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Crazy couple batch 5 by : 8:57 pm On December 6, 2020
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
I woke up the next morning beside Jeremy. He was fast asleep.
This seemed to be the first time am waking up to find him still way over at dreamland.
I looked into his healing face. Am doing a good job for sure.
His face had brightened and his lips pink again unlike yesterday it was dry and colorless.
I fought the strong urge to taste his lips.
I smiled and got off the bed.
I went downstairs and made breakfast. I dished our meal and carried them upstairs.
He was already awake when I entered the room. He focused on the phone in his hand.
I dropped the food on a stool infront of him.
“Good morning my patient. How are you feeling?” I asked grinning ear to ear.
He glanced at me and scoffed.
“I feel terrible. I had a dream and you were chasing me with a fork twice as the height of this house. I kept running nonstop”.
I gasped.
“Are you saying am a demon?” I asked and threw my face away from his gaze.
“Am just joking..”
“You’re always joking with hurtful words! How can you say such to your wife? Do you hate me that much?” I blurted out.
I suddenly felt ashamed for saying such.
“You know I didn’t mean it. I was just pulling your legs. I know you’re head over heels Inlove with me and me saying those words to breaks your heart” he jibed enthusiastically.
I hit him on his arm and he chuckled.
“Am not Inlove with a wicked heartless man like you” I retorted and shifted from him.
“Oh really, then why did you lie to me about my nurse and doctor not being available?” He asked smirking.
My heart raced.
Oh s*it!
How did he know??
“I always wanted to take care of a sick person but I was the only child and didn’t have much friends so I lied cause I saw it as a great opportunity” I lied.
He furrowed his brows at me.
“You’re such a good liar Stella but am hungry right now. This interrogatory class will continue after I eat, okay?” He said and took the spoon.
I stopped him.
“Let’s pray first” I ordered.
He rolled his eyes.
“Pray Jeremy!”.
He prayed a short prayer and just as he was about to end it, I interpolated.
“And Lord, let the honeymoon ghost depart from Jeremy before I become a widow”
“What are you saying?” He asked and took a spoon of the egg sauce on his plate.
“I’m praying on your behalf. So how does the sauce taste?” I asked glaring at him.
“The chef at my mansion cooks better” he replied icily.
I scoffed.
“Am not comparing myself with someone who cooks for a living. Just tell me if the sauce is nice or not” I jibed getting pissed.
“You tried” he muttered.
“You’re so annoying Jeremy. Wait till I get pregnant, you’ll be the one cooking till am put to birth”
I blurted before I could stop myself.
He paused and took his eyes to my legs. I flushed feeling so bashful at the words I said.
I took my own plate and began eating.
Silence filled the room for the next 20 minutes it took us to finish our meal.
I got rid of the plates and returned to the bedroom.
I went into the closet and took off my clothes.
I tied a towel around me. This time super tight so it doesn’t slip.
I didn’t say a word to Jeremy as I went to the bathroom to take my bath.
I turned on the shower and allowed my hair to get drenched in the cold water.
I shuddered when the door of the bathroom opened and Jeremy walked in.
He was damn n@k£d😱😱
I turned off the shower and rushed to take my towel but he got to it first and threw it at the other side of the bathroom.
Oh God!
I tried not to look at his di*k!
“Jeremy! What are you doing here?? Go away!” I yelled and he chuckled.
My eyes kept wandering down but I tried to keep them up.
Oh no!
I saw it.
His huge beast that’s…
Jeremy took closer steps.
Okay, what’s he up to?
I walked back quickly and the wall stopped my retreat.
“Any problem?” He asked batting his lashes.
I nodded.
“Do you make out with your nurse and doctor?” I asked pouting.
“Are you this jealous?”
“Just answer me” I groaned.
“I screwed the nurse twice and the doctor once”
I gasped.
“Oh Jeremy! You’re so disgusting.! You manslut!” I rapsed and kicked him at the forbidden zone.
He fell on his knees groaning. “Stella!!”
I gasped covering my mouth with my hands.
Look what my jealousy has caused. 🙍🙆
Jeremy have married a wife oo🏃🏃
1.8k likes to unlock the next sweet episode😋😋
{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
I walked through the hallway wondering which room Jeremy was.
