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Crazy couple batch 4 by : 5:28 am On December 6, 2020
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story❤
Tristan stormed into the house immediately we got home leaving me behind.
I ran after him trying to calm him down since he was angry and frustrated.
“Tristan wait!” I rapsed standing infront of him.
“You need to calm down love…please…” I muffled as more tears escaped from my weak eyes.
I’ve been crying since we were on our way home.
“That as*hole humiliated me and you f**king expect me to calm down!” He yelled and I flinched.
I’ve never seen him so angry.
“Tristan please… You could have defended yourself. You just proved to them that you’re a weakling…” I didn’t finish and a hot slap landed on my right cheek.
I gasped.
Oh my God!
Did he just raise his hand on me?
I got the reply to my damn question when he gave me a hard push that sent me crashing to the floor.
I was yet to understand myself when he gripped me by hair and yanked it.
“Tristan stop this!” I screamed accompanied with some tears.
“You bi*ch! You call me a weakling?!” He yelled into my face.
I cried like a child.
“Tristan…please…” I muttered feeling goddamn pains on my cheeks and head.
He didn’t say anything but just stare into my face while I cried.
“Am going to kill him Yvonne. Am going to kill that sonofab••tch”.
He let go of my hair forcefully and stormed his way upstairs.
I sat on the floor in my own shame crying like a baby.
How can Tristan be so inhumane?
I opened my eyes slowly feeling so sore, tired and of course, hungry.
I didn’t get to make dinner last night cause I was busy fixing the mess Jeremy made.
And he didn’t ask me about food cause he was busy looking for a much sensual food.
I sat up on the bed slowly and looked around the empty room before my eyes caught the table beside the bed.
A tray was on it with a cup of…whatever it was and a plate with bread on it and fried egg.
What’s wrong with Jeremy?
did he repent overnight??
I got off the bed slowly and walked to the bathroom still feeling pains inbetween my legs.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face before returning to the wonderful dish my husband made for me.
I still couldn’t believe it.
Jeremy is just full of suprises isn’t he?
I stirred the tea in the mug and took it to my lips.
I took a sip and quickly dropped the mug.
It’s so hot and I suspect he didn’t dilute it with a little cold water.
But it tastes great.
I used my spoon to devour the omelette on my plate. It’s salty but I ate with relish and happiness that Jeremy attempted to make something.
I thought the arrogant rude jerk will never come this far in doing something for me.
I was drinking the tea when the door opened and he walked in.
He glanced at me but quickly looked away with his hands in his pockets. He headed for the bathroom and went in slamming the door.
Sometimes I feel like beaten the hell out of Jeremy.
Why did he leave like that? He acted like he wasn’t even the one that made breakfast for me or even deflowered me last night.
I was expecting him to come close and ask me how I feel or…anything at all!
He’s going to push me to set his Lamborghini on fire😪
Or what if…
He didn’t enjoy me last night.
Maybe he didn’t feel anything special in me.
Do I disgust him now?
I didn’t realize my cheeks were filled with my tears as all this thoughts went through my mind.
I shouldn’t have given him my body last night. I should have protected myself till am sure he deserved me.
I heard the shower running.
Jeremy…I hate you!😤
I got ready for work dressing My suit.
I took my tie and hung it around my neck.
“Let me help you” I heard Stella say from behind and I turned to see her at the door glaring at me.
She walked into the room and I noticed she was trying so hard to walk normal but I can still tell she’s still in pain.
She stood before me and got hold of the tie. She finished the knot and stretched it. It was so tight around my neck and I have a feeling she’s planning on strangling me to death.
“That’s enough. Thanks” I struggled to say as my throat was hurting from her move.
“Be patient. Am almost done” she said and drew the tie more.
I nearly screamed.
I moved away from her and loosened the tie immediately.
“As*hole” she muttered and sat on the bed.
I rolled my eyes.
Her phone began ringing and I took it before she could get to it.
I glanced at the phone; Kelvin📱
Who’s kelvin??
I ended the call and she just stared at me.
I dropped the phone on the drawer and fixed my eyes on her.
She glared at me.
I bit my lower lip.
I don’t want to do this…
I took a deep breath.
“How are you feeling?” I finally asked after a long silence.
Wasn’t unlocked but your calls and messages changed my mind😪
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Love you😍😍
{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
I looked away from him with sweetness flowing through my veins.
I thought he won’t care…
I didn’t know how to reply him though I wanted him to ask me how I felt so much.
