College romance episode 32 – finale

Written by:Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Thirty- two🦋
It been over a month now and things went back to normal. Mom spent time with us and guess what am going on a real date with Jeremy and I can’t wait.
Mark and Nobody I guess but he had been trying to get connected to julliard the new school nerd that doesn’t even give him an attention. Jessica finally settled with Bred. Wondering who is Bred?
The guy she was partnered with during the project and Tina and Jabson are doing well and I even forgot the fact Jabson was my ex.
He has really changed unlike to before when he was only trying to be the bad and playboy of the school. And lastly me and my sweet Jeremy.
Thank God I didn’t lose him this time around.
Mom wasn’t against our relationship nor our date and she frequently warn Jeremy once he breaks my heart he should consider himself dead. I followed Jeremy to his new home the day after the crazy twin birthday and speaking about those crazy twin.
Michael and Kate are officially together and fortunately for them they are attending the same university which is Berkeley, best university in California.
They preferred Havard but mom insist it should be Berkeley in California where she could see her son often.
Michelle latest with Zoey for just a few weeks and she back to her single life and social media freak.
Don’t blame her she really sucks at relationship and everyone knows that.
Jeremy was all over her sister and I was imagining the affection he would show our babies. Wait! did I just say baby.
Yeah…… probably I would love to spend my days with him.
I package the gift I bought with Zoey on Michelle birthday. I promise to give him today since it would be our first real date and he even order a particular dress for me and It really saving because I don’t even know what cloth girls wear to date.
Sincerely I suck at fashion!!!!!!.
“I wish I could learn how to handle a relationship like you” Michelle pouted as she drop her laptop on my bed and I chuckled because she was wearing a weird speck.
“Am jealous” she screamed as she stream her laptop.
“Am done what do you think”I spin for her to comment on my dress.
“Wow it look good on you but when did you get that dress because everyone knows you suck at fashion and the dress looks expensive”she scan me and I blushed.
“Jeremy actually bought this for me and…”.
“Jeremy is so gooooooood, why are guys like Jeremy rare”she cried.
“Wait are you heartbroken” I console her.
“Zoey is.a bitch”she cried but stopped and started laughing like a crazy human being.
“just kidding”She smiled and I hit the pillow on her.
“Hey make sure you don’t lose him”she smiled and I nodded.
“Should I help”she offered.
“With what”I shrugged.
“Makeup”she push me to the front of the makeup desk and I know she really mean it.
“Done”I open my eyes and I wonder were my face is. “you are the best*I giggled.
*Car Horn*
“That should be Jeremy”I pick up my purse and Michelle help me to the car.
If I could guess right Jeremy was lost for some seconds and Michelle Chuckled. “Have nice day” Michelle squeeze my hand before going back in.
“why are you staring at me like that” I took a step close to him and I think I brought him back from his fantasy because he wrap his hand around my waist.
“Thank God I pick this particular cloth” he whisper into my ear and that send unusual effect on me.
“And that really got your attention”I replied and he smiled.
“I love you”.
“I love you too” he kiss me then open the door for me and we drive to our date.
He halted in the front a restaurant and it was really a rare because the last time I came here it was with Dad and was a business meeting. He ask me to accompany him since we were getting something for Mom on our way home.
He open the car door for me and I thanked him.
“You welcome sweetheart” he compliment
A waitress walk us to a particular place and I guess he made a reservation for us and the waitress won’t stop saying Mr and Mrs. Justin.
Like seriously we aren’t married and isn’t it obvious we are still college student and it even a college romance.
He is really sweet he even helped with the chair and I sit before he went to sit opposite me.
The waitress from the entrance walk up to us.
“What should I offer you ma’am”I gaze at Jeremy.
“You can order anything” he gestured.
“I will go for…” I scroll through the menu on the table.
As we were eating he kept stealing glance of me and I sincerely won’t stop blushing.
“I have a confession to make” he break the awkward Moment between us.
“Sure I hope it won’t ruin the moment”I replied.
“I fell in love with you right from the day you step your foot into Dreame” I was shocked as my eye met his.
Dreame is the name of our elementary school we attend and I can’t believe a guy had fall in love at first sight. I sincerely don’t believe In love at first sight.
“Why didn’t you tell me years ago” I questioned.
“We might have an Issue probably then and we were kids” he replied and he was right.
He reached for my hands and it was fixed in the middle of the table.
“All that matters is the fact I still love you and am feeling like the luckiest man to have the opportunity to to hold your hands, be with you, kiss you and even get to tease you” I smiled.
“I love you Rachael” our eye were so intense and I could see sincerity, emotion right now.
“I love you too” he stood up and helped me up and we were both standing really close to each other.
“Tell me you are mine forever” I smiled.
“Am definitely yours forev…..” he didn’t allow me finish my words before he brush his lips on mine.
And we were lost in our world.
I don’t know how I fell in love but I love it when am in love with someone I cherished.
Things seems bad at first but i know not every good things start with been good.
Here I am with the guy that made my life miserable every minute but today am kissing him with so much love and passion.
I love him😊 and that all that matters
✍️Authoress Ricky✍️
T H E. E N D
Question for the story: Do love at first sight exist?
Jeremy is really a rare type and I agree with it even though he just a character in a book.
Love from your Authoress Ricky💕

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