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College romance episode 30

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College romance episode 30 by : 6:36 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋Chapter Thirty🦋
“That is actually bad for you” the deep masculine voice startled and I fell into the pool. After gasping for breathe he helped me out of the water and my dress are messed up now.
“Am sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” he wrap his Jacket around me.
“What the hell are you doing here Jabson!”I remove his jacket from my body and threw it back him even though I need it am never going to use Jabson. Why are they even showing up.
“You ruin my dress” I regain my balance and I heard someone laughing.
“Tina!! you too”.
“Sorry he ruin your dress and am laughing but have Missed you” she hug me ignoring the fact it messed up.
“Am sorry” she whispered into my ear and I eyed Jabson. Come to think of it Tina wasn’t involved in the video linked and I ignore her too that really bad but I still allow Jabson he real jerk talk to me.
“Am sorry too”I patted my back.
I pulled away and I smiled at her and she returned.
“So are you together now” I looked from Jabson to Tina.
“No way am not going to date him until he learn how to love and not you and I won’t end up with someone like mark again” Tina said with so much pride that made me laugh.
“I said am sorry and I already realize my mistake” Jabson begged and I knew alot of drama would begin once school start on Monday.
“Jessica is actually around with Bred”Tina said slowly expecting me to be mad but sincerely have forgotten that.
“Am going to get cold if I don’t change my wears now” I excused myself from the two lovebirds.
Remembering the slap she gave Mark that day made me Chuckled.
“O…M…G did you get yourself drunk and fell into the pool” Jeremy caught me sneaking into my room.
“Damn it” I muttered.
“That doesn’t answer my question” he quickly pull of his Jacket and wrap it around me.
“I tripped because a jerk startled me but everything is fine he apologized” I open my room door and he follow me in.
“Thanks to him that I wasn’t there he would have got a swollen eye home” Jeremy scowled and I laughed imagining Jeremy beating up Jabson.
“Why are you laughing even when the cloth are getting dried on your skin” he eyed me.
“It actually Jabson” I laughed.
“Mark is in the house” he asked surprised.
“Yeah he apologized and he is with Tina now so you don’t have to worry anymore”.
“You forgive easily anyway it okay by me too” he shrugged.
“Can you please excuse me so I can change”.
“Fine but I would be by the door this type incase you need my help”he walk to the door.
“You are left before” i rolled my eye.
“Emergency”he stressed and before I could reply I had the door shut.
“Get dressed quickly” I was actually talking to myself.
I pull off my heels and necklace then stand in the front of the mirror I tried unzipping but it got stuck.
“Oh no comm’n zip” i tried forcing it down as I struggle with one hand.
In movies when things like this happens then I should probably call Jeremy.
“Jeremy” I screamed and he open the door immediately.
“Why is that still on you” he eyed me down.
“Zip got stuck can you help”.
“You want me to…..” ” Just do it or I will catch cold”I screamed because I was already frustrated the zips weren’t going off.
“Okay….okay” he repeated his words as he walk to me.
Wait!!! he can’t do it my zip end right on my buttocks and to be precise am not putting on any bra because it a tube gown.
Before I could stop him I already felt his touch that send shiver down my spine.
What is he doing?!! he is unzipping the zip really slow and his eye were focused on back because I can actually see him through the mirror.
He is making me go crazy because my body was starting to warm up even if I was in a wet dress.
“You’ve got a beautiful back view” he muttered and i think he didn’t realize he said that because he looked up in shock and he could see my face through the mirror.
“Jeremy” I called in the most beautiful voice ever.
“Am sorry” he said and he quickly unzip the dress.
Stupidly I didn’t hold unto the dress because I was lost in my fantasy as I imagine us klzzing and having and a hot s£×y makeout.
“Omg” I realize Jeremy mouth were wide open as he stare at my n@k£d body even though I was still in my pants.
“Am sorry” i quickly drag my cloth up and walk to the bathroom after grabbing one of my sweatpants embarrassed.
I since the party would end soon and I didn’t even enjoy a bit of it only ending dispute with my friends.
I came back into the room only to meet Jeremy still sitting on the bed comfortably.
“Why are you still here” I drop my phone on the bed and went to pack my hair in the front of the mirror.
“I love buzz party and not birthday party filled with people older than me and kinda of cliche” he shrugged.
“Why don’t we spend the night together” I tease as i push him on the bed and straddle him.
“What…..are you….doin”I shut him up with a klzz and he was damn quick to respond.
I don’t know if I was doing the right thing but I want him around me right now.
I trail my hand down his T-shirt and raise them up a bit and trace his packs.
Our lips didn’t separate as he continue to explore my mouth as he was doing better than me. He turn me and he was now on me.
…………..he raise my top up and he move his lips down my neck then he klzz my navel and that was……the door open and that interrupted us and I quickly push Jeremy off mean put my cloth down.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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