“Am recovering since you wanted to kill me with everything in you” I said and he scoffed.
“I was easy on you cause you were starting to cry my ears out. Just two f!ng£rs inside you and you’re already screaming like they drove a dagger up your clit” he said and I gasped.
“Jeremy, you’re so raw!” I rapsed.
He smirked and left the room.
How can he say those words to me? I slowly crossed my legs imagining a dagger being…
I shuddered.
What an awful thought.
My phone began ringing and I picked it up.
Why is Kelvin bothering me?
We exchanged pleasantries and we talked for a while before I hung up.
I stayed in bed watching TV since I was given two weeks leave for my honeymoon.
I got to the office with my personal assistant trailing behind me carrying my briefcase.
I sat on the chair and she dropped my cup of coffee on the table.
I don’t even have an appetite for it since I made breakfast. I actually goggled it.
‘What to do the next morning after first intimacy with your partner’.
My P.A Vivian dropped the files she was holding on the table and turned on the system. She dropped the briefcase on the floor close to my chair.
“Is there anything else you need sir?” She asked but I ignored her and brought out my phone from my back pocket.
She stood infront of my desk waiting for me to ask her to leave.
I brushed my hair with my hands.
I have long hair so I tied it up with a black band.
My mom doesn’t like how long it is and she tries so many times to give me a hair cut but i never let her.
And it made me look more hotter.
I glanced at my P.A who have been standing since.
I took my eyes down to her chest area.
So exposed.
I’ve told her a dozen times that I don’t do office romance whatever shît!
She’s so stubborn.
I’ll fire her sooner or later.
“Get out” I ordered sternly.
She stepped back and left the office.
As soon as she left, the door burst open and my friends barged in.
So early in the morning.
Peter shut the door and they came close.
“As*hole!” Jeffrey rapsed and sat on one of the seats facing my desk. He dropped his legs on the table.
Peter sat on my table backing me.
He had a long tennis ball 🎾and he threw the hall at my glass door and it bounced back to him.
Crazy friends…
“Hey mr married. You ignoring us now??” Jeffrey asked sounding quite pissed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked completely lost.
“Why the hell weren’t you answering your calls last night?” He asked twirling on the chair.
“Bet he was screwing wifey” Pete muttered.
“I smashed my phone” I replied and they turned their eyes on me.
“You and your anger issues…Anyway, today’s my f-cking birthday” Jeffrey said and I gasped.
Totally forgot.
“Happy birthday di*khead!” I said and threw my pen at him.
He chuckled.
“Am giving you VIP invite to the party at my mansion. Bring wifey too, I wanna spoil her” he said grinning.
“Hands off, you pr*ck!” I jibed and he laughed.
“Okay, you guys can leave now before you trash my office”.
“Okay bro. See you tonight” Peter said and got down from my table.
Jeffrey got up and brought his hand for our best friend handshake.
We shook hands and ended it with jamming our knuckles.
I was so bored but felt happy when I heard Jeremy’s car drive in.
Finally, someone to tease and insult.
I got off the bed noticing the pain inbetween my legs had subsided.
I went downstairs and just as I was about to turn,
I bumped into Jeremy and our foreheads jammed.
I rubbed it slowly.
“Jeremy! Do you want to give me a headache!?” I half yelled.
He rolled his eyes.
“It’s your damn fault. How am I supposed to know you’re missing me so much and too eager to meet me” he said and I pouted my lips.
“Apologize Jeremy” i mumbled.
“In your dreams…” He said and left for the stairs.
I should have just stayed at the room than to come downstairs and get humiliated and he can’t even apologize.
I went into the bedroom and met Jeremy in a beautiful black jumpsuit. He looked like a model in the outfit with his great black hair.
Why am I even complimenting the arrogant bast*rd??
I sat on the bed and folded my arms.
“Where are you going?” I asked squeezing my face.
He walked to the make up table and took his cologne.
“To a party. Jeffery’s birthday” he replied.
I loathe that guy.
He’s so wicked and heartless.
I hate him so much.
“Can I come along?” I asked.
He turned to look at me.
“I thought you hate the dude” he said and I nodded.
“But am bored and I want to go out” I whined.
“Am not the one that told you to take a honeymoon leave from your work” he said.
“Am not like you that don’t cherish the honeymoon weeks. Wait until the ghost of honeymoon haunts you for going to work during our honeymoon”.
He laughed.
