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Crazy couple batch 8 by : 6:27 pm On December 7, 2020
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 36
I stood close to the doctor in the bedroom who took a look at Stella. There were nurses too and they brought with them – a big machine and other props.
I had the door locked cause there were many people downstairs eager to see her.
Her dad, my parents and three of our relatives.
I just don’t want them to hurt my wife again.
My own flesh and blood could do this to me. Am done trusting people.
I don’t even trust my mom anymore.
I heard a knock on the door and I went to it. I opened the door to meet Jeffrey there.
“Bro…your mom just wants you to come down. Please…she’s your mother. I don’t have one but I know they’re damn important” he said and I took a deep breath.
I left the room and shut the door.
I followed him downstairs.
Mom rushed to me.
“How is she doing? Has she woken up…?” She asked and I moved away from her.
“Y’all are wasting your time here. Am not letting any of you see her so I suggest you go now” I said coldly.
“Jeremy, she’s my daughter!” Mr Anderson yelled standing on his feet.
I scoffed.
“At this point, I don’t care. She’s pregnant with my baby and I don’t want her to be exposed to danger again. So please leave and come back some other time” I said and left the living room ignoring mom’s call..
The doctor was done and he was already packing his stuff. And the nurses were running around too.
“How is she? Anything wrong with my baby?” I asked and he exhaled.
“The baby is safe but Stella herself isn’t. The poison is still in her system. It’s clouded at a particular spot but would dissolve soon and began spreading around her body.
We have to prepare her for surgery in two days. We need to act fast and operate on her. For the mean time, you’ll have to be with her and help her with anything she needs. She won’t be so fluent in speaking cause of the effect of the poison. Keep her safe till the hospital is ready to conduct such surgery”..
I sighed.
That’s too much to take in but I won’t give up on Stella no matter what.
I opened my eyes slowly with my head hurting a lot.
It doesn’t feel heavy like before. I rubbed my eyes and sat up on the bed though I felt weak.
I turned to see a man sitting beside me.
I panicked.
Who is he.??
I tried to leave the bed but he stopped me holding my wrist.
“Stella, it’s me” he rasped and knelt before me on the bed holding me close.
“It’s Jeremy love. It’s me” he muttered rubbing my hair.
I moved away from him and curled my legs just staring at him. He came closer.
“No! Leave me alone” I yelled and threw a pillow at him.
He pushed the pillow off and gazed at me.
“Stella…don’t you remember me? Am your husband. I’ll never hurt you” he said trying to touch me once more.
I shook my head in disbelieve.
He forced himself on me and klzzed me.
He was so slow and yet fast. The klzz seemed to make me see more images of the strange man.
I stared into his face as hot tears trailed down my cheeks.
“Jeremy?” I wavered and he smiled.
I hugged him tightly and he held me to himself.
After having dinner with Jeremy. He took the empty plates downstairs while I tried pulling off my clothes. I feel so tired and weak.
Am lucky Jeremy offered to feed me since I didn’t even have the strength to lift a spoon.
His phone began ringing and I took it.
I froze at the sight of the caller.
Who’s this lady?
She’s been calling Jeremy alot before.
I watched the phone ring till it stopped.
I took a deep breath.
Am going to ask Jeremy tonight.
He have to tell me who Nina is to him.
The door opened and he entered the room.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked and came to me.
He helped me pull off my shirt and unhooked my bra.
He’s seeing too much.
He helped me up and removed shorts before carrying me into the bathroom.
He dropped me gently in the bathtub and just like he knew, the water was warm.
I was sitting at the balcony getting myself drunk and looking up at the stars.
Am so happy for Jeremy.
He found his wife who happens to be driving him crazy all this while and he still acts like he doesn’t love her.
I scoffed.
The maid walked in with her head bowed.
“What’s it now Lucille?” I grouse.
“Um…A lady’s here to see you. Her name’s Nina. She said it’s urgent” she replied.
I sat up.
Nina is one of the girl’s Jeremy screwed before he got married.
