Can love be perfect episode 13

I entered the company and quickly changed to my work’s cloth and started to cleaned all the place assigned to me when
Jeremy come to my side
“Are you through,Crystal?”he asked me
I shook my head
“Nope”I said to him
He looked around
“Where else?”he asked
I pointed to the restroom
“Remain the both the men and women’s toilet”I said to him
He nodded
“I’ll help in cleaning the men’s own so go ahead cleaning the women’s toilet”he said and walked away before
I could say
“Thanks,J”I said waving at him
I moved to the women’s toilet and was cleaning it when someone tapped me
“Who’s that?”I turned and sees our
Best typist in the company
“I’ve some work for you”she said to me
I dropped the mopping stick and followed her to her office
“So ma’am…”I said and
She gave me a parcel
“Help me take this to the Xavier’s company”she said to me
I gasped
“What!”I said exclaiming
She looked up at me
“Anything wrong, Crystal?”she asked me
I laughed
“No problem at all”I said and collected the parcel
I walked out reluctantly and changed to my shabby gown then looked into the mirror
“Should I make up a little?”I asked and
Shook my head
“Should I pack my hair into ponytail?”I asked then
Winked at the mirror
“I look like Ariana Grande”I said smiling as I hold my hair up
I packed it into ponytail and used band which I luckily see in my gown’s pocket then used hands to iron the gown well
I sighed as I do so
“What’s happening to you,Crystal King?”I asked looking at myself in the mirror
I inhaled deep
“This is part of what makes you as Crystal King so why trying to change it?”I asked and pulled the band away then rough my dress up again
I walked out and bowed for the boss
“Wanna go on an errand for Mrs Betty”I said to him
He nodded
“Okay,be safe”he said and
I walked away when
Jeremy whistled
“You look so.old,Crystal”he said to me
I shrugged
“Who cares!”I said and walked away
I flagged down a taxi
“Xavier’s company”I said
The taximan smiled
“Okay miss”he said
I entered and soon,I’m at the company
“So huge”I said looking at the company🏬🏢
I entered the place and walked to the receptionist
“Morning ma’am”I said bowing
She turned to me
“Morning miss and what can I do for you?”she asked me
I looked around
“I wanna drop a parcel🎁 for Mr Xavier”I said
She smiled
“Okay miss but let me check the name”she said
I gave her the parcel and wanna walked away when she tapped me
“I’ve check it so take it to the 5th floor”she said giving it back to me
I laughed sarcastically
“Oh dear,can’t you give him yourself?”I asked
She shook her head
“I can’t cos he has a file to sign for you in your hand”she said to me
I gasped
“Oh that’s true!”I said and
Almost burst into tears as I walked to the lift
“Can’t I just go peacefully?”I asked and entered the lift
Then pressed 5
“Must I see him today:the day starting the week?”I asked myself and roughed my hair then sat on the floor
The door opened suddenly and I looked up to see…
“Miss crush”I said and sprang up
She looked at I’m a piece of trash
“Why can’t you be socialize for once?”she asked me
I feel so pissed off
“What did you say,miss blabber mouth?”I asked coming out of the lift
She folded her hands
“Do you look yourself in the mirror before coming here?”she asked me
I put the parcel down
“I should ask you that miss cos you look like one lost masquerade with that your heavy makeup?”I asked and grabbed her gown to cleaned her eyes
She pushed me away
“Are you mad?”she asked me
I pushed her back
“I prefer crazy”I said and cleaned the face again
She screamed
“She’s mad”she said
I put my hand inside my nose and pulled out a hair then cleaned it on her face
“That’s fit you perfectly,silly crush”I said and laughed
She screamed in terror
“What a dirty pig”she said using hankie to cleaned her face
I rubbed it again on her ass
“Lick that off”I said laughing then ran away as she ran after me
I ran round before seeing the inscription ‘BIG BOSS’S OFFICE;XAVIER CYRUS’
I stuck my tongue at her before rushing inside and slammed the door on her face
She screamed
“My fingers”she said
I looked back and laughed
“You think you’ve a long hands to catch me but oops,it the fingers that get caught instead”I said laughing evilly
Don’t blame me dears cos I’m not that kind of person but when someone messes with my own world especially Mrs King’s way of teaching me about Life,then I won’t hesitate at all to go out of my way to abuse the person
That’s just ME!
