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College romance episode 31

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College romance episode 31 by : 6:37 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by:Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Thirty- one🦋
Semi- Final💕💕💕
✍️Authoress Ricky pov✍️
I should probably let you know what really happened before Rachael was caught in her makeout session with Jeremy.
The house was buzzling as different kept moving in out of the building. Music was flowing in the living room and the twins were having the best birthday in their entire life.
They upload different type of pictures on Instagram and people were going wild on internet.
Bella, Rachael mom car drive into the compound.
She was shocked to see her house filled with lost of middle age.
She was on a business trip with Edward, Rachael Dad. She was notified by Facebook that today was her twin birthday. She knew she got alot explanation to make like it happens every years she promise to make it up to them this year but was wasted again.
She informed her husband about it and took the available flight back to Los Angeles, California to celebrate their birthday before it got late.
Actually Edward didn’t follow her Because it was a really important business trip and it involves w great contract so Bella came home alone.
She alighted from her car and could hear the noise coming from the building. “Did they host a party in the house” she stomped angrily into the building and her driver push her luggage behind her.
She tried sending everyone out of the house but that wasn’t helping they just saw as a crazy woman and walk away. She wanted to ruin the party out of annoyance but she sight how happy her twins were she Dawn to her these was the kind happiness they want.
Michelle sighted her and her eye widened when she saw her mother staring at them.
“Michael” she hit him and he turned to see what was wrong only to see his mom staring at them.
“We are doomed” Michelle muttered and I think Zoey didn’t know what was happening because he hug Michelle from behind but her mind were lost as she didn’t even notice someone just hug her.
When she started walking towards them her heart started beating fast. “Should we run” Michelle mumbled. “Run to where” Zoey responded confused as he let go of her and turn her around that was when she realized Zoey was talking to her.
“No not you” she quickly turned only to see her mother right at her front.
“We are sorry Mom” they both said in unison and Zoey eye widened as Move away as fast as he could and Michelle couldn’t believe her eye.
“We didn’t know you were coming tonight”
“It was actually my idea punish me alone” Michael cut in but Bella was just staring at them with so much adoration and she forget what was really happening and pull the both of them into a friendly hug that surprise the both of them.
“Happy birthday” she sniffed back at tears.
After some seconds she release the both of them.
“You aren’t mad at us” Michelle quickly spat out and she nodded her head positively.
“See am sorry and I come to realize I should probably spend time with you and let your Dad do the business things instead of abandoning you here” she said and Michael and Michelle just stood there watching their mother give her speech.
“I love you Mom” the word came out of Michelle mouth before she could even think of it.
They hug each other and they laughed.
“So when is this birthday party of yours ending?”.
“Fine do your wish where is rachael” she scan the environment.
“Probably in her room I heard she fell into the pool” Michelle shrugged.
“I will talk to you two later” she made her way through the crowd then to rachael room.
✍️ Rachael Pov✍️
The door was fling open and i quickly push Jeremy off me and wore my top well.
“Mom, it not what you think” I tried explaining.
“Hey your sister already explain things am not mad at you guys” she replied and I was confused didn’t she saw jeremy almost stripping me off my cloth just now.
“Hi Jeremy I didn’t see you, how you doing?” she greeted and me and Jeremy was staring at each other in bewilderment. Thank God she didn’t actually saw us I would have land myself in another trouble.
“Get dress into a better dress and Jeremy can you help me with the crowd so we could have a better birthday party and not a noisy one that could give me a headache soon” she signal Jeremy to come with her and that was how I was left alone in my room to change.
A sigh of relief, that was pretty close as I suddenly started feeling hot even though the air conditioner was on. I take another shower before going for a red flay gown then brush my air well.
I walk downstairs only to realize the crowd were gone and it was only remaining few people and if I could choose few people I know they are just Michelle and Michael friend. I walk to Mom and she smiled when she saw me. I still can’t believe she didn’t see me and Jeremy or was she pretending not see us?.
“You look gorgeous and that your so called boyfriend can’t seem to get his eye off you” Mom whispered into my ear and I looked at Jeremy only to see him eating me up and I blush. “You are blushing” she raise her brows.
“Am not” I defended and she laughed. “I actually saw that but next time you should take things slowly” she walk away leaving me in my shocked mood. I was right she actually saw us but she didn’t want to start another argument and did she just take things slowly.
“You are killing me”Jeremy cologne filled my nose as he rest his chin on my shoulders.
“I’m happy I have that kind of effect on you” he wrap his hand around my waist and I laugh.
“You won’t strip me here right* I joked and he turn me around.
“Eye are on us I want to do that when we are alone” he flirted and I hit him and he laughed.
“Attention everyone” it was Michelle Voice
“Thanks to everyone present here and thanks to my brother who we are both having today as a special day and to my little sister that had really been supporting” she blew me a klzz and I did the same. “I really appreciate everyone here you are really amazing and I presently wish myself and my brother a happy birthday, chess” “Chess” the crowd raise their glass up and I realize I haven’t had a drink tonight.
“I need to get a drink” I said so Jeremy could let go off me.
“I would be your bartender”he walk me up to get a drink and seriously I really love him around me and am loving the love story between us.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Who else was expecting a drama from Rachael mom. I guess I just made that up to get my readers eager to read this episode to bad.

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