“Crazy woman. Am giving you 5 minutes to dress your f××king self up and meet me in my car” he said and left the room.
I smiled and went to the closet.
Let’s see how Jeffery’s birthday party goes.
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
Jeremy and I arrived at the party which was taking place at Jeffery’s mansion.
I wore jean with a black top and a scarf around my neck.
The maid received us and took us to the garden where there was a long round table filled with drinks.
Jeffrey got up and half hugged Jeremy.
“Welcome brother…” He grouse.
I glanced at the table.
There were three girls around but I recognized one. She was one of my classmates back in highschool, Samantha.
Jeffrey smirked.
“You brought wifey…” He grinned.
“As*hole” I muttered glaring at him.
“Nice to see you too nerd–”
He didn’t complete his statement as Jeremy shot him a stare.
He chuckled and raised his hands showing he surrendered.
“So she can insult me but I can’t” he groaned.
“Do you value your balls?” Jeremy dead panned and he stepped back again.
“Am just kidding bro. don’t kill me, today’s my day” he said and returned to his seat.
Jeremy walked to the table and sat down.
I sat three seats away from him.
He’s not my babysitter.
Suddenly, Peter and another guy walked towards us from the mansion.
Peter had a cigarette in his mouth smoking.
A rap song was playing from a speaker.
he just had to seat close to me.
“Hey sunshine” he said and dropped his hand on my seat.
“Hey punk-as* bi*ch” I greeted and he scoffed.
“You’re a naughty woman” he grinned and put the cigar back into his mouth.
I took a bottle of beer and drank from it.
So bitter…
Samantha got up and began dancing.
She’s good..
“Come here baby” Jeffrey said and licked his lips.
Sam went to him and pulled up her mini skirt and began twerking on his lap.
I rolled my eyes and drank my beer some more.
“You look less ugly Stella. Did you go for plastic surgery?” Peter teased outloud and Jeffrey laughed.
I scoffed.
“I can see your pants are tight and your c°ck is a bit more visible. Did you go for p£nis enlargement? If yes then I better call your ex girlfriend Gianna and let her know your pimp isn’t as short as an eraser now” I replied and everyone else gasped except Jeremy.
He chuckled and dropped his phone on the table.
“Woah…you turned me off” Peter smirked looking suprised and a bit embarrassed.
“Trust me, am not the Stella you used to know” I jibed feeling quite good about myself.
“Oh really?….Jeremy how are you dealing with this little se×y tiger? Does she bite?” Jeffrey said and Jeremy rolled his eyes.
“Don’t poke the bear you motherfu°ker” he replied glaring at Jeff.
“You know what?
Let we the ladies go into the house and have our own party.
While you boys talk” Sam said and the two other girls agreed to her suggestion.
I stood up and followed them inside the mansion.
I laughed outloud as it reached my turn again. We were playing a game and whoever lost would drink a cup of tequila and vodka missed together. More like whisky.
I think am going drunk already and so was the girls since we can’t stop laughing.
“Okay…okay, have you ever given Jeremy a blowjob n@k£d?” Sam asked laughing.
“No” I replied and they passed me a glass.
“Drink it! Drink it!” They sang and I gulped the whole content in the bottle with my head spinning.
The funny thing is that we’re all drunk and being truthful about the questions.
“Jeremy is going to kill me for making his wife drunk” Sam said turning on the stool.
I had a hiccup.
I reached for the bottle of whisky.
the girls, Linda and Kate tried to take the bottle from me.
“That’s enough!” They yelped.
I kept dragging the bottle with them.
“You should have said you can’t handle much alcohol, geeeeeeez!” Kate said and forced the bottle out of my hand.
“How was it? Was it heaven or hell?” Peter asked still smoking.
I twitched.
“She was good down there though I didn’t get to explore her. She was crying and I just had to pull out before my d°ck murders her” I replied.
“I knew she would be too sweet cause of her nice round as•. Damn! Am already hard men. Just hearing you describe her pu*s*. I need to shut this party down and go deal with this hardness” Jeffrey said relaxing back on his chair.
“I never imagined Stella could change so much to a beautiful heavy chick” Pete said.
“Shut the hell up you jerk. That’s somebody’s wife you dreaming of fvcking” Jeff said and hit Peter on his head.
I ignored them and continued reading news on social media.
Just then, the girls arrived holding Stella like she couldn’t walk.
They helped her eat beside me.
I glanced at her closely.
Oh…She’s drunk.
