College romance episode 12

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋Chapter Twelve🦋
I woke up early as usual but something is different about today, it Saturday and I have nothing on my to do list.
Am suggesting I call the girls over to my house so i won’t be lonely because Michael attention would be with his friends throughout today.
I pleaded with Michelle to let me tag along with her but she isn’t I stay at home and do some random stuff.
They aren’t even scared I could call Mom and tell her they declined me from going to the mall.
I changed into my sweatpants and a flip flop after my bathe.
I don’t need to dress too much since I would be home all day. My mind is telling me to study for test but I get the assimilate faster at night and it not my thing to read novels even though I read it once in a while.
“Any new plan” Michael peeped and into my room and I signal him to come in, he does that because he hate intruding into girls privacy and mom said he had always respected girls since he was small but not with Michelle.
“No, I would just stay indoor and do random stuff or clean up my room” I replied. “The maid could do that can you make cookies like the one you made the last time for me and my friend” he said smiling.
“I can clean my room and tell the maid to do that for you” I replied.
“My friends like the last cookies and said they won’t want to miss it today, please” he pleaded and I couldn’t resist his offer.
“Okay fine but you would pay me” I replied, “You don’t have to charge me you could ask Dad anytime you need money” he replied.
“$10USD” I said and he raise his brows.”Like seriously, okay fine” he said and walk out.
“Guess I would be doing something for the day” I muttered and wore my flip flop then plug my headphone in my ear put my phone in my sweatpants pocket before dragging myself to the kitchen.
“Good morning” I greet Michelle who was asking of her look from Michael. “Thank Goodness you are here, what do you think about my dress” she drag me down to the living room.
“You look amazing” I replied.
“Thanks I would be back in the evening” she said and pick up her silver shinny bag before walking out.
“Bye” I shouted and she just wave her hand.
“Am starving, am having my breakfast before anything”I said and walk to the dinning I order the maid to serve me my breakfast.
I ate breakfast and I asked another maid to arrange my room while I make cookies for Michael.
I don’t really like been bossy to them because they are almost my mom mate but some are at least in their twenty.
I made cookies from my brother, I actually learned how to make it from Kate, maybe I should even tell Kate, Michael likes her special way of preparing Cookies. It might help them.
After making cookies for Michael friends I sit with them for a while but the Ps thing isn’t as fun as I thought.
I excused myself and went upstairs, it was noon already and I decide to take a nap.
I brought out my phone to switch off the music have been playing even though it wasn’t on my ear I removed it when I was with my brother friend.
I switch it on and I saw a missed call from Jessica, seven missed call, it must be important for her to have called me over and over again.
She left a voice message and I quickly click on it.
“Where the hell did you put your phone, if you aren’t at the mall then were are you meet us at the park at 2:00 pm don’t be late” the phone cut.
Did she search for me at the mall, she must be kidding because she doesn’t even know the mall I attend.
I check the time and it was already 1:30pm.
“Shit” I muttered and quickly drop my phone, I changed into a flay short skirt and a sleeveless blouse then into my blue fashion sandal.
I brush my hair and allow them fall freely since am not going to school I don’t have to pack it in messy bun.
I pick up my small bag and I checked the time it was already 1:45pm.”Damn it!” I rush downstairs.
“Am going to the park I would be back soon” I said and didn’t even wait to confirm if he heard.
Do I need to take the car to the park at least I can drive and it normal in New York as long you have a driving license you can drive.
I didn’t call the driver and i reverse before turning back to the road. Now am on the road driving the park.
Exactly 2:00pm I halted in the front of the park and I saw Jessica and the other girls. What is this all about?.
I alighted and walk to them, they all frown when I got to them.”I was busy and didn’t see your calls but immediately I received the voice mail I called immediately.
“Hmm, but busy doing what”she asked.”Michael invited his friends over and I had to make cookies for them” I replied.
“I told you we should go to her house at least we would have seen those hot guys you call your brother friends” she giggled and I don’t like the way she drool for guys older than her.
“Seriously my brother have a girlfriend” I replied with eye rolled at least she should know that.
“He told he doesn’t have when I asked him” she shrugged.
“He has a girlfriend and they’ve been dating over years now and she lives in France and visit us most Vacation and trust me I love her and won’t want anyone to come in between them” I frowned.
“You can actually keep your hot brother to yourself whatever” she frowned. “He is older than you Jessica”I blurted out.
“Can you both just stop you are ruining the moment”Tina interrupted and I finally realized she was there.
“At least my brother told me what made you break up” she said and walk away. “He actually told you then he is a jerk and point of correction I ended things with him and not him you whore” I yelled.
“Rachael it okay” Tina calm me down. “You don’t have to be like that” Tina said.
“At least am not the one drooling and crushing on every guy that comes my way” I yelled.
“Rachael you are been harsh” Tina said.
“Am the harsh one right, why did I even rush here in the first place” I walk away but Tina kept calling my name but I didn’t reply.
I slam the car door and start the car, I should allow Michael use her maybe she would learn a lesson.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Jessica is really want to date the play boy🤦.

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