College romance episode 5

Written by: Authoress Ricky
๐Ÿฆ‹ Chapter five๐Ÿฆ‹
The next day at school, my elder brother wave at me as he walk away with Michelle.
“You are so lucky” a voice said and I turned to see Mark Walking towards me.
“Lucky? Good morning” I replied.
“Your brother and sister are lovely” he replied and I smiled.
I don’t know why am always feeling like this around him.
“So how is your project going” he asked.
Should I just tell him about Jeremy been adamant.
“It going fine and Jeremy is a good partner” I lied.
“Actually I really wanted to swap so am asking if you could join team” he said.
I wanted to tell him we should join team but I remember Dad word so I just smiled.
“Am totally fine with him, am sorry if your partner bother you so much” I replied.
“It okay” he said scratching the back of his head and it was awkward between us.
“I should probably head in first” I said and walk away fast.
“Hey why are you always with Mark every morning” Jessica asked immediately I enter the class.
“Oops just coincidence” I replied with a smile.
“Seriously I don’t even know who you would choose because it going to be tough” she said and I wanted to ask what she meant but the teacher walk in.
Class finally ended after two hours in Math class.
The teacher left the class and It was a chance to talk to Jeremy.
I don’t really have choice so I have to do it.
Jessica already went to meet her paired mate for the project so I just walk to the arrogant jerk.
“Hi” I greeted and he raise his head up and smirk form on his lips and I felt like punching them again.
“How may I help you Miss Rachael” he asked.
“Hey don’t start with that am here because of the project” I replied.
“Actually am not interested in that so can you let me be” he said and I was surprised.
“You want to fail your first project and we are defending it in two weeks time and time started counting yesterday”I yelled a little.
“Like seriously do I look like am bothered about it” he replied.
“Jeremy” I yelled.
“Now that sounds like the rachael I know, always calling my name unnecessarily” he said.
“Jeremy I need to pass or I would lose mark in my first year” I said.
“Since you are not going to allow me have peace here and if I try doing anything your so called superhero would show up” he said and pick his bag and walk out.
Is this guy for real, we have limited time and he is still acting like a jerk.
And who say that Mark is my superhero ๐Ÿ™„.
Wait! he stopped bullying me because of Mark?.
Did something happened that I didn’t know about?
I have an idea I can get to know Jeremy is best color, food and all other related, he doesn’t need to know mine since he isn’t interested.
“Jeremy” I called and quickly ran after him.
“Miss Rachael what is it this time” he asked.
“I was wondering if you want to hang out with me on Saturday” I asked smiling.
“Are you asking me on a date” he asked.
“That should have been my line but it vice versa anyway so we could get to clear our dispute” I replied.
“Then am not interested” he said and made to walk away again but I grab him by his arm.
“Okay there is something I wanted to tell you a long time ago if you really want to know then come to my house on Saturday” I said and walk away.
I hope this works, once I get to take him out I would stylishly ask him all that and he won’t know.
Omg!!! Rachael you are a genius.
I laughed and giggled a bit.
“Am never coming” he yelled but I just laughed.
“Why is my friend so happy today” a voice said and I recognize it was Mark.
Did he just call me friend maybe I misheard him.
“Nothing” I pretended to act normal but I was laughing really inside of me.
“So how is the project thing, I saw you call Jeremy angrily when you left the class” he said.
Why is he always asking about the project and how did he even notice all that?.
“Actually it going perfectly fine” I fake a smile and he just nod.
“You can join me for lunch if you don’t mind” he said.
“Sure” I replied and we walk to the cafeteria.
I order my usual and Mark order same.
Something about this school is they cook the best meal for their kids and it quite remarkable.
“Do you really like shrimps because am allergy to it” Mark said looking at my food. I had ordered the chef to put enough shrimps in my food.
“I like them and don’t even think of trying them because you are allergy to it” I replied and stuff some into my mouth.
I sighted Jeremy walking into the cafeteria and I pretended to be concentrating on Mark so much.
“What are you own allergy” he asked.
Come to think of it I doubt if am allergy to anything I just don’t like some taste.
“Not really I don’t have allergy just
bugs they make me sick” I said and that was true during camp last year in high school I was sent to the hospital right after a bug bit me.
Maybe that my allergy am not even sure.
“Can I ask a question” he asked.
“Sure”, “Why are you always on Jeremy bad side” he said and I choked.
“Sorry are you okay” he asked and I just nodded.
“Am sorry if I ask a question you don’t want to hear” he said and I smiled.
“Actually Jeremy and I attended the same elementary school and high school but I changed high school that all’ I replied.
“And why should you even answer that question in the first place” Jeremy interrupted.
“Not again” I muttered.
“Rachael we need the talk” he said and walk away.
“Don’t mind him he just been rude because we aren’t in good terms right from kid” I said and stand up.
“See you later it must be about the project” he said and I walk away.
I followed Jeremy to the class and it was empty only few students who were there.
“When are we starting the project” he asked and I smiled to myself.
“I know you would do this” I said and he looked at me for a while.
“Am not doing this for you excuse me? am doing it for my grades and trust me it would be an opportunity to screw you off” he said and walk away.
“That jerk certainly doesn’t learn a lesson” I muttered.
“Why are you talking to yourself” Jessica said and place her hand around my neck.
“Nothing just someone trying to piss me off again” I replied.
“Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy” she said and I laughed with the way he call his name.
“Actually it Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy” I replied and she laughed.
“Mine isn’t funny it yours” I said.
“You even felt like you are the only that can call his name well” she said with a smirk.
“And what do you mean by that” I asked.
“Did you both have feelings for each other during elementary because it obvious you are fighting over silly things” she said I hit her playfully.
“You are saying trash, I don’t have anything to do with him ever since we were kids”I said and we went to sit.
“Rachael actually I got to know to know Bred and he is really amazing”.
“Don’t tell me you are…..” yes rachael’ she interrupted.
“This project is certainly going to join a lot of people together because it obvious when you get to know who they really her you can’t help it only if they are badass or bad boy” she said.
There is no way me and Jeremy would ever come together ๐Ÿ™„.
โœ๏ธ Authoress Ricky โœ๏ธ
To be continued…

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