Crazy couple batch 3

{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story❤
I stared blankly at Tristan’s wife who was wearing sunshades.
What is she doing here?
I searched around with my eyes but there’s no sign of Jeremy. the jerk has gone to work Perharps.
“Good morning Stella… Remember me?” She asked and I nodded slightly.
I don’t even remember her name.
“Can I come in?” She asked and I shifted so she could come in.
She walked past me into the house while I closed the door.
I wonder why she’s here😕
I drove to work and all I could think about was Stella. Our crazy drama last night. It’s unforgettable.
How can she change so much?
She was a complete definition of an introvert back then with zero friends…gosh!
If only I knew I would one day be married to her, I would have told my friends to stop bullying her.
I was just angry and quite agitated that she never falls at my feet like other girls. When I and my friends arrive with our Lamborghini sports car, she’d act like we aren’t even there and look away..
That drove me crazy.
And now, all I can think off is how to get her laid. I can hardly pull myself together. I tried all my best to sleep beside her and without touching her. But soon enough, we have to make out.
I arrived at the company and parked my car at the spot I always do.
My PA, secretary, all of them rushed to carry the briefcase I was holding.
The other carried my laptop from the car. Another was holding a cup of foamy latte.
I walked to the building stylishly as they all trailed behind me.
I chuckled nervously as Tristan’s wife laughed outloud.
What’s…what’s so funny?
“You’re an angel I must say. It’s good that you fry the onions without vegetable oil before adding a little oil and tomatoes” she stated and I nodded.
Since she came, She’ve been saying irrelevant things, asking stupid questions and laughing like am wearing the back of my T-shirt.
“Let’s go and make breakfast!” She beamed and rushed to the kitchen.
“Mrs Tristan!?” I called stopping her.
She paused and chuckled.
“What did you just call me?” She asked sarcastically.
“Am sorry, I don’t remember your name” I stated as my cheeks turned red.
“It’s okay. Well, am Yvonne” she said cheerfully.
Wow…she’s so friendly.
I nodded.
“Yvonne, am really not hungry. There’s no need making breakfast” I retorted feeling uncomfortable.
“Oh… Should we play a game then? How about scrabble?” She asked.
How do I get rid of this lady?
And she’s just too…cheerful.
“Am sorry to ask Yvonne but I really don’t get why you’re here” I said bluntly.
“Oh, am sorry for not making my intentions clear to you. Am just here to keep you company since your husband has left for the office. And also to butter your mind with some tips and advice to keep your man” she replied enthusiastically.
I shrugged.
She went back to the living room and took her seat on the sofa she was on before. I joined her and she smiled.
“In keeping your man, the sexual stuff comes first” she blurted and I twitched.
“Um…I don’t think I need a tip on how to keep Jeremy. We’re living just fine” I muttered and bit my lower lip.
“What’s wrong?” She asked and laughed.
“Haven’t you both been intimate? I just wanted to say you should try to give him the style he wants and everytime he wants it…”
“Am sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking about this with someone I barely know”.
She smiled.
“Alright. I don’t mean to pry”…
I nodded. “No problem”.
Her smiles and laughs are awfully too fake like she’s pretending. I heard her husband and mine aren’t the best of cousins so why is she acting like they’re both best friends and we should to?
“Just know that you’ve got a friend in me. And we both can stay and get ready for the gathering this evening” she stated.
The gathering!
I don’t feel so good about that.
But one thing’s clear, am not going to eat or drink anything there. Who knows what they’re all planning.
“Okay then. I’ll go take a bath” I said and went upstairs.
I feel like grabbing the telephone and calling Jeremy to tell him, his psycho cousin’s wife is here. But… We aren’t that close.
And he might be working.
I dialed his number afterwards and awaited for him to pick the call.
He didn’t pick the vall.
I stared into my phone.
Why didn’t he answer?
Does he even have my number??
Oh fuc*!
I locked the door before pulling off my clothes. I stepped into the bathroom to have a warm bath.
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{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story❤
It was getting towards evening and the make up artists arrived.
They had with them colorful dresses and I had my eyes on the red one.
They set their equipments upstairs while I bid Yvonne goodbye. She suddenly said Tristan texted her to come home.
Am relieved that she left, she’s always talking nonstop and makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house.
I sat on a chair as they began fixing my hair.
A lady stood infront of me with lip gloss and mascara.
I chuckled.
“Please, I don’t want much make up. Let it be light and almost invisible” I said and she nodded.
“Sure thing ma’am” she replied and took a brush.
I parked the car at the drive through and headed inside. I met one of the make up artists downstairs.
“where’s Stella?” I asked keenly.
She smiled.