What does she want now,??
What does Nina want oo???
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu🖤
Episode 37
(mrs Sanchez’s pov)
I paced around the room filled with rage and anger. My husband sat on his seat operating his phone like he didn’t care at all.
Am almost going crazy.
That girl Stella is a pest!
She’s delaying the whole plan.
Yes, I have a well constructed plan on what to do with the wealth Grandfather will give Jeremy.
That Stella girl should not loose that baby unless, I’ll kill her myself and make make Jeremy get another girl pregnant..
Then I’ll have the girl undergo surgery and look just like Stella so grandpa won’t know it’s not Stella.
I need to do something….and fast!
Jeremy changed my clothes and we laid on the bed in silence.
I’ve been hiding the injury I sustained when I was captured.
Tristan kicked me one time when I tried to escape and it left a huge scar by my side.
While Jeremy was giving me a bath, he had actually touched the place and it hurts so much. I endured the pains and didn’t wince at all.
“Is the doctor sure the baby is fine?” I asked him and he made me lean on his chest.
“Yeah…For now” he replied and I felt his heartbeat.
I can’t stop thinking about that lady. I heard her voice once.
Could she be Jeremy’s friend that I don’t know of?
I leaned on my pillow looking into his face.
“Jeremy, who’s Nina?” I asked and the look on his face changed completely.
He sat beside the bed and took his laptop.
“Jeremy! Did I ask something wrong? She’ve been calling you so much and most times, you don’t pick her calls. is she your girlfriend?” I grouse and he glanced at me.
“She’s my past” He replied and I scoffed.
“Past my foot! Who knows if you invited her over while I was gone. No wonder the bed looks a bit lower. You were cheating on me Jeremy Sanchez” I said panting.
I felt weak but my tongue wasn’t weak.
“Stop saying nonsense” He said not looking at me.
My eyes welled up and tears gathered up my eyes. I began sobbing.
He’s cheating on me and still calls me nonsense.
I pulled enough strength and got down from the bed.
I can’t sleep beside an annoying jerk.
I took a step and I felt my whole body burn in pain. I stood still for a while feeling so frail and unwell. My feet was wobbly and I slumped on the floor.
“Stella!” Jeremy called and rushed to me.
He knelt before me on the floor and cleaned my tears with his thumb. His eyes dimmed as he stared at me.
“Leave me alone!” I rasped as more tears came down.
“Babe, am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Nina is a call girl. Before I got married, she would always come to our parties and we slept together twice but I ended it the moment I got married to you. She’ve been disturbing though and am doing everything I can to keep her away. I don’t even know hoe she got my number. Stella am sorry. Please…stop crying” He said and carried me up.
He dropped me on the bed and I pushed his hands away.
“I hate you Jeremy” I mumbled still crying.
“Am sorry babe. I love you” he said and klzzed me on my shoulder.
He cleaned my tears but I still couldn’t stop crying.
He’s always hurting me.
“What should I do babe? What do I do to earn your forgiveness?” He asked and I took a deep breath.
“I want you to twerk for me” I replied.
“What!?” He yelled batting his lashes.
“You heard me…twerk” I said rolling my eyes.
He chuckled before smirking.
“You’re back to your crazy self miss. I don’t have butt as big as yours so it should be the other way round” he said and got off the bed.
I ignored him looking away. I faked tears and he quickly rushed to his phone and turned on a song…
He moved to the end of the bed and smiled while I watched in excitement.
He turned and began shaking.
He began break dancing which is totally the opposite of twerking.
I frowned.
He turned around and moved his hips a little and that alone was enough for me to laugh.
Yea…he’s twerking for sure.
I slowly took his phone to record his dancing but then…
I discovered I was bleeding!
Jeremy’s mom, what now😒
Nina….still anticipating..
Congratulations😍 crazy Stella is back🎊
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 38
I panicked dropping the phone.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jeremy asked rushing to me.
I sobbed softly staring down at my legs. He held onto me and stroke my hair.
