Can love be perfect episode 26

I woke up in the morning and looked around
“Where’s my wife?”I asked and walked out of the bedroom
To the sitting room and
“There’s no one here”I asked looking round when
I heard a footsteps
“Morning dad”I turned and
“Morning Xavier”I said shaking him
He bowed
“I’ve something to take care of so send my greeting to mom and sis”he said walking to the door
I waved at him
“I know Monday is best day for businessmen so be safe,son”I said to him
He nodded as he walked out
“You too dad,remember you’re a businessman too”he said to me and we both laughed
I walked into the kitchen
“She’s not here too”I said inhaling deep when
I heard the cracking of a door
“Who’s that?”I asked walking out when I saw
My wife coming out of Vanessa’s room and my heart skipped a beat
“Morning”she said to me
I forced a smile
“Morning dear and how was your night?”I asked
She looked away
“Fine,thanks”she said and turned away away from
My spreading arms
“Is something wrong,love?”I asked her
She walked into the kitchen ignoring me and I followed her
“Did I beat or slap you so why asking such question from me?”she said washing the plates
I hugged her from the back
“You’re behaving strange this morning”I said d and
She pushed me aside
“I’ve small headache so move away from me”she said and moved out of the kitchen
I followed and pulled her back
“Tell me what is wrong huh?”I asked
She pulled her hands away
“Can you just stay away from me and shut your mouth,mister Cyrus Browne?”she said
My full name
“WHAT!”I said exclaiming
She faced me
“Have you sell your conscience, Mr Cyrus?”she asked me
And tears dropped from her eyes
“I just wish you gone”she said and walked out on me
I followed her out
“Will you stop talking in proverb and goes straight to the point,Mr Cyrus’s wife?”I asked
She laughed sheepishly
“That’s what I regret most in my life:being your wife”she said pushing me away
I held her hands
“I regret that too”I said and stormed inside then straight to our bedroom,picked u
The car’s key and soon,drove out of the gate to God’s know where
I sat down beside a river thinking about what could be wrong
“Did Vanessa told her everything for she do not even come out despite hearing us shouting on each other?”I asked feeling down
I was thinking about this when I heard noises
“What happening?”I asked and
Stood up moving to the place when I saw a lady
“Hey what’s up?”I asked her
She looked up at me
“Hey Mr Hans”she said laughing and puffed out smoke from a 🚬🚬
I moved back
“What’s wrong with young people of nowadays?”I asked looking so irritatingly at her
She crawled to my side
“Can we quickly did it,man?”she asked me
I laughed
“What did she take me for?”I said and wanna walked away when
She ran to my front
“Let’s do it and you won’t regret”she said licking her lips and
Before I could say jack,she has unbuttoned my trousers and fling the belt away
“Come to mama”she said cracking up
I don’t know what came over me as I walked to her and we laid in the grass lawn beside the river
(Is he kidding us huh?
He didn’t know what came over him or that’s what he always do huh,what a bastard!)
We rolled and did it so many times still on the grass lawn and
She laughed stupidly
“You’re so good,man”she said licking her lips
I winked
“Oh really?”I asked smiling inwardly
She sat on top of me riding me and I felt do damn happy
“This is what my stupid wife has been denied me since and Vanessa ran away from home for huh”I said in my head
And smiled
“And here I’m now,getting it so many times even for free”I said looking at the b****y girl
We have finished another round when we heard movements in the up bridge so we quickly wore our clothes but
Surprisingly,the lady tore her dresses and ran off to those we heard their movements and started crying
“He raped me,love”she said hugging a huge man and crying on his chest
He glared so hard at me
“What did you say,Stacy?”he asked rubbing her head
She looked at me
“That man forced himself on me so many times”she said shedding 🐊 tears
He hugged her tight
“Then he’s doom”he said eyeing me
Then whistled
“Come out guys!”he said and pulled the girl to his back when
No no,eight hefty men came out behind them and bowed for the first guy
“Here boss”they said and smoke came out of their noses👃👃
He pointed at me
“Deal with that trashy man”he said and walked away with the girl following her behind
I quickly called after her
“She’s lying,I didn’t raped her”I said on top my voice but
The girl raised her middle finger at me
“F**k you,slutty man”she said laughing inside
I almost pee for my pant cos I’ve not wear my shirt and trouser yet since she fringe it so so far away from me
The guys moved to me
“Oh old man huh?”one asked
Another hissed
“He looks like one of our drug customer”he said
Another laughed
“This is a poor man so how can he bought drugs from us huh,Jay?”he asked and
They all laughed
“Even can’t be our club customer”they said and laughed again
I quickly kneeled down
“I’m truly an old man but with a lot of money so I’ll give you guys lot of money”I said pleading
They laughed and the one who seems as their head bent to my kneeling level
“Oh that’s cool so…”he asked and
I faced him too
“I’ll pay you guys so please let me go”I said rubbing my palm together
He shook his head
“Letting you go is a sin but I can pardon you”he said and
Faced his remaining guys
“Only scorpion should deal with him”he said. and
All the other guys moved back as the guy I think bearing scorpion moved forward and I looked at him from head to toes: Scar face and body,decay teeth,one eye and even,he seems the most ruthless among them
He gave me first slap
“Don’t dare whine in pain and let me hear you cos when you’re enjoying it,I didn’t hear you”he said and gave me ME another one
I yelped in pain
“Am so saying the truth pls”I said crying now
He nodded
“Truth about what,mister?”he asked
I rubbed my teary eyes
“That I didn’t raped her”I said crying endlessly
They as l chorused
“Oh yes,she raped you concerning how b***chy Stacey could be”they said and laughed loud
Scorpion hissed
“Have no time for this”he said and rushed at me
And that’s all I knew last as lot of blows descended on me then kick and punches follows as blood dripped out of my whole hole system and he didn’t stop and
Worse still,the other guys cheered him up as he beat me to the death throne and I wanna shake the death himself💀👊 when
He leave me
“Let’s go guys”he said
The head of the guys smiled evilly
“What about this?”he asked them
They cheered again
“Oh yeah,badass”they said
I managed to looked at what and gasped
“Isn’t that a syringe o f💉…?”I didn’t finished the sentences as
He injected me and beckoned to the guys
“Let’s get out of here”he said and soon,everything was so silent down
I tried and tried crawling out to the up bridge but it seems strength fails me as I stopped on my track and regretted my actions
“Had I know becoming angry will make me storm out of the house and get into danger, I wouldn’t have get angry”I said d crying
My heart whispered softly
“This is what you do to your own daughter and go scot free but see where thy Creator gotcha”it says and
Tears dropped endlessly from my eyes and so true,it truly law of karma
;What you sow,you shall reap
What goes around,comes around

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