College romance episode 14

Written by: Authoress Ricky
“Rachael you think any guy would date a girl who want to be a Virgin for the rest of her life you are joking”.
πŸ¦‹ Chapter Fourteen πŸ¦‹
“Me” a familiar voice said and before I could make a statement Jessica interrupted.
“Actually not every guy want a girl who is a sex freak like you” Jeremy added and I couldn’t help the butterflies dancing round my tummy.
“Jeremy I know you and there is no way a play boy isn’t a Sex freak” Jabson replied him again.
“Can you just get out of here now before your face is swelled by my punch”Jeremy scowled and he looked at me before walking away. “Am really sorry about him” Jessica stood up and follow him.
“Finally he is gone” I muttered and pick up my cutlery to eat but I was about to put a bite in my mouth when i notice their eye was on me again.
“What up with you guys again” I asked and drop the cutlery. “Are you both dating or is just a make up thing to send Jabson away” Tina asked and I looked at Jeremy no emotion was on his eye so I have no idea of what to say.
“It a question” Mark asked removing Tina arm from his hand, Tina is too cliche I don’t blame Mark. Poor boy!.
“What with the look” I shrugged and pick up my cutlery.
“You both aren’t answering our questions, we are friends”Tina added.
“Seriously we didn’t plan this it was just Jeremy trying to help me out” I replied and no emotion from Jeremy again.
“That great” Mark muttered and Tina raise one of her brow. “Nothing is great jerk!, I want this two together since we were kids, they fought every single day and I found out they are only hiding their feelings”Tina blabbered.
“You are misunderstanding everything” I said. “Can you both just admit your feelings already” She said and Jessica walk in just in time.
“We have five more minutes please nobody should say a word I need to eat in peace” she said and started eating I shrugged and continue eating.
Sincerely I like quiet Jeremy, thank God he didn’t say a word during Lunch, and what Mark problem if he doesn’t want me to date another guy then he should stop luring girls to himself again.
“What are you thinking” I was startled by the voice, it was Jeremy.
“Nothing just……. waiting for my elder twins” I replied even though I wasn’t sure if I was actually waiting for them because have been in the park for a while and they haven’t show up.
“The way you call elder twin anyway didn’t they tell you the final year student are doing an important practical that won’t make a memory for them being in school”he said and I nod in surprise.
“The driver should be here any minute and I could go home alone then they join me later” I replied and he scratch the back of his hair.
“Rachael what happened at the”….. before he could complete his word I sighted Mark from afar but when I wave at him he just walk away.
“That strange” I muttered.”What strange”Jeremy asked and I realize he was still with me.
“Nothing just wondering why Michael didn’t tell me this morning” I said and he nod.
“Since your driver isn’t back and it might take a while just send him a text to call you when he is back let hang out together” he suggested and I didn’t want to agree to it but on a second thought I would be hanging out with Jeremy that would be fun!!!!.
I did what he asked me to do and we are on our way to a very close ice cream shop close to the school.
“What your favorite flavor” I asked him and he raised his brows. “Don’t tell me you don’t know that” he asked and I tried recollecting if he ever told me but that never happened.
“I can’t remember you telling me” I shrugged and wanted to order mine but he interrupted. “We would have one Vanila and a chocolate flavor” he smiled at the ice cream man.
Seriously I don’t know that Mr Know all really know alot about me. I was having my favorite flavor which is Vanila while he take a Chocolate flavor.
“How do you know my favorite flavor is Vanila” I asked and he just laughed.”What funny” because is laugh is contagious and I might find myself laughing too.
“Seriously picturing little Rachael licking that ice cream cone is funny” he said and I hit him playfully.
“I can’t believe I didn’t get the Ice cream after all my effort” I said and he laughed which I joined.
It was during elementary school, the ice cream man made a special ice cream cone it was special and big I promise I would get it myself no matter the amount but I was delayed after class and I didn’t get to have it.
“I wasn’t talking about the day you were salivating on something I knew you won’t get am talking about the day you were with Tina” he said and I didn’t really remember having that memory with Tina.
“Omg!!” I remember that particular day. “Jeremy were you spying on us that day because it was meant to be Tina and I” I said and stopped right at his front to stop him from walking.
“What are you doing” he asked with a surprise look. “Why were you spying on us” I asked and just looked at the other side then at me.
“Because I wanted to see your face” he replied and push me away from his front then keep walking but I ran up to meet up with him then obstruct his movement again.
“What again” he asked. “Why do you want to see my face” I asked and a smirk was plastered on his lips.
He hasn’t been doing that for a while since we became friends hope am not ruining our friendship again.
“Seriously Rachael, I check on people I bully and get to know what they are up to so I can use it against them” he replied and my face went down.
“But you are different from them” he said and I was shocked as he use his finger to raise my chin up. His touch are killing me seriously am going to explode.
“You are different because you”…..why is he leaning in and why is my feet stuck to the ground why aren’t I stopping him.
Jeremy want to kiss me!!!!!
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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