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Can love be perfect episode 8

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Can love be perfect episode 8 by : 7:58 am On May 29, 2020
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I moved straight to the storehouse and waved at the driver
“Move everything out and let me keep the account,Ben”I said to him
He nodded
“Okay sir but let me park well first”he said to me
He drove the big trailer🚚🚛 well and parked it so close to the warehouse and few men jumped out of the trailer and positioned themselves very well from the entrance to the inside of the warehouse
I brought my file📋✏ out and started jotting down the number of carton of wines🍷 as they unloaded it and threw it to each other and it was parked inside the storehouse
It was a long day before it was unloaded finish and I make sure I didn’t made a slight mistake as I recorded everything perfectly or that what I think as
Ben came to me
“Do you’ve any complain,sir Jeff?”he asked me
I shook my head
“Not at all cos everything is seal and complete,Ben”I said to him
He turned his head sideway
“Are you sure sir?”he asked me
I frowned
“What do you mean cos I recorded everything perfectly huh?”I asked so angrily
He shook his head and laughed
“The carton of wines still remain like ten to be complete so it will be bring tomorrow evening”he said to me
I twisted my mouth
“What?!”I asked exclaiming
He walked away
“Nothing like perfect in this world so it normal to record it not that perfect,sir Jeff”he said and jumped inside the trailer
I stay rooted looking at him as he slammed the trailer’s door shut and his fellow workers bowed for me and jumped inside the trailer and soon,he ignited it and drove away immediately
I rubbed my hair
“How can it not perfect even missed ten cartons huh?”I asked looking at the storehouse as it closed up
I walked back to my office and redo the recording well then marked out the ten cartons before I took it to the boss’s table:Mrs Rosa who has went out since and has not returned
I wanna walked out of her office when she came in
“How’s the container,Jeff?”she asked me
I bowed
“Welcome ma’am”I said as
She gestured me to sit down
“So?”she asked
I sat down
“It has been delivered and loaded in the storehouse but it remain ten cartons for it to be complete ma”I said to her
She nodded
“Okay then,you can go”she said and
I wanna walked away when she called me
“Do you know Jeremy?”she asked me
I turned to her
“If it Jeremy Willy, he’s my kid brother ma’am”I said to her
She sat right
“And what about Crystal King?”she asked again
I hissed
“She’s just one illiterate girl working as a cleaner and errand girl in my father’s typing company”I said proudly
She glared hard at me
“Don’t judge people Jeff (looking at the file),if you don’t know their situation cos everyone has a story to tell and even,no one is perfect”she said to me
I inhaled deep
“Am sorry ma’am”I said
She waved at me
“Oops,not sorry is the right word or maybe for me but for Crystal and also,learn to be at peace with all”she said
I sighed
“I’ll ma’am”I said and walked out as
She signalled her hands
“You can go then”she said
I walked out and closed the door behind me then leaned on it
“Why am I hearing Nobody Is Perfect today cos why won’t we be perfect when we’re not animals without thinking but human with brain?”I asked and hissed
I keep wondering about ‘Why the hell someone won’t be perfect?’ when my brain whispered to me ‘You yourself is not perfect that’s why you make mistake in recording well today’..it said to me
I brushed it off and sat in my office for the remaining work to be done since it late already
The clock struck 5:30pm🕟 and I stood up
“Oh gosh,so tired”I said stretching so long
I packed my desk very well and carried my bag then moved out closing the door and key it🚪🎒
I meet up with boss on the way
“Good night,ma’am”I said to her
She smiled towards me
“Good night,mister Jeff”she said and entered the lift then
Beckoned to me
“Let’s go”She said to me and
I entered inside
“Thanks ma’am”I said and the lift closed up
Soon,I sat in my car and drove out of the company and it so dark already as I branched to the road with speed
I stopped at a grocery shop and bought some foodstuffs before moving out again and put it at the back of my car then drove out again
The traffic light turned red🚥 and I stopped
“What’s happening?”I asked looking out of the car
One of the car that parked beside me hissed
“I think a truck is blocking the way”he said to me