“Am deeply sorry men…we didn’t know the alcohol will have so much effect on her” one of the girls said and I didn’t even spare her a glance.
Sam was drunk too.
She fell on the floor turning her head about.
I felt like beating Stella till she cried.
Why would she drink with this freaks when she knows she can’t handle it.
Peter licked her lips.
“She’s damn tight for sure” he remarked.
I took an empty bottle from the table and threw it at him.
Lucky for him, he dodged it.
Stella rubbed her eyes and stood up.
She walked to me and sat on my lap.
Did she just do that?
She circled her hands around my neck.
“From now on, you’re my wife” she said and dropped her head on my shoulder.
Then she raised her head up again and klzzed me. My eyes widened.
I did not see that coming at all.
She began saying gibberish.
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
I woke up with my head hurting so much. I looked around the bedroom. Jeremy must have taken me home from yesterday’s party.
I can’t believe I got drunk for the first time in my life. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.
I looked down at my body.
I was wearing my singlet upwards.
Oh, Jeremy removed my shirt.
How unusual of him.
He walked into the room smartly dressed in his suit.
He glanced at me and rolled his eyes.
“You’re so insecure Stella. You should have licked the floor too” he said and I gasped.
“I licked the floor?”.
“You licked my sneaker. You couldn’t stop klzzing it” he said and I squeezed my face.
“Ew! I’ll never do that” I retorted.
“But you did”.
I shook my head.
“Even if am drugged, I’ll never stoop so low” I muttered.
He smirked.
What’s that look on his face?
Did I really lick and klzz his sneakers?
Am going to brush my teeth three times for sure.
He took his phones from the drawer.
“No breakfast in bed today?” I asked and he scoffed.
“That s*it is never happening again” he dead panned.
I noticed his lips looked pale.
I wanted to ask him about it but I waved it off cause he’s a proud jerk.
Let him look hideous. I really shouldn’t care.
He left the room slamming the door behind him.
I grinned and fell back on the bed.
What if Jeremy is Inlove with me and he doesn’t know how to express it so he’s being mean.
Who knows?
I sat on my bed still sobbing.
Am still affected by what happened two days ago.
Tristan hitting me like I was nobody to him.
Like I was the one behind his anger.
I locked myself up in my room and he hasn’t even knocked on the door to check up on me.
What do I do with Tristan?
Does he even love me??
I grabbed my phone and threw it at the wall and it shattered.
That jerk.
He doesn’t love me!
But we’ve been together for years now.
I’ve been by his side, why can’t he love me?
What’s his reason?
I heard a knock on the door and I froze.
“Yvonne. Am sorry love. Please open the door” I heard his devilish voice say.
“Bravo Tristan! It took you two days to pull down your ego and come to apologize to me? Go to hell!” I half yelled in fury.
“Am sorry Yvonne…I mean it. I was extra angry. Trust me Yvonne, I’ll never hurt a woman like that. I was just damn annoyed”.
I sniffed and used a pillow to cover my ears.
This man doesn’t love me.
But why can’t he love me?
He does.
Tristan loves me.
I was still in bed watching an early morning movie which happened to be damn interesting.
Suddenly, the door opened and Jeremy walked in.
What’s he doing back here?
He left for work not long ago.
I watched him throw his briefcase to a corner and pull his jacket off.
He fell on the bed beside me groaning.
I got off the bed and rushed to stand before him.
Is this Jeremy?
His face was pale and dry.
“I think I got a fever” he muttered.
I dropped my palm on his head.
He’s so hot.
I chuckled.
“It’s the honeymoon ghost at work. I told you Jeremy. There’s always bad luck that comes to those that defile the honeymoon protocol…” I said amused.
“stop saying nonsense and turn off the AC!” He growled shaking a bit.
I took the Air conditioner remote and pressed the off button.
“God! Get me my sweater..t-the thick one” he stuttered and I went to the closet and grabbed his sweater.
I returned to the room to see him shirtless.
He took the sweater from me and wore it quickly.
“Clo..close the windows” he ordered and I quickly obeyed.
“Get a hold of my cellphone and get in touch with my nurse” He muttered covering himself with a duvet.
I took one of his phone from the drawer and moved away from the room.
I scrolled through his contacts and saw a contact with the saved name ‘sweet nurse’.
I tapped on it.
Oh…he even fixed the lady’s photo.
I zoomed into the photo and gasped at what I saw.
Is she a nurse or a slut?
