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Confused boyfriend epilogue

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Confused boyfriend epilogue by : 8:42 am On September 12, 2020
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(He’s in love with two girls)
Written by Wunmi Ijaola
Frank Collins, a 300level medical student walked into the lecture room and took his seat.
A lecturer came in, taught and after two hours, he left and another lecturer came in, taught and after an hour, he left. Then every students began to stand up nosily, took their phones, books, bag etc off the table and they began to leave the lecture hall.
Same as him, he wasted no time to take his things; phone and books etc, then he jostled his way out of the class.
That’s his simple boring life,
He gets to class punctually, doesn’t miss lectures, projects, assignments. Being the complete nerd he is. And after everything, he rushes to get his lunch and dinner then retires to his room -lonely then he starts preparing for the next day – continuation of the usual boring routine.
Since girls don’t run after him anymore not even because of his money. He is on his own, waiting and hoping that one day, he would find his own girl, find true love.. not because of anything she may possess but because of the four – lettered word.
If only that day would come before his bears and mustache grows long and turns white like Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs (in snow white disney series).
Frank’s POV
Freddie, he claims that he’s not in love yet he spends the whole of the night on a video call with a girl whom he refers to as just a friend.
He claims she is just a friend, yet he bought her flowers.
Angela, like a magic, she grew more beautiful after our break up. She was studying Pediatric, she had always loved babies.
I have never seen her without that guy, Oh I have…there was a day I saw her alone at a restaurant but just when I wanted to say hello to her, he showed up and I had to step backward.
I don’t need to be told that there’s something between she and one James. Something similar, no! Something greater than what we shared in High School. I never thought she would ever be with James. James? that quiet weirdo…well, he doesn’t look like he’s a weirdo anymore…I’m the new weirdo.
Frank’s POV (Contd)
Immediately the lecturer rounded up lectures for that day and everyone began to leave the class; I sighed tiredly, stood up and began to pick up my books then walked out of the class.
“Hey.. Hey, Hi” I heard a feminine voice shouting behind me…just immediately I walked out of lecture hall.
A female voice? What does she want from me? Directions or what? b’cos it is as if they’ve all swore never to say a word to me.
“Hello” I turned and said to her – looking down.
Oh! She was on a wheelchair.
“Hi” She smiled.
“May I help you with something? ” I asked her.
“Yeah, my roommate left me” She said.
“Your roommate? How do that makes me help you?”
“Well, she is always the one who pushes my wheelchair after classes” She said.
“Oh” I mouthed. I got her message, so I went behind her and began to gently push the wheel chair.
“No one was willing to help me. Thank you very much” She said.
“My pleasure, where do you stay? ” I asked.
“B-girls 22” She replied.
“Okay! ” I said then didn’t say anymore words.
I just continue to push her wheelchair to the Hostel B-Girls.
“Frank Collins right? ” She broke the short silence.
“Yeah, how do you know my name? ” I was surprised.
“Oh that…We are coursemates” She answered.
“Oh I didn’t know! ” I said.
“It’s because you never noticed! ” She said and I smiled to myself, she’s right. I’m oblivious to everyone in class except the lecturer. I don’t even know who who sits next to me.
“Hey Frankie” I looked up and saw Tyler.
“Hi Tyler” I stopped pushing the wheelchair and said to him.
“Hi” The girl on the wheelchair also said to him.
I don’t even know her name yet.
Tyler snubbed her and spoke to me instead. . : “I’ve been to your room. Your twin brother told me you are yet to return”
“As you can see. I ought to, I just want to take her to her hostel first” I replied and Tyler gave a mocking look.
“Why do you want to see me? ” I asked.
“Here, take” He handed over to me a red envelope while two white ones were with him.
“What’s this? ” I asked.
“An invitation card”
“Whose invitation? ”
“Angela is getting married and she told me to give it to you” He said and I wasted no time to read what was written in it.
James Morris and Angela Holmes.
I folded it back neatly and returned it into the red envelope. I have no choice but to wish them Happy married life.
“What about the white envelopes with you?” I asked him.
“One for me and one for George” He said.
“I mean, why is mine a red envelope? ”
“I don’t know. She told me to give to you the red one” He said…And I suddenly remembered that I once said ‘The white invitation cards are for just anybody while the red ones are for special people’
I sighed sadly and said to him : ” I wish her happiness is her marriage life”
