Can love be perfect episode 18

I arrived at work early today and I leaned on m y changing locker
“Ooh gosh,am so so full”I said rubbing my stomach
I remembered it granny that cook today and she always feed me to the brim and even over brim which made me to recite Psalms 23 ..
“Hmm which verse is that?”I asked as I I finished changing to my work’s uniform
Someone tapped me
“Verse of what?”I turned and saw Jeremy
Then sighed
“That verse in Psalms 23 which states ‘He fill my cup with something and my cup🍵🍸 overrun’ in the Bible?”I asked him
He laughed
“Is it fill my cup with something huh?”he asked laughing
I nudged him
“What’s it then,J?”I asked
He suddenly stop laughing
“I don’t know too”he said and walked away
I hissed
“I’ve to do some crazy practices to make this puffy stomach to deflate”I said rubbing my head
I walked into the toilet and just filtered some chemicals inside both the females and males own
I walked away
“I want you guys to have a little taste of what Crystal King is smelling of everyday”I said and chuckled
I moved out sweeping the floor when Jeremy called to me
“Are you through with the toilets already?”he asked me
I blew c hewing gum to his face
“Take that”I said and continued my sweeping
I have swept the whole surrounding then moved to the gate and jumped up
“Hello gateman”I said calling to
The man at the gate
“Heish”he said
I frowned
“Man are becoming spiderman, batman,ironman but here you’re becoming an ordinary gateman huh”I said shaking my head for him
He glared at me
“And you,miss craziness?”he asked
I stood akimbo
“Am the Supergirl”I said and shook my butts at him
He just hisses and entered his room while I laughed my ribs out
I bent down sweeping when someone greeted me
“Morning lady”I looked d up smiling but
Dull t he moments I saw the person
“Morning”I said d not that smiling again
He faced me
“Pls where’s your boss?”he asked
I decided to tease him asking stupid questions before finally gave him the lead Inside as a plan crossed my mind
He entered and I stretched so well
“Oh the beat way to deflate my puffy stomach is to deflate the tyres too”I said looking at the car the man bought
And the man is no other than..
“The wicked father of Vanessa and a rapist incest”I said laughing
I break a strong brooms and laughed evilly
“Thanks dad for being a mechanic and always do take me along to your shop”I said and
Sat beside the tyres
“Now am gonna make you proud,daddy”I said chuckling
I off the tyre’s cover🚗🚗 and put the broom inside it as it puff air out
“Oh my stomach is deflating little by little”I said smirking
Jeremy walked to me
“Hey crazy girl”he said pulling me up
I laughed evilly
“A crazy girl going crazy”I said and ran to the other side then boom,another got deflated
He pulled me up
“Stop this,Crystal”he said
I kicked his legs
“Will you too stop this or I’ll deflate you too?”I asked and
He walked away
“Alright!”he said and
I called to him
“Jeremy”I said d and
He looked back
“What again?”he asked
I pointed two fingers at him
“If you dare say I’m the one that deflated it,I’ll still deflate you”I said and
He just nodded walking away knowing that I mean it even tho..
“I’ll follow my father’s step so no human deflating”I said and clapped
I deflate all the four tyres then looked up
“Anything again cos my stomach is still puffy?”I asked rolling my eyes round the car
I removed the mirrors and put it on top the car,take out the tyre’s bolt🎐 and put it on top it too then moved to the back bonnet and
Tried opening it and luckily…
“It wasn’t lock”I said and opened it
I deflated the two tyres there and band threw the bolts away
“My stomach going down now”I said rubbing it
The gateman tapped me
“What are you doing?”he asked
I turned to him giving him my best smile ever
“Do you want ice cream?”I asked
He smiled
“Yes,I want the chocolate one”he said showing me his yellowish teeth🍧🍦
I looked away
“Don’t smile towards me if your teeth is complete,Roy”I said and walked away while
He hissed
“What about yours, crazy girl?”he asked
I jumped up
“Still with milk teeth”I said and walked away
I came back soon with ice cream and gave to him
“Knowing why I gave you this,Roy?”I asked
He shook his head
“Nope”he said
I slapped his head
“It means ‘SHUSH’ no matter what!”I said and
He nodded like agama lizard
“Oh sure”he said walking away when
Someone tapped me
“And ME?”I turned and
“Deflating is yours,J”I said and walked to the car leaning on it
Something popped up again
“Ooh Crystal”I said and
Opened the engine’s bonnet pouring the remaining ice cream🍨 inside and it sparked off💡
I chuckled slamming the bonnet closed
“And that’s what we called Off NEPA”I said
I heard Vanessa’s father voice so I quickly hide behind the corner with my phone camera ready
“Not gonna miss the screaming out face”I said cracking hard
He walked out with a box and came out truly at the door and screamed out
“Oh my Holy shit”he said as the box📦 fell on his legs which bring out the real screaming that I want
I laughed as I recorded it📷📱
“Just as I predicted he’ll scream and d even,the old man don’t know Christ”I said
“He just said Holy shit”I said cracking up
I laughed and laughed and didn’t know he’s in front of me
“Hey”he said glaring hard at me
I quickly composed myself
“Hi sir”I said
He frowned
“Why are you laughing?”he asked
I bent down
“A bird just poo on me”I said showing him a little bit of the ice cream that fell down on the ground
He nodded
“Who did that to my car?”he asked
I spread my arms
“WHO KNOWS!”I said and walked away leaving him so bewildered and looking silly
I entered the changing locker and shook my butts
🎶 I’m a conqueror
Just follow my father’s step
I just deflate a tyre
Even four tyres huh
Who’s more conqueror
Than ME
A head popped out
“Stop disturbing the company with your speaker voice”I turned seeing Mrs Betty
Then bowed
“Am sorry Mrs”I said eyeing her
She walked away
“Better”she said but
I decided to scream out again
“Oh yeah!”I said rounding it off
And she looked back when I quickly slammed the door shut then laughed and laughed even rolled on the floor
Yeah Crystal King
Let’s go for season two craziness at  the Cyrus’s

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