Crazy couple last batch

{She’s stubborn 🎊He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💃
Episode 65
I kept wandering around the really spacious hotel in search of Jeremy.
I kept seeing folks and their beautiful French language filled my ears.
*Je suis très faim*
*Quelle une belle enceinte le femme!*
*Je dit parle!!*
I sighed and stood under a shade using my hand to obstruct the bright sunset from reflecting on me.
I think am going to stroll back to the suite and wait for him.
I looked around again and it became clear to me – am so lost!
How did I get this far? And leaving the suite in just my robe?
I must admit…Today’s starting so bad!
I covered my body properly with the robe noticing some stares from people around especially men.
I approached the open door facing me. There was no one else close to the door so I took the liberty of going in.
What sort of hotel is this?? How can everything look so luxuriant and fancy?
There was a large ball room before me. So dazzling and sparkled as the light from the chandelier reflected on it.
*Excuse me ma’am, how may I help you?* I heard from behind and I took a slow turn.
It was a plump lady with black hair and rosy lips. Her dress hugged tightly to her body and her feminine features was all over my sight.
“You speak English?” I asked feebly batting my lashes.
“Yes ma’am, I do” She replied perfunctorily.
“And am guessing you work here?” I further asked.
She hesitated a bit before nodding.
“Yes, I do”.
I smiled contentedly dropping my two hands on my waist which was starting to ache like hell.
“I’ve been walking up and down this place and now as it appears, i think am lost. I can’t recall the route to my suite” I stated perturbed.
Her eyes drifted from my face downwards and she took her time feeding her scrutiny.
“What were you searching for in the first place?” Her question came humorous and I chuckled.
“I’d appreciate it if you’d just point me towards Jeremy Sanchez’s suite” I dead panned tiredly.
A surprise stare emerged on her face but it didn’t last a second and she replaced it with a smile.
Fake bi*ch.
“Um…Alright. Come with me then…”.
I was painstaking with the makeup tutorial I was watching following each step with so much enthusiasm.
The door creaked open and he walked in heading straight to the bed.
He slumped on it and took off his shirt afterwards.
“And what did the lawyer say?” I asked turning back to the laptop on the desk.
“You power thirst woman!…you don’t even care about how weak I look. The car broke down somewhere secluded and I couldn’t get someone to work on the car”
“So, you’re saying you had to walk home?” I cut in.
“Exactly my complaints!” He rasped angrily and I rolled my eyes.
“You foolish fat man. You’ve been asking stupid questions on the reason am after the wealth…well now you see!!
“We are going broke. You lavished the little grandpa gave you and the truth is, we are no different from beggers on the street!
“Anyway, that’s not what is important now. What did the lawyer say?”.
There was silence like he was searching for what to say.
“He said he doesn’t know who grandpa gave power over the controlled shares. It’s confidential” He finally released the bombshell.
I cringed.
Seriously? What’s grandfather keeping from us? Who could he have given right over those shares???
The lady – Ava successfully brought me to the suite.
Guess I made a new friend.
“If you need anything else, please call me. I’ll be willing to help, hun” She professed with a smile and I nodded.
“Sure thing, thanks alot Ava” I chimed and she walked away.
I exhaled and shut the door before moving into the suite.
Suddenly, my tummy grumbled audibly and I twitched.
I totally forgot about breakfast!.
I rushed to the kitchen to make some scrambled eggs, bacon and some toasts and some macaroni and cheese too.
I held the fridge handle and tried to ease to open but froze the moment I saw the note pasted on it.
*Don’t panick babe. I had to leave for the meeting. See you when I get back…Love you😘😘*
I felt my heart sank slowly.
He had the guts to leave for work without me???
That woman is Jeremy’s wife?
She’s even pregnant for him.
No wonder he refused to screw me just like those formal days he would come for a meeting.
I sank into the bed lost in thoughts.
I think an idea just came into my mind.