A voice jerked me off my thought
“Crystal?”I turned and sees
Xavier standing up
“It truly YOU!”he said smiling like an idiot
I walked to his desk and bowed
“I’m from Willy Typing Company to give you this parcel”I said and
He laughed
“Is this parcel?”he asked me
I looked at my hands
“Oh shit”I said seeing that silly crush file in my hands
I dashed out before he said anything and pushed Sandra away from the way throwing the file down and rushes back to the scene
I heaved a sigh of relief
“There you’re!”I said smiling
I picked it up and smiled so bright
“Oh Lord!”I said and crossed my heart
I ran back to his office and stretched the parcel to him🎁
“Here sir”I said
He collected it from me
“What’s wrong with you,Crystal?”he asked me
I looked at myself from head to toes
“Nothing sir,I’m so okay”I said and
“Pls sign here to confirm you receive the parcel”I said to him📋✏
He sat down
“I’m not signing that”he said
I folded my hands
“Didn’t you collect the parcel or what?”I asked him
He eyed me
“I did but you’re behaving like a stranger so I’m not signing it at all”he said and leaned on his desk
I clapped
“We’re total stranger so pls sir Xavier, sign the book pls”I said giving him the pen
He pulled me close
“Then go to eat with me,Crystal”he said
I pulled myself away
“NO WAY!”I said
He shook his head
“NO WAY TOO!”he said with a hulky voice
I roughed my hair
“Don’t let me bring my craziness out,Xavier”I said to him
He snapped his finger
“Oh okay,I love that”he said beaming
I turned to his side
“Now sign it now”I said
He took his car’s key and stood up
“I’ll for sure but first..”he said and bent to carry me but
I moved away quickly
“That won’t get me”I said
He nodded
“Okay then so bring the file”he said
I stay rooted and stretched my hand with the file to him and he pulled me so suddenly that I almost fell but he grabbed me and carried me up in bridal style
“Gotcha”he said laughing evilly
I wriggled in his hands
“Let go of me,Xavier”I said angrily
But he couldn’t as he ran out of his office
“Close the door,Sandra”he said facing her
Then ran to the lift and put me inside the lift
“Oh so famish”he said to me
I frowned looking at him
“Let’s go eat then”I said grinning as an evil plan crossed my mind
He smiled
“Oh thanks pretty”he said
I leaned on the door
“Not crazy girl again”I said and
He winked
“Yeah cos you’re pretty and not crazy today”he said to me
The lift opened and we both walked out as I faced him
“Watch Out,Xavi”I said to him
We entered his car and he drove straight to a nearby restaurant then came down and walked inside together
All eyes turned to us and I wonder…
“Is he a celebrity?”I asked my head or that what I thought I did as
He laughed
“Maybe I’m a natural celebrity”he said
I scoffed hearing him
“What’s that?”I asked and he laughed
We sat down together as they served us so different kind of foods on our own VIP table
I whispered
“Are we doing a food’s party,Xavi?”I asked him
He beamed happily
“Oh pretty,I’m so loving the new name of mine”he said blushing
I almost hit his head
“Why all this food?”I asked
He picked up his fork and knife🍴
“At least Crystal King, eat and be fat even little”he said looking at me
I looked at my body
“I’m so perfect like this”I said
He twisted his mouth
“So thin and short”he said
I kicked his legs under the table
“F**k You”I said hissing
He turned to the waiter
“A bottle of wine pls and it cup”he said to them🍷
I gasped
“After all this plenty food huh?”I asked
He raised his hands again
“And a juice”he said🍹
I gulped down saliva
“This is Foody”I said rolling my eyes
He turned to me
“Bon appetite”he said
I waved him off as I dug into the food
“Gracias”I said
He gasped
“Do you hear French?”he asked me
I looked at the food in front of me
“Did I just speak one,Xavi?”I asked
He tapped the table
“Yes,you did”he said
I raised my eyebrows
“Just think of it as the food on the table speaking it for me”I said and licked my lips
He tapped me
“What’s your best food?”he asked
I sighed
“I eat anything”I said
He laughed
“Your best game?”he asked
I sighed again