Her nurse uniform hugged tightly to her body and her curves were fully exposed.
I can’t have such a person under this roof.
I might kill her with jealousy cause she was far prettier than me…
Or was it the make up that made her look better?
No way.
I walked back into the room.
“The nurse’s number is switched off. Sorry” I said beaming.
“Call the doctor then…” He said and I went through his contacts again.
Wait a sec,
The doctor is also a woman!😱😱
“She’s not available at the moment. Why don’t i take care of you Jeremy?” I suggested.
He coughed instantly.
I’ll make a good nurse for sure😁
Jealous wife😂😂👻👻
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💗
“What?” He asked like he didn’t hear what I just said.
“I am going to act like a nurse and take care of you and attend to all your needs” I beamed😊
“Please help me call 911 so they’ll be on their way here before you kill me” he said shaking a bit.
“If you value your life, you’ll shut up and let me help you get better. Tell me, what do you need right now?” I asked biting my thumb.
“Is that really a question? You got to be kidding me right now…” He choked on his words and held his chest.
“Stella, you’ll give me a high blood pressure before you can even think of curing me. Drugs, I need drugs! Isn’t it obvious?!!”.
My eyes widened.
“Of course…how could I be so smart?” I chuckled.
I looked at the drawers and brought out some fever relieving pills.
“Tristan, I said go away!” I yelled and the door burst open.
He barged in.
“If you’re looking for a man that’ll fall at your feet before you forgive him then am sorry to disappoint you, am not that man. You’ll have to forgive me Yvonne. I’ve been begging you for a while now” he said staring deep into my eyes.
“You’re so annoying Tristan!” I rapsed.
“Yes, am sorry” he said with an eye roll before leaving the room.
“Come make breakfast, am famished!”.
I sighed and got off the bed trailing behind him.
I sat beside Jeremy on the bed watching him shiver.
“If only you aren’t so stubborn and always heed my advice. The honeymoon ghost is really angry with you” I said grinning.
“God! I’ve never been so sick in my life…everywhere feels so cold. The blankets are useless. Stella you must be badluck. I should have left you at Jeffery’s mansion and returned home alone last night” he said with a shaky voice.
“The honeymoon ghost will increase the cold if you keep saying nonsense” I said and hit his arm.
“Ouch!, what sort of nurse are you?” He asked glaring at me.
I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth.
I pulled off my clothes and tied a towel around my body.
I was about to turn on the shower when Jeremy’s sudden cough made me run into bedroom.
He was still coughing but it subsided.
“Stella, bring me coffee. Damn hot coffee” he groaned.
“What?!” I yelped since I was in my towel.
“Go now…, get the coffee” he ordered twitching.
I folded the end of my towel tightly so it doesn’t fall.
I left the room and went downstairs. I arrived at the kitchen and stood before the coffee making machine.
I poured some hot coffee for Jeremy before going back upstairs.
I returned to the bedroom and I saw him sitting up on the bed.
I took some steps towards him and as i was about to give him the cup, the end of my towel unfolded.
I jerked and took my hand to my b*easts pinning the towel to my body. The tray shook and the next thing I heard was Jeremy screaming.
“Stella!!! What the he*l is wrong with you?!” He yelled and I got to realize the hot coffee poured on him!
I dropped the tray on a stool and staggered back to Jeremy.
“Am sorry! I was trying to stop my towel from falling” I panicked.
What if he dies???
He removed his sweater and rubbed his arm where the hot substance poured.
“Do you have a death wish Stella??” He asked obviously pissed.
“I was trying not to loose my human dignity” I jibed.
“Am your husband. We’re married! What part have I not seen Stella?” He asked and I squeezed my face.
“Well, I’ve not seen your whole body” I retorted and folded my arms.
He shook his head.
“Am so dead for marrying you. You really want to kill your husband on his sick bed?” He asked and I scoffed.
“It’s the honeymoon ghost” I chuckled.
I walked to the bathroom and shut the door.
Yvonne is too dumb to carry out my new diabolic plan I’ve created.
Am going to do this with people that are brilliant and more intelligent.
In few words, am going to kill Stella.
There’s no doubt she’s pregnant already so once I get rid of her, I’ll have Jeremy slaughtered and all the wealth will be transfered to me. If I kill Jeremy first, Stella will gain the whole wealth and probably leave the country making me to go on a wide goose chase.
Just wait and see, Tristan will gain the whole wealth and God knows what I’ll do with it.

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