Sit back Stella cause this ride will be a bit bumpy…
🤫🤫Someone’s planning on ruining our couple’s vacation oo.
Jeremy should get ready to be murdered by Stella🔱🔱
{She’s stubborn 🎊He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu
Episode 66
I opened the door to the suite and gracefully walked in.
The meeting was quite busy but fun.
I headed straight to the bathroom and pulled off my clothes.
After having a quick shower, I moved over to the wardrobe where our luggages were and I found something casual to wear for the night.
The appetizing aroma of chicken soup filled the whole suite and I could only wonder why Stella’s cooling when dinner from the receptionist was just a phone call away.
She stood before the cooking gas busy with her hands. Her body shook in rhythm with her movement.
She paused noticing my presence and soon turned to me.
“Hey” I states casually and she rolled her eyes.
“Go back to where you’re coming from you heartless man!” She growled angrily.
She turned off the gas and carried the little pot from it. She poured the content into a soup bowl and I wondered how she got ingredients to make that.
She took the bowl and walked past me and I need no sooth sayer to tell me to follow her.
“I’m sorry, okay? I really didn’t want to stress you and the baby.
“I thought you might want to rest after the long trip from America” I stuttered.
“Whatever” she muttered and slumped on the bed.
She left the bowl of soup on the table.
I cringed and moved inches closer to her.
“You can’t stay mad at me forever Ella” I cooed and touched her shoulders.
She snapped her neck at me and made a grimace.
Suddenly, she raised one of her legs which was inbetween mine and kicked my c0ck.
I flinched and quickly took my hands there.
“Don’t you ever touch me!” She rasped glaring at me.
I sighed and sat beside her on the bed.
“Stella, the last time you kicked this…It took a miracle to heal” I muttered.
“You liar. The next day, you were all over me – screwing me like you’d never see me again” she stated bluntly.
“I’m still going to deal with you for this. I promise you, you won’t be able to walk tomorrow” I blurted smirking.
“If you don’t stop talking, I’ll hit it again”.
I shifted from her still attending to my member.
The pain was killing and it weakened me.
“Don’t do this again babe. I researched about this and it reduces the speed” I mumbled standing up.
“What speed?”
I grinned as I drew nearer to her and whispered into her ear.
“You jerk!!!” She yelled and pounced on me hitting me hard on my chest.
“You got me pregnant right on our wedding night. Just the first time and your evil sperm was already there and you’re thinking of another one!”.
What the heck!
“That wasn’t my fault Stella. You are the fertile one” I chided and she burst out laughing.
“I’ll kill you if you get me pregnant again, You hear me???”
I rolled my eyes and took my hand to her thigh. I began massaging it and she closes her eyes.
“You devil” she bemoaned and I made her lean back on the bed.
“Get away from me!!” She blurted and pushed me off her.
I sighed and rubbed my forehead furiously.
“How long do you intend to stay mad at me, huh??”.
She grinned and pointed past me to the bowl on the table.
“If you want me to forgive you then you’d gave finish all the content in that bowl” she stated hysterically and I found myself laughing.
I climbed off the bed and approached the table. I sat down on a seat and brought the bowl before me.
I took the first scoop and gulped it all down and just as I was about to have the second one, my tongue began burning instantly.
What on earth!
🌶 Pepper???
I cringed and stared sorely at the soup.
“Your time is running out” Stella whispered behind me.
I continued eating enduring the burning pains I recieved from the super peppery meal.
I succeeded in finishing the whole slurp and I got up from the seat victoriously.
“You jerk…” Stella smirked and I cracked.
“I just had to do it cause I’m too turned on…” I groaned seductively.
She flinched and tried to run but I held onto her.
“Jeremy” She stifled as I began pulling down her dress.
She kept struggling but I was able to pin her on the table and prepared to give her a sweet but painful ride.
“You won’t enjoy it if you keep struggling” I groused and she glared.
She finally gave in and In no time, her moans filled the whole suite as we made love to each other.
