College romance episode 10

Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter ten🦋
Before I could yelled the person hand was covering my mouth.”Don’t yell it me” that voice sounds familiar and I could see his face well.
“Jeremy, what do you think you are doing”I removed his hand from my mouth.”Am sorry”he let go of me and I adjusted my uniform.
“What are you doing and what was that at the class earlier on”I gave him a straight voice and he just scratch the back of head.
“Jeremy you aren’t the shy type so quit all this attitude and tell me what happened to you and when I said we are friends doesn’t mean you should be coner me in here” I looked around and no one was around.
“The project was a waste” he changed the topic ignoring my question and he wanted to walk away but I stood at his frong blocking his way.
He raised one of his brow with the look ….Can….you….move….out….of….my way. “Why did you bring me here in the first place if you would walk away” I yelled alittle.
“I thought you were someone else, I was actually expecting Mandy”he cut me in and my excitement went down.
If I didn’t come to walk along this place he would have make out with Mandy right here. “Whatever”I rolled my eye.
“That eye rolling speak of something else”he teased but I just move away from his way and he walk out.
“Let have lunch together”that was his final word before leaving.
I jumped up even before I realized it, why should I be Happy to have lunch with Jeremy. Am going to miss my next class if I don’t leave now.
I rush out only to meet Mark and Jeremy staring at each other with much seriousness. Mark eyed me immediately I walk out and there was a smirk on Jeremy face, is it an addiction or what.
“Rachael” he eyed me.
“Oh mark I didn’t know you both were here” I said like I didn’t know there was something going on.
“Rachael” Jessica called too as she walk towards me with Jabson.
Why is everyone calling my name or am I getting popular or what.
“Why did you just walk out the other time, I wanted to introduce you to my twin brother Jabson” she said and I didn’t even know what to do.
Jeremy is there making me feel somehow, Mark is confusing me with his cold attitude, Jabson is showing up now of all time.
Am in between three guys now.
“Hi Rachel, long time” Jabson stretch out his hand and my eye went to it then at him.
When he realize I wasn’t taking the hand he fold them and took them in back. “Wow, Jeremy been a while dude” Jabson said.
“You know each other” Jessica asked.”We attended the same High school including rachael, you should have met her a long time if you didn’t insist on going to that weird country” Jabson said and I looked at Jeremy.
It obvious he hate him because he once told me he didn’t like me because I dated Jabson.
“Rachael, you didn’t tell me you know Jabson” Jessica said but Jabson didn’t even allow me to talk before he said another stupid thing.
“She is actually my girlfriend in high school but we aren’t together anymore” Jabson replied and I was a little bit offended.
“That explains the relationship with you guys now”Jessica said coldly.
“Wow, mark you are here then it an opportunity to invite you all to my camp site on Saturday” jabson said.
“My schedule are tight I can’t make it” I cut in.”Schedule” Jabson said more like a question.
“I have to go shopping with my family and it really important than your camp” I sounded a little bit harsh but like I care since it Jabson he deserves it.
“I can’t make it too am visiting Rachael in the evening for the project stuff” Jeremy said and I almost laughed because he wasn’t good at lying Alexander just announced the project is cancelled.
“The project is cancelled” Jessica said like she was reading my mind.
“Mark are you in” Jabson asked even though his eye were on me.
“No I have to study test is coming soon dude am really sorry” he said and it obvious everyone doesn’t like him.
“I can actually postponed the camp till next week for you” Jabson said burying his eye into mine. “Okay sure I can actually make plans for next week” Mark replied and “my face is actually here” Jeremy interrupted and he break the eye contact to look at Jeremy.
“Am sorry dude but beauty caught my attention quick” he grinned.
“We’ve missed a class already if you don’t mind let just hang out we might get to make friends together and team up” Jessica said.
“I still have to go to the library excuse me” I walk away from them because it wasn’t comfortable talking to my ex and the guy I only want to be friend with but it actually getting into something else.
And Mark, I still don’t know were to attach him. “Just ignore her we could still hang out” I heard Jabson muttered.
Jerk!!!.I really don’t go to library because my room is the best library and music is the best book memorial.
My phone buzz and I brought it out to check what message it is.
“Let meet in the school hall, I know you hate library so quit the attitude” it was a message from an unknown contact.
It either, Jeremy or Jabson those two act like they know so much about me. But if it was Jeremy I have his contact saved on my phone so it certainly Jabson.
It the best time to tell him to back off or he would not really like the new me. But what is really changing in me.
Nothing except from me been an Idiot that can stand for herself until there is an help from someone that why Michelle was intefering into my matter.
I open the school hall door and it was really dark I can only see a figure of someone familiar and it even a female because I could see the hair.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
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