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College romance episode 27 & 28

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College romance episode 27 & 28 by : 6:04 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋Chapter Twenty-Seven🦋
“Dad”I called in surprise.
The last Man I would expect to see in a house like mine. Even though he actually got them for me but he didn’t even come to check on me for the past two years so what is he doing here.
“What are yo…u d…oing hereeee” I stammered as I pick up the leftover plate and went to dispose it in the kitchen Bin.
“Is that what you say to your Dad after two years of been away or running away from me”his deep masculine voice echoed.
“I didn’t run away you actually push me away” I wipe my hand and walk back to the living room and saw him sitting on a sofa with his leg over each other.
“Am not here to push you hard or something but you have to come home”he ordered like he would actually force me out of here.
“Am never coming back home and to be precise I love it here and the habit of been alone is what I enjoyed most not someone bossing me around”I shrugged and sit opposite him.
“Jeremy you really don’t understand things, you need to start admitting she is your mother” his words pierced into my heart.
“I know you didn’t come to tell me all of this with your tight scheduled and to be precise my mother is dead and no one is replacing and if you have nothing to say can you please leave”I replied rudely.
“It two years and as long as am concerned you are going back home am giving you a week to get your ass back home”he commanded pointing f!ng£rs at me.
“But Dad I love it here and it been years now so why the sudden interest in me”I explained but he doesn’t look like he cared.
“Only if you know how two years is without you”he said sadly and stood up.
If I wasn’t mistaken he actually missed me for once and he couldn’t come for me of Better still send the bitch at home.
“Why can’t you just send her away and let live a happy family again”I stood up too as he turn his back at me.
“She was pregnant for me and the little princess reminds me of your mother”I cold hear the oddness in his voice.
“I have a little sister”I asks surprised.
“Yes, I was trying to explain to you why I can’t just break things with her but since you weren’t loving the way things are I had to give you a break I never knew you would love this place so much and won’t change your mind of coming home” he replied.
“But you didn’t even tell me all this all you do is yell at me, Dad”.
“Am sorry”he face me up and I realize his eye were getting teary.
I didn’t even know what to do because I was starting to blame myself for no reason and it hurt. I move close to him and hug him.
Have missed him, things has really been well with us but it crumbled the day mom died and Dad remarried I thought he didn’t love Mom in the first place and he never show affection on me again like before.
“I miss you Dad”he hug me tights and patted my back.
He unhug me and he stare at me until we both laugh at the same time.
“So how have things been” he smiled.
“Hmm just me alone but there is someone I would like you to meet” I replied smiling.
“Girlfriend?” he asks and I raise my brows.” Hmmmmn Probably” I smirked and he smiled.
“Dad can I ask for a favor”.
“Sure” he replied quick.
“I can come visiting but sincerely I love it here”I rub my palm rotationally because I was nervous.
“No, I want you home and you could still have this place to yourself but I want you to move back” he open the door knob and walk out.
“Damn it” I trail behind him.
“Bring the lucky girl” he said and I scratch the back of my hair embarrassed.
He Walk to his car and I wonder how I didn’t notice that when I came in the other time. His bodyguard surrounded the car and I raise my brows.
“You don’t feel safe in your son house”.
“Security purposes”one of them open the door and I study one of them.
“Ugly”I muttered.
“See you by weekend” he mentioned.
“Sunday, I have plans too” I pouted and he nodded and the ugly guard lock the door and they all enter the next car and drive away.
I sigh and walk back to the house.
Even though it still hurt my mom is gone a part of me still want a Father that cared about me and having a little sister is what I have always dreamed off even though I didn’t want any since mom was dead.
I walk into my room and open my closet then drag out the box out and drop it on the bed.
I opened it and it was filled with the stuffs my Mom gave me and the pictures we snapped together i actually packed everything when I was leaving the house because it of no use to my Dad.
I pick my mom picture frame and gently drop it on the stool supporting it with my books. “Am sorry Mom if I had not been able too make it up to you. I don’t know if I should really go back to that house but I really have to leave and I have just few days”.
“Yes!! he came here after two years, I can’t keep living in the dead am sorry Mom but I have to start a new life with every one I cherish”
I pick up the frame and put it back into the box then close it and put it back where it was.
I felt a vibration on my pocket and o brought out my phone to check.
It was a message from Rachael.
📲”Are you studying?”.
📲”I have a genius girlfriend 😉”
📲”Omg!! I knew you would say something crazy”
📲That why you love me
📲😳Say someone who klzz me in the front of the whole school
After some minutes she didn’t reply and I was about to drop my phone when her message popped in again
📲 Helping the crazy twins set party instead of studying let chat later.
📲Take care ILY💕💕
I drop my phone on the bed and went for a shower.