Jeremy’s work here was over and we were on our vacation.
We’ve had the best time yet and so is the unborn baby.
I ambled out of the suite to meet Jeremy who was at the swimming pool downstairs.
I had with me his phone which I found ringing back at the suite.
I felt utterly embarrassed in the undies I had on but Jer. didn’t seem to bother.
As I moved along the hallway, I thought about that Ava girl.
Jeremy had her fired and I wonder why.
I gasped the moment I bumped into someone – a man.
He seemed to be only in his shorts…completely shirtless.
I staggered backwards loosing my balance. Like flash – He quickly pulled me close by my waist and our eyes locked.
My baby bump was onto his torso.
He yanked me closer and I grew breathless instantly.
What the heck is going on???
He pressed his head on mine and before I could utter a word, our lips were already in each others.
He was forcefully kissing me!
How did this happen so fast?.
I pushed him off and kicked him right inbetween his legs and he shrieked.
I was sitting on a lounge chair waiting on Stella to bring my phone to me.
I felt my other cellphone beeping in my pocket and I reached for it.
It’s a video…
From who???
I clicked on it and my mouth was left hanging when it began playing.
Stella was kissing some man…
I didn’t wait to see more as I looked up to see her walking towards me.
I stood up ready to roar my heart out in anger but then paused when I noticed the tears in her eyes.
“Jeremy, you’ll never believe what happened. I bumped into a stranger on my way here and he kissed me” she sobbed in amidst tears.
Epilogue drops soon.
{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by: Eunice Nwodu
🎃 Epilogue 🎃
I did suspect I was being moved by the hormones to sob over a less issue.
Jeremy gaped blandly at me like I had lost it but I didn’t give a damn as more tears poured from my eyes.
I cheated on my husband!
The feeling was so hurtful that I had the urge to beat myself up.
The tears had blinded my eyes and everything appeared blur. I wiped off the liquid and blinked rapidly as he walked to me.
“You don’t need to cry Stella… it’s alright. I understand” He cooed making me lean on his chest.
“It wasn’t intentional…” I mumbled and he cracked.
“I know you didn’t mean for it to happen. I perfectly understand”.
I wrapped my hands around him hugging him fully and he reciprocated. Our heads met and I felt the coldness in his touch.
We stayed in that position for a while and didn’t feel like letting go.
I felt we’ve hugged enough and tried to pull out but I noticed his grip on me was strong.
I couldn’t move from him so I engaged myself by scouring around the beautiful building at the hotel.
“Is there anything you’d want to tell me, Jeremy?” I asked quizzically and he nodded abruptly.
“Yeah…I don’t think it’s necessary for you to know anyway” He hushed and I disengaged from the hug and glared icily at him.
“You need to tell me whatever it is, right now!” I groused and a soft laugh left his lips.
“It’s about Nina…
Something happened between us” He paused and took a step back.
“What are you talking about? You both slept together??” I asked alarmed and he chuckled.
“No, no. That’s far from it. She forcefully smooched my lips once but…she apologized though” He muttered and sat back on the lounge chair.
“But you kept this from me!” I seethed and threw his phone at him.
“I’m so sorry Stella. I didn’t want you to get mad at me” He groused and I scoffed.
“You should be glad Nina’s child didn’t turn out to be yours. I would kill you that same minute” I chided and turned my back on him strolling to the pool.
I carefully stepped into the water with the help of the iron railings and I plonked myself steep into the water enjoying the coldness that hovered on my skin.
Three months later
Authoress Eunice’s pov😘
The whole hospital was thrown upside down as pregnant Stella was strolled into the emergency room.
The two couples were driving around town when suddenly, Stella’s water broke broke and Jeremy had no choice but to take her to the nearest hospital.
The whole place was intense because the baby is wilful to come out to the world causing great pain to Stella.
Just as Jeremy was led outside the emergency room, Jeffery arrived with Teresa and her husband trailing behind him.
