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CRAZY COUPLE batch 1 by : 5:21 am On December 6, 2020
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{She’s stubborn😂 He’s Arrogant😪}
©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya🎤
He’s hot,
good looking
And very seductive.
He’s the grandson of the famous, Levi Sanchez. A lineage of a wealthy family. The most powerful family in Boston.
Nobody messes with them cause they have ranks in high places.
Meet Stella…
A beautiful,
Troublesome prankster of the Anderson family.
She’s the only daughter of her single dad. A typical definition of a weird young lady.
Her mother was late so she faces trauma of being lonely and dejected.
🌺🌺Recap of the story🌺🌺
Jeremy storms out of his parent’s mansion feeling very perturbed..
He knows time’s running out for him. If he doesn’t find a wife in one month, his inheritance will be passed to his younger cousin, Tristan.
Tristan is just a week younger than him so there is a power struggle between the two cousins.
His strict grandfather had made this rule. He thinks his grandson will be more responsible with a woman by his side.
Jeremy can’t loose his inheritance, he just can’t so he’s forced to marry the girl his parents chose for him, Stella.
Coincidentally, They were once classmates during highschool.
Jeremy’s friends would bully Stella till she cried.
Jeremy cared less cause he had girls flocking around him, it’s just this one girl, ‘Stella’ that didn’t care of his good looks.
Stella has no choice but to agree remembering the way Jeremy treated her in the past. She’ll deal with him during their little marriage.
Jeremy doesn’t know the new Stella.
He has no idea on what’s coming his way.
And he has to live with it😂😂
The wedding reception had begun.
A lively evening party at the garden of my mansion.
Finally, I have gained my long awaited inheritance.
On the other hand, married a woman I barely know. Back at highschool, she was just a helpless slim girl but now… She’s changed.
I admit she’s pretty with long red hair and lashes. Her curves are to die for and that crazy smile of hers.
But I still don’t like her!
I can’t believe she’d be the mother of my kids.
A girl I once hated!
“Jeremy!” My best friend, Peter called sitting on my table with me.
“Isn’t she Stella? The one we bullied during highschool?” He asked staring at Stella who was with my mom backing us.
“Yes, so what?” I asked not liking where he was heading to.
“How can you marry that dork? I mean, how can she marry you after all the horrible things you’ve done to her” he said.
“I never harmed her. It was you and Jeffrey that found pleasure in bullying her and besides, am forced to marry her. No feelings attached!” I stated.
He chuckled.
“She’s so heavy and loaded now…” Peter grins staring after her.
“I think she’s going to make your life a living hell…” Peter chuckled.
I scoffed.
It’s gonna be the other way round.
I tried to make a move to go to Stella but stopped when Nina showed up from nowhere.
She’s one of my b–ches!
She was in a short revealing dress.
What’s she doing at my wedding??
“Hey Jer… Why didn’t you tell me about your wedding?” She asked in her annoying tiny voice.
“It was a last minute plan. I never planned on marrying her” I stated.
She frowned.
“A last minute call wouldn’t hurt, would it?” She asked batting her lashes.
“What do you want?” He asked nonchalantly.
“I want you Jeremy. You said that we would be going to Miami beach this weekened only for me to find out this weekend is your wedding!” She yelled at my face.
“Say one more word and you’ll regret it” threatened her and she kept shut.
“Leave this place. I’ll call you when I need you” I dead panned walking out on her.
I turned a bit and saw her storming out, finding her way among the wealthy guests and entrepreneurs.
That girl took a risk by coming here.
Jeremy’s mom didn’t want let me out of her sight but then a man came and they both left giggling and talking.
I feel like I would regret this.
It’s such a wealthy and powerful family.
Suddenly, a lady walked up to me.
gosh! Must she decorate her face like a clown?
“Our new bride. Am Yvonne, Tristan’s wife” she said and we shook her hands.
Tristan is Jeremy’s cousin, right?
I thought the two arent in good terms.
“Nice to meet you” I said wishing she could just disappear.
She giggled.
“You’re soo lucky to be wedded to the CEO of Sanchez Companies” she beamed.
I could tell she was faking her smile.
What does she want from me??
I just looked away.
“Alright, enjoy the party” she said and hurried off.
I wanted to drink from the glass of wine in my hand but I suddenly felt pressed.
No more drink for me…
I pour the drink on the floor and handed a waiter the empty glass.
