Chronicles Of Isioma Episode 10

Chronicles Of Isioma
Episode 10
It was a sunny day at about 11:35am in the morning, David was still on bed, he called Kate’s phone, it was switched off, it was quite on unusual for Kate to switch off her phone. He called her house, she wasn’t there. He wondered where Kate would be. He laid back to sleep before he steps out to go and give the police the book.
Few minutes later, a knock woke him up, he asked who it was, he had Kate’s voice, he smiled, and she was safe after all. He opened the door and what he saw faded his smile. He saw Kate, kingsley and two other guys. “what are you people doing here” David asked angrily. “This is him, you can take the book and go” kate told kingsley. “What nonsense are you saying Kate? I thought you were with me, how can you help and still betray me, why did you bring my enemies here, why” he said sadly. Anyway there is no book here, so you all can leave. David said.
Kingsley pushed the door wide opened, entered the room and pointed a pistol to him, “If you don’t want to die, let us have the book you are about to hand over to the police, do not waste our time” he said. David repeatedly yelled that there was no book with him. Angry David got hold of an object and quickly hit one of the boys to the ground. Kingsley threatened to kill kate if he doesn’t hand over the book. “you can take her for all I care, after all she just proved to me that she doesn’t love me and I meant nothing to her, as for the book, I am not letting you have it and I can bet my life on it” David replied his threat. Kate was already sobbing and scared.
Isioma appeared and was weeping, calling out to David for him to give them the book, that she doesn’t want another of her loved one to die because of her again. “Isioma, I decided to start this quest and I must get to the end. They can’t do crap, stay away from this Isioma, I can handle it” David said. Kingsley laughs at his assumed stupidity and was grieving in anger. The discussion was not yielding any result, he shot David. “Nooooooo” yelled Isioma and kate, Isioma disappeared in anger. Kingsley quickly ransacked the room and found the book where he hid it and ran out of the hotel. David was lying lifeless on the ground. Kate cried and cried. The hotel security came quickly and rushed him to the hospital.
Kingsley took the book and fled with no trace. He
went to his hideout to look at the content of the
book. He and his guys sat down on a round table
and flipped each page. He was shocked at all he
read. He read every detail of how he raped her
each passing day. How she took her life and
everything that could take him behind bars if the
police get hold of the book. “Guys this dead sister
of mine wan implicate me ooo…everything she
write for here na detailed evidence” he told his
friends. We have no choice than to get rid of the
book, before the police starts looking for us, this
one wey we don kill person” One of the guys said.
They took the book, took it to a corner and burnt
it to ashes. They celebrated their victory.
The doctor confirmed that David was not dead but
unconscious, he was lucky that the bullet was
able to be removed and it didn’t get to a part of
the body that could make him die on the instant.
“how long will he be unconscious” Kate asked
nervously. “I can’t really say. The only thing that
will save him from this is prayer” the doctor
replied her and walked away.
She broke down in tears. It was all her fault, she
would have just allowed them take her life, she
was only doing it to save David’s life, she didn’t
want them to take his life but yet they still tried to
do so. Isioma appeared to her. “It wasn’t your
fault, I understand how you are feeling, he will
survive it, just have faith” Isioma said to her. “You
monster, because of you all these is happening,
my love is in a comma, you want them to take his
life too like you did to your own. Go away, you are
bad luck” she yelled in tears at Isioma. Isioma left
in guilt. Kate was right.
Kate made up her mind that she was going to do
this her own way. She kept coming to check on
David in the hospital everyday but no
improvement. She took the police to search for
Kingsley everywhere but he was no where to be
found. He was no longer at his usual hideout.
She had no choice than to pray for David’s
recovery, even if David wakes up now, there is no
book to be used as an evidence for Kingsley’s
crime. He is on the run.
To be continued

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