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College romance episode 15

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College romance episode 15 by : 5:41 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter Fifteen 🦋
My eye were close shut but after I didn’t get any klzz from him, I open my eye and saw him staring at him.
“What were you thinking” he use his f!ng£r to wipe the ice cream on my nose and poke it making me squeak.
“That hurt” I said rubbing my nose.
“You are really dirty minded” he teased and I roll my eye and step away from him angrily. “Don’t be mad at me you weren’t actually expecting me to klzz you”a smirk form on his lips and I knew he was playing me.
“Jerk!! am going home”I was so fast away from him and I could hear him laugh. “You should stop shaking those ass so fast”he shouted and I was damn embarrassed.
Is he crazy why would he say something like that, I check my phone and there was no message from the driver.
I went to the school park and everywhere was empty, obviously everyone have gone home and not even seeing any Final year student around.
“I have a confession” Jeremy voice interrupted my thought again. “Can you stop talking because I don’t understand what is happening” I half yelled.
“Am taking you home actually and that in the next fifteen minutes and you could extend it yourself “….I was almost to interrupt but he cut in again.”If you interrupt me” he added and I was about to talk but I realize it would only get me stuck with him again.
“I ask for a permission from your brother that we have extra lesson today and you would be involved so they should just go home and I will bring you myself”he said and I raise my brows in surprised.
“And they believe that trash”I yelled in surprise. “Maybe because am dreamy Jeremy and it seems they really care about you”he concluded and I sigh.
“She told you why she call you dreamy Jeremy”I asked with a little reduced tone. “Maybe but that crazy why would you……Never mind”he didn’t complete is statement.
“Does it even make any sense because am here with you no extra lesson and am just eating one f√¢king stupid ice cream”I smash the ice cream on the floor and he just stood there like I was acting some movie scene.
“Am not getting and ice cream for you again”he said and his eye went to the ruin Ice cream cone on the floor.
“I can get one myself and I didn’t even ask you for this” I replied and he just ignore my reply and walk away. “Where the hell are you going” I yelled and when I noticed he didn’t answer him I just ran after him and already stuck with him already.
We walk through an empty road, only him knows where we are going.”Jeremy do you realize am meant to be with my family right now and not with you” I yelled angrily.
“Can you shut up and let go” He lead me to a bungalow house, am sure it isn’t his house because Jeremy is from a very wealthy family even though his house can’t be compared to mine it was still okay.
He unlock the door and I followed him in. The house doesn’t look bad like I imagined. It was really furnished and it really beautiful.
The sofa design was really attractive. I was scanning the house. “Jeremy why are we here” I asked.
“Welcome to my house” He said and I thought I didn’t hear him well. “Are you kiddin’ me” I laughed and when I realized he wasn’t laughing I stopped.
“I know you won’t believe but I left my parent place last year, mom died, dad remarried, I couldn’t take it so he just bought this place and have been living as a lonely dude” he spit out and gulp down the glass of water in his hand.
I was short of words for a while before I realized he mentioned his mom death. “Sorry about your mom death” I said and he stare at me.
“It okay anyway come with me I wanna show you something”he said and took my hands and took me to the back of the house.
“Wow” I didn’t know how that escaped that mouth. There was a beautiful view from here.
The sunset is finally settling down and it was really beautiful watching it from here. I could see a beach from here, it look like the house is a storey for me to have view this but it a bungalow how the hell did he did this.
“Should we visit the water”he asked and I nodded happily and anxiously I wanted to be there. We climb some rock to the place and we arrive there.
He helped me climb the last one and he had to hold my waist that really had an effect on me sincerely.
“This is really amazing” I screamed to the water and he laughed.
“Just scream out your name and it would forever remember you” he said and I gaze at him then at the water.
“Jeremy” I screamed so loud and the water wave came to the rock making me laugh and he did so.
“It recognize it because have called my name a lot of time into this water just try yours” he said and I smile.
“It not necessary” I replied and he turn to the water and scream out my name and the wave of the water did the same and I smile.
“You should stop” I hit him playfully and he smile. “I really love it here” I said more like a whisper.
“I knew you would that why I brought you here” he whispered back and we were now facing each other.
“Will you come here often?” he asked but I don’t really understand what he meant by it.
“I mean will you come visit the water more often” he said and I nodded and we share a few silent moment with his eye locked.
He took a step further and we were damn close. He lean in and I was doing the same but I promise myself not to close my eye because I don’t trust him again.
He was so close to me and I stupidly shut my eye again but when I felt his lips on mine I smiled into the klzz and sincerely our lips were made for each other, it fit perfectly.
After a dream of klzzing him finally!!.
Okay the butterflies in my tummy must be throwing a party right now.
I gave him access into my mouth and he deepened the klzz.
To be continued…
She is smiling into a klzz, what do you think would happen next?

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