I held the hinges of my huge wedding gown on my hands as I left the party ground walking into the mansion. I need to find the restroom..
I walked a little distance from her and stopped.
what the h-ll!
she poured the drink on the floor.
how do I get this lady? 😡
If you’re into the story already,
It takes just
100 shares to unlock it🙏🙏
I know we can do it😻
I’ll be waiting till it’s unlocked
{She’s troublesome😎
😌 He’s Bossy}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
After an hour or two.
I retired to my room.
Am done with today’s wedding.
I don’t understand why the guests are comfortable at someone’s house by 10 in the night.
I kicked my shoes off and the untied my hair which was braided and curled.
I tried to reach for my zipper.
What a huge wedding gown!
I kept trying till I got tired.
I went to the drawer in Jeremy’s room and took the scissors I saw. I started from the chest area and cut the dress down.
I climbed out from the humongous dress.
I carried it to the closet and dumped it somewhere inside.
I went to the bathroom to have my bath.
I returned to the room with a towel around my chest.
He was on the bed shirtless with his shorts.
I glanced at his chest.
Oh my!
It looked so strong and inviting.
I quickly looked away and scurried to the closet. I took my pyjamas. The one I bought specifically for tonight.
It had double layer and very huge.
I wore it.
It swallowed my shape.
Luckily, this jerk won’t get a glimpse of my body.
He laid on his bed pressing his phone.
I remembered back in highschool, he was the richest coolest kid in the whole school and i hated his arrogance.
I’ve never seen someone with so much ego. I bet he was the one that sent his friends to bully me.
gosh! I’ll make him regret everything he’s done to me.
I wanted to be outside till he’s slept off.
There’s no way am sleeping on that bed knowing he’s awake.
I walked to the door and tried to open it.
It’s locked!
Who locked me inside here with this guy😨
I turned back to catch Jeremy looking at me.
He looked less bothered though.
I was kneeling in between Tristan’s legs with his d-ck in my grasp. I brought my mouth close to it and continued my s√¢king.
He held my hair as an anchor and I bobbed up and down on it.
He threw his head back in the intense sensation.
“Fvck!” He bem0@ned.
I stooped up a bit and forcing the d-ck to reach at the end of my throat. He starts to pump into my mouth and I take in the discomfort I felt.
Anything to please this guy.
He released into my mouth and I gagged at the moment. He fell on the bed while
I laid close to my fiancee, Tristan.
This is going a bad way.
“Am scared Tristan, what if they’re making love right now??” I panicked.
“We have all the time to eliminate Stella as long as she haven’t given birth. Think of something Yvonne, stop being useless!!!” He yelled at me.
“Am-Am sorry I failed you, love” I wavered.
He scoffed
And shifted from me.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
He’s angry with me.
What do I do now?
I really don’t want to loose Tristan,
He’s the only man that have won my heart.
I understand he doesn’t mean to be rude or commanding.
He’s just angry..
I returned to the bed and laid on my side.
I covered myself with the duvet and turned off the light.
I was wide awake..
What’s he up to??
Is he looking at my a-s??
Or is he making fun of my big pyjamas.
Or is he h**ny?
I shuddered.
I felt so insecure.
‘Nothing is happening tonight Stella’. I assured myself.
Why would he even want to touch me?
He was very angry the day his parents told him we’re getting married.
Suddenly, his phone began ringing.
I felt him leave the bed and go to the bathroom.
Of course, am curious.
I turned on the light.
I stood up and went to the door, eavesdropping.
Immediately the door opened going forward.
I wasn’t standing well so I totally lost my balance.
I fell towards him but he shifted and I crashed at the floor.
“Jeremy!!!” I yelled trying to stand to my feet.
“What? I thought you were dumb” he said going into the bedroom.
“So you’re saying Jeremy Sanchez can actually marry a dumb woman?” I smirked following him.
“Dumb and stupid” he added.
Did he just call me stupid?
“Who was that on the phone?” I asked curiously.
“Not your business” he said.
“You should know I don’t take no for an answer!” I yelled and jumped on him.
“You’re crazy!!” He rapsed trying to get me off him. I grabbed his phone and he dropped me on the bed. I rolled to the other side and looked into the phone.
Who is Nina??
He took the phone from me.
“What the fvck is wrong with you!!??” He yelled at me.
I smirked.
“Who’s Nina?” I asked.
He glared at me.
“And am supposed to tell you because?” He asked arching his brows.
