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College romance episode 22 & 23

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College romance episode 22 & 23 by : 5:53 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋Chapter Twenty- two🦋
He sit me on the bed and we locked eye for a while. “Shouldn’t you shower and change into something before studying”he said and I almost lost my breathe.
Are you kidding me! I was expecting him to klzz me because that how a s3x scene start mostly and he ruin it.
Why am I not bothered about losing my Virginity to Jeremy but it was an hard task with Jabson.
I never felt this free with Jabson and it was like it my first time in a relationship and it isn’t even true.
“I will go get my books too we are studying together I also don’t want to fail” he smirk and walk out.
“Jerk” I muttered.
“I can hear you” he close the door and I scoff. I was stripping myself n@k£d when he walk in again and I quickly cover myself with the bed spread.
“Am sorry I wanted t give you this” he drop my stuffs ajd quickly walk out. I sigh and went to get my pyjamas and creame.
That strange I have watch alot of movies and when something like this happens guys take advantage of the moment but Jeremy is definitely different he apologize and walk out.
I guess not everything in movie are meant to happen between couples.
I take a quick warm bathe and I use one of the neat towel in the bathroom to dry up myself and I apply my lotion then change into the pink pyjamas he gave me the last time I came here.
Sincerely have been wearing the pyjamas often since it was a gift from someone I love so much.
Wait! did I just say I love Jeremy.
I couldn’t find the hair dryer so I just left my hair wet and walk back to the living room. I met Jeremy sitting on the floor close to table and writing some stuff. I guess the playboy studies too.
“What are you doing”I asked as I walk close to him but he just looked at me no blinking.
“Why are looking at me like that”I asked as I sit beside him and he still didn’t remove his eye from me.
“What”I said. “You looking amazingly beautiful in those pyjamas”he whisper and lean in and we lock face.
His face was close to me but he stopped and sit upright back and I wonder why.
“What! why did you stop”I asks desperately.
“Simply because I don’t want to start what I might not be able to end”he shrugged and pick up his pen. “Are you suggesting we study now”I raise my brows in surprise because I seriously need him right now.
“Is there something you want Miss Rachael”he mimick Mr. Alexander and I hit him playfully and he laughed.
“Back to business, we have just English on Monday so we don’t really need a tough studying”he said and gave me a note. “Wow, you already study so why doing it again”I asks because the note he gave me contain a summary of the note and obviously he already study them because he even mark out some words.
“Am trying to help my girlfriend”he said and my eye were still on the book but I could feel his on my face.
“You definitely know I don’t need to study really hard to pass it been me since elementary”I said and face him.
“If am to remind you this college not elementary”he said and I scoffed.
“Pervert”I muttered and brought out my note.
“Why do you really want to leave the house so badly”he brought up a topic as I study.
“Doing some match making”I giggled and he stare in surprise.
“Matching who up”he stated immediately.
“Actually promise me you won’t tell anyone”I asks. “Promise on Love”he replied even before thinking about it.
“Michael loves someone and the beautiful part of it is she is my best friend”he gasped. “Relax am not talking about Jessica, do you remember Kate”I asks and he tried recollecting and gasped again when he remember.
“She told me she have a crush on Michael and a week ago I found out Michael also like him and that the reason I came here in the first place”I saw and his face went down and he stopped talking.
He was interested a minute ago and he is suddenly not interested. weird!.
I yawned as I was really feeling sleepy and Jeremy isn’t saying a word again.
“Why aren’t you saying a word to me”I asks because I really don’t like the silent treatment.
“Nothing”his voice was as low as a….I don’t even know!!.
“Did I say something wrong”I asked really concern Jeremy isn’t the quiet type. “You said you weren’t meant to be here if it wasn’t for the fact you want your brother happiness”he said sadly and I was really feeling bad.
“I didn’t mean it that way, I always wish to spend every moment with you only if you realize that and how much…….” I couldn’t finish my statement and he klzzed me.
Seriously I love the way his lips move on mine slowly and it fit perfectly he s√¢ked my lower lips and a m0@n almost escape my mouth. Gosh!!! I will tell you about it later let me just enjoy the moment.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
We ended up on his bed and our make out session was new to me but when I ask him to stop because we might end up doing what he doesn’t want and I don’t want to do it.
I rest my head on his chest and he cuddle me as we finally drifted to sleep or I should probably say o drifted off to sleep I didn’t really know if he was asleep.
“Wtf” I muttered out as my eye were still closed. Did Jeremy switch on the alarm last night?.
I groaned and tried to sit up but Jeremy was pinning me to the bed.
I tried to move but he just stretch his hand to the table beside the bed and switch it off then cuddle me back.
“Just go back to sleep” he muttered in his morning voice and they are damn so thick and Captivating.
“Jeremy” I called and he groaned.
“Just go back to sleep” he groaned.
I raise my head up to see his face.
His hair fell freely on his face as usual and his lips were parted a little and I wish I could klzz him right now.
I push him off me with all my strength and sit up and he groan as he turn to the other side. “You should have told me you are a boy princess that need to sleep well” I hit him with the pillow.
“Sweetheart can you stop” he groaned and I blushed because I love the way he call me sweetheart.
“Wake up” I shook him and he just didn’t even act like he was feeling it.
