College romance episode 13

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter thirteen 🦋
It Monday and it I had always wish it came early than expected, Michelle filled everyone ears with her dates.
Things worked out for them and she really like him. I changed into my uniform. My parents are taking the night flight back to New York today and am sure Michelle would have to shut her mouth up.
I missed Tina call on Saturday evening but I didn’t bother to call back, I seriously don’t want to talk to them for now.
I pack my hair in messy buns and make sure I checked myself in the mirror before existing my room.
I didn’t get to have breakfast well and same as Michael, Michelle was in a hurry to go to school because her relationship is officially starting today.
“We are getting our personal drivers very soon” Michael said and sit beside me in the car.
“That should be better foodie” Michelle stick out her tongue playfully and I can’t help it but laugh, it been long they fought or argue and i sincerely miss it.
The driver park the car and Michelle was the first to alight and I followed but Michael use the other door.
Before I knew it Michelle already walk off to the senior section but Michelle wave at me before leaving.
I walk into the school and angry Tina was resting on the school wall looking at me. I just walk the other way but she followed me.
“Rachael” she called and I kept walking but she won’t stop calling me and I turned.”Don’t you get it I don’t want to have any thing to do with you guys again, you don’t understand me and it not what I called friendship” I raise my voice a little biy but not a yell.
“Like seriously, rachael I wasn’t even involved in the first place” she replied.”I have an important class this morning” I walk away and I could still hear her muttered some words but it was clear enough to understand.
After my first class even though I didn’t see Jessica in the class what my business, it was English and we talked about few books before the bell was rang for the next lecture.
I was still searching for my pen which was in the middle of book not quite long when someone pointed it to me.
“Omg! thank you” I said and raise my head up to see who help me saw it. “Jessica” I muttered.
“Let talk later during lunch, the guys would be there so don’t worry you can just switch seat if you aren’t going to talk to me again” she gave me a smile before walking out.
The next lecture ends and it was lunch time, I went to drop my stuffs in my locker before going to the cafeteria.
I went to order my lunch which was steak meat and cheese then carry my tray to Jeremy the others weren’t there yet.
“Hey dude” I greeted and sit opposite him since it was just the both of us but he just return my greeting with a smile and kept making sounds with his fork.
“What up with you, you aren’t eating” I asked but his head didn’t even make any movement. “Jeremy” I called.
“Nothing I don’t like the lunch” he replied coldly.”I know you like meatballs so stop lying” I replied.
“Miss Know all is back again” he said with a smirk and drop his fork to stare at me. “Why is your attention on me and am definitely not Miss Know all”I said and he laughed.
“Why are you laughing am serious” I fake a frown face and he stopped laughing. “You really do care and you even know the kind of food I hate and like you are such a blessing to me”he replied and my cheek went red.
“I don’t know what you are saying but can you stop talking”I said and he just face his food back and I sigh.
It wasn’t up to a minute when Jabson walk in he greeted me first when he realize am never going to talk to him, he greeted Jeremy but damn it obvious Jeremy doesn’t like him too.
“Jabson can you go eat with your friends because we are certainly not on your list” Jeremy said in a more sincere tone and I like it.
“Am certainly not here for you but for my girlfriend so shut the crap”Jabson replied. Girlfriend! he not talking about me or I won’t hesitate to punch his face.
“She is certainly not yours anymore Jabson”Jeremy said and I love the way he is supporting me.
“She isn’t even talking so what your stress and just mind your business”Jabson cut him off.
“Jabson am certainly not yours so shut up”I shut him up and he just start eating and the girls join in and Tina was in Mark hands and I could see the hatred in Jessica face.
“Hi everyone”Tina greeted and sit beside me even though I didn’t even budge. When they notice things weren’t good they sit down round the table and we where eat when Jessica disturbed the silence.
“Am sorry, Rachael” she said and I didn’t even act like I heard but when I noticed everybody eye were on me , I raise my head up and face her.
“Can we stop talking because I respect Table manners” I said and smile at her. “What going on”Mark asked looking from me to Jessica then he eyed Tina who was sitting beside her but she shrugged.
“Am sorry, I over reacted and I shouldn’t have talked about you and Jabson relationship things” she said.
“Like seriously you are just ruining things more so just shut up”I half yelled and everyone was surprised at my reaction.
“Jabson didn’t tell me about anything seriously have never heard of you” she kept running her mouth and I looked at Jabson who just shrugged like he was innocent.
“Jessica do you really want to know what your stupid twin brother did” I asked and everyone went silent.
“Should I tell someone” I face Jabson and he didn’t say a word he just look away embarrassed.
“Because he was S3x and I couldn’t give him you think I would date someone like him again” I yelled out my anger and she stopped talking.
“Seriously I said that because I thought you weren’t dating anyone and could get back with my brother because I thought he still like you and he care about you” She said and I sigh.
“It okay” I replied..” You forgive me”she cut in.
“Yes but not completely, Jabson have to stop coming to lunch with us he is always wanting to pick a fight” I replied and she smiled.
“Rachael you think any guy would date a girl who want to be a Virgin for the rest of her life you are joking” He replied and carry his food tray then stood up.
I was expecting him to leave quick but he was staring at me.
“You are losing an opportunity” he continued and I just support my head with my hand and stare at him.
“Just leave” I yelled at him.
“You don’t have a boyfriend yet so why are you sending your first trail away, we could be friends Rachael”he continued again and he is gradually pissing me off.
“I have a boyfriend” I already said that before I realized i spitted out trash.
“Boyfriend” they whole team said except from Jeremy who was hitting his fork on the plate again.
“Yes I have a boyfriend and he shouldn’t be anyone business” I replied trying to be confident so i won’t crumble again.
“Seriously then what is name, is he an high school student because no college student would date without it” he mocked me.
“Me” a voice said even before I could talk.
“OMG!!, I knew it” Jessica said with surprise.
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To be continued…
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