“You’re a jerk Jeremy!”
“And you’re a b–ch!” He said lying on his bed.
I smiled as an idea came into my mind.
He’ll regret calling me a bvtch.
“Good night peacock” I grinned.
“Bad dreams Psycho” he jibed.
Who’s Nina??
I couldn’t help but feel suspicious.
I waited for Jeremy to fall asleep before I swung into action.
I took a bucket and filled it with water in the bathroom before setting it with the door.
Once he opens the door, the bucket of water will empty on his body.
He’ll learn not to mess with Stella Anderson!
Next day💅
I woke up beside my annoying husband. He was awake but busy with his phone.
“How was your night?” I asked him grinning.
He was quiet for a while.
“Uh…it was fine, yours?–”
“Terrible! You can’t stop snoring for a minute” I blurted.
He scoffed.
“Stop saying nonsense, I didn’t even sleep here” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“I left for the guestroom. Your body was bringing a bad aura around me and I had to find comfort at the guestroom” he replied.
I rolled my eyes.
He’s such a liar.
I left the room heading for the kitchen.
Am famished.
I met Jeremy’s mom on the way.
“Good morning Mrs Sanchez” I said.
She smiled.
“How was your night honey?” She asked smiling.
“It was..great” I replied.
“It’s just that you’re wearing a thick pyjamas and you’re walking just fine like nothing happened last night” she said and I stared at her like a lost goat.
Why won’t I walk normal🙍
“The thing is… Jeremy inherited just part of the wealth, he needs to present a child before he gains everything. That’s grandpa’s rule to avoid fake marriage. Grandfather Sanchez is very skeptical about it” she enthused and I felt my body make a weird reaction.
A child.
Jer…Jeremy and I need to make a baby, together???😨
likes to unlock the next episode.
Ghost readers won’t stop us💪
{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Written by Eunice Nwodu💅
Short story💕
EPISODE 4, 5 & 6
I got up and walked to the bathroom.
I opened the door and suddenly a bucket of water emptied on me!
I went back into the room confused with what Jeremy’s mom said.
Does Jeremy know??
I entered the room.
Jeremy was already dressed up in a red suit. He didn’t look angry like a bucket of water just emptied on his body.
Didn’t I set the bucket well?
“Go get ready, we’re going somewhere, Mom’s orders” he said and I went numb.
Mom’s orders??
I didn’t say a word but just leave for the bathroom.
I opened the door,
A bucket of water poured on me.
I turned angrily at Jeremy.
“You jerk!” I rapsed.
He smirked.
“You started it. now go get ready and meet me in the car in ten minutes” he said and left the room.
I hissed.
He’s such a jerk.
We arrived at the so called place.
A resturant.
We got down and went inside walking like total strangers.
I followed Jeremy to a table.
He sat on his while I sat on mine.
“Why did mom ask us to come here??” I asked perplexed.
“She wants us to go on a f-cking date. Don’t ask me why” he replied coldly.
A waiter walked to us and we placed our orders.
“You should have told me we were going on a date, I would have worn something much appropriate and better than this” I pointed out staring at the jean overall and a blue shirt I was wearing.
“Like you have anything good enough on your body to look at. Your b–bs are nothing compared to normal wives. Let me not speak of your ass” he scoffed
He just body shamed me.
Just like his friends used to back in highschool.
Jeremy will never change.
Why did I agree to marry him in the first place?
I hate him.
“You’re such a bully!” I said angrily and touched the back of his palm which was on the table. I gripped on of his f!ng£rs and squeezed it.
“Ouch. Leave me alone, you crazy woman!” He rapsed.
I let go of his f!ng£r which am sure I broke the bones in it.
“I hate you Jeremy Sanchez” I said bluntly.
“I hate you more Stella” he replied staring at his hurting f!ng£r.
There’s no way am making a baby with this guy.
Am never going to let him touch me.
The waiter brought our food and set it before us.
I didn’t touch the fork just yet.
I watched Jeremy with scorn as he enjoyed his spaghetti.
I’ll deal with him for sure.
I got up with my purse.
“I need to use the restroom Jeremy” I said..
He smirked.
“I f-cking don’t care” he said emotionlessly.
I left and asked a waiter I met the back exit. He gave me directions and i took the path.
I was now standing outside the resturant.
The insults I got from Jeremy today is driving me nuts.
He’s going to regret marrying me,
That’s a promise.
I turned to leave but bumped into someone.