“Your wife is so beautiful sir. She really don’t need make up to impress anyone…anyways, she’s coming down in a bit; just hold on”.
I rolled my eyes.
Apart from all the features, she’s still evil and troublesome.
I glanced at the black leather gold wrist watch I was wearing. It’s almost time for the stupid gathering.
I suddenly heard footsteps. It’s slow and loud enough. Slowly, my eyes flared up and the first thing it sees is a white set of legs in a glittering diamond heel. Slim smooth legs and a red dress to cover up the tempting detail.
I stared into her face.
Looks like I married a goddess?
A cunning crazy goddess.
I batted my lashes.
Yeah…she’s really Stella.
She walked towards me and stopped when she’ve gotten close enough. She touched my chin and raised it up closing my mouth which I didn’t know was wide open staring at her.
“You look less human when you drool” she deadpanned smirking.
I rolled my eyes.
“I was just suprised you could walk in such long heels” I jibed.
She chuckled.
“You’re unpredictable Jeremy. Just compliment me already. I know you’re dying to profess that you like what you’re seeing” she grinned.
Yea…She’s damn right.
I love the way the dress had a love❤shape at her chest area making her full b*obs blossom and quite appealing to look at.
The dress has diamond glistening stones around her flat tummy then her hips are curvy below. I felt like holding onto that.
“In your dreams. My ex girlfriend is pretty much hotter. Let’s just go to the damn gathering and don’t embarrass yourself” I said and she scoffed.
She hit her purse on my head.
“You’re ruthless Jeremy” she said behind me.
I smirked as I left the house and got into the limousine. She joined me.
I glanced at the wedding ring she wore.
She wasn’t wearing it right.
What would those goddamn motherfuc*ers think?
I took her hand and she shuddered.
What’s wrong with her?
“Are you scared of me?” I asked smirking.
She shook her head.
“That’s not it…Am just shocked someone so wicked like you would hold me tenderly” she replied.
I fixed the diamond ring and left her hand.
“Um…I don’t know if I should tell you this but…Yvonne visited me immediately you left for work” she said and I glanced at her.
“And what did the b•tch want?” I asked ruefully.
“Nothing. She just wanted to keep me company but she left before you could come home”.
“Good for her. If I met her under my roof, I would have killed her for sure” I said feeling angry already.
What did that psycho want from my wife??
“Are you angry?” I asked him noticing his mood changed.
“No” he replied icily and brought out his phone.
He began operating it ignoring me completely.
The ride to the gathering was damn quiet.
We finally arrived at the Sanchez mansion.
A guard opened the door of the limo for us and we stepped down. I tried to take a step but I suddenly felt weak on the knees.
I missed my step and I found my self about to fall. I winced expecting to feel pains of crashing at the floor. I opened my eyes since I felt safe. Jeremy, he caught me.
He held me up and picked my purse for me.
“Be careful Stella” he said and I nodded.
He took my hand and we approached the house. The door was opened for us and we walked in. It seemed like we were a bit late.
Other cousins of Jeremy who were also married were present. Then I saw Tristan and Yvonne. She smiled at me and I just bit my lip. Jeremy held me like he didn’t want me to wander off. Such a possessive hunk.
Everyone moved to the exquisite dinning hall. Jeremy pulled out my chair for me and I sat down while he sat beside me.
“Where’s your grandpa?” I asked since I’ve never seen him in person.
“He’s coming” he replied coldly.
“you know what to do Yvonne” Tristan said behind me and I nodded.
“Don’t fail this time…” He added.
I gulped.
I won’t fail you love.
EPISODE 13 & 14
I watched them bring in Jeremy’s grandfather. He was on a wheelchair but he had that mean look on his face.
He didn’t even come for my wedding with Jeremy.
He stayed at the far end of the dinning ignoring all the greetings that came from everyone. He acts so arrogant… Who does that remind me of? Of course, Jeremy.
“Stella” Jeremy called and i turned. He fed me a spoon of beef stew.
I was suprised but I still kept a happy look. He used his thumb to remove something close my lip.
“Thanks love” I said trying to make the others jealous.
I took my eyes from Jeremy and realized everyone was staring.
Even the mean old grandpa😱
I quickly stared at my food.
My heart was beating like a party drum.
‘Stella, what were you thinking?’
It’s not my fault.
Jeremy didn’t tell me we would act like we were inlove.
Suddenly, music began playing and the maids showed up and cleared the table. We all got up and advanced to the spacious part of the dinning hall.
The music playing at the atmosphere is slow and cool . Some of the couples took glasses of drinks and began talking to each other.
Jeremy and I was together close to a window.
“You totally threw me off guard back there” I muttered.
“Yeah…whatever” he replied rolling his eyes.