“Son! Are you okay?” Teresa asked with a crumpled look.
“Geez mom! Stella’s the one in labor, no me” He chided agitatedly.
“Where’s your phone dude? I’ve been doing all I can to reach you since morning” Jeffery grumbled immediately he got close to him.
Jeremy sighed and received his handshake.
“I got a bit mad last night and smashed it but I got a new one this morning”.
Jeffery scoffed and hit him on his arm.
“You have to stop being an angry monster. You’ll be a dad soon and you know kids can be extremely annoying so you’re sure to get vexed all the time” Jeffery chipped.
“I know and am working on it” Jeremy tittered and rolled his eyes.
“Something went down at the prison last night and I was informed about it this morning.
“It’s about your cousin. He joined some men who had a plan of escaping from the prison walls…And it was unsuccessful. They were all shut down, bro”.
Jeremy’s surrounding turned blank instantly like he blacked out or something.
Indeed, he’s affected by the news of Tristan’s death.
3 Years later
I felt exhausted and almost to the point of shedding tears as I leaned back in the moving limousine which was taking us home from a fun day at the amusement park.
The car was heavily guarded by escorts whom accompanied us in their SUVs.
I took my kids out – Joanne and Oscar. They love visiting the park on a Sunday evening after going to their grandma’s.
Joanne’s three while Oscar is a year old.
And thinking of Jeremy…
He’s been traveling nonstop and that’s the reason I feel despondent and dejected right now.
It’s like he no longer has time for me and I get the hunch that he’s tired of my body as well.
Whenever he returns from his business trip, he gets too tired to do anything.
It’s just been four years of marriage!!Where did I get it wrong???
He thinks all I need is enough cash and fancy items but that’s not true at all. I badly need him beside me.
I got message that he’s coming back today and then… he’d leave again and won’t be home for weeks..
He doesn’t seem to have time to sit and talk to me.
He doesn’t care anymore.
I sat up on the chair the moment we drove into the mansion.
“Momma! That’s daddy’s car… he’s back!!” Joanne said excitedly.looking out the window while I smiled wryly.
After putting on a night dress, I left the room to put the kids to sleep.
I returned afterwards to meet Jeremy on the bed – asleep.
I smiled and climbed on the bed turning off the lights before snuggling myself beside him.
“Will you be able to wake me up exactly by 5 in the morning? I’ve set an alarm but I’d also need you to help out..
I’m so f*”king tired” He muttered admist the darkness.
I nodded and I felt him going back to sleep.
I waited for an hour before making sure he was fast asleep.
I took the bedside clock and turned off the alarm so it doesn’t ring in the morning.
He has to know what he’s doing to me.
I was wide awake staring into his face as he slept peacefully.
My sweet husband…They want to turn me into a widow just because he has lots of companies in his name.
I sighed and glanced at the wall clock.
It’s already 7am.
No wonder he asked me to wake him up…He knew he would oversleep.
Suddenly, his eyelids moved and he opened his eyes gazing at me. He took his time to look around the room and even the wall clock.
“You didn’t wake me up early on purpose, didn’t you?” He asked rubbing his forehead.
I kept mute staring at him.
“I know I’m not being fair to you babe and I apologize. The fault is not from me” He stated and I sniffed.
“I was tired last night…but I think I’m fine now” he cooed and pulled the tip of the nightie up exposing my thighs underneath the duvet.
“I know you’ve missed me…” He cooed and gradually got on top of me on the bed.
Now we’re talking…
He dragged down my pa*t and felt my special area. I felt him shudder and he spread my legs wider before plunging in.
I closed my eyes in deep ecstasy…
“I love you Stella” He whispered but I was too busy enjoying him inside of me to respond.
After all the obstacles and challenges during the ride, it pulled through and finally ended.
To all my fans who understood, Endured and appreciated…I love you all a bunch 😍😍😍
Thanks for reading this story everyone.

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