I gasped on seeing his face.
He looked suprised to see me to.
We hugged briefly.
Man, I missed him!
“Stella! Oh my God! You look lovely” he said using his British accent.
I smiled. “You look good too”.
Then I remembered Jeremy.
He might pop out anytime.
“Am sorry but I have somewhere to go” I said.
He nodded.
“No problem. It’s been so long. Let’s exchange contacts and hang out sometime” he offered.
I nodded and gave him my card before running off.
What’s he doing here?
He used to be my studying pal at school.
He always had my back when Jeremy’s stupid friends attacked.
I never thought I’d see him again after they moved away.
I jerked up from my bed in fright.
I just had the craziest dream.
Stella had a baby with Jeremy.
A baby girl.
I can’t let that happen!
I have to do something about that marriage of theirs.
where’s that annoying wife of mine?
Stella had left for the Restroom a long time ago but hasn’t returned.
Where is She?
I can’t wait for her any longer.
I grabbed ny phones and left the resturant.
💍Some minutes later💍
I arrived home and headed straight to my room. Wtff…
She was on the bed sleeping.
So Stella left without me, huh?
She’s damn selfish and I was worried sick about her. I waited for hours not knowing she’s here sleeping!
I went close to the bed.
She looked so innocent like she wasn’t a big scary witch.
My mind drifted to what grandfather said.
I must have a child before am giving everything.
If it was another lady, I would have screwed her by now but this is Stella.
The same girl my friends messed with.
And she’s so stubborn.
Will a good wife break my index f!ng£r??
I stared at the f!ng£r that have been hurting since.
She rolled over and her chest area was in view.
I lied. She’s f-cking curvy.
The two bouncy b**bs were staring at me.
I controlled myself and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
I suddenly heard the shower running and I woke up.
that rude jerk is back.
I heard his phone ringing and I glanced at it.
Who is this Nina girl?
I asked him who she was but he refused to say.
Is she his….
I took the phone and picked the call.
“Jeremy. Why do you keep cutting my calls?!” A tiny girl voice yelled.
I remained quiet.
Aren’t you there?
What’s going on!??
Should we meet up?…”
I disconnected the call extremely confused.
She was talking like She’ve known Jeremy for years.
What’s this wicked husband of mine up to??
My phone rang and I picked it up.
Ohh, Kelvin.
We talked for a while and I hung up.
I saved his number before going back to sleep.
We’re moving to our matrimonial home tomorrow.
Just Jeremy and I in our house.
Enough privacy for me to torment his soul😈
I had barely gone to sleep when I felt a soft kick on my bum.
“Stop touching me, you pervert! I thought I am shapeless and have nothing good to look at” I sneered.
I heard him scoff.
“In your dreams Stella” I heard him say.
I rolled my eyes amidst the darkness.
“Admit it Jeremy. You’re dying to touch me but your ego is way over the peak” I blurted.
“You’re pushing me to admit crap cause you’re craving for me so badly” he said.
“Don’t hit me again!”.
“Relax, it was a horrible deadly mistake” he mumbled.
I turned to face him.
I can still see his face.
“You don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it Jeremy. Am going to divorce you and trust me, you’ll come begging” I said.
“Not in this life, or the next” he replied, then an idea came to my mind.
Let’s see it this a-shole cares about me😏
💍Next day💍
We got to our new house.
It’s big and conducive.
I was at the living room watching TV after dinner.
Stella was dancing or doing whatever crazy things she does.
Suddenly, the door burst open and three men rushed in all wearing masks.
I was on the couch not moving an inch.
Am like, what’s going on??
Stella fell on the floor like a scared chicken.
Two of the guys rushed to me and punched me on my tummy. I groaned as they held onto me tightly.
One of them came to Stella and flipped her over facing him. she was lying on the floor and the huge masked man was inbetween her legs.
Then he turned to me.
“Give us all your damn money or we’ll rape your wife!” He yelled fiercely.
I scoffed.
Does he knoe am a Sanchez??
Something’s not right.
“On the count of three” he rapsed and raised Stella’s skirt.
I just stared at him do his thing.
“One!” He yelled and reached for Her pant.
I smirked.
Am liking where this is going😏.
“Two!” He yelled and dragged the pantie.
“Jeremy!!!” Stella yelled.
“Rape her” I said before the man could say ‘three’.
“Huh!???” They all rapsed, their eyes almost popping out.

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