He left the bedroom after taking his bath and I know he’s mad at me for kicking his balls.
But I’m sure i didn’t do it on purpose…
I just got mad he had an affair with those women.
And it made me realize I wasn’t even the first woman to have him.
What am i saying?
Back in high school, girls were all over him. So I shouldn’t be suprised he’ve messed with other ladies.
I stopped infront of the guest room and glanced at the door for a while.
Jeremy must he inside.
I opened the door and stepped into the room.
He was on the bed facing his Laptop with some papers beside him.
He didn’t spare me a glance as he continued working on his laptop.
I went close to him and sat on the bed.
“What do you want?” He asked sounding pissed.
“I came to know if the pain is still much or less. And also, as a sick person, you shouldn’t be working” I replied and he snapped his head at me.
“Can you please leave?” He asked, his voice coated with rage and anger.
“C’mon Jeremy. I already told you I hit you by mistake. It’s the honeymoon ghost, you know?..”
“Enough with the honeymoon crap!” He rapsed and looked away.
I sighed and remained quiet.
He turned and held my head still.
What’s he doing?
He insert his index f!ng£r inside my nose and twirled it. He afterwards removed it immediately before I could utter a word.
I tried to laugh at his strange crazy action but stopped on my track when I felt my nose sting.
The sting multiplied and fed my scrutiny
Jeremy just applied pepper in my nose!
Oh my God!
“Jeremy!! I screamed and sprang up to my feet.
I ran around the room like I was going nuts.
My nose was on fire.
I couldn’t think straight.
All I felt was hot burns in around my nose.
He smirked.
“How does revenge taste?” He asked.
My eyes welled up in deep pain and terror.
I shot him one last stare before leaving the room.
I rushed downstairs and moved over to the sink in the kitchen.
I used different techniques to get the water up into my nose and quench the pepper’s burn.
My eyes was blood shot and I couldn’t explain how I feel.
My current mission was to save my nose from the hot burns at the moment.
I finally succeeded and I sat on the floor with my now wet clothes.
Jeremy can be so inhumane.
I sniffed.
I’ve never been pranked this way before. Am surely going to get him back for it.
I laid on my bed fiddling with the button on my shirt.
I rather be alone now cause this action of Jeremy’s brought back those memories of continuous bullying from Jeffrey and co.
The door opened and he walked in.
I looked away from him still feeling sobber.
He approached the bed and fell beside me.
His arm came in contact with mine and I flinched.
He’s so hot.
I felt his temperature with my palm.
He’s burning up.
I went to the drawer and got his drugs.
I helped him take them and gave him a cup of water afterwards.
He couldn’t say anything and his breath was rough more like a pant.
I laid on the bed next to him staring into his weak face.
“Am sorry” he apologized staring at my nose in particular.
My eyes widened.
Did I hear wrong?
What happened to arrogant and annoying Jeremy?
Well, I want more apologies.
I really want to enjoy the new Jeremy.
“You’re not sorry. Stop pretending! You couldn’t even consider me as your wife and you forced your f!ng£r inside my nose😭” I began faking tears.
He pulled me close.
His skin was not as hot as before.
“I’m really sorry. I was just mad and really wanted to get back at you. It’s the honeymoon ghost that caused it, okay?”
He cupped my cheeks and right before my eyes. He klzzed me.
I stayed stiff cause I was far beyond shocked.
He s√¢ked on my lower lip and dived into my mouth. He klzzed as though he wanted to eat me alive.
I m0@ned softly and he pulled closer.
He got on top of me our lips still locked.
His right hand rubbed my now exposed thigh. I m0@ned and he unlocked from the klzz.
He leaned back and took off his top. I just watched him. He pulled off my dress and luckily, I wasn’t putting on my bra.
He positioned himself inbetween my legs and s√¢ked on my neck. It felt quite arousing.
He lowered his head to my ni*p* and took it into his mouth. He bit and s√¢ked like his life depended on it.
I m0@ned loudly in ecstasy.
I can’t believe he’s taking his time to get me enjoy this.
I wrapped my arms around him holding him close to me. His hands were behind my head as he carried on with s√¢king me till I had an orgasm.
