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Crazy couple batch 9 by : 6:30 pm On December 7, 2020
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 41
I laid on the bed next to Jeremy staring at the ceiling.
“Babe, are you sleepy?” I asked raising my knee up to his di*k and I rubbed it.
Jeremy rolled his eyes and didn’t respond.
“Am sorry Jeremy! I was just playing with you” I said giving him puppy eyes.
He sighed and pulled me close to lie on his body.
“What do I do with you?” He asked as he stroke my hair gently.
“What about you? You look distracted. Do you have something you want to tell me…is it about the baby???” I asked marveled and scared.
He chuckled.
“No love…our baby is fine, alright?” He said and lifted my face up placing a klzz on it.
“Although…there’s something you should know” He said and we sat up on the bed.
“Stella, I never meant to hurt you. You asked me about Nina and this is something you don’t know about her. Jeffrey told me that Nina met up with her and…she’s pregnant”
“What? She’s pregnant…For who?” I asked short of words.
“We don’t know. That day, she slept with both of us. gosh! I have no idea how it all happened. It was just a harmless party before we got high” He paused and took my hand but I yanked it off from his grip.
“She’s carrying your first born?” I asked with a crumpled look.
“No…we aren’t sure yet” He replied and I felt my cheeks – wet and warm.
“How can I share you Jeremy?”…
My cheeks were filled with tears as I pondered over the bitter news.
“How can you do this to me Jeremy? You have a baby with another woman?! Why did you get married to me in the first place? You should have just married Nina and saved me the pain” I cried out.
He tried to touch me but I pushed him off.
“I hate you Jeremy! Don’t you dare lay your cheating lying f!ng£rs on me!” I rasped blinded by my tears.
“I love you Stella and that’s why am telling you this instead of keeping it from you. I just found this out three days ago. You were in ER then…”
“just leave me alone” I got off the bed and ran out of the room.
I went to the guest room and and rushed in closing the door.
I woke up feeling weak and tired. The bed was cold and I felt lonely all through the night.
I slowly got down from the bed before going to the door and unlocked it. I walked sluggishly back to my room trying not to cry again.
Why do I keep getting hurt in this goddamn marriage???
What if Nina’s baby is his.
She’ll be carrying his first child and am left in the dark.
Am so divorcing him if that baby turns out to be his. I will go away from him as far as possible.
I entered the room and moved to the bed walking lostly like I was going insane. I fell on the bed with my whole back sore and aching.
I heard the sound of shower running and it stopped almost immediately.
He didn’t even come to beg me last night.
He doesn’t care. All he’s good at is sleeping around with lots of women.
Am sure he has cheated on me in this marriage of ours.
The bathroom door opened and he walked into the room.
Our eyes met and I quickly looked away. Am going to treat him just like he treated me when I spent the night at Kelvin’s house.
I won’t say a word to him and I will avoid looking at him.
I turned and saw him done wearing his clothes. He turned and left the room.
I sat up on the bed.
He can’t even make efforts on begging me to forgive him.
I felt like crying all over again but then, the door opened and He walked into the room again.
He approached the bed and I watched keenly as he took his phone beside me.
He tried to leave but turned back to me again.
He klzzed me on my cheek licking my lips slightly.
He pulled away immediately.
“Am going over to Jeffery’s place to see Nina. I’ll be back later” He said and turned to leave.
He’s got to be kidding me…
“Jeremy! How can you go there to see that woman… It’s like you’re happy she’s with your child” I peeved folding my arms.
He frowned
“I’ve told you, the baby’s not mine!” He yelled filled with rage.
I flinched stupefied.
He came back to me and hugged me.
“Am so sorry Stella. I’m just frustrated with the whole issue. Forgive me babe” He cooed and I hugged him tightly.
“I want to come with you” I said and he stared into my face.
“Really?” He asked sounding perturbed.
I nodded.
“Okay babe, but don’t do anything crazy. You both are pregnant…you know” He said nervously and I nodded.
“No problem” I said and got off the bed.
I need to see that bi*ch.
Am so sorry for the delay. The rain caused power shortage around our area.🙏
I’ll make it up to you💕
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 42
Jeremy and I walked into Jeffery’s house holding hands.
Peter was on the couch smoking. He had his eyes closed as he exhaled the smoke.
“Hey Pete, long time” Jeremy said and tried going close to him but I stopped him.
“Am pregnant Jeremy. The cigarette smoke is not good for me” I said with a crumpled look and he breathed out an ‘oh’.
We went to the dinning where Jeffrey was shirtless.
