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College romance episode 29

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College romance episode 29 by : 6:33 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Twenty- Nine🦋
I helped Zoey get a gift for Michelle and I also buy some random things for them as a birthday gift and a special suit pin for Jeremy it might actually be using.
“Are you buying that for Michael too” Zoey asks me as I carry the gift bag. “Yes maybe” I replied and he open the car door and I put the bag on the back seat then turn to go seat.
“You have a boyfriend”he asked surprised and I nodded shyly.
“Wow he must be damn lucky are you getting him that?”he asks as he start the car.
If I didn’t tell you this I should probably let everyone know. Zoey talks alot and really asks about personal stuffs from me I guess it isn’t just his terrible voice but the sweet Zoey is getting really boring.
“Can we go home”I asks and he shrugged then we started driving he play a song again but it was totally different this time. It was a break up song and he was singing it with so emotion.
“You are crying”I was surprised but Zoey is Crazy like I mean a psychopath. “I don’t ever want to break up with your sister”he sniffed and I just ignore him and face the other side and tuck my head out a little bit resting on the door.
I wonder how Michelle cope with this guy because he is dumb. I was actually judging him because of his hotness but he is worst.
He drive into the compound and I alighted before he says anything and I quickly went to get my stuffs and left his in the car then walk away.
I met Michelle in the sitting room. “Where have you been”she asks.
“Don’t say a word”I walk upstairs but I could still hear Michelle and Zoey discussion before he klzz her.
“Urrrgh Gross!!!”I drop the stuff on the bed and pick the suit pin box then place it gently in the drawer then close it. “I can’t just give him a present it had to be special”I muttered sadly.
“When is his birthday”I quickly search for his social account and check.”Wtf!!,till next year March,I can’t possibly keep it till then”.
I took a quick nap but I was woken up by a loud noise coming from downstairs. I reach for my phone and check the time. Shit!! it 9:00 already the party must have been on for a while and those crazy twins couldn’t wake me up.
“Rachael”I could hear Jeremy voice and before I could reach for the door he was already In my room.
“Why aren’t you dressed”I yawned and sit up then use the pillow to guide my head.
“Because I am still feeling sleepy”I said tirely.
“Are you okay”he quickly walk up to me and sit beside me on the bed then place his hand on my forehead.
“Stop it” I remove his hand from my head. “Am not sick I just don’t feel party tonight” I replied.
“We could stay here all night” he suggested.
“Those crazy twin would kill me” I stand up and walk to the closet.
“Since you are here what do you think”I show him the dress I wore the other time and the one Michelle pick.
“I love that one”he pointed to the one Michelle pick and I scoffed.
“Why are you getting mad over a dress” he shrugged.
“Michelle pick this and I turn it down now you are picking it too” I put the white one that I wore before back then drop the blue one on the bed.
“I think it would look good on you” he replied.
“Can you excuse me so I could get dress” I asks politely.
“Yeah sure but I would be by the door and am giving you just 5minutes plus I need to tell you something” he said and walk to door.
“Just tell me now” but he had disappeared even before I could finish my statement.
I change into the blue dress and a gold heels then brush my hair.
“Am done” I screamed as I apply my Lip gloss but when no one responded I walk to the door to check if he was gone only to meet Mark all dressed for the birthday party.
“No one invited you here and didn’t they tell you it is taking place downstairs” I blurted out.
“I know and I came here to apologise, am sorry” he replied but I was falling for his pranks anymore.
“I don’t need your apology because people like you never change”.
“Seriously Rachael I was so desperate but when I realized I can’t have you no matter how hard I tried” he explained and before I could say a word Jeremy intrude.
“Mark, what are you doing here” he walk up to me and klzz me but I know it was just a way to make Mark realize am taken for real and I love it.
“I should excuse you both and rachael I mean my words” he walk away and Jeremy gaze was on me now. “What does he want?” that was his first question even though I know more is still coming in.
“Why did you have to klzz me right at his front”I pouted.
“Comm’n you know Mark……” he apologized” I interrupted.
“That great and are you planning on forgiving him” he asks.
“Maybe but not so fast”.
“Actually am moving back to my parent house this weekend” he break the news.
“Really wow but I really love spending time with you like……alone you know” I replied shyly. “Will you follow me to my parent house on Sunday” he asks and it was a direct question that can only be answered after the party scenario and my parent.
“Yeah sure but what made you change your mind so fast” I asks curiously. “Because… I have a kid sister” he blushed and that was so cute.
“I really wish that have one and now that I have one am definitely going to spend time with her”.
“I hope that doesn’t make me jealous” I teased and he laughed.
“No baby, totally not and can we spend last moment of the house tomorrow” he asks. “If I don’t get too drunk” I tease.
“You drink” he raise his brows. “Since my boyfriend does” I laughed. “I guess I made a right choice the dress is…..”he kept stressing the last word.
“Is what” I crossed my hand together as he eat me up with his eye making me feel uncomfortable.
“Breathtaking” he smiled and he made to klzz me again.
“Why” he had this weird look on his face. “No more klzzing Loverboy or we would miss every fun down there” I touch his arm in mine and we walk downstairs.
“Don’t drink too much it a plead” he whispered as we walk through the crowd. “Just drive me to your house once am drunk and let have a long time” I winked and walk into the crowd to dance.
“Hey you dance so well” it was Zoey but Michelle was smiling beside him. “Thanks” I fake a laugh.
“Keep having fun” I excuse myself fast. The gift!!!.
I went back to the room to get Michelle and Michael present.
“Thanks little sis”Michael hug me same as Michelle and I felt a hand round my waist and the normal effect came and that confirmed it Jeremy.
“I will excuse you both” they both walk away.
“Tell me you aren’t drunk” he whispered into my ear and I smiled.
“You actually remind me I haven’t taken a shot” I laughed and he spin me around to face him.
“Thanks Goodness” he sighed and I was him do his funny drama.
“My party is just getting started” I walk away from him again even though I knew he wants me around throughout the party.
“It time to get drunk so at least he could take me to his house I can’t sleep here overnight or it won’t be so good”I talk to myself as I pick a bottle of Vodka and make way pass the crowded people in the kitchen.
I pass through the kitchen door that lead to the house pool.
I sit close to the pool and gulp down a bit from the bottle.
“That is bad you know” a thick masculine voice startled me and I fell into the pool.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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