“Love, relax… What’s wrong?” He asked and I scoffed in amidst tears.
“Can’t you see the blood? Am bleeding Jeremy…my baby…” I couldn’t say more as I continued crying.
“Stella…calm down. Where’s the blood?” He asked looking at my legs.
He took a stare of my pu**y area and glanced up at me.
“There is no blood” He said and I stopped sobbing.
“But I saw it…” I murmured as more tears came down from my weak eyes.
“You were imagining it, love. You’re not bleeding” He said and laid beside me on the bed.
He wiped my tears and klzzed me. I dropped my head on his chest staring into nothing.
“Nothing will happen to our baby. Stop being scared, alright?”.
I just nodded blinded by tears.
He tried to adjust on the bed and his arm came in contact with the place I was injured.
“Ouch” I winced reacting to the twinge.
Jeremy pulled away from underneath me and reached for my shirt.
I tried to stop him but he was persistent.
“Hold still, let me see” He hushed and removed my hand from his.
He pulled up the shirt and I watched the expression on his face on seeing the scar.
“Tristan did this?” He asked squinting his eyes and that crossed a message.
I didn’t reply as I raised my arm slowly and pulled down my shirt covering the scar.
“Let’s just go to sleep…” He got off the bed and wore his flip flops before taking his car keys from the drawer.
“Jeremy stop!…” I stuttered.
“I’ll kill that sonofab••tch, I swear!” He rasped.
“Come on Jeremy, it’s late already…please” I pleaded as I resumed to sobbing.
I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. It was more like my feelings were surging out at once which is so unlike me. I hardly cry but at this moment – am in pain.
“I’ll be back” He said and squeezed the door knob.
I didn’t even know when he got to the door about to leave.
“Don’t leave me alone Jeremy…please” I mumbled and he paused.
He stood by the door for a while with his fist clenched.
I lowered my head trying to stop myself from crying so much. I heard the door close and he came to me.
He cupped my cheek with his right hand and stared into my face.
He’s still angry but he tried not to show it.
“I’ll kill him Stella. I promise you” He spoke like he was doing it already…so much confidence.
“You’re not a killer Jeremy. Please don’t push yourself. Please…let’s just leave the world to their tots” I said and hugged him.
“I’ll get hot water to treat the wound” He said and left for the bathroom.
In a while, I heard something breaking.
I wish I was strong enough to go see what he had broken.
He walked into the room looking more angry. He had with him a bowl filled with water and a towel around his neck.
I removed my top so it would be easier for him to attend to the wound.
After dabbing the wound with hot water, he gave me a massage and it felt really good.
We were still awake on the bed cuddling.
I bet we’ve moved into another day – awake.
“So, we’re having a vigil today…” I said and he chuckled.
“I haven’t slept for a long time though. I was up trying to find you.
“Thanks to Yvonne, I got you back…”.
I batted my lashes.
“Yvonne saved me??” I asked astonished.
“Yeah…She was of help. She told us where Tristan had you. Turns out, Tristan has been hitting her and she plans on taking revenge”.
“Wow!” I breathed out.
She saved me…After what She’ve done.
Playing the green snake on a green grass.
I scoffed.
“Am so happy you’re back. No more outings, nothing at all. I’ll not let you out of my sight again” He enthused and klzzed me on my forehead.
“Jeremy, you’re being too possessive. I have a job too and once am strong, I’ll get back to work” I paused when I noticed he suddenly looked doleful.
“Jeremy…what’s wrong?” I asked and he hesitated a little before responding.
“Stella, you need to undergo surgery for the poison to be drained out. The surgery is in two days….”.
“But Jeremy, what if I don’t make it?” I asked and he smiled.
“You’re a strong girl, Stella. You can do this” He cooed and I nodded.
I can do this.
For Jeremy and for my baby…
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 39
My eyes flared open and I scanned the room with my eyes.
I sat up slowly on the bed and rubbed my eyes.
Jeremy wasn’t on the bed with me and I guess he must have gotten ready for work.