How can he be so sick but strong?
He pulled out from it and looked into my face. I flushed and unfortunately couldn’t maintain eye contact.
He slid one f!ng£r inside my clit and rubbed on it against the undie.
He pulled it off and soon, thrusts into me with his di*k.
I sqeauled.
Am so tight but it doesn’t hurt like the first time.
He raised my left leg up to my face and began going back and forth.
I closed my eyes as he screwed me.
I m0@ned and screamed and it got hotter.
Deep pleasure that drove me nuts.
I couldn’t stop screaming his name.
I felt my orgasm building up and finally, we both hit climax.
I panted as I opened my eyes and to catch him staring at me.
My cheeks turned red.
He pulled out and fell on the bed next to me.
I shifted from him and pulled up the blanket to cover me.
He pulled close to me and made me rest on his body.
I felt a tingling spike in my tummy.
I don’t know why I feel this way.
I suddenly feel like I can’t spend a minute without Jeremy.
I turned and wrapped my hands around him and he held onto me.
Could it be am Inlove with Jeremy?
Long episode, right😋😋
Thank me with 2.5k likes friends.
It’s not too much😍🥺 🥺
Till then babies😉
{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu👑
Episode 23
I rolled on the bed endlessly before opening my eyes. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up on the bed.
I looked around the bedroom.
*wheres Jeremy?*
I glanced at his side of the bed and I couldn’t help but smile.
We cuddled till I slept off.
Why do I feel this way?
Right from teenagehood, I hated him so much.
He’s always the talk of the day and is damn arrogant cause of his good looks.
All the girls at my class keeps doing everything they can to Please him which made me despise him more.
But now…
I don’t know what’s happening to me.
I went to the bathroom and stepped out after I was at ease.
I slip my feet into Jeremy’s flip flops and left the room.
I walked down the stairs feeling sluggish and worn out.
The whole place was dead quiet enough for me to hear a pin drop.
I arrived at the kitchen and headed for the cooker. I decided to make pancakes.
The whole thought of preparing a meal weakened me.
I need to get a maid.
Maybe two maids.
*Hey* I heard and turned to see Jeremy by the door.
He wore a mix of black and red jumpsuit and a black sneaker.
His f!ng£rs were occupied with gold rings and a glittering earring was on his left ear.
Oh my God!
Jeremy is one hot guy.
He’s always in his best rich look.
I refused to drool at him as I forcefully took my eyes to back to the cooker.
“Good morning” I muttered as my eyeballs drifted to the corner.
I was almost done with my cooking when I felt two hands wrap around my tummy.
Jeremy klzzed me on my shoulder and I shuddered the more.
Oh heavens!
I felt weak at the knees.
“I can’t have breakfast today. I got a meeting to catch up and I’ll be back late too. Just have enough pancake you want, alright?”
He stated and I felt a tingling sensation in my tummy.
I could no longer find my voice to respond.
“Oh…okay. You won’t even have one pancake?” I asked and turned slightly to face him.
He shook his head negatively as he lowered his hands to my waist.
He drew close, his eyes piercing into mine.
My whole body vibrated in acceptance to his touch.
I looked away from his face cause I was starting to feel so hot inside and uncomfortable.
Those weird feelings that surge through someone at the sight of her crush.
“You’re going to eat at the office?” I asked feeling uneasy.
He nodded.
“Should I pack the pancake in a lunch box so you can have it later?” I stuttered and he cracked.
“I have to go Stella” he jibed and klzzed me.
I haven’t even brushed😱😱
I tried to escape from his grip but he wasn’t done yet.
He afterwards unlocked from the klzz and placed a klzz on my cheek.
“You still taste great without brushing” he whispered and I couldn’t help but blush.
He let go off me and walked out of the kitchen.
I leaped up in the air like a baby.
What just happened?💃💃
I drove through the busy streets on my way to the hospital.
I’m nervous and a bit perturbed about this but am just anxious.
I drove into the hospital compound and parked at the parking lot before going in.
I had a VIP reservation already so I was just taken to the doctor’s office.
The doctor took some blood samples and after few hours, he returned with the result of the pregnancy test.