He was spreading butter on a slice of bread.
“Welcome guys” He said and I smiled broadly.
“Hey Jeffrey. Thanks for coming to the hospital after my surgery” I said and he winked at me.
“Where’s Nina?” Jeremy asked and I felt my tummy tighten.
I was starting to get angry all over again.
The way he asked of her made me shudder.
That lady is carrying his baby, I can feel it.
“She’s in her room trying to get sobber. She kept crying yesterday” Jeffrey replied.
“Huh? she was crying???” Jeremy asked alarmed.
“Yeah…I don’t know what her fu-king problem is but there’s no way am consoling that bi*ch” He blurted and stuffed his mouth with a big bite of his bread.
Jeremy sighed.
He took my hand and we began going upstairs.
I held onto him tightly and he stopped and looked at me.
“What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to hold you tight anymore??” I asked pouting.
He didn’t say anything as he walked into a room.
So she’s Nina.
She had long hair but great curvy body and she had a tattoo on her neck.
“Jeremy?” She mouthed as we got where she was. She inserted her hands into her jumper pockets.
“I wasn’t expecting such a visit!” She gasped while I glared at her.
“This is Stella, my wife who is pregnant with my child” He said before turning to me.
“Babe, she’s Nina” He paused and turned to her.
“Jeffrey will be signing you into an antenatal next week. There’s really nothing to wrangle over here.
“Once you give birth, A test will be carried on the baby to know who’s really the father” Jeremy said emotionlessly ignoring the tears around her eyes.
I felt really happy he’s putting her in her place.
I love my husband!!.
There’s no way this lady can break our marriage apart.
“is there anything else?” He asked and she shrugged.
“Am just happy you both are not forcing me to get rid of the baby. It’s clearly impossible now the baby has clocked three months old.
“I have no one else to turn to. My mom kicked my out and I’ve been doing all I can to contact you”.
I kept glaring at her with so much scorn.
I can’t believe I could despise someone this much at mere sight.
“Okay then. We’ll be going now” Jeremy said and took my wrist.
He tried to pull me along but I remained stiff.
“And what makes you so sure the both of them are responsible for the creep growing inside of you?” I asked wilfully and she gasped.
“What did you just call my baby??” She asked stuttering.
“You can’t possibly expect the baby of a harlot to be a reasonable and complete human being” i sneered.
She raised her hand to hit me but I didn’t move an inch cause I knew Jeremy would never let her hurt me.
He held her wrist stopping her halfway.
“Don’t you ever dare try to hit my wife. Who do you think you are?!” He rasped and Nina flinched.
“Am…am sorry Jeremy.
Well…she started with the insults” She muttered painstaking – trying not to get on Jeremy’s bad side.
He turned and took my hand dragging me out the room with him.
“Leave me alone babe. I’m not done yet!” I yelled but he was persistent on taking me alone with him.
“I’ll be back for you Nina, you’ll regret sleeping with my husband…you public ho!” I rasped kicking my legs in the air.
We got downstairs and he dropped me on the couch next to Peter.
“Don’t let her leave” He told peter and went to the kitchen probably to see Jeffrey.
I turned to Peter who looked wasted from smoking.
“Please Peter, I left my phone upstairs, I need to retrieve it and be back quick” I said seductively.
He sighed.
“Don’t take more than a second” He said and I ran off going upstairs.
I returned the room and met on the bed on a call. She was backing me so she couldn’t see me or notice.
I leaned close to her door and listened.
“…she’s such a bi”ch Carol. If it wasn’t for Jeremy, I would have beaten her baby out of her. She’s so pathetic” She spoke into the phone.
Time to teach the bi*ch a real lesson.
I tip toed to her table and took a scissors before going to her.
I took her well braided ponytail weave and cut it off instantly.
She turned looking shocked and scared.
I laughed outloud and threw her hair at her dropping the scissors.
“What did you just do!??” She yelled and I laughed.
“Am just doing what bi”ches do” I replied and she got off the bed.
Just what I wanted.
I’ll beat her to coma for sure. I clenched my fist getting ready to fight.
She was about to slap me again when peter showed up.
“What’s going on here??? ” He rasped and i smiled.
“Oh…nothing. I’ve gotten my phone and I’m off now. Bye!” I beamed and ran out of the room.
How can I fight someone quite taller than me???
Thank goodness Peter showed up.
I paused on my track when I bumped into Jeremy.
And he didn’t look happy one bit.
Oh geez!