Thank goodness there’s a maid downstairs. Jeremy’s mom hired her.
That woman.
Her smiles are as fake as her lifestyle.
Am used to studying people in just a short period of time and that’s why my heart didn’t accept Yvonne completely the first time we met at my wedding reception.
I glanced at Jeremy’s cellphone on the bed. The screen was on and I looked into what displayed.
It’s just work stuff.
I wonder how he does it.
We both slept late but he woke up before me and even had enough time to work with his phone.
Jeremy’s a superhero.
I heard footsteps outside the door and in few seconds, The door opened and he came into the room with the maid behind him.
She dropped the tray on the table and turned to me.
“Good morning ma’am” She said but didn’t wait for me to reply and left the room.
Jeremy say beside me and claimed my lips. His hands wandered down to my waist and he drew closer.
“Good morning jerk. Aren’t you going to work today?” I asked wrapping my hands around his neck.
“Mr jerk is going to take care of Miss Crazy today” He replied and klzzing me on my neck.
I closed my eyes enjoying the intense feeling.
Let him not even think about it.
I opened my eyes and removed my hands from his neck.
“What now wifey? Do you have to be such a kill joy?
“Anyways, you don’t look so weak like yesterday. You’re doing good babe” He stated and klzzed me again.
I pushed him slightly.
“Enough…Don’t be do touchy!” I grouse and he chuckled.
He helped me sit at the edge of the bed and drew the tray close.
He uncovered the plates and handed me the spoon.
“Did you cook this?” I asked and he shrugged.
“I was going to cook but when I got to the kitchen the maid was already making something”.
I nodded and he fed me.
I was placed behind bars and all I felt was anger, betrayal and more hatred.
I almost fainted when I found out grandpa knows about this.
I’ve lost everything.
what is Jeremy going to do to me??
He has to pardon me.
I can’t go to jail…not now.
Unless…I strike back!
I need an outside man that’ll carry out my plans.
I was done eating and bathing when Dad arrived.
I had no idea he was visiting.
At least am glad Jeremy let me see him. It’s more like he doesn’t want me to step out if the bedroom.
“Dad, am so scared. What if something happens tomorrow and I don’t wake up….” I said despondently and he sighed.
“I know you’re scared my dear but you have to be strong baby girl. Daddy loves you and will never let anything happen to you” He said and I dropped my head on his thigh.
He stroke my hair singing to me like he always sang when I was younger.
Jeremy leaned at the door in the bedroom watching us in silence.
The moment Stella’s through with the surgery and can do well on her own, I’m coming for Tristan.
I’ll kill the bast*rd and make him pay for even thinking that he could hurt Stella and take her away from me.
Just a matter of time.
And I’ll make sure no harm comes on her ever again.
I watched them take her into the emergency room.
I hope she comes out alive and in one piece.
Our baby…
Nothing should happen to it.
I don’t think I can bare seeing Stella grief for our lost baby. I can’t even imagine it.
Her father sat by the lobby waiting patiently for the next hour when the surgery would be over.
I was too uncomfortable to sit down so I just walked around the hallway.
Stella was in VIP so there was no one else allowed to come near the premises.
After a while, Jeffery showed up.
We half hugged and he sighed.
“She just stepped into the ER” I said and he nodded.
“I know this is not a good time…but…” He paused and looked around.
“What’s wrong?” I asked staring keenly at him.
“It’s about Nina…”
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu💄
Episode 40
I sat on my bed working with my laptop when Chris walked past me heading for his wardrobe.
“Good morning Teresa, you’re starting the day with work?” He muttered and I scoffed.
“Yes, anything wrong with that?” I asked and he shook his head looking away.
I smirked staring down at my laptop.
“The detective I hired told me Stella is at the emergency room being operated on right now.
“I need some money to hire someone who will get pregnant for Jeremy. Stella’s look alike. There’s no doubt that girl will loose her baby and worse, she might die just like her pathetic mother” I rasped.
