College romance episode 11

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Episode Eleven 🦋
“Been a while Rachael” the person said as he walk close to me, the voice was familiar but I can’t place it.
“Who are you” I asked as I took some steps backwards.
“Wondering how I heard the conversation between you guys” she said and her voice sounds evily.
“How did you get my personal number” I asked and I tried tracing the light switch and I found it. “You haven’t forgotten me right” she asked and I turn on the light.
I quickly turned and I was right the person is a female but she was still covering her face.
“Forgotten me so soon” she laughed evily. “I don’t think I know you so tell me who the hell are you” I scowled.
“Am Tina, your…..” Tina!!!!!” I yelled.
How can I leave Tina out of the story. Tina is my class mate at elementary school too just like jeremy.
She travelled out of the country right after we graduated from elementary and that end of the story but nothing attached we just talk normal things and she was the only girl that Jeremy doesn’t even dare lay an hand on.
“You scare the hell out me” I yelled and she laughed.
“I didn’t know you were in Crawford seriously I thought you would avoid Jeremy all your life” she said and hug me some tight.
“Where did you get my number” I asked as she release me.
“Am Tina have you forgotten” she giggled and I laugh.
Actually if you need 100% information about someone Tina is so good at that right from small.
“I thought you aren’t coming back anytime soon” I replied.
” Yeah I thought so too but here I am and I also resumed today and found you talking to some set of people and seriously you really need to give me full gist of Jeremy” she said.
“What do you mean and you were eavesdropping on our conversation that bad” I replied.
“Jeremy is still looking at you with those eye and I think your dispute would never end” she stated and I smirk.
“He changed already so whatever eye you are seeing I don’t know” I replied and she smiled.
“Rachael is still stupid to really study someone well” she said and I raise one of my brow. “Just forget it” she blurted out and I laughed.
“Tell me about Jeremy now and his the hot guy beside him taken since Jeremy is taken already” she said.
“Is Jeremy dating someone” I asked foolishly before I realized she is just backed recently and won’t know something else. “Why do think I know all that” she asked and I was still thinking about a reply when she did it herself.
“Because am Tina but seriously if Jeremy isn’t taken I should try my luck this time again” she said hitting her finger on her chin and I just stare at her lost of words.
“Am starving”she break the silent and I smile. “Yeah let me introduce you to everyone” I replied and we made our way to the cafeteria.
“You really freak me out at the hall” I stated as we open the cafeteria glass and walk in. ” I just wanted to surprise you am sorry”she replied and my eye scan the cafeteria searching for Jessica and I found her but she was with Jabson and other.
“I found them” I stated and she followed me.
“Can you see we make a great team” Jessica stated and I look at her so called team they sucks because they definitely don’t like each other.
“Who is she” Jabson as he eyed Tina and he was flirting. idiot!!.
“Jeremy this is Tina do you remember her” I asked Jeremy who was staring at Tina like he is lost.
“I don’t know her” he replied and continue eating. “I can actually remind you” Tina said and drag his ear and he cried in pain making me laugh.
“Why are you introducing her to only Jeremy” Mark asked.
“Am Tina” Tina offered out her hand for a shake smiling uncontrollable.
“Mark” he took it and I think that how love life begins.
“You are so mean” Jeremy stated and Jessica laughed.
“Now you remember me”she replied and I chuckled.
“Let me get us some snacks” I said and walk away.
I came back and the whole table was laughing except from jeremy.
“Looks like you are enjoying Tina company” I said and drop the tray of Hamburger on the table.
“Can you tell her to stop talking about what happen during elementary” Jeremy scowled.
“I can’t believe you are like that”Mark said through closed teeth.”You both are friends now can you at least tell me what happened”Tina asked me.
Jeremy and I stare at each other, “We are grown up and we think we aren’t meant to fight anymore”I replied.
“But I don’t think Jeremy realize that because I was the one that stopped him from beating you up again”Mark interrupted.
“Just shut up because you didn’t even know what really happened”Jeremy scolded and I looked at Tina who just watch the guy argue.
“It normal they do it always”I whispered to Tina and she just nod and took a hamburger from the tray.
“So we can make a girls of three”Jessica whispered.
‘Yea let just leave them to argue they would make up later” I whispered back and we all stand up.
“And were do you think you are going”there voice came in unison.
“You guys can argue well”Jessica said.
“You guys forget me easily I should go to my class now”Jabson said and I rolled my eye. Like I care!.
“We will see you guys later”
I signal the girls to let us go.
We have been talking about random stuffs in the class before we had our last lecture for the day and I was on my way home with my crazy twin again.
“Mom already credited my account instead of going to shopping while don’t we just buy the latest PlayStation” he said.
“Your dreams am going out whether you like it or not” I said. “Hey you aren’t a shopping type so cut the pretend” Michael replied and I scoffed.
“Michelle what about you” he asked.
“I have others plans so am not going for shopping before” she replied.
“What the hell am definitely going to the mall on Saturday and am serious” I blurted out.
“Kid sister just let me buy it we could play together and am inviting my friends over because it would be delivered tomorrow” he replied.
“You already have it planned so just do whatever you want” I said.
“You can go out with Michelle since she as another plan so you won’t be bored”he said.
“Excuse me! am going on a date so don’t tag along please” she interrupted and I scoffed.
I can’t believe I turned down the camp stuff thinking am going to the mall, he already ordered another PlayStation with my money.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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