Can love be perfect prologue

Living in her small lovely World with her parents and grandparents is Crystal King
She’s a girl who grew up through hard and thorns and learnt that life is not at all a bed of roses..
She struggled to make ends meet and feed her family and
Her father is a mechanic,mother just a little trader and the grandparents were so old to work at all
So I’ll say everything fell on her most
But still,she never give up as she’s so jovial,hale,energetic and always going with smile on her face
She didn’t go to school but learn through online studying at the Cafe not far from her place of work where she worked at as a cleaner and their errand girl..
She is such a girl who felt the harsh world but never doubt that she can make it in life as she have hope..
But all her small world become hatred to her when she met with Xavier Cyrus who’s total opposite of her as he lived in big world of wealthiness and never for once experience the harsh world of Crystal.
They truly fell in love but for how long as their world is so apart and so different so dears,
CAN THEIR LOVE LIFE BE PERFECT?despite their world apart huh
Let’s ride on on this love fill story of dearest Crystal King if truly their
I ran with all my might in the rain when he caught up with me
“What’s wrong with you,Crystal?”he asked me
I cleaned my teary eyes tho rain has already washed it away and sighed so deep
“I hate you so much so leave me alone”I said and wanna walked away when
He pulled me back
“I thought you said you love me Cristal so WHY that?he asked again
I looked so long at him and chuckled
“We’re just not compatible!”I said and looked down
He raised my head up
“Just tell me the f**king WHY we’re not compatible huh,Cristal?”he asked so pissed off
I pushed him away so roughly
“I don’t wanna be with you cos being with you makes me so much hate myself”I said and
Pushed him again in the chest
“You’re so freaking rich even a wealthy guy from a wealthy home but I’m poor even wretched girl,you’re so damn handsome but me,so not beautiful, you’re so dress handsomely and me is just looking shabbily”I said and
He laughed
“And so what the f**king shit in that huh?”he asked and
Tapped my head
“What’s wrong in that,Crystal?”he asked me
I laughed evily
“Before I always said I’m So Lucky Be ME in my own small world with my parents and grandparents but when you come on on the way,everything turned to hatred for me!”I said and
Looked up at him straight in the eyes
“I hate myself so much cos there’s nothing I fit in your own big world”I said smiling
And shook my head
“Nothing at all so just let me be from now on”I said and walked away from him when
He shouted
“I think we do love each other so much and I think that’s enough for us to hold on and walk high holding each other hands!”he asked me and
Pointed at me with one hand and used the other hand to touched his chest
“But WHY?”he asked me and
Made a Love Shape❤ using his hands
“💘CAN LOVE BE PERFECT,CRYSTAL?”he asked me as tears dropped from his eyes endlessly and
I just stay rooted where am I as the word echoed in my ears

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