College romance episode 26

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋Chapter Twenty-Six🦋
💕Jeremy pov contd💕
She walk toward me and I was kind of scared she would slap me too because it was an angry face when she got to my front she raise her hand up to slap me and I quickly close me eye because I actually deserve whatever she do to me.
After some seconds and no slap or any nothing I open my eye and saw rachael starring at me. I look round the cafeteria and every one was watching us.
“You son of a bastard” she said and brush her lips on mine. The student gasped but I didn’t care at least am kissing the one I love.
I wrap my hand around her waist and pull her close to me.
I dont know for how long we kissed but I guess a minute we are still exploring our mouth until she pulled away and I was staring at her intensely and the emotion kind of crept its way to my heart.
Her lips made a soft touch against my ear and she whispered”This was your dare for winning on the sleepover stupid” and I smiled.
I almost forgot that anyway. I realize we are in the midst of the student when they cheered and she smiled.
“Am sorry” I muttered.
“Yeah play boy you are forgotten but not you Jessica”She turned and face the lost Jessica.
“You choose to be like your brother and betray me”she walk toward her.
“Am sorry he force me to do it and to be precise and good with Bred and started cutting the feelings”.
“Days of friends are over duh”.
“Why am I still here” Jessica stomped out the cafeteria.
“Things should have been good”I took her hand and we left the cafeteria.
“So are we cool”I asks we walk down the school street.
“Yes but a problem anyway am on house arrest and shouldn’t be here”she turned and face me as she walk backward.
“We could still hang around right maybe……No idea”I shrugged.
“An house party”she blurted out as she play with my hands.
“What house party”
“Friday is Michael and Michelle birthday and they want to have a birthday party and also a pool party are you in”she jumped.
“Yeah but I hope you aren’t into another trouble because weeks without you is going to be killing”I pulled her towards me.
“Same here”she shivered in my arms.
“Did you have today test?”.
“Don’t worry about that”she smiled and I remembered Mr. Alexander takes the morning test.
“My driver would be here soon I should start going back to school”she pulled away and arrange her well making her look more cute.
We walk with our hands locked together to school.
“Where the hell have you been we could be in another trouble” Michelle walk up to us angrily but when she saw me she calm down a little bit.
“Am sorry”Rachael pleaded and she shrugged before we trail behind her and I walk Rachael to her car.
“Are you coming for the party on Friday”Michael asks me.
“Yeah sure and Happy birthday in advance”he smiled and walk away while I turn to smiling Rachael.
“I guess I should give you this now” I handed her phone and she collected it checking if there aren’t any scratch.
“See at school tomorrow” I kiss her forehead then a quick peck on her lips before she walk away.
If I could have her to myself then we would actually be kissing for an hour probably because I still can’t get enough of her.
I went back into the school to get my stuffs before going back to the park to get my car. I saw Jessica leaning on my car looking nervous.
I never expected her to do something like that to her best friend.
When she saw me she suddenly stand straight like she was expecting me but I just ignore her and walk to the car seat but she obstruct me.
“What do you want for me” I scowled.
“Am sorry I didn’t mean to do it”she pleaded.
“Do you even realize everything between rachael and I could have ended just because of selfishness”.
“I never knew he would go that extents just for you to break up”she replied.
“What do you even want for me because I don’t need all this explanation you should apologise to Rachael and not me” I Shrugged and tried to move but she stopped me again.
“Just don’t hate me” she pleaded and I brush my hair with my hand in annoyance.
“Just stop stalking me and go apologise to rachael. I know things might work between you two but trust me there would be no friend like Rachael in college”.
“Have you forgiven me”She asks.
“You’ve never offended me”.
“Then why can’t we hang out together” she said smiling but I wasn’t going to fall for that.
“You know things can’t work out between us and am in love with someone else and you know” I scowled again because she was pissing me off just when I was about to forget everything.
“Why can’t you love me too just like rachael”She asks.
“Don’t you understand even if am not dating rachael I can’t have anything to do with you. You aren’t my type am sorry” I shoved her off my way but she stopped me and tried kissing me but I little strength doesn’t really have any effect on me and I push her away.
“Are you crazy”I scoffed and open my car door before driving away.
What if Rachael saw that she is really crazy.
I drive into the house and lock my car before walking to do but something was off my door was opened and the light were on.
“Who is here” I peeped into the house quietly.
The TV was on and there were leftover food on the table.
“Who the heck is in here” I screamed.
“Jeremy”the familiar voice called.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Who do you think broke into Jeremy voice?

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