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College romance episode 1

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College romance episode 1 by : 5:22 pm On September 13, 2020
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Written by: Authoress Ricky
🦋 Chapter one🦋
A new life begins for a young teen girl who just gain admission into a prestigious college, Crawford.
Am Rachael Hernandez, I live in a family of five consisting of my parents Mr and Mrs Hernandez , Michael my elder brother, Michelle my elder sister they are actually twins and me Rachael the last born of the family.
Do you want to know how it feels to be the last born. I know every girl is dying to be in my shoes but I wish I was the eldest.
And I know it going to be hell from tomorrow am going to the same school with my elder siblings.
Although they are in their finals in college but I will start my first year tomorrow.
I sincerely hate going to school because I was bullied during high school.
Our family is the best family ever only if my elder twins doesn’t tease the hell out of me I would have say it was best family I will always wish to be in.
Tomorrow I would be starting a new life I promise never to allow anyone bully me and no fake friends like I had in high school.
The girls were only my friend Because of the benefits. Who won’t want to be a friend of a billionaire daughter?.
My parents are okay and I attend the best school in town.
The only person am always comfortable with is Kate.
She is my mom best friend daughter, she is of my elder twins age but she is more matured.
Mom and Dad spend most time at work or having couples treats it obvious they really don’t need a kids because they kept acting like they just got married.
Spare me more time to tell you about myself.
I once had a boyfriend during high school even though no one knew about it except from Kate.
We where like the best couple’s ever but he wanted s*x and I told him we where still high school kid.
I visited him once and he tried luring me into an indecent act and that was how I said goodbye to my first love.
After been heartbroken for months I promise myself to study a guy well before having anything involve with them or better still just avoid them.
I was really excited about been in college but I know Jabson my ex would be in the same college with me and I don’t like seeing his face.
He dated a girl in my class and it obvious she gave him what he wanted because they even make out in class and I couldn’t take it so I changed school.
But I can’t change college just like that because Dad won’t even accept it.
I really wish Kate would visit us before I start college but I haven’t heard from her along time and she isn’t replying my text.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
The sound of my annoying alarm clock broke me out of my day dream. I wasn’t actually sleeping I had been awake an hour ago.
That literally never happened before but I was curious and anxious of how college would be today.
After I gain some energy, I get up and take a shower with my favorite fruity scented body washes.
As I finish brushing my teeth, I pick my thick shoulder length, black hair in a high bun.
I observed myself in the mirror, I have a regular brown eye that sometimes look like melting chocolate in the light.
I am damn slim my curves that I can’t stand and a flat tummy that doesn’t seems to appear to at least prove have eaten.
My hair is healthy and natural but a huge pain in an ass.
I sigh and go to my closest to get my new uniform!!!.
we have to wear a white buttoned down shirt, a disgusting plaid skirt, and a tie.
It doesn’t stop there, we also have to wear a Knee High socks with dress shoes that does not have a white sole.
Not too long dressing up I was packing my books into my school bag when mom peep in through the door smiling.
“I only came to check if you where awake and breakfast is ready sweetheart” she says and sit on my bed.
“Actually am a little bit nervous about college am not sure people would like me” I reply.
“Comm’n sweetheart” she hold my hands and made me sit beside her You are a bright diamond that glint and reflect anywhere you go am sure people would like you Because you are Rachel” she says and hug me.
“Thanks Mom”
“Now come downstairs so you won’t miss breakfast with family” she says and walk out of my room.
I adjust my skirt one last time before existing the room.
“Here comes my little princess” Dad says and I smiled.
“Ready for school” Michelle asks with a smirk on her lip and I just roll my eye.
“School is really fun except from exams day so don’t get really bothered about it” Michael says and I think this is the first time of saying something worst of ears to me.
“You should all leave now” Dad says
I had a little bite from my toast bread then gulp down my tea in my mug before leaving.
The drive to school was about ten minutes. We finally arrive at the school gate of CC, Crawford college.
I really want it to be an amazing school unlike high school.
“Hey little sis be of your good behavior am make me proud” Michelle says and Pat my shoulder.
I looked over at Michael who just nodded. I wish this two had their head repaired a long time ago.
They told me they have morning duties so they can help me find my class.
I looked at my phone to check my class and time table, technology had improved.
I don’t really need to go to the principal office for all that.
“Ooouch” I bumped into someone and It was a girl of same age although an inch taller than me.
“Am sorry” we both said at the same time and we laughed.
“You must be new too”.
“Yeah trying to figure out my class” I replied.
“Am Jessica, a newbie but believe me I made all research about this school so if you are bothered about anything just tell me” she says and I decided to be social for once.
“Am Rachael and also new here” I reply.
Luckily we had the same class and it was English.
I really enjoyed the class because it was an advanced English class.
The bell was ringed and the student dismiss.
I was talking about some random things with Jessica as we walk through the hallway to drop our stuffs in the locker.
I bumped into someone again and I laughed silently because it funny I keep bumping into someone today.
I looked at my side and couldn’t find Jessica again.
“Traitor” I muttered and look up and my eye locked with?.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
😇This story is like the continuation of Her personality but it would be based on their kids😇
#College romance#

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