I was about to post last night when data finished😭😭
Am so posting another episode today…I promise✌
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 43
“Jeremy, am sorry…” I pleaded sitting beside him on the bed.
He didn’t say anything as he took his phone from the drawer.
“Babe. Am really sorry” I mumbled as tears slid down my cheeks.
“Stella. I told you to let her be and you promises you weren’t gonna fight her” He said and I hugged him.
He wrapped his hands around me.
“Aww. That’s enough begging. I’ve forgiven you” He cooed stroking my hair.
I giggled inwardly. He always falls for my fake tears.
He pulled me back and I dried my tears with my hands.
“It was the hormones” I said pouting.
He scoffed.
I nodded.
“Your pregnancy is just a month old. Nina’s is three months old, so she should be the one going through that effect not you” He stated and I felt a ripping in my heart.
Oh God…
I felt another surge of tears building up.
This is it – From today onwards, am going to be sharing my husband with that slut.
He compared me with that slut!
I couldn’t control the tears as they scrolled down my cheeks. My cheeks burned and my heart ached.
Am surprised am getting so emotional but I really couldn’t pull myself together at the moment.
“What now Stella? Why are you crying so much?” He asked and pulled me into a hug.
He stroked my hair more patting my back. I began sobbing.
“You’re comparing us now, aren’t you? Soon, you’ll bring her over cause she’s more prettier than me, won’t you?!” I groused and I heard him chuckle.
I bit him on his neck and he shuddered.
“Oh stop Stella! My neck is very sensitive and i get turned on at a mere klzz on it” He enthused with a laugh.
A klzz on his neck turns him on??? Am going to add that in my diary.
“Am not comparing you babe. I’m just saying you’re too early to go through crazy pregnant hormones” He said and lifted my face.
He klzzed me and I reciprocated hungrily.
He m0@ned into my mouth and our tongues felt each other.
We broke the klzz to catch our breath.
When last did I get to have him in bed…?
Almost a month now and he does not demand for it like he used to, cause he’s cheating on me!
“What are you thinking in that dirty mind of yours?” He asked in a cool voice as he tucked my hair behind my ear.
“My mind is not dirty!” I grinned and hit him on his arm. He cracked still holding onto me.
Why does he act like am his everything when he’s cheating on me?
I was directed to the surgeons office and I cat walked inside.
He was sitting behind his desk busy with the system before him.
His eyes glistened on seeing me. He held a puzzled look as i made my way towards him.
“Mrs Sanchez?. I wasn’t expecting a visit. Please…make yourself comfortable” He said astound and gestured for me to sit on the empty chair before his desk.
I crossed my legs against the other as I looked around his austere office.
“Can I help you with anything ma’am?” He asked distractedly.
I took my eyes back to him and smiled.
“Yes sir. I really need something from you and I won’t be happy of you turn me down” I said trying not to sound devious in anyway.
He stared at me looking confused.
“What’s do you want mrs Sanchez? I have a surgery to get to in the next ten minutes” He hushed with a crumpled look.
“It’s about my son and his wife, Stella. I just need to see her health record” I said.
His eyes dimmed.
“That’s strictly confidential madam, and am sure you’re aware” He said icily.
Such a strict man. How do I get him to succumb to my will? He looks wealthy enough to the point that there’s no need in bribing him.
“I know that doctor but am just concerned for Stella. She pushes herself too much and I just want to be sure if the baby is really okay” I stated faking to be perturbed.
“Her baby is perfectly healthy and I administered some drugs that make the baby extremely safe from her condition…”
“What condition are you talking about?” I asked getting more curious.
“I thought you were here just to know the state of the baby?
“There’s nothing wrong with both mother and child and right now…I need to be present at the emergency room” He enthused and got up from his seat.
I scoffed and stood up.
“I was just curious” I muttered leaving his office.
At least I got the answer I wanted, Stella is still pregnant and that’s the only important information am craving to know.
I was ready for bed but there was no sign of Jeremy Sanchez.
I sat on the bed waiting for him.
I got off the bed and headed for downstairs.
I heard Jeremy’s voice and I eavesdropped on his conversation.
Who could be calling him so late in the night?
“…you have to stay there with Jeffrey Nina. I can’t let you and Stella under the same roof and besides, we aren’t sure the baby is mine yet…” He paused and rubbed his temple looking pissed.
So the Nina girl is bugging Jeremy to let her come live with us.
Oh…she’s so dead cause I would deal with her the special way I can if she stays here.
“Stella..Are you ready for bed?” He asked taking my hand.
I nodded and he pulled me along with him to our room.
