Campus babe episode 1

Campus Babe
A story written by Priscasmart…
Episode 1
They say each day comes with its
blessings and I guess some also come
with their curse…let me cuT to the chase
It was just another afternoon on campus
and we had just finished a hectic biology practical and some of my coursemates
and I decided to just chill at a little and
have some snacks and fizzy drinks.we
were about 7:3guys and 4girls. Among the
guys,was chuks: a really cute dude who
had a serious crush on me,every1 in d department knew about his love for me,
but since he had never said anything
about it to me,I just decided to keep him
as a friend. Chuks suggested we sat at a
separate area,he said he wanted to talk
to me about somthing(I already knew what it was but I wanted to hear it from
the horse’s mouth),so I said ok and
immediately we left for anothe table, the
rest of them were hailing chuks! chuks!
their eyes followed us till we sat
down,and I became so shy.finally chuks started talking… So chuks started talking about his
feelings for me,I had heard those lines
before but there was something about
how he said it…gosh! He was
romantic,too bad I already had a
boyfriend whom he had never met,his name was femi. I had told Femi about
chuks and the gist in our department,
femi had become jealous and I liked that
(dnt judge me please) sometimes making
a guy jealous increases his level of care
and attention towards you,every girl like attention and I was no different. Chuks had finished what I would call an
excellent romantic episode and he asked
me to be his girlfriend, I declined and told
him I already had a boyfriend whose
name was femi,it was then it occured to
me that femi and I had agreed to see by 3pm,it was already 3:30. I jerked and told
chuks I had to meet with femi,he wore a
downcast look and pleaded with me to
stay a while longer. Well I couldn’t really
resist his babyface charm so I decided to
stay for 15minutes more, after all,there would be plenty of time to spend with
Chuks and I had talked for over 20mins,he
was really funny and kinda shy when
talking to me,the last time I met a guy
like him was in secondary school.I was
really enjoying myself and had forgotten
my date with Femi, when I almost had a heart attack. O my goodness! I
exclaimed,chuks demanded to know what
happened,then I told him that femi was
here. I had barely finished talking when
femi just came and grabbed a seat at our
table. Gbam gbam gbam…I could hear that drum
sound in my ear…I am finished…
The moment they say femi at our table,my
course mates began to adjust their
table,one of them even took off the head
phone he was putting on,probably to hear
the action. I could feel the scrutiny of 5
pairs eyes at me,I was fully clothed but I felt as Unclad as I was born. They all
looked away when I turned towards
them,those devils! I said to myself why
did this have to happen here and now?
This was a really awkward moment, Femi
was normally a gentleman but with a bad temper when annoyed. Unlike him,he
didn’t even accept the handshake which
chuks extended his hands for, when I saw
this I felt like running away from the
table, I started wondering what to
do,should I just put on an angry look on face and walk away?should I ask chuks to
excuse us?that would be so unfair I
thought, My thoughts were interrupted by
Femi’s voice “so what are you doing here
he asked” I was so scared of him because
I know he could create a wild scene so I calmly said “nothing,I just came to eat
something after my practical session”. He looked at the two empty cans of sprite
and then replied,really with a sarcastic
look, he then asked”how long have you
been here?” I decided to lie,and said not
long just 30mins, Chuks glanced at me
and threw his face . When I said this Femi was filled with rage and he said “so
you’ve started lying right? I’ve been
watching you for over 2hrs sitting here
with this guy laughing stupidly” I could
feel my body go tensed and sweaty…
Femi’s eyes were filled with fury,so you kept me waiting for hours because of
another guy,I was already filled with
fear,I managed to stutter I’mmm sorry,I
could feel the tears that were about to
drop form my eyes,I was fighting to hold
them back , Chuks noticed this and could not stand it so he decided to defend me.
she told me she had a date,I pleaded with
her to stay with me just a little longer,its
not really her fault, Chuks told femi. Femi
totally ignored him,he didn’t even act as if
anybody just talked. Out of anger Femi yelled “you are a big fool,so its because of
this idiot you stood me up…after
everything we’ve been through I dnt
blame you at all” Chuks couldn’t take it any longer,he yelled
back at him “what’s up with you?how can
you talk to a lady like that?dnt you have
manners,I dnt mind how you talk to me
but you shouldn’t speak to her like
that,afterall she’s apologised ,dnt talk to her like again,at least not in my
I just sat down pitying myself, imagining
a lot of crazy things,what if they got into
a fight?(Although its kinda cute when
two guys fight over you,but not in this
case),I knew that if such a thing
happened,my course mates would not hesitate to record the video,another
thought creeped in,what if Femi slapped
me and beat me up I got really scared
(because I know say I know kukuma get
power)I was simply enveloped in
shame,my course mates were probably enjoying this scene,I silently wished I
could disappear at that moment. My
emotional side got the better of me. I
pleaded with femi to stop embarrassing
me and to be considerate of the fact that
my course mates were watching us. He told me to shut up which I quickly did. After a while,he took a deep
breath,hissed at me and told me to get
him something to it,I was both surprised
and relieved ,at least he wouldn’t talk
much while eating. Meanwhile, Chuks was
still angry and I also pleaded with him to calm down,he had no choice but to do so…
finally! peace at last. Or so I thought..

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