College romance episode 18 – 20

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Eighteen🦋
The car halted in the front of Crawford High school, I met our new team outside I guess they are waiting for me.
“Good morning” I hug Jessica and Tina then wave at Mark and Jeremy!, he returned with a smile and I blushed.
“Hey, first class would start soon” we walk into the school and Jessica and I walk to our closer which was close to each other.
I pick my biology textbook and I lock the locker only to find Jessica staring at me. “What are you going to say this time around” I started walking to class and she did the same.
“Are you guys together now or something” she said and I stopped walking then turn but I just wave it off and Continue walking.
“You wave at him, he smiled you blushed it unusual” she blabbered but I didn’t reply her because any word I say would make her curious more.
We enter the class and immediately the class started the gossips stop at all attention was on the teacher.
“Miss Rachael are you with the text I gave you” he asked.
“Yeah but it in my locker and i could go get it now” I replied and stood up.
“It would create unnecessary distraction but come give it to me in my office” he said and I nodded then sit beside Jessica back.
“Your first text would be next week and I want everyone to have a good results, we will meet next class Good day student” he walked out of the class and everyone started packing for the next class.
“I would be right back before the next class it start in a minute so I will go give Mr. Alexander his textbook” She nodded and I walk out of the class.
I was searching for the textbook when someone whispered into my ears and I was startled a bit and quickly turn.
“Jeremy, you scared me” I scolded amd he raise is hands up to apologise. “Am sorry but why would you be scared only if you were doing something bad” he peeped into my locker and i smile.
“Stop smiling and I want to ask you something why do Mr. Alexander gives you special treatment, like he just Miss for you but call other students their names”.
“I sincerely don’t have an answer to that but it might be involving my Dad close partnership with him”I turned to look for the textbook and he hug me from behind.
“Jeremy what are you doing someone might see us” I scolded and tilt my head so I can see him.
“Everyone is in class just you and I ” he said and kiss my ears.
“But this is school Mr Loverboy” I said and he made me to turn to face him and I raise my head up to lock eye with him.
“Yes this is school but I can’t resist you let just tell.them we are dating ans end this secret thing” he said and I could see he really mean it because his innocent eye were back.
“This is just the first day you would get used to it” I said and he sigh and I could feel his cologne on my nostril.
“We should probably get back to class I would give him the textbook later” I said and he kiss me right on my lips and I did the same making him laugh.
I made him enter first then I enter few minutes later so people won’t suspect anything. After mathematics, they rest went for lunch and I quickly went to Mr. Alexander office to give him his textbook.
Episode 19
I knock on the door and he ordered me in and I walk in.
“Oh Miss Rachael, you can drop it there” he said and I drop it, I was about to turn the door knob but I just turn back.
“Can I ask for a favor sir”.
“Sure”his attention was off the book he was writing before I came in.
“My name is actually Rachael and you could treat me like other students no matter what my dad say” I didn’t even allow him reply before I walk out of his office.
There are somethings Dad shouldn’t do for me and I could handle things on my own. I Walk into the cafeteria and I went to order lunch which is…….. then I carry my food tray to meet the other guys.
The only empty sit was the one beside Jeremy and his bag was there. He must have drop it there so no one would sit there before me because he remove them immediately he saw me and I sit there.
“I ask you to remove that bag you refuse to do that and you allow Rachael sit there that not fair” Tina was the first to talk.
“There wasn’t an empty sit so I had to move it” he replied and I smiled.
“Are we going camping on weekends” Mark said and I look at the girls face it says Yes but it isn’t a good idea.
“Test is coming up we should probably be studying and could go for camp after test” I suggested and the exciting went off their face and they all throw me a dagger look.
“Why aren’t you here for lunch early and you left class before any of us” Jessica changed the topic.
“I went to return the textbook” I said and I sip my drink my other hand was locked with Jeremy under the table and I made sure I hide my blush.
“You told me you were going to return after our first class” he argued and Tina eye was on me expecting an answer.
“I didn’t see the textbook at first so I returned to class” I lied and Jeremy squeeze our hands and my I turned my head to see him but he didn’t even act like he just did something.
“What up with you both” Jessica asks. “Who and who” I asks like I didn’t know what you talking about.
“We are friends and we don’t keep secrets” Tina cuts in.
“You guys shouldn’t bring unnecessary fight again” I frown and they all concentrating on eating.
The bell was rang and I quickly stand up but have forgotten Jeremy was holding my hand and I carry our hands up and they all gasped.
🦋 Chapter Twenty🦋
First class was boring and dry, I seriously don’t know why am not in a good mood today, I walk out of the class and started walking the empty hallway.
I was close to the Janitor room when I saw Jabson ahead of me he is actually coming my way.Not again Mark already ruin my mood am not I for Jabson again.
I turned immediately and started making my way to the class back.
“Rachael” he called and I stopped then turn back.
“What do you want from me as you can see am on my way to the class” I said and he walk close to me.
“Am sorry Rachael, I will always apologise until you forgive me” he said and he won’t stop walking too close and I took a step backwards and he stopped.
“I told you have forgiven you and the only problem is i don’t want to see you around me again” I replied and he sigh.
