College romance episode 3 & 4

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋chapter three🦋
“Wow look we have here”he shouted because the music was loud and it obvious he is kind of drunk.
“What do you want from me seriously I got something else to do” I replied and turned to go search for mark but he held my wrist so tightly and drag me downstairs back.
I struggled to get my hand free but he has more power than me.
“What the heck is your problem” I yelled at me after he let go of my hands.
“My problem is the fact you are going upstairs to see that son of a bastard” he replied.
“it non of your business now back off” I yelled.
“You’ve changed Rachael” he said but this time his voice was down as hell that I couldn’t hear him well but sincerly I heard.
“Changed? Jeremy everyone change the only person who doesn’t change is you” I replied and he gave me a smirk and now I feel like punching him again.
” That what I mean rachael you never attend a school party or wear a short dress and makesup isn’t even your thing, you spend most time reading, why are you even going to see that guy, just Because I didn’t beat him up” he asks and I was muted for a while.
“How did you even notice all that? and anyway it non of your business” I walk away but stopped when am almost reaching the stairs.
I should probably just go home this isn’t fun like I thought.
Jeremy is always there to ruin my life.
I was about to exist the party when I spotted Jeremy making out with some random girl. This guy keep amazing me all the time.
But I came with Jessica it would be bad if I don’t text her before leaving.
I looked around but couldn’t find her.
I walk close to the bar and texted her.
“Hey the party is off am leaving are you coming with me”.
“Can I join”
Why would everybody keep asking that damm question like I own the sit.
“Am not the owner” I replied concentrating on my phone but Jessica isn’t replying me.
“Didn’t expect that” he replied and I turned.
“Mark” I called.
“Wow someone knows my name”he replied and I laugh, why am I laughing he didn’t even say anything funny.
“About”he replied
“Oh common that son of a bastard wouldn’t have stopped if you didn’t scare the hell out of him”.
“You are right though anyway nice dress and you are looking beautiful tonight” he said and I was blushing.
“Thanks for the compliment”
“Want a drink”he asked.
“I don’t drink it isn’t my thing”I replied.
“Comm’n this a party you should be expecting this”he said and pass me glass.
Am not sure if am doing the right thing but I gulp down the drink once.
My throat is burning but it felt good.
“Want more” he asked.
“Are you actually getting me drunk”.
“Maybe”he replied and pass me another glass.
Seriously I had another five shot and my head is seriously spinning.
“I need to find my friend”I said and stood up.
Jeremy kept eyeing me from wherever he is, what is f**king damn problem.
“You can go without me, see you tomorrow at school”
Jessica finally replied and I staggered to the door and left.
I saw my driver standing near the car and he quickly helped me up seeing the way I was behaving.
I felt an hand carrying me into the house.
“Why did you even drink are you trying to get us in trouble” the voice yelled but it seems distance as my eye were closing.
✍️ Authoress Ricky✍️
The morning alarm made me groan out but it stopped ringing almost immediately.
I didn’t switch it off, I open my eye slightly and angry Michelle was staring at me.
“You are never attending a party”she said.
“Uhhhhhh” I tried sitting up but couldn’t because my head are banging.
“What if dad or mom probably came home last night”she yelled.
“Hey calm down aren’t you going to school instead of yelling at me” I replied yawning.
“Only if you know you kept spilling out rubbish last night and Michael was really angry at me for letting you attend the party in the first place” she replied and I sigh.
“Who is Jeremy” she asked and I was surprised.
“Where did you hear that from” my eye are opened now and suddenly strength came into me because am sitting down eagerly waiting for the answer.
“I heard them from you last night, you kept calling his name” she replied and I place my hand on my forehead.
“Nevermind”I said and stood up.
“Hey you can just take a break from school today because you might be having hangover”she said.
“Am definitely not Missing school” I replied and walk to the bathroom making sure I shut the door behind me.
I pick my toothbrush and brush some toothpaste on it before staring at the mirror.
Why am I calling that bastard name?
I can’t wait for the day I will finally get to give him a punch he would never forget.
“Rachael open the door” Michelle voice brought me back.
“Just go dress up too am not going to be late because of you”I shouted and I heard the room door shut.
After having breakfast that I wish it ended quick because those weird twins are really annoying.
We arrive at school and it was weird they refused to follow me to class to make sure I was okay or needed to go home.
“Just stop it and leave”I said and turned.
“Okay fine if you say so I give up”Michael said.
Jeremy walk pass us and he gave me that deadly glare and I roll my eye.
“Who is that”Michelle asked and I realize am in their front.
“That Jeremy, I heard from my frienda he had a fight with a girl yesterday and it obvious he is a bad boy, but if he messes with my sister I would break his bones”Michael said and I smiled.
“Jeremy, oops now I know what going on” Michelle said grinning.
“Seriously it not what you think”
“Think what” Michael interfered.
“Comm’n let go Michael” Michelle changed the topic and I was glad.
“He is cute tho”Michelle whispered into my ears before leaving.
Gosh! why do I have to call Jeremy of all the names I know.
It should have been Mark! Mark!! Mark!! I yelled.
“Why are you calling me” that familiar voice said and I almost tripped.