I climb him and straddle him and he didn’t budge and it annoying. “Is this how I would waste my morning effort trying to wake you when we are finally together”I cup his face in my hand.
“The best way to wake me up is giving me a hot klzz”he said with his eye still closed and he really look more cute.
“Seriously”I bend over and give him a peck on his lips and he open his eye and our eye were locked as he stare at like he never saw me.
“I can just resist you”he mumbled as he move his hand around my waist and pull me down to klzz him again.
The sound of my phone distracted us and I reach for my phone, it was message from Michael.
“Where the heck did you put your phone, Dad and Mom showed up last night be home in the next thirty minutes”
“Shit!!!!!”I shouted.
🦋Chapter Twenty-three🦋
I grab my dress on the floor and put it on, Jeremy just watch confused.”Hey don’t just lay there I need to be home in the next thirty minutes” I grab my bag and packed my books into it.
“Why are you in a hurry and still feeling sleepy” he replied yawning.
“Dad and Mom showed up last night and if am not home I might end up been grounded” I said and open the room door.
“Hey wait for me” I could hear Jeremy close the door.
I arrange my hair well and exist his house to the car. He joined me clad in just short and a T-shirt.
He start the car and I couldn’t stop using my hand to brush my hair in frustration. “I couldn’t probably say something to free you so don’t get all worked up” he said and swerve to the road.
“Just don’t say anything” I cut him off and he just direct his attention back to the road.
“Shit” I hit my hand on my forehead.
“What up with you again” he turn his head but quick to the road.
“I left my phone in your room” I almost yelled but brought my voice down as possible.
He swerve off the road and pack the car. I raise my head up and look at him. “What the hell are you doing” I asks out of annoyance.
“You need to calm down I told you I would handle things” he said and place is hand on my shoulder.
“Don’t you get it, my parents trust me and don’t expect me to be hanging around with someone like you” I said uncontrollably.
“Someone like me” he repeated my word but slowly.
“Let get going” I raise my brows.
“What wrong with someone like me” he asks and his voice was deep and it obvious he was serious and I don’t understand why he is taking it personal.
“It nothing and why are you taking it so serious did I say something wrong that I shouldn’t say” I asks and he remove his hand from my shoulder.
He start the car and we return back to the road. He halted in the front of the house and I quickly alighted and get my stuffs he didn’t even offered to help.
I was about to reach the door when I had the sound of the car zoom away. “Jeremy” I called like he was going to hear me.
“You are such a jerk, I don’t ever want to see you around me ever again” I yelled and the house door was opened.
I turned and saw Kate glaring at me.
“You are so much in trouble” she collected my stuff and I trail behind her into the house.
My parents were sitting on the Sofa in the living room and their attention was on me immediately I enter.
“Good morning Mom” I greeted causally like nothing happened.
“I can’t believe you this two matured kids can’t train up your sister even if we travel for a years” she started from Michelle and Michael and Kate just stood there watching the scene.
“Am sorry Mom, he needed some help in some subject”…..”Just shut up” she yelled and I stop talking.
“He needs help and the only person ge found was you and did you even study, just look at yourself you’ve change so much after you met that guy” Mom added.
“You are all in trouble and trust me I mean you are grounded the driver would pick you up from school exactly 5:00pm and you aren’t allowed to go to any party for a month”Mom pointed f!ng£r at the three of us.
“How would you even know if we later escape and go out” Michelle said and every eye was on her.
“I mean it or am dividing your allowance into two” Mom scolded.
“You can cut those allowance into four or don’t even give us because that not what I need, you aren’t even available when we need you”Michelle Continued and I was surprised.
“Michelle” Kate tried to stop her from talking but she didn’t even listen. “You prefer having trips or couple trips when we your children need you” Michelle yelled.
“You don’t talk to me like that” Mom raised her voice and Dad stopped up to stop her.
“If no one is ready to talk then I would do the thing myself, I need my parents attention”she said and I just watch her tear up.
She is right tho even if she stop us from going out would she be there to monitor us.
“Hey Michelle you know how we struggle to raise you up if we don’t work how are we going to feed you, try understanding” Dad said camly.
“A day won’t kill….you know what? am done here”she ran upstairs before Mom could even say a word.
“I will talk to her” Kate volunteer and follow her upstairs.
“No matter what you are still on house arrest”She said angrily and walk away, Dad followed up leaving me and Michael standing lost.
“I knew this would happen one day” Michael finally had a word to say as he slump on the sofa.
“She went to far” I added.
“A day won’t kill you know” he replied and I sigh.
“I will just go change and come downstairs am starving” I said and he eyed me. “You still think of food?” he blurted out and I roll my eye.
“Michelle is right and am supporting her and to precise I can’t be on house arrest not after the drama Jeremy played just now” I mention as I walk away my room.
I made sure I lock the door behind me before throwing my thing on the floor. Firstly Jeremy started acting weird and now Family issues.
I pull off my cloth and walk to my bathroom to get a warm bathe.
I dry up my hair and settled for a red sleeveless blouse and a black jeans skirt. I brush my hair and made it curly.
I don’t even have a phone with me to text Jeremy why he was such a jerk earlier. “Like I care”I muttered and slump on the bed with a huge groan.
To be continued…

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