“Mrs Sanchez, I have the result with me here” He said and I nodded rubbing my wet hands together.
“What does it say?” I asked with a cracked voice.
This would mean so much to me if am pregnant.
Not for the wealth purposes but for what Jeremy and I shared and a big part of me don’t want to disappoint him.
I clapsed my hands feeling extremely scared and nervous.
Two times…
We’ve done it two times…
Lord please…
Don’t fail me.
The doctor brought out the paper from the envelope and looked into it after adjusting his glasses.
“Would you want to read it yourself?” He asked politely.
I stuttered.
“No, please…um…tell me yourself” I mumbled.
“Well…According to the result, The test is…”
😱100 shares and I drop the next episode immediately.
{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu👑
Episode 24
“…the test is positive. Congratulations ma’am, you’re five days pregnant” he said cheerfully.
I stared at him gob smacked.
Oh my God!
Am pregnant just like I hoped for!
A huge smile appeared on my face.
The doctor handed me the paper and glanced at it.
I put the paper in my bag and zipped up.
“Thank you doctor, I’ll be on my way now” I said as I stood to my feet.
“Congratulations” he said again and I nodded before leaving.
I was excessively happy about the news.
And I was worried for nothing. I walked through the hallway at the hospital with my arms folded.
How do I tell him about it?
I think I shouldn’t just yet…
Since Jeremy will be returning late, I’ll go shopping and have a great time all by myself😁
I left the hospital and got into my car. I drove to the mall playing one of my favorite songs.
I took some money from my purse before going into the mall. I took a shopping cart and went straight to the vegetable section.
Since am pregnant, I think I need to watch what I eat from now on.
I took three big cabbages and dropped them in the cart.
I gathered other veggies before going to get yoghurts and more milk.
I took some ice cream too.
“Tristan…can…can I talk to you?” I asked walking into his bedroom.
He glanced at me and looked away.
“Am busy” he muttered.
“I just wanted to ask you about the 2 million dollars in my bank account…it’s…it’s gone” I said feeling scared that he’ll get angry.
“I took it.. So?” He asked and I flinched.
“But that’s my money. All of it is not even mine. Some belongs to my friend, Alex. You should have told me before withdrawing my money!” I rapsed.
He flared up.
“Are you saying!? That I shouldn’t have touched your money! Since when did I become someone else!?” He yelled.
“Tristan!” I rapsed.
“Fu×k off!” He yelled and left the room.
I stared at him so shocked.
I was on my way home when my phone rang.
I answered his call.
“What’s up bestie?” I asked remembering the good times we shared.
“S…Stella” he muttered.
“Kelvin, are you alright?. Your voice sounds shallow. What’s wrong with you?” I asked concerned.
He really doesn’t sound fine.
“It..hurts..but don’t worry” he mumbled and that’s when I realized he’s really sick.
“Kelvin, hold on. Am coming over!” I rapsed and turned the car around.
The weather was cloudy but i really want to know Kelvin’s wellbeing.
He was my best friend.
What if he’s terribly Ill and there’s nobody to help him.😨
I sped up the car.
the meeting was over but another one would be taking place tonight. I was watching the news and the caster said there’s a storm. coming.
A heavy rain!
I have to tell Stella to wear something cozy before she catches a cold.
I can’t believe I care for her so much.
I dialed her number.
She’s not picking up.
By the time I arrived at Kelvin’s street, it was raining so much.
I parked infront of his house and rushed into the house.
I gasped on seeing Kelvin on the floor.
He looked pale…sick!
I rushed to him and knelt beside him. I felt his temperature. So hot.
“Have you taken drugs?” I asked him curiously.
He nodded weakly.
“It hurts. The drug won’t stop…the pain” he muttered and I felt so much pity for him.
I went to the kitchen and boiled water for him.
“Have you eaten?” I asked him.
He shook his head.
“I can’t stand” he muttered.
I nodded and went to the kitchen. I checked the cupboards and shelf taking ingredients for a simple macoroni and cheese.
It’s getting dark outside.
I was done Cooking and dished the meal for him. I dropped the plate beside him.
I guess I’ll have to feed him too.