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 44
I sat up on the bed rubbing my eyes to get rid of the blur vision.
Jeremy was on the bed and as usual, with his laptop.
I slowly left the bed and headed to the restroom.
After using the toilet, I brushed my teeth staring at my reflection like I had changed completely.
I slowly pulled up my top and gazed at my tummy.
One month pregnant with a baby from the love of my life – Jeremy.
At least am sure I love him but he’s being very unfair to me.
I won’t be surprised to find out he’s having feelings for the maid.
I left my top and it fell freely. I heard a knock on the bathroom door and I was snapped out of my thoughts.
The door opened almost immediately and he walked in.
I tried walking past him but he held me by my wrist.
“Did I do something wrong?” He asked and I looked away.
“No” I replied and he scoffed.
“Incase you don’t know, you look very angry babe. What’s wrong? is it about Nina??” He asked curiously.
“It’s not about Nina, it’s about the maid. Do you…like her?” I asked pouting.
“I don’t even know her name. Mom…she brought her to help cook since you weren’t around.
“But…if you’re not comfortable with her here. I’ll fire her right now” He stated and I sighed.
“I don’t want to look like a disturbing wife. Let her stay. I’m sorry if I made you feel like a womanizer…”
I didn’t complete my statement as his lips met mine.
He rolled and s√¢ked passionately and I wrapped my hands around his neck.
He unlocked from the klzz and I frowned a little wanting him all to myself.
“I have a meeting this morning with some supervisors. Grandfather will even be there. I’ll be back later in the evening and I want you to be ready in a nice dress by the time I return, huh?” He said and klzzed me again.
“Wait! A meeting? You’ll be leaving me?” I asked perturbed.
“Yeah…but don’t worry, there are three guards outside and the maid is here. You have nothing to be afraid of” He said and I hit him on his arm.
“It’s not about security Jeremy. It’s you I want” I said almost crying.
He chuckled and pulled me into a hug.
“We haven’t done it in weeks now…” I muttered childishly.
He laughed still holding onto me.
“Like you read my mind babe. After work, I’ll be here to take you out for dinner and when we return…I’ll definitely make you go crazy in ecstasy” He said with a wink.
I couldn’t help but blush.
I hugged him tightly before he stepped into the shower.
I sat before the television at the living room watching a movie.
I feel so lonely since Jeremy had left for work.
I miss him so much already.
I hugged my pillow imagining it to be my s*xy husband.
I thought of going to over to Kelvin’s house but I don’t think it would be a good idea.
Jeremy got me a new phone and I lost his phone number.
I heard the doorbell ring and I took the liberty to see whom it was myself.
I opened the door to see the last person on my mind right now – Yvonne??
I can’t believe the guards let her come close to the house.
“Can I come in?” She asked enthusiastically.
I shifted and she walked past mw into the house. I shut the door and walked behind her.
“I had to call Jeremy for him to tell the guards to let me in” She said and I gestured for her to sit down on the couch.
Last time she was here, she set me up with her stupid golden pendant.
“Thank you for saving me. I’m…grateful” I mumbled coyly.
“It’s okay if you don’t trust me. I just came to check up on you. How are you doing?” She asked and I shrugged.
“Am alright” I replied.
“Oh…that’s good to know” she beamed and I just kept mute.
She got up afterwards and took her handbag.
“I’ll be on my way now” She stated and I could only nod.
I watched her leave the house.
Green snake!
I just can’t seem to accept her yet. Who knows what she’s up to in that dirty mind of hers.
I was done with the meeting and I had spare time to do something that has been in my mind for a while.
I left the company and drove to the police station where Tristan was held.
I walked into the lobby and had my name registered before I was taken to meet the devil.
I sauntered into the empty room to meet Tristan handcuffed.
His eyes dimmed on seeing me.
I stood before him and he couldn’t even look me in the eyes.
“What the fu-k do you want?!” He growled.
“No, I should be asking you that. What the fu-k did you want with my wife?!” I rasped icily.
“The same wife I screwed countless times while she laid unconscious dying of the poison that’ll make her mentally…”
I Cut him off with a hard blow on his head.
“She was so tight and juicy” He continued.
I punched him and he stuttered backwards.
“I swear Tristan, say one more word about Stella and I’ll send you to an early grave” I growled and he stared viciously at me.
“She.is.a.bi*ch” He said and I didn’t waste time in beating him up the more.
“You had the guts to lay your hands on her! I’ll end you Tristan!” I threatened hitting hum continuously.
Suddenly, I felt two men pull me up away from Tristan.