“Mrs Stella” I heard and turned to see a maid behind me.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Grandfather Sanchez wants to see you” she said.
Jeremy and I exchanged glances.
“Go ahead…” He muttered.
“But…am scared. He looks mean and…arrogant. Jeremy! Come with me” I said quite worried.
He chuckled.
“He wants to see you. Go. Don’t keep him waiting” he said.
I gulped and followed the maid.
He took me towards a lonely hallway. We stopped infront of a big door. She opened the door and I walked in. the door shut behind me.
I was in a huge office but they were books everywhere. Grandfather Sanchez was o. His chair before his desk.
“Come forward” he said coldly and I obeyed.
He pointed at a spare seat infront of his desk and I sat down.
In normal office there are two seats. Why one here?
“So, you’re married to my grandson?” he said more like a question.
I nodded.
“Don’t nod when I question you” he said sternly.
“Am sorry sir. Yes, Jeremy and I are married” I quickly collected.
“Is he responsible?” He asked and I arched my brows.
“Do you trust him? Is he accountable?” He asked.
“Yes sir. He is” I replied.
He chuckled.
“Why won’t you say yes’?” He asked inbetween laugh.
I smiled nervously.
But am being truthful.
Jeremy is always working. He’s responsible.
“How many wives do I have Stella?” He asked.
“One” I replied.
“Good. I hate separation. It’s like a thorn in my flesh. I rather bribe my wife not to leave me than to end the marriage. And so I don’t want to hand over my wealth to someone who can’t keep his family. I believe your marriage with Jeremy is not a contract” he said.
“No sir. It’s a real marriage” I replied.
“I know. I made sure of that. the only thing we’re waiting for now is baby with you and Jeremy’s DNA” he said.
“Am practically handing the wealth over to you because I saw truth in your eyes back at the dinning. Under no circumstance should you leave Jeremy, am I understood?” He asked.
…I tried to nod but I quickly opened my mouth.
“Yes sir, I promise” I replied.
He smiled.
“You can go”.
I arrived at the party place and went to Jeremy.
“Gist me on the conversation later” he muttered and I scoffed.
A lady walked to me.
“There’s a dirt on your dress” she whispered and I looked down.
I gasped and turned to Jeremy.
“Excuse me” I said and left the place clearly embarrassed.
I looked for the rest room and went over to a sink. I dropped my purse on the counter and took a tissue.
I looked up at the mirror and flinched.
Yvonne was coming out from the toilet.
“I didn’t mean to scare you dear” she said coming to the sink.
“It’s alright” I murmured.
She stood beside me washing her hands.
“How’s Jeremy?” She asked.
“He’s fine of course. Just don’t come to my house uninvited again” I said quite pissed with her attitude.
“Oh, am deeply sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable ” she said.
I smiled .
“It’s okay” I said finishing up with the cleaning of the stain on my dress.
I wonder how that got there.
“Umm… You back zipper is down ” she said and I turned. She helped me with it and I thanked her.
I left the restroom in a jiffy cause I don’t want Jeremy to be worried.
That’s if he’ll even look for me.
I got to where he was and we faced each other.
“I really want us to go home” he whined like a child.
I chuckled.
“Calm down sir. It’s almost over” I jibed.
“Attention Attention. Mrs Yvonne’s golden pendant have been stolen” the lady said and everyone began murmuring.
How can something be stolen at such a fancy gathering filled with wealthy people??
“It’s likely to be stolen by a female and mrs Yvonne suspects Stella” she said and I flinched.
Jeremy glanced at me.
Everyone had their eyes on me.
“I didn’t steal anything!” I retorted.
“Just to be sure. We’ll have to search your purse. If the pendant is there, I have no choice but to arrest you but if it’s not, I’ll have to search others” Yvonne said.
My heart raced.
How can she be thIs wicked?
She came to my house acting all friendly.
I hate her.
“What sort of nonsense is this? I didn’t steal anything Jeremy” I said ruefully.
Suddenly, Tristan showed up.
He grabbed my wrist forcefully and tried to snatch my purse from me.
Jeremy threw him a hard punch across his face which sent him stuttering back.
Everywhere was intense as Jeremy beat Tristan up roughly not sparing him a chance to fight back. They were finally separated and Tristan is left with blood all over his nose and a swollen lip.
Jeremy turned to me and grabbed my wrist. He walked out of the house. We got into the limousine and the driver drove off.
“No one touches you like that but me, do you understand?!” He growled and I could tell he was very angry.
I nodded very shocked and confused.
I opened my purse and went through it and that’s when I saw it.
A golden pendant.
But how did it get into my purse??
We got home and Jeremy came out of the car and walked inside with his hands in his pocket.
Nobody told me to run after him.
I rushed into the sitting room to see everywhere in order..