🦋 Chapter four🦋
Damn it what should I tell him, I was nervous as he keep staring at me waiting for an answer.
“Actually I was telling my brother about why I got drunk last night’ I lied.
“Is he your elder brother” he asked.
“Actually they are my elder twin” I replied knowing he was falling for the lie.
“You didn’t tell them I got you drunk because you did that to yourself” he said and I don’t even know what to say.
“Hey Rachel” Jessica place her hand around my shoulder.
“Woah Mark looks like you both are getting along”.
“Actually we are about leaving” I drag Jessica away from Mark after taking a glance at him and we headed to the class.
“What are you doing with Mark Hubbard” she asked.
“He was just asking if I got home safe” I lied again.
“Wait mark asked if you got home safe, do you know him before” sh asked.
“No, but he save me from that bastard yesterday”.
“You are so lucky, every girl in the school is crazy about him” she said and giggled.
“Why would everyone be crazy”.
“He is cute, handsome,tall and something girls would want to hear, he is damn rich”she said.
“Jeremy has those qualifications too” .
Did I just say that😶 am in for questions.
“Jeremy”she repeated.
“Actually nevermind” I said and pick my biology textbook from my locker and we went for class.
“Welcome to your first class in biology, I know you must have heard and learned little basic about this subject but it going to advanced and might require lot of research and studying anyway am Alexander”
The student clapped and it went down, I glance at Jeremy he doesn’t even seems like he care about the class.
Then at Mark he was totally different truly he has is attention on the teacher. He turned and I quickly looked away because I think he noticed I was staring at him.
“I have something interesting and it going to be your first project and it involves getting to know your partner and how they relate to things or reaction”.
“I wish we are paired together” Jessica whispered into my eye and I nodded.
“Me too”.
“Am going to pair you according to your attendance”
“Jessica and Bred”.
“Oops guess am with someone else” she whispered.
I pray am paired with someone else but not Mark or Jeremy it would be a disaster.
“Rachael and Jeremy”
“Whaaaaat” I shouted and everyone stared at me.
“Any problem ma’am” the prof asked and I nodded my head negatively.
I looked at Jeremy and he has that smirk on his face.
“Mark and Brenda” He paired everyone and that Brenda kept flirting with Mark and it was disgusting.
“That all for today, and you are defending your project in two weeks time” he said and walk away.
The class was filled with noise as everyone was chatting with their partners.
I looked at Jeremy and I frown before walking out of the class luckily I met the prof outside the class.
“Excuse me sir”
“Yes Miss Rachael”he replied.
“Please is there in anyway I can change my partner” I asked.
“An sorry but it only if someone want to exchange with you but I don’t think it a good idea”he replied.
“But sir”….he interrupted…”Miss Rachael if you have anything against your partner it would affect your mark and grade”he said and walk away.
I sigh and turned only to see Jeremy staring at me.
“I prefer having bad grades than working with you” I hissed and walk pass him.
“Hey do you really think am going to beg you to at least work with me, in your dreams”he said and walk ahead of me.
“Your dreams too” I replied.
“Can you stop talking or I might kick your thigh open again” he replied walking fast to create a big gap between us.
“What did you just say” I stopped walking.
“You heard me Miss Rachael” he mimicked the Prof and stopped walking then face me.
“Are you crazy you did that on purpose” I yelled at him angrily.
“At least I have a clearer view than when we where still kids” he replied and walk away.
That hurt me so much he disagrace me purposely and he was even proud of it.
I didn’t go back to class, I just went home, I called the driver and he said he was on his way.
I entered the car and I only the tears rolled down my cheeks.
My phone beeped and i check the ID.
“Are you skipping class”
it was a message from Jessica.
“Am not feeling too well so I went home” I texted back and threw the phone on the car seat.
“Are you okay ma’am” the driver asked.
“Am fine I just want to go home early today” I replied and he bowed his head slightly before concentrating on driving back.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
“Are you okay” Michelle asked with concerned looked as she stare at me while eating dinner.
“What happened in school today” Dad asked.
“Nothing just felt sick” I replied sadly.
“Should I call the doctor to come check you up” Mom asked.
“No am fine”I replied faking a smile.
“So how do you plan on doing your project”Dad asked.
“How do you know about the project” I asked.
“Comm’n Prof. Alexander told me and he told me you insist on changing partner”he replied.
“Yes daddy I really don’t want to have anything to do with Jeremy”
“Jeremy again” Michelle said and I gave her a glare.
“Rachael even though he is your enemy or you don’t want to have anything to do with him, this is an opportunity to know why he is like that” Dad said.
“Rachael if is the type that doesn’t make friends or bully student or fight with you, it for a reason” mom concluded.
“Still surprised it always Jeremy” Michelle said and I glare at her again.
They are right I might get to know why he always bully me and not other girls.
“Thank Dad, thanks Mom and thanks to Michelle for your concern and Michael for keeping mute”.
“You can invite him over and do the project here, it more comfy here” Dad said and I nodded.
“Goodnight dear” mom kiss my forehead and walk away and dad follow her.
“Hey am obeying table manners” he said and we all laughed because Michael talks Alot especially during dinner.
“Why didn’t you say that when Dad amd Mom was here” Michelle said and he just scoffed and continue eating.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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