Campus babe episode 3

Campus babe
Episode 3
I was so angry,I wanted to approach
them,but something inside me told me to
ignore them since they hadn’t seen me.
After minutes of struggling within myself
I decided to go and confront
Femi,especially when I saw how they were laughing and holdIng hands,I didn’t
notice any real intimacy between
them,but I just didn’t like the fact that
another girl was hanging around my
boyfriend at our most special place,barely
a month after our break I that easy to forget?I asked myself as I took a close
examination at the girl,she’s not even
half as pretty as I am, Femi doesn’t like to
hang around people(especially girls)that
aren’t good looking. She was putting on
designer wear all over,her shoes,her hand bag,her jean and her top looked classic.
She looked “expensive” . Could that be
why Femi was with her,but femi had no
reason to be a gold digger,his dad was a
big time offshore worker in an oil
company,and his mom was a banker,I thought to myself. I was jolted out of my thought by the
sound of Femi’s voice,I didn’t know when
I had walked up to where Femi was,I was
too busy thinking. Hi,femi said in a playful
voice,he seemed to be in a really good
mood. Hi I replied with a sarcastic tone in my voice,while eyeing the girl at his side.
Meet mY cousin amy, before I could
introduce myself, Amy jumped in and said
wow! You must be prisi,his best
friend,he’s said a lot about you already.
What???!!!I exclaimed within myself,so Femi couldn’t even teLl his so-called
cousin about us,he had to lie to her
(reducing me to best friend level was so
low of him,how could he?).how was I sure
he wasn’t even lying about her being his
cousin. Do you mind joining us? Amy asked, I saw a look on Femi’s face that
implied that he didn’t want me there,but
I ignored that look,feigned a smile and
said : no,I would love to.
I joined them despite the fact that I was
having a lecture, and we started talking… I enjoyed the conversation,but one thing
that struck me was the fact that Femi
never mentioned anything about us
during the entire conversation,even when
we talked about relationships,I didn’t
have much to say because I just broke up with my first real boyfriend and I was
expecting him to talk more on it. He just
skipped anything about us,he talked more
about his ex-girlfriends much to my
anger.I had to pretend I didn’t feel any
anger because of Amy,she seemed so ignorant of any strife between I and
Femi. I was lost in thought only to be
brought back by Femi’s soft voice”prisi…
erm,there’s something I wanted to tell
you prisi(I felt some sweetness in my
belly,his voice was d–n cute,especially when he was trying to be soft)” yes I said
casually with a warm smile. Well, I was
planning to come see you at your
hostel,but since you’re already
here,lemme just say it…I’ve found a girl
that I love and loves and can RESPECT me (he made special emphasis on the word
respect).Amy put on a great smile,wow
bro,am happy for you..she hugged him
and encouraged me to do the same. She
didn’t even notice how shocked I
looked,my eyes were teary as a result of what my ears had just heard and what my
heart was still hurting over. Come on
girl,give him a hug that’s good news…he’s
your best friend isn’t he?awwww! dnt tell
me you’re jealous, Amy taunted(for a girl
looking so rich,she seemed nice enough). It was going to be the last hug ever,so I
made the best of it,buy holding him
tighter than ever(at that moment,I
relinquished all the pain in my heart),I
almost cried(I still dnt know what force in
the universe held back those tears),I freed myself from his embrace and that
was it. My eyes were too red to remain
unoticed by Amy,why do you wanna cry
she asked…nothing dear,I’m just so happy
he’s found love again,they’re actually
tears of joy. Femi couldn’t look into my eyes,I bade
Amy goodbye and turned to leave,prisi! I
heard Femi’s shaky voice,please don’t
leave me(I felt like getting a
Knife and stabbing him to death,all my
love had turned into hatred in that split second….is he crazy? What does he want
from me?).I hope you’re happy, I turned
to look at him with tears running down
my eyes,and I ran away from there,I
heard Amy calling out,I didn’t respond I
just didn’t want to see him again..ever
I left that place wondering and pondering
on how foolishly I had just reacted,how
can I miss an important lecture and
possible test just because of a guy that
didn’t seem to care,he’s not worth it
joor,I sighed…something has to be done about this,and really fast,am beginning to
lose it. I knew I needed to re-organise my
priorities,my academics had suffered a lot
because of one stupid love affair…I made
up my mind not to ever love again. D–n
guys! I hate them,they’re just selfish

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