Oh my God!.
Our bedroom!😱
I ran upstairs and on getting to our room, I could hear the loud disturbing noise of him destroying our bedroom.
I went inside.
“Jeremy, calm down!” I rapsed and went to him.
Our flat screen TV was lying on the floor already broken. The room was indeed a mess.
“Please Jeremy. For my sake, just calm down” I said and he sat on the bed.
He rubbed his face with his hands trying to calm himself.
“That as*hole. Trying to hurt you like that..” He muttered with his hands still over his face.
“I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him i swear”… He continued saying.
I knelt down infront of him and took my hands to his suit.
I removed the buttons and pulled it off.
I can’t believe he fought for me like that..
He defended me though he’s not someone that’s likely to do that.
What happened to the Jeremy that hated me so much and sent his friends to ruin my life?
I tried to touch his shirt but he stopped me. He got up and went into the closet. I went to my make up table and picked up the things he threw to the floor.
I was standing before the mirror removing my jewelries when Jeremy walked into the room.
I could see him through the mirror.
He wore a jump suit pants leaving his chest shirtless showing off his nice smooth abs.
He had his hands in his pockets just standing there looking at nowhere in particular.
He suddenly looked at me and I quickly took my eyes back to the table before me.
What his grandpa said still taunted me.
I promised him not to leave Jeremy so I must make a family with him. We’ll make a baby together.
I couldn’t stop crying as the doctor tried to bound Tristan’s wounds. I can’t believe Jeremy beat him to a pulp because of that b-tch!
What does he see in her?
I could have disgraced that good for nothing woman and she would be sent to jail.
I failed Tristan again.
This is so not good.
He’ll surely deal with me tonight.
Am so scared for my life right now.
Why can’t he stop this power struggle with someone whom he knows is clearly older?
Tristan looked up and our eyes met.
He glared at me.
I gulped.
Am so dead tonight😨
I was almost done picking up all the things Jeremy turned upside down. I stood before the table dropping his phone which he had thrown to the wall.
He’s arrogant and hot tempered.
I have the perfect husband who will kill me before my time.
I was on the bed just staring at her move from one place to the other fixing the mess I made. Then she stood by the table doing what I don’t know her behind facing me completely which was inviting.
Such perfect as*.
It made me hard by just looking at it. I don’t think I can go through this pain anymore. I need to mate and reduce this horniness I feel.
I got up and walked to her.
I looked up and gasped.
Jeremy was right behind me scaring the stars out of me.
“Jeremy?” I asked perturbed.
He kissed me on my shoulder.
“Yeah?” He asked and I felt his hand on my zipper. He drew it down and carried me to the bed.
I can’t believe this happening.
We’re finally going to do it!
He claimed my lips kissing like his life depended on it. I moaned into his lips.
He unlocked from the kiss and removed my dress. He starts to suck on my neck giving me a hickey.
It felt so good.
He withdrew from my neck and I stared into his face. So much lusts in his eyes.
He unhooked my bra and got rid of it.
Next, he took my left nip*le into his mouth and began sucking and biting on it.
With his other hand, he fondled the other.
Now I was going really crazy.
“Aww…please don’t stop…
I didn’t want to scream so much but I wanted more badly.
He pulled away from my erect b*obs and I felt his finger rub my clit.
He made it two fingers and I let out a loud scream.
It was starting to hurt so much.
He slid his fingers back and fought leaving me in pain and hurt.
He removed his fingers from my pu*s* and I felt his hard and erect c-ck poking at the entrance of my pu*s*.
He drew close to me.
“Once I insert my di*k into you, just know you’re special to be touched by Jeremy Sanchez” he whispered.
“Oh please Jeremy. Just do it and stop being so arro…” I didn’t finish my statement as I felt him plunge into me.
Oh God!
It felt like a knife had just been pulled into me. It hurts so much.
I tried to push him off me but he pinned my hands back to the bed.
He adjusted again forcing his length inside me.
“Ouch!!” I yelled feeling a hard rilling inside me.
It hurts so bad.
He moved back a bit and came in again forcing his whole humongous length inside me.
I began whimpering.
He started going back and fought but slowly.
Am forced to beg him to stop but it seems like it encouraged him.
He dropped his head on my shoulder letting go of my hands.
I could hear him groaning and grunting as he pushed deeper and faster.
I started sobbing.
What sort of punishment is this?
He increased his pace and I began to feel some hint of pleasure.
After a while, he released inside me and pulled out. He closed my weak legs gently and fell beside me.
How can Jeremy be so big😢
And he’s my husband for crying outloud. Am stuck with this beast forever.
But I’ll get used to it.
I continued sobbing before sleeping off.
The deed has been done😁

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