College romance episode 16 & 17

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Sixteen 🦋
My stupid damn phone distracted us and he break the kiss I never wanted it to end. I was staring at him but when I noticed a smirk on his face I realize my phone was ringing.
“You jerk” I push him into the water and he fell into the water I was scared at first but when he showed up at last laughing I was angry.
“You scared me!” I screamed and he laughed. I pick up my call and it was Michelle. She yelled into the phone and i took it off my eye then place it back.
📲Where the hell are you, Dad is worried are you really taking extra classes” she yelled.
📲Cool am at Jeremy place and would be back soon.
📲Jeremy house, she yelled.
📲I mean Jeremy would drop me after school i thought you both discuss this.
📲Yeah, but get your ass home now She hanged up and I sigh I turn to look at Jeremy round the water.
“Come in it cool” He said and i walk to the edge of the rock and he helped me into the water and stupid me I didn’t take off my uniform except from my sandal.
“Wow” He splashed water on me and I did the same before we knew it there was a water fight and my hair was in a complete mess.
He swim close to me and help me tuck my hair into the back of my ear.
“Am sorry” I said and his eye locked into mine.”Sorry for what” he asked like he doesn’t know what I was talking about.
“The kiss it shouldn’t have happened” I completed and he just stare at me not saying a word. “Seriously I won’t let you ruin my chance after all I did Rachael”he spitted out but I don’t get.
“What do you mean” I asked.
“You didn’t kiss me I did and if I want to apologise I will do it myself and not you, but am not apologizing”.
“What are you going to say then” I asks. “Be my girlfriend, Rachael” he said and I swallowed.
“Am serious Rachael just be mine either real or fake I don’t want to lose my chances again because if I do I might not have the opportunity again, just let me wake up and remember you are mine” he added but my brain went numb and I couldn’t say anything.
“You don’t have to say anything just say Yes or No” he said quickly like he was reading my mind.
“Jeremy” I tried to say but he interrupted again.
“Yes or No” he asked again.
Am dying inside of me to say yes but what if it a joke from Jeremy again. He had always plan different things just to get me in trap or insult me but am convince this time.
“The kiss wasn’t a joke it real and I want more of it and I really hope that lips accept mine”I smiled and he returned it and kissed me like I wasn’t going to appear tomorrow.
The didn’t realize we were still in the water until I felt the water wave wash us again and he pulled away.
“Let get you a new cloth” He carry me in a bridal style and we were back in house and he drop me slowly.
“I would be right back” he walk away and came back with a box it was package like a gift.
“I wanted to give you this on your sweet sixteen but I guess it planned you are getting it today since I couldn’t give you on that particular day” he hand it over to me and I open the box it was a pink sweatpants.
“I should change into this” I said and he smiled but I raise my brows and he realized I was asking for were I could change.
“By the left” he directed.
“Do you have a dryer my hair is in a total mess” I said touching my hair.
“Yeah” he replied and I walk to his room making sure I shut the door behind me.
His room has a nice scent that filled my nostril, I walk into his bathroom and he did a job there because it was all painted white and the marble are too….Let me just get changed.
I take a quick shower, dry my hair and put on the sweatpants that fit perfectly. If he had given me this on sixteenth birthday am sure I would wait till I had weight because it a little bit big.
I walk out of his room and went to join him in the living room.
My phone rang and I pick it up again, it was Michelle.
📲Am almost home, I yelled before she could.
📲You are grounded, it was mom voice and I realize am in trouble.
I hang up before she could talk further.
“I need to go home now, can you drop me off” I asked and he nodded.
“I already dry up your uniform” he hand them to me and I stuck it into my bag then big it up.
“Let go”I trail behind him, he open the door for me and i thanked him.
He ran around to take his sit and we were on out way home.
I can’t believe it night already.
“Am going to be grounded and I don’t think we would hang out soon” I said and he lock his hand with mine.
“We could have a proper date in school” he smiled.
“You are such a Bad guy” I hit his arm playfully and he laughed.
He halted in the front of the house and I alighted and he did the same.
“I guess it a good night” I smiled and move close to him and give him a hug making sure I sniff in his cologne.
“Good night” he gave me a quick peck and I wave at him then walk to the door.
I press the door bell and angry Mom face showed up right at my front.
“Where the hell have you been” before I could talk that familiar voice interrupted.
“She was with me ma’am”he said.
“Jeremy” I called in surprised I thought he drove off just now.
“He is Jeremy” Mom asked and fold her arms together under her bust, looking from Jeremy to me.
🦋Chapter Seventeen 🦋
I don’t know what this means but we were all sitted in in the living room, mom and dad eye were looking for me to Jeremy on the couch and Michelle kept grinning loudly.
