Can love be perfect episode 19

I heaved heavily as Benny walked to me
“What happen?”I asked her
She bowed
“The boss is not here yet”she said to me
I stood up immediately
“What!”I said exclaiming
She nodded
“And we have the file of some company to check into for their wine’s supply tomorrow”she said to me
I walked to her side
“Help me check the wine and their labels while I check the files out”I said and
She smiled
“Oh nice idea sir”she said and
We both walked out of my office and then took different direction as I walked to boss’s office and she moved to the wine’s cellars
I clicked on the password
“What could be the code?”I asked scratching my head when
Her voice came on
“I’ve a way of forgetting something quickly that’s why I have easy password”I looked around thinking that
I’ll see her then laughed
“It her voice in my head”I said and sighed deep
I looked at the key code and smiled
“W I N E!”I typed it and boom,the door opened
So wide for me to enter
“So easy”I said and walked in
I sat down and parked the file to my front and took the pen
“Let’s check it all out”I said and opened it wide📂📁
After what seems like eternity,I’m through as I stood up stretching so long
“Oh,am so tired”I said and closed the files back
I arranged the desk well then walked out of the office then slammed the door shut and walked back to my office
“Oh yeah”I said leaning so well on my chair
I suddenly felt so..
“Hungry huh”I said and stood up taking my car’s key
Soon,I got to the wine’s cellars
“Hey Benny”I said calling to her
She rushed to my side
“Through already, boss?”she asked me
I nodded
“Yes just now so I wanna go out to eat”I said to her
She smiled
“That’s important so be safe boss”she said and
I smiled back
“Okay,thanks Benny”I said and
Waved in her face
“Record that well”I said pointing to the book📝 in her hands
She winked at me
“Sure boss”she replied
I smiled and walked out to my car then drove out of the company straight to a restaurant
“Hey waiter!”I said calling to
One guy wearing the restaurant’s uniform
“I’m coming pls”he said then
Soon arrived
“Your order Sir”he said giving me the📋📄
I looked through it all
“Just give me fried rice and chicken with juice”I said giving him the book back
He bowed
“Okay sir”he said and wanna walked away when
Someone pulled him back
“Same with me too”I turned and
Bite my lips seeing..
“Vanessa”I said almost screaming out
She eyed me and faced the waiter
“I want the same order that he took,dear waiter”she said
He turned to me
“Can I give her sir?”he asked
I wanna talked when she stepped on my toes
“Hey Van”I said angrily
She stood up looking at the waiter
“Go bring our couple’s order,mister waiter!”she said in a lovely tone that
The waiter can’t resist
“Okay ma’am”he said and ran off
I chuckled
“Why saying we’re couple,Van?”I asked her
She sat down
“That’s for now,man”she said
I leaned back
“Why for now,woman?”I asked
She smirked
“Cos you’re paying for now”she said
I wanna talked when the waiter placed the food on our table and bowed
“Bon appetite”he said
She looked up at him
“Pls can I ask question?”she asked
The waiter nodded
“Yes ma’am”he replied
She pulled his ears
“Are we in a French land or is it world that you’re speaking French?”she asked him
The waiter quickly bowed
“Enjoy your food,ma’am”he said
She rubbed his cheeks
“Oh dear,don’t mind my craziness”she said
And pointed at the food
“Gracias for this”she said and pushed him slightly away
I scoffed
“Is Gracias not French?”I asked
She shrugged
“Oh deli food”she said digging into the food
I smiled looking at her and her crazy ways then start to eat my food too with her chuckling
We finished eating when she snatched the car’s key from me
“Hey give me that”I said to her
She shook her head
“No way”she said
I snatched the key from her
“No crazy ways again”I said
She looked sad
“Tomorrow is my birthday and no one is taking me to shopping”she said sadly
I scoffed
“That crazy ways not gonna get to me”I said and wanna entered the car when
She moved to me swiftly
“Will you take me shopping or I show another crazy way of mine for you,Mr Jeff?”she asked with her eyes so red👿 and
I swore I saw devil’s horn on her head👿👹
“Okay ma’am”I said smiling and
No one told me as I moved out of the car,gave her the key then moved to the other side of the car
“That night she show me her crazy ways,I ended up losing precious things in my house even received lots of beating”I said as I did the seat belt
She drove out of the restaurant and soon parked at a boutique
“We’re here,J”she said happily
I nodded
“Oh right”I said and we moved out of the car
We entered the boutique and everyone bowed for her
“Happy birthday in Addy,miss Vanessa”they said greeting her
She smiled happily
“Thanks dears and try to come to Cyrus’s mansion tomorrow for my birthday OK”she said to them
They all nodded
“Sure ma’am”they said
I looked down guiltily
“She’s saying the truth”I said sighing
She pulled me
“Let’s shop gown and shoes with bags👗👠👠👜”she said to me
I smiled
“Pick any of your choice, Vanessa”I said to her
She smiled
“For real?”she asked
I nodded
“Sure and the bills💰💳 on me”I said to her and
She jumped up happily
“YEAH!”she said screaming out
I sat down
“I be checking you out”I said
She winked at me
“Leggo”she said and choose some few clothes and their matching shoes with bags
I crossed my legs like a groom waiting for her bride to wear her wedding gown👰👸 then come out for him to check her out and
Truly,Vanessa came out
“How’s this?”she asked
I redo my suit
“Perfectlito”I said and she smiled rushing back
To change to another after another and after another and I too didn’t get tired at all telling her how she truly looked in it with her not stopping to change and smiling at my compliments and others
Soon,I’ve almost twelve disciples of bags in my hands as she took take extra three as we walked out of the boutique and I heard the salesgirls
Asking her
“Is he yours,miss Vanessa?”they asked her
She just blushed when I winked at her and the girls almost faint seeing us behaving like a newly wedded couple👫❤💏
I put the loads of stuffs at the backseat and we drove out to a narrow lane where I drop her o ff
“Happy birthday in Addy,Vanessa”I said giving her a small box🎁
She smiled and opened it
“Wow”she said as she saw a bracelet inside the little box📤
I smiled too
“Dressing is not complete without that”I said
She looked at the box as it compose of a bracelet, necklace and small bangles
“Thanks much,Jeff”she said pecking me
I blushed
“You’re welcome, Vanessa”I said
She walked to the door as I put everything inside for her then moved out when she called me
“Jeffrey”she said using my full name
I looked back
“Yes Vanessa”I answered
She played with her fingers
“I’ll be glad if you do come to our Mansion tomorrow to put all this jewelries on me on my birthday”she said with her cheeks so red
I held her hands
“I’ll for sure,trust me crazy lady”I said and
She smiled
“OK, I believes”she said
We waved at each other before I drove off and a young woman hugged her as they whispered to each other then laughed
But I just wonder ‘how come she ends up with the King’s family in their tiny cottage?’ and not her own family in the gigantic mansion

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