🦋 Chapter Twenty- Eight🦋
✍️ Rachael Pov✍️
“Come downstairs we need to set things right before the party starts” Michelle screamed and I scoffed as I kept staring at myself in the mirror.
Oops pardon me! today is Friday and we got back from school not quite long and the twins had been busy even though the maids helps out and some where scared they would get sacked but a genius rachael convince them.
I smile to myself as the thought of praising myself filled my head.
I was finding it to get something to wear and it really frustrating.
Some seems too short and some are too exposed and some are just to expensive to wear for just a house party. Am not the celebrant but am spending time in the front of the mirror because Jeremy would be around and I really want to prove to him am a s£×y girlfriend.
I chuckled at my thought, I think I like this one and it fit well.
“Don’t even wearing that for tonight party” Michelle eyed me and walk to my closest and shove my cloth as she search for a dress. I pouted in defeat as I stare at the standing mirror.
“I love it” I said as I trail my hands through my curves.
“Can you stop doing that because it an old- fashioned cloth when the hell did you get all this dress and I didn’t know urrrgh” she turned to look at me and shrugged.
“Yeah this is better”she brought out a dress I hate most.
“If you don’t allow me wear this then I would just wear my sweatpants and come downstairs”.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” she stomped out of my room and close the loud bang that made me flinch a little.
I stare at the cloth she dropped on the floor and pick it up. ” It isn’t actually bad” I smiled to myself as I went back in to change into my sweatpants to help them arrange the house before dressing up.
“Bad News”Michael walk towards us as I arrange the alcohol with Michelle. We emptied Michael for the drinks. He said we shouldn’t Dad and Mom drinks that it not really proper and Michelle agreed.
“Dad and Mom are not possibly coming tonight but I want them home”He gave a serious look.
“I thought they are actually coming tonight” Michelle drop the drink in the house bar and walk to us.
“Why don’t we just party and just leave the two couples we are actually fine without them” I suggested and they both glare at me and i shrugged.
“Let have fun” Michelle screamed and I laughed and Michael joined.
“Girls are good with make up and I need a masculine make up tonight am sending some pics to Kate” Michael said and walk away and I turned to see Michelle mouth wide open.
“What wrong with you” I hit her arm
“Have been pleading with him to let me give him a make up since kids and we ends up fighting and he is asking for it tonight” she screamed and jumped up.
“Like seriously”. “Just keep things up am coming back”she quickly follow.
I hit my hand on my forehead and walk to the kitchen.
I almost screamed when I saw a total stranger in the kitchen eating pizza from the pizza box on his laps.
“Who the hell are you”I pointed my phone as a weapon and he laughed.
“Are you fighting me with that”he munch on his pizza and I really wish I could get a bite. “You mind”he stretch our a slice like he was reading my mouth.
“Oops sure”I sit with him on the counter as I pick a slice. He must probably be one of Michael friends to help him with the arrangements.
“You must be……”he is actually for my name. “Rachael” I replied.
“I could get another one when I come around” he must have seen the way I was crashing the pizza and that was embarrassing but it been long I had pizza.
Mom won’t allow us order pizza instead the maids make one.
“You must be Michelle young sister am Zoey, “he said and I nodded.
“Am your sister boyfriend”he said and I paused and I quickly jumped down and drop the remaining pizza and wipe my mouth with my hand Gross!.
“Am really sorry I shouldn’t have been”…..” Comm’n it nice meeting you and you are really friendly and I think I like you” he smiled and I returned.
“Comm’n sit back” he helped me up back and I took a slice again leaving the former one.
“Why are you here soon I thought you would be here when the party starts” I asks.
“I sincerely don’t know what to get Michelle as her birthday gift and i don’t want to give her a lame gift you know we started dating recently and I don’t want to rush thing” the way he actually talks to me doesn’t makes me feel little anymore and I was getting comfortable with him.
“What if I help”I shrugged.
“Wow thanks then we better get going now before the party started” he quickly jumped down.
“I should probably tell Michael before leaving”. “No it a surprise” he replied quick. “My dress” I stare at my sweatpants and flip-flops.
“Comm’n” he drag me out of the house and before I know it we were on how way to get Michelle a birthday gift.
Zoey is really a funny guy and am so happy for Michelle thank God Michelle didn’t introduce him to me first I could have hated him because that what i do to every guy Michelle date.
He played a song and sing along with the song actually Dancing with stranger by Sam Smith
🎵 I don’t wanna be alone tonight 🎵It pretty clear am not over you yet
🎵Am still thinking about the things you do
🎵So I don’t wanna be alone tonight alone tonight…..
He actually sounds terrible but it non of my business.
✍️Authoress Ricky✍️
To be continued…
Who is ready for a wonderful party

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