would always walk with my friends home.
But now? With a car. With a boring person
“Of course I’m home”I say silently
“Okay is uncle Barry there with you?”she asked
I hate when they call him uncle Barry, they are just being sarcastic.
“Why should he be here with me”I shouted angrily and I heard roars of laughter along with Ella’s
“Who else is with you”I asked her
“I’m not wity anybody. Violet bye” she said still laughing and hung up
I knew she was with my other friends and they were talking about me.. probably making jest of me
Everything was just so wack
“Christ!”I whispered in pain late at night. My tummy hurts. I have been so stubborn not to eat the food Barry prepared for me and I’ve been so stupid not to make my dinner, cause I was stuck up with reading and I have been so senseless to take left over pizza as my dinner.
Now it hurts so much
I put on the lamp stand beside my bed and sighed. Maybe if I raje some water it will get better. I wore my slippers and walked to the kitchen holding my tummy.
I switched on the kitchen lights and move to the fridge, I grabbed some bottle water and gulped a little, then my eyes went to the pot on the gas nearby
I took my eyes off it.
I must not be tempted
My gaze went to the pot again, when Barry was eating earlier, the aroma of the spaghetti enticed me but I refused to fall
I dropped the water I was drinking on the breakfast bar and looked around
Is anyone watching?
I took a step,then another and I stopped
No never, I’ll never eat Barry’s food
I turned to leave the kitchen and I find myself reverse back to open the pot
‘Hmmmn’ The aroma spread out into my nose. Barry was a good cook
“Fork fork fork”I murmured to myself looking for the fork
When I saw it, I grabbed it and dig it into the pot, brought out the spaghetti and pushed it into my mouth.
I ate happily, I took another and into my mouth it entered without any obstruction ,then another big spoonful into my mouth and I heard
“Tasty hun?”
Something tells me to disappear
Should I?
“Tasty hun?”
My fork dropped immediately as I turned to look at the masculine creature with a smile.
Spaghetti was all over my mouth. It was clear evidence. As I tried to talk I choked and coughed. He pointed a bottle of water to me
“Drink!”he said. I collected it and gulped some
“Thanks”I managed to say
“You should have said you wanted to eat, why do you have to steal?”He asked taking a tuna from the fridge
“I didn’t steal it”I stubbornly said
“Then what did you do”He asked concentrating on me
“I..I..I only took it”I stammered
“Well you could have it all, it all yours”he said and left the kitchen
Damn! I was caught. My gaze went to the leftover spaghetti. I smiled.
Lucky me
I had to eat it all. I carried the pot, sat on the stool and placed it on the bar. I don’t have to rush now. It was all mine
When I was done. I cleaned myself and left the kitchen
“No Jennifer”I heard him say and waited to eavesdrop
“The client has been troublesome anyway”he said again
Oh! Business talk
What was I even thinking anyway?
I moved to my room and shut the door behind me, I laid on the bed ,when I belched ,the scent if the spaghetti came to my nose
Barry was such a great cook
The class was silent.
Ella was slightly looking at me. She had signalled to me earlier for Answers and I had also signalled for her to wait.
The biology test was not really difficult.
“20 minutes more”my lecturer shouted
I squeezed the paper I had written answers on and threw it to her. She caught it immediately and opened it, then I saw her mouth opened like she was overwhelmed the she started chuckling
What was so funny about biology questions?
“Ella stand up”I heard our teacher say
Fear gripped me ,we were going to be caught
“Hand it over”the lecturer asked for the paper Ella was squeezing in her palm
“It’s nothing ma”she replied in rear trying to hide it as cover as she can. The teacher dragged the paper and opened it.
Shit!she would know we were cheating
“I had s£× with Barry last night”The teacher read out from the paper
My heart skipped
All the student turned to look at me
Obviously. I have no idea how it spread but everyone knew my husband’s name was Barry
They gazed at me with overwhelming, confused ,shocked, stares
Some were laughing, some just staring ,some taking opportunity to copy from others
“Couldn’t you wait for the class to be over before you could gist your friend about your husband”my lecturer said
I was embarrassed thoroughly.
That wasn’t what I wrote ,I looked at my desk to see that what I wrote was still on the table
But how could I defend myself
I’ll just land into more trouble
My seat partner gave me a devilish smile
I now understand
He changed the paper I sent to Ella.

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