“I miss you sincerely, I know am so stupid to have lose you even when I couldn’t find someone like you” he stated and I know he is just lying.
“There is no need for this I have a boyfriend now and I can’t even have anything to do with you even if am single” I raise my voice a little.
“I know you still Love me and Jeremy was only supporting you because he doesn’t like me too” he started moving close to me.
“What are you doing” I asked and he kept moving close to me.
“Just let go back to who we usually be and let forget what others think of us” he said and took my hands.
“Get your hands off mine” I remove my hands from his. “This is my last warning stay away from me or I won’t take it easy with you next time” I scolded.
“Just tell me I love you and I won’t disturb you again” he said and something is strange there was a smirk on his face.
“Am never going to say that and let me warn you am in a serious relationship with Jeremy and he should stick into your ear, idiot!” I scoffed and stomped before turning back to go to my class only to see Jeremy staring at me with no emotion face or eye.
“Jeremy” I Called and he wave at me then towards me but not actually coming for me because he walk past me and I was hurt because he never ignore me since we’ve been dating.
I was still lost in my fantasy when I had a loud hit from behind, I turned only to see Jabson on the floor.
Stay away from my girlfriend or I will treat your ass” he yelled and took my hands then drag me out of the Place.
I was able to view him well as he hold my hands and drag me out of the hallway to wherever I don’t even know.
He have a dark brown eye that real cut my attention,a pointed nose and part of his hair fall a little on his face, a thick brown and lips……
“What were you doing with him” his voice cut me off and I look around I think we are at other part of the school because no student was walking around.
“I was just going to clear off my mind and by coincidence I met him and he started spilling out trash”I replied and he let go of my wrist.
“Clear off your mind? what really are you thinking and yesterday I saw you Mark today your Ex, do you realize how hard it is to watch you talk to them” He Replied and his voice was obvious he is angry.
“You don’t need to raise your voice at me like it my fault” I yelled back.
“Now you think am raising my voice, I don’t really like the way you keep things from me. I know you think am going to use it against you and you are finding it hard to trust me be sincerely have never dated a girl am really into and it strange to me too” he spill out his mind and I was short of words.
“Am sorry for been rude I just really want to trust you but It isn’t easy as usual and am not keeping things from you because I love you” I said and took his hand.
“Am sorry” I whispered and he smiled, and that only melt my eye.
“Mark asked me on a date yesterday but I couldn’t even face him and tell him am yours and that hurt” I replied honestly.
“I knew he was going to do that very soon so I had to beat him to it”he said and move his hand around my waist and pull me close to me.
“Like seriously am never going to date him even if it took you years to come to me”I replied and I move my hand round his torso.
“What do you mean by that” he said and I realize I was spilling out rubbish. “Nevermind, we should go back to the class” I said and raise my head up to face him because he was a little bit taller than me.
“It would be almost class over and after that we could just go eat so let spend some time here” he said and drag me to a part at the side that was filled with a carpet grass.
He sit on the grass and I sit beside him.”This is your second time of making me skip class I hope I don’t get my self in trouble because of you” I hit him playfully and he drag me close to him.
“Let just lay quietly and enjoy it and stop blaming me like you are really interested in the class so much” he lay down and support his head with his hand and I rest my head on his chest and we lay there quietly not saying a word.
He locked our hands together and play with them shoving it above us.
“I really don’t understand you, how will I know if it actually class over” I asked.
“Just trust me” that was his answer and I just smile to myself since he wasn’t seeing me.
“How about we announce to them we are dating during lunch and end the drama” I asked and I shifted my head so i could see him.
“If it okay by you” that was his reply and I pouted. He sit up and I shifted for him to sit well.
“Come here” he signal me to come close and I raise my brows because I was already close enough but he still want me close.
I shifted close and he made me sit on his laps even though I was feeling a bit shy I didn’t make it too obvious for him to see.
“Am actually coming for the sleepover but only for reading and nothing funny” I warned and he laughed but when I frown he raie his hand in surrender.
“Sure nothing stupid I promise” he said. “Better” I pouted but he pulled my lower lips with his finger and I hit him.
“What wrong with you”I hit him and fold my lips in and he laugh.
“it not funny”I hit him again.
“We are going to detention if anyone find us here”he said and I hit him again.
“Your tiny hands isn’t even making any effect on me so stop hurting yourself instead”he said and I frown.
“You actually look more cute when you frown”he teased and I try hitting him again but he caught my hands and kiss me gently.
I responded immediately but he break the kiss and stood up and I was wondering what was wrong.
“Comm’n let go you ask me to inform you once the class is over”he helped me up and carry me in a bridal style but put me down when we were about to enter the school hallway and quickly kiss me making me laugh.
“You should stop stealing because they are all yours”I said and he smirked.
We enter the cafeteria together with our hand still locked together.
Everyone was already sitted and they were all surprised to see us together except from Mark probably.
“I was wondering why the both of you skipped class I should have know you were having a lovely time together” Jessica was the first to comment and I guess we don’t even need to tell them they already know.
To be continued…
To the annoymous person that called me to ask for my health status I appreciate it alot.

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