“Teresa…She’ve not even stepped out of the emergency room. How can you pray for such upon the girl you very much know your son is Inlove with?” He asked and I scoffed.
“I know you’ll go against me. You always do…But just know am doing this for us. An epic plan we need to carry out fast”.
He sighed and didn’t say anything else.
I rolled my eyes and went ahead to take his debit card.
“What about her?” I asked blandly.
“She’s pregnant” He said dropping the bombshell.
I zoned out for a minute trying to digest what he just said.
“She’s pregnant….for who?” I asked as my throat dried up.
“I don’t know. She’s three months pregnant and unfortunately…it is the result of that night. The night we…threw that party.
“According to her, she screwed with you before coming to me later…we don’t really know who is responsible”.
“What the fu-k is that supposed to mean!? She’s carrying my first child???” I asked stupefied.
“Am not sure, let’s not conclude yet. I told her to lay low cause of Stella’s condition. She was planning on coming to your house last night”.
If she came last night, she would have crawled back home.
Stella won’t spare her.
I slumped on the couch behind me with my head throbbing from the bitter news.
How do I handle this???
If the baby turns out to be mine then that makes Stella’s baby my second kid.
She won’t like that one bit; she might even divorce me.
And I don’t want to loose her.
Jeffrey sat beside me and the silence lasted longer than I could tell.
“Bro…if the baby turns out to be yours and that would cost your marriage, I can take the baby and no one will know…” He said lowly.
“Don’t think like that. What if later, the truth comes out…gosh! I was wo drunk I didn’t use protection that night” I mumbled feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing.
“Same here…she seduced me. I had no idea she followed me into my bedroom” He jibed and I sighed.
“She’s a thirsty bi*ch, that’s for sure…” I muttered glaring at nothing in particular.
Silence stepped in again and suddenly, the door opened and the doctor stepped out.
We went over to him unable to stand being doleful.
“How did it go doctor?”
“What about my baby?”
Jeffrey and I asked at the same time. The doctor smiled.
“The surgery went smoothly and your baby is fine. No complications” He said and it felt like a burden has been lifted off my chest.
Thank goodness!.
I laid on the hospital bed with Jeremy by my side and Jeffrey leaning against the wall.
Dad was also in the room.
A drip was attached to the back of my hand.
Am so glad everything worked out perfectly and I’ll be back to my normal self soon.
And the baby…
It’s still healthy and growing in my tummy.
Am so thankful to God.
A knock came on the door and almost immediately, it opened to reveal Jeremy’s mom.
“Hello everyone” she said and dad replied to her greeting.
“Am sorry Stella, my husband had an urgent meeting to attend to. How are you feeling now?” She asked and I smiled.
“Am fine ma’am, thank you” I replied.
Her eyes darted to my legs and she nodded.
“And…how’s the baby?” She asked.
“It’s alright” I replied and she heaved a sigh of relief.
“Thank God my grandchild made it out of the storm” She remarked coming close.
She tried to touch my tummy but Jeremy stopped her.
“Please…no touching for now” He said and his mom stepped back folding her arms.
That was close.
Why would she want to touch me??
Kelvin came over later and I was so excited to see him.
It’s been a while and I missed him.
Dad had told him about the surgery.
He didn’t want him touch me in anyway.
I slept off later cause I was tired.
👠—-Two days later—-👞
i walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my chest..
Am so happy am strong enough now.
Jeremy was busy with his laptop but on seeing me, he turned it off and got off the bed.
He wrapped his hand around my waist.
“It’s been three weeks” He whispered and bit my earlobe.
I rolled my eyes and squeezed myself out of his grip.
“Yeah…sure. I think I left my pantie in the bathroom, can you go get it for me?” I asked seductively.
He grinned and walked to the bathroom.
I watched him keenly as he opened the door and the bucket of water i dropped on the door emptied on him.
I laughed out loud.
“Stella!?” He rasped removing the bucket.
it gets even funnier😂😂
He really wants to fu-k more than anything.

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