I roughed my hair
“And there’s no other way home”I said and moved out of the car
I took some bottle of wine from my car,pressed the security key🚗 and took my phone then crossed the road to the bridge and sat at the steps
Someone scoffed at my back
“And what’s that mister high man doing here?”I turned to looked at the person
And shook my head
“And what’s miss joviality doing here this late night?”I asked her
She smiled
“I’m doing what you’re doing here,sir Jeff”she said eyeing me
I scoffed
“That’s means you too drink alcoholic wine huh”I said showing her the wine🍷
A lady beside her snatched the wine from me
“Gonna borrow this,plss”she said and before
I could say jack,she put the bottle in her mouth and gulped it all down her long throat
Crystal gasped
“Hey sister!”she said shaking her
The lady smirked looking at her
“I can now believe that the world🌎 is truly rotating”she said clapping and laughed evilly
I rushed to her
“Are you okay,miss?”I asked her
She laughed loud that we’ve to covered our ears
“Who’s this Hans guy calling miss huh?”she asked and
Stood up
“Tho you’re right that I’m Miss”she said and staggered back
I quickly held her
“Gently woman”I said and
She slapped my hands away
“Don’t dare touch me,silica”she said
Crystal held her
“Oh drunkard miss!”she said and slapped her own head
I stood akimbo
“I thought you’re the only child of the King’s so where do you get her as your sister huh?”I asked her
She pushed me
“Go away,Mister”she said angrily
I faced her
“Can you handle the drunkard miss alone?”I asked her when
A mighty force hit me and boom,I rolled down to the steps and ..
“I think I heard something cracking”I said groaning in pain
Crystal laughed
“I think it your spinal cord!”she said laughing as tears came out of her eyes😹😹
I rolled on the floor
“I can’t feel my body,stupid ladies”I said to them
The lady moved to my side and laid beside me
“Not only you,Hans”she said squeaking
I turned to her
“I thought it Crystal that’s the only crazy girl I know huh not knowing she’s double in you”I said rubbing my back as I sat up
Crystal sat on the step watching us
“If the truck move,I’ll drive you home”she said and
“Till then,take care of her”she said
The lady was so drunk as she roughed up my hair and slapped the hell out of me and oh gosh,
“Help me up,silly”I said trying to stand up but I just can’t
She laughed and leaned on the steps
“Live show”she said watching us
I regretted ever bringing the hard alcoholic wine out of my car as the lady messed me up so well and crazy girl Crystal turned us to to live comedian show watching us🎬🎦📺
After what seems like ages of torture,she helped her so called sister up and took her to God’s know where before coming to take me too and I later finds out..
“Why is she in my car?”I asked her
She slammed the door shut
“I’m talking you home”she said entering the driver’s seat
I nodded
“Okay but pls,make me sit beside you in front not with this drunkard miss”I said begging
She shook her head
“Oops sawry”she said and ignited the key
Oh Father..
“I yaff suffer!”I said as she played with my hair and almost plucked it out of my fragile head
Oh thanks God as we arrived my place and she alighted taking her sister inside as I told her my password before coming to take me inside
As we entered,I screamed my lungs out
“Holy shit”I said and
She screamed too
“Holy cramp”she said as
We looked around the parlour and sees that her drunkard miss have scattered everywhere even smashed my TV on the floor and everywhere is just…
“So rubbish and rough up”we both chorused
I didn’t knew where I got the strength as I rushed into the kitchen and carried the drunkard miss up straight to my room and forced her to the bed before quickly off the light
Crystal knocked
“Don’t dare do anything to her or I’ll screw your ass,Jeff”she said knocking at the door
I managed to walked outside and moved out
“You take care of your drunkard sister,miss crazy”I said angrily and pushed her inside too and closed the door immediately
She laughed inside
“Screw you,Jeff”she said
I scoffed
“F**k you,Crystal”I said and walked downstairs
I sat on the floor with my hands on my head and tears even refused to come out as I looked at everything that she had spoilt
“My expensive new TV especially the loud speakers”I said trying to cry but seems the tears felt weakened as ME too cos it refused to come out😭😭🙆🙆😖😖🙊🙊
Oh my gosh,your pathetic life,Jeff Willy🙀🙀

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