“So.. See you when next I see you” Tyler said and He looked down at the crippled girl then he laughed hysterically and left.
“A close friend of yours is getting married” The girl on the wheelchair said and I nodded then continued to push the wheel.
“My greatest wish is to get wedded” She told me but I pushed her in silence.
“You are such a very quiet guy. I’ve known you for 2-3 years now. All you do is to come to class and leave like you are bethroned to loneliness” She said.
“You can’t even start a conversation with me or even ask for my name” She added and I sighed again.
“I’m sorry, what’s your name? “I finally spoke -asked.
“Paulina” She said.
“Huhh?? ” I suddenly stopped pushing the wheelchair and came to the front, bent to see her face well but she doesn’t look like Paulina even abit.
“What are you doing? ” She asked me, confusely.
“I… Did you say your name is Paulina? ” Asked.
“Yeah. It’s a beautiful name, isn’t it? ” She asked and I stammered “Yeah”
Suddenly memories came rushing to me and I remember Paulina had said something like “In my next life, I would love to be a twin”
“Do, do you have a twin sister? ” I asked.
“Huh, no” She blurted.
Right, there is absolutely nothing like Next Life.
“But… ” She wanted to say something.
I stared into her eyes.. “Wh…what? ” I asked eager to hear what she wants to say.
“But my roommate and I are like twin. We do everything together” She said and I only nodded.
“Paulina Brown? ” I asked.
“No, I’m Paulina Chloe” She said.
I managed to get an hold of myself, there’s no such thing like next life or resurrection. Paulina Brown is long dead. This girl here only bears the same name.
“Your name reminds me of someone” I told her then i returned to her back and continued to push the wheelchair.
“Oh… Okay” She said.
“How did you end up into a wheelchair? ” Now, I started a conversation with her.
“An accident and the doctor said it might take almost forever before I’ll begin to walk again” She said.
“I’m sorry about that”
“Come on, I’m already used to it..receiving so many sorrys from people, being mocked, less paid attention to, but it’s fine. As long as I wasn’t born this way” She said and I didn’t say anything.
We were already at the Girls hostel.
“You know Frank,…. No, you don’t know” She said.
“What is it? ” I asked.
“With the little time I’ve spent with you, You are the first guy I’ll talk to so lengthy. The highest duration I’ve spoken to a guy is 10seconds and that’s only When they called me a crippled and I yelled back at them that I wasn’t born this way. You are different from them and I like you” She said and I paused, I stopped walking.
Did I just hear her right?
“I mean, I’m not expecting you to like me back…Of course, who would want to date a girl on the wheelchair? And it’s not like I’m trying to ask you out or something.. I just want to let you know few things about me. I’ve been rejected several times so I won’t be surprised if you reject me too. I just want you to know that I like you, I know it’s too early and it’s nonsense to say that to you and you do not even notice me but it’s fine” She rushed all her words.
“Frank? B-Girls 22…It’s over there, we are almost there” She changed topic when I didn’t say anything nor push her wheelchair.
“Why aren’t you pushing it? Oh My God, I’m so sorry for all what I’ve said. But please, if you don’t push the wheel chair, no one will…..” Before she could finish her statement, I gently began to push the chair towards her destination then stopped and stood in front of her.
“Aw.. Thank you! ” She said smiling and I nodded and smiled too.
“We are still strangers right? Let’s start from somewhere. Friends? ” Paulina stretched her hand for an handshake.
“Sure, Friends” I said as we shook hands.
“So…see you in class tomorrow” She said and rolled the tyres herself into the room.
Ok, finally… For the first time after I’ve graduated from High school, A girl came to me, spoke to me and said she likes me.
She’s crippled.
Since I already said let’s give a girl to Frank, then you should already know his fate now.
If I continue to write this… It’s like I’m writing another story entirely.
(Maybe there’s no need for this epilogue afterall)
So dear readers, We’ve come to the end of CONFUSED BOYFRIEND ☺.
Now, Ghost readers, alive readers, passer-by readers, everyone… How is/was the story? 🙂☺

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Re: Confused boyfriend epilogue by Sammygrant: 4:32 pm On November 22, 2020

It was really a nice story. We dn’t knw d value of wot we ve until it slips out of our hands.

Re: Confused boyfriend epilogue by Rashidat Owolabi: 8:16 pm On December 17, 2020

Frank is like the most stupid guy ever,am happy for Angela she deserves it n also for James too,sorry for Paulina but next time she shouldn’t go for things which isn’t hers,she should have stick to Freddie but anyway things happens for a reason,KUDOS to u writer,I loved it.


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