“Control your anger sir! Please…” One of them pleaded and I took my eyes back to Tristan who was bleeding on his nose and had bruises all over.
I’ll kill him.
That’s a promise.
I stormed out of the room filled with rage.
I’ll kill him.
Where do I start oo😭 Am so sorry for the delay guys, please forgive me.
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I’ll definitely make it up to you all.😍😍
{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 45
I turned around again before the mirror and smiled. I look perfect this evening!
I was definitely ready for the dinner with Jeremy. He’s not home yet and he’s taking too long since he promised to be back early.
I took my purse and walked out of the room. I sauntered downstairs with my dress glittering.
I had almost gotten to the living room when I bumped into Jeremy.
He looked weak and tired. His breath was rough and his eyes dimmed.
“Jeremy! What kept you so long?” I asked and he sighed looking a bit angry.
His eyes darted to my dress and he took his time to check me out.
He half-smiled and held my hands.
“You look great babe…But I don’t think we can do this tonight. Am tired and I just want to be alone for a while. I hope you understand?” He stated and I stared at him obviously nervous and shocked.
“You’re canceling our date?” I asked despondently.
“Am really sorry” He breathed out and pecked me on my cheek before walking past me. I turned watching him walk up the stairs tiredly.
I sighed.
And I had so much hopes of enjoying the night with my husband.
I went over to one of the couch and sat on it. My eyes drifted to the wall clock at the end of the room and it went by slowly.
I was starting to grow bored just staring at it.
I slumped back on the couch thinking about Jeremy.
Why can’t he always be there when I need him???
The loud sound of the doorbell woke me from my thoughts and I threw my face at it.
I hope it’s not Jeremy’s annoying friends.
I dragged myself up and moved to the door.
I twisted the door knob and pulled it open.
Standing before me was a mail man and I presume this was literally the first time am seeing on before my door.
He looked…old for this job though.
“Good evening ma’am, Am Agent Jones. Am looking for Mr Jeremy Sanchez. I have a very important message for him” He stated and I arched mt brows.
“Am Stella Sanchez, his wife. May I know what’s going on?” I asked and he nodded bringing out some papers.
“Actually, it’s about the business trip that will hold in three days. We lost his email informations and phone number in a fire at our building.
“We decided to bring him his traveling details home. Can you please let him see this? He needs to be aware of the new date that has been fixed. The meeting will no longer hold next two weeks – it’s in three days” He enthused sounding very serious.
I took the papers from him still baffled with the whole traveling stuff.
Jeremy never told me he would be going on a trip soon. Why would he keep such a thing from me?
“Alright sir, I’ll…let him know” I said reassuringly.
He smiled.
“Thank you ma’am. Should I call him incase you forget?” He asked and I shook my head.
“No. I’ll tell him. He’ll surely be at the airport that day” I replied and he thanked me before leaving.
I walked back into the house and moved to a room downstairs. I hid the documents somewhere.
Jeremy can’t just leave me and travel to some stupid meeting.
I left the room and went upstairs. I met him on the bed sleeping.
He must be really tired. I walked over to the wardrobe and removed my dress and heels. I took time removing the jewelries as well.
I reached for a simple dress which would be comfortable for sleeping and wore. I went to the bed and laid beside Jeremy.
I pulled the duvet up to my chest and moved to him.
I felt his warmth as we both cuddled together.
“Babe?” He called weakly with his eyes closed.
“Yes…” I replied and he squinted his eyes with his eyes on me.
“Did Tristan happen to rape you or harass you s£×ually in anyway?” He asked and I stared at him dumbfounded.
“No. I can’t remember him doing anything to me. He never touched me though. He only gave orders and walked out of the room” I replied and he pulled me closer.
He klzzed me before rolling to his side and sleeping off.
How can I let my husband go on a meeting when he should be beside me every night?
I won’t let him go – never!
I’ll hide those papers where he’d never find them.
I paced around the room with my cellphone glued to my ear.
This wretched maid should pick up the phone already!
I heard her tiny voice and I sighed.
“What the took you so long?! I haven’t got all night!” I rasped.
“Am sorry I was doing the laundry” she replied and I frowned even more.
“By this time of the night???…anyways, never mind. I have an important assignment for you.
“I want you to find out if Stella is pregnant or not. I don’t trust what my son and the doctor keeps telling me. They might be keeping the truth from me. Do this and I’ll reward you greatly” I said eagerly.
“Alright ma’am. How do I do it?” She asked and I grinned.
Perfect response.
Stella is super possessive😋
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