I turned on the television and tuned to a news channel.
They were talking about the rain.
The newscaster emphasized.
I gasped.
The roads have been blocked😱😱
I’ll…I’ll have to spend the night here??
He’s not going to like this one bit.
Am so dead😩
Yvonne oo😂😒
You guys suprised me at the last episode😂
Like, comment & share if you’re eager to read the next episode as I am.
{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written ✍ by Eunice Nwodu☔
Episode 25
I did everything I could to get home and make sure Stella is safe.
I canceled the meeting though the investors and the board weren’t happy about it but I gave no damn.
I just wanted to be with my wife.
The house seemed like there was no one around when I got into the living room drenched from the rain.
“Stella?!” I called scanning the whole place with my eyes…
I went upstairs and went into our bedroom.
She’s not here.
Where is she?
I called her a few more times..
Why is she not picking up?
After feeding Kelvin.
I took an umbrella and went out in the rain to get my phone.
The rain was so heavy and waved with so much fierce with the wind.
The wind tried to blow the umbrella I was holding but I held onto it with both hands.
I was already drenched from head to toe. I opened my car and grabbed my handbag and phone before making my way back to the house.
The wind became more severe and the umbrella left my grip.
I had to run inside amidst the wind and harsh rain.
I dropped the bag on the table before heading into a room for privacy.
I removed my shirt leaving just my bra and singlet.
My body was still wet and my hair as well.
I turned on my phone.
Jesus Christ!!!
20 missed calls from Jeremy!
My teeth began to waver and I shivered.
Am so dead.
The phone began ringing again and I picked it up placing it on my ear.
“Where are you!?” He asked cutting me off.
I gulped.
“Am at Kelvin’s house…”.
“Who the hell is Kelvin?!” He asked and I almost jumped on my pants..
“Kelvin. From highschool. The one that’s always with me. My best friend” I tried to explain though I was panicking deep inside.
“Connect to video chat” he ordered and I brought the phone from my ear and looked into it.
I was able to see him now and he could see me too but he didn’t look happy one bit.
He hung up and I gasped.
He’s so mad at me.
I called him back but his phone was switched off.
Who knows if he’ve smashed his phone again.😨
I sighed.
I feel so guilty.
I returned to the living room and helped Kelvin up.
“Thank you bestie” he said and I tried not to look worried.
“What of your sister?” I asked remembering he’s an orphan.
The only person he has is his sister.
“She wasn’t picking my calls…so I called you” he replied as I helped him walk to his bedroom.
“Am taking you to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, you got that?” I stated and he nodded.
I got up early before going to Kelvin’s room to get him ready for the hospital.
Since we are best friends, I had no problem helping him bath and wear his close.
I made breakfast and he ate till he was full.
I checked the time, it’s almost 7 in the morning.
Am keeping to time cause Jeremy leaves the house by sharp 7:30.
I need to meet him and set things right.
I helped Kelvin into my car before going to lock his door.
The weather was bright and not so scary like last night. But the ground still looked drenched and wet leaves scattered.
What a weather.
I got back into the car and drove to the hospital as fast as I could.
I parked infront of my house and checked the time..
Jeremy’s car was parked outside.
He’s still in.
Thank Goodness!
I got out the car with everything I bought at the mall yesterday. It’s too much but I carried it though.
I walked into the kitchen and dropped everything on the counter.
My breath hitched the moment I saw Jeremy operating his phone as he drank from a coffee mug.
He’s ready for work.
I walked to him slowly.
“Jeremy. Good…morning” I stuttered rubbing my hands together.
He didn’t act like I just said something.
“Kelvin was sick Jeremy. He called me and he needed help…and…”
“You fu*ked yourselves till you remembered there’s a fool waiting for you at home and then you decided to answer the call and fake distress” he said before I could finish.
“What?” I asked shock.
“All you needed was just for me to deflower you and then you can go around sharing your pu*s*” he scoffed.
“Jeremy, what are you saying? I didn’t even share a room with him” I objected shaking my head.
He didn’t say anything as he took his remaining phone from the counter and left the kitchen.
I went after him with my heart beating like a party drum.
Jeremy please, you have to understand me.
Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya💗

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