“Basketball”I replied him🏀
He folded his hands
“And your best…”I didn’t allow him to finished as
I screamed out
“Shut up,JUST SHUT UP XAVI”I said and
All eye turned to our direction;to US
“Who’s this local girl with our Xavier Cyrus?”one said eyeing me
Another hissed
“See as she dressed so shabbily”she said
One hissed
“So sure she’s from so wretched home”a guy in hoodie sweater said
I looked to my front with deep sigh
“Who cares?”I asked as I dug into the food
He looked around and laughed
“What a crazy girl!”he said and start to eat too
I smiled
“Thanks you know”I said and faced my food
The waiter brought the wine,juice and something reddish in a small plate and put it on our table and walked away again
I looked at the reddish plate
“What’s that?”I asked him
He looked up at me
“That’s pepper powder”he said to me
I hissed
“What is a human doing with a pepper powder?”I asked
He laughed
“Watch me”he said
He took like two spoonful and put it on his food,mixed it and ate it
“So yummy!”he said
I shook my head
“Just can’t understand that”I said looking away
He laughed and we continued eating and he stared at me
“You’re so beautiful, Crystal”he said to me
I turned his head away
“Don’t look at me but at your food cos if you put it in your nose,hmmm”I said shaking my head
He smriked
“I just can’t when a Beauty is sitting right in front of me”he said smiling
I eyed him
“I’ll help you then”I said
He continued staring at me and I used the opportunity to put a spoonful of the pepper powder on his spoon as he take each to his mouth but he didn’t know as he continued eating and staring at me at the same time
He suddenly gasped
“Oh gosh!”he said
I faced him
“What happen,Xavi?”I asked
He waved me off
“Nothing”he said and continued eating
Soon,we finished eating and he stood up when he almost fell
“Oh shit”he said
I held him
“Are you okay,Xavier?”I asked
He eyed me then looked at the plate on the table
“Oh HEY!”he said exclaiming seeing the empty plate
I looked down too on the table
“WHAT?”I asked hissing
He pointed at the plate
“Don’t tell me you feed all that to me?”he asked
I covered my mouth
“Oops!”I said smirking
His eyes almost fell out of his socket as he is the one screaming now
“YOU’RE SO DEAD,CRY!”he said
I hissed
“©®¥!”I said
He nodded
“That’s your short name”he said shaking my head
He held me
“I’m feeling dizzy,crazy girl”he said
One of the waiter moved to us
“He has to rest alot if he truly finished that pepper powder,miss”he said to me
Together we helped him into the car and I drove home
“Mom”I said calling to mom
She moved out
“Where did the hell did you see that expensive car,Crystal?”she asked me
I sighed
“Help me here pls”I said
Dad moved out too and together,we moved him inside the room and straight to my own room where I sleep with Vanessa
Oh gosh. .
“His sister?”I asked when
Vanessa moved out of the toilet
“What happen,Crystal?”she asked me
I blocked her
“Nothing sis”I said
She stood on her toes
“Who’s that?”she asked me
Then pushed me out of the way and looked at the person spreading crazily on the bed
“Isn’t that Xavier Cyrus?”she asked me
Then screamed
“That’s MY BROTHER,CRAZY GIRL”she said and rushed
To my side
“What happen to him?”she asked me
I just shrugged
“I don’t know too”I said looking down
She moved to his side and shook him but to no avail as he’s busy snoring deep and I wonder…
“What’s in that reddish pepper powder?”I asked and
Vanessa faced me
“Pepper what?”she asked
I clapped
“Nothing”I said clapping👏👏
She eyed me suspiciously and both dad and mom joined too as they looked at me while I just fixed my eyes on the floor like someone looking for a tiny needle on the ground without caring for the many eyes burning into my skull and asking for a freaking explanation about what happen which
I:Crystal King is not ready even ever gonna explain except the silly Xavi wake up by himself and explain and
Even at that time,I’ll already be far from home and be at work or probably be at a far place due to errand
Oh shit do happen!👯💁💩🙈🙊

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