“Where are your cloth, Rachael” Dad asks. I looked at Jeremy who signal me to talk.
“During the class someone spilled dirt on my uniform and I had to change”I lied.
“Into a beautiful pink sweatpants” mom cut me in and I stopped talking. “You were at his house right” Mom asked and I sigh.
“Yes, and there was still crazy river close to his house I went there and I fell into the water my hair was soaked and he gave me this to wear” I blabbered not giving my word a space.
“Jeremy do you keep a pink Sweatpants in your house because you know she would come and be soaked” Mom asked.
“No, it was meant to be a birthday gift and I couldn’t give her so it was an opportunity to give it to her” He replied honestly.
“A birthday day gift, it still some month ahead Jeremy” Michelle interrupted. “It was actually for her sweet sixteen” he said and I wasn’t really liking the honest Jeremy, only if he knows my family.
“That so thoughtful of you am impressed but are you two together now” Mom asked and Jeremy reach for my hand and locked it together and place it on his laps.
Everyone eye was on us or let me say our hands.
“Young Man” Dad stood up angrily.
“Dad”I called.
“If you ever break my daughter heart I will break your bones” he said and a smile formed on my lips.
“Wow thanks so much”Jeremy replied happily, what wrong with this guy Michelle would use all this against me.
“I should probably see him to the door would be right back” I drag Jeremy hand and walk him to the door, I shut the door behind me and drag him few meters away because their ears might be buried into the door.
“Do you think we should let the others know in school” he asked.
“No, I mean we could tell them later it might been too early” I replied and he shrugged.
“It fine, Good night and have a sweet dream about us” he gave me a quick kiss and I smiled.
“You too” I replied. “I love you” he said and seriously am not use to the word.
When he realized I wasn’t replying he just kiss me and wave at me, and I watch him drive away.
“I have to confirm my feelings for you, am sorry” I muttered and walk into the house.
No one was in the living room and I guess they all went to bed, I went to the kitchen and get my food from the microwave.
I serve myself even though the maid offered to help but I just ask her to go to bed, it late already.
I was having my dinner all alone, I know I deserve it since I didn’t come home early.
“You both look good together”.
“And here she comes the Counselor Michelle” I muttered.
“I can hear you” She open the fridge and brought out the milk and a cereal.
“I thought you ate already” I scanned her with my eye.
“I can eat anytime”, she took a bowl and pour the cereal then a milk started eating.
“Dad and Mom are really cool about yours and it making me jealous” she sit opposite me and I just watch her do all her thing.
“What do you mean by cool and why should you be jealous” I asked.
“You are so confident about everything, I can’t even bring a guy home because am not sure if what they would say am surprised” she said and I nod my head.
“Seriously I didn’t bring him home and am not the one confident he is the one and I guess am lucky”I replied.
“Yeah so lucky Because he is your first date” she said and I smiled.
“He isn’t my first date actually”I replied and she raise her brows.
“What do you mean by that everyone knows Jeremy is the first guy you ever love” she said.
“You are right he is the first and I once dated a guy Jabson but he wanted….and I couldn’t give him so we broke up but am his twin best friend” I replied.
“You are always surrounded by twins but how come I didn’t know about him” she asks.
“He was a jerk and Kate knew about it” I shrugged.
“You told Kate but not your sister” she half yelled.
“Calm down, Kate and I were gist partners so I get to talk to her since she isn’t here and won’t use it against me” I rolled my eye.
“Wow I love that am the one that use Words against you right” she said and I really don’t want us to fight again so I changed the topic.
“We only talk about random stuffs and she told me she likes Michael so it normal friends talk, don’t tell Michael about it” I pleaded and she just rolled her eye.
“But seriously Kate love Michael all this while” She shouted and I ask her to keep her voice low.
“Michael could hear you” I said and she laughed.
“What funny” I asked.
“Michael shouldn’t hear what”
Damn it!!!, Kate would be mad at me.
“Why didn’t she just walk up to me and tell me instead of my Kids sister” he asked.
“Please don’t mention this to her, I made a promise not to tell anyone” I replied.
“You told Jessica I have a girlfriend in Paris, I was wondering who could that be so it was Kate” He asks and I nod my head again.
“Like seriously” he said and I buried my head into the food slowly.
“I like her too, right from kid” Michael said and my eye almost fell off and Michelle gasped.
“So why didn’t you tell her too” Michelle asked.
“Actually, she doesn’t come here like before I don’t really want a distance relationship and am not sure if she does feel the same” he said and sit beside me.
“She called me a week ago, am sure she isn’t busy like before you know how things move faster here than there, you can both study in the same university” I said and Michelle nod her head I think she like the idea.
“We need to bring her here so you could make things right between yourself” Michelle said and is grinned.
“I have a plan that could make that happen” I said and he smiled.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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