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Brother wale batch 11 by : 4:24 pm On April 8, 2021
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Brother wale
Episode 19
“Brother Wale wake up na!” I ran helter-skelter. It was getting very late, the street was deserted that night, maybe it was because it rained earlier, or it was because a Lion had gone to the grave beyond. Or maybe not.
“Brother Wale!” Yemi joined me from nowhere.
“Yemi come make we carry am!” I beckoned.
“Guy see blood for your mouth
“Yes na, na that b’astard Luku, as I dey pursue am na naso I fall for ground, him dog com fall on top my body, as me and the dog dey fight for ground naso the dog bite me for mouth oh!” I had hit my leg on stone while chasing Luku. Trill and I fought unending until I won the fight albeit losing my upper lip.
“Guy the blood plenty oh! Your mouth go fall comot oh”
“Leave am!” I supported the falling lip with my hand.
“Guy carry am well na!” We drag our foot.
They say corpse are always heavy, brother Wale was so so heavy, “carry am well na!” I urged.
“I dey carry am well na!”
“okay keep am down!” We were close to Kpomoh junction.
“Brother Wale why you leave me go?” I could hear he was still breathing yet i thought he was dead.
“Him never die!” Yemi assured.
“Him never die – why him no com dey talk?”
“Him go wake up, no worry!” My prayer for Yemi at that point was that he should lose one of his brothers and he would know how it feels losing an only brother.
“Him go wake up abi? I don pour am water tayah for him face, why him no wake up?” I was crying blood.
“Hey! Who are those?” I heard as we continued carrying the dead body of Brother Wale.
“yeah! SB! Police! Olokpa! We have deading!”
“Yemi! Which one be we have deading again? Hahahahahahaha!” I couldn’t help but to laughed.
“Hey! Who is laughing?”
“Nobody sir!” My upper lip almost fell off.
“ehnn! What are you carry?” We met again, Edward.
“what are we carry? We are carry Brother Wale” I answered.
“Ooooh I see! You are money ritual abi?”
“Me? Money ritual? No oh! He is my brother!” The cool breeze the bushes around could offer dried my sweat.
“And why is blood in your mouth?” He beamed the light on my face.
“This thing in his mouth is not blood sir!” Yemi said.
“then what is it?” Sergeant Edward cracked his gun.
“Answer am na!” I eyeballed Yemi.
“eheeen! Talk na, what is it?” He yelled.
“Don’t mind him sir, it is Watermelon and Zobo, I ate Watermelon and Zobo not too long ago” I almost said.
“So you this small boys are already money ritual!” At some point in my life when Brother Wale maltreated me, I felt like using him for money ritual but not that night.
“Sir! I need your help here sir!” I looked at Sergeant Edward’s head in his shadow as he stood on attention and I saw that his “head” was really a “ward”; a hospital ward, or maybe bigger.
“Eheen! What is happening here?” Officer Tunde said.
“sir this boys are money rituals” Edward announced.
“really!” Officer Tunde beamed the light on my face, and then on Yemi’s, and back to mine.
“Sir we are not money rituals oooh!” I confessed, “This man is my elder brother”
“And what happened to your mouth?” He asked.
“It’s Dog! Dog bite my mouth”
“Dog bite your mouth, and where are you going to with this body?” Officer Tunde asked.
“Sir he has refused to wake up oh, and I want to carry him home, I think he is dead”
“Dead! What happened to his head?”
“Someone break bottle on his head” I thought I saw Brother Wale’s eyes winked as Officer Tunde beamed the light on his face.
“are you sure he is dead?”
“Sir I think so, I have poured water on him and he did not wake up”
“Have you tried klzzing him?” He asked.
“Yes klzz! klzz of life”
If there was one person I never dreamed of klzzing even if a gun was put to my head, Brother Wale was that person; his mouth always smelled like our soak-away whenever he smokes weed and whenever he ate Suya too. Trust me, he ate Suya that night; few minutes before Luku showed up.
“I know you!” Officer Tunde said.
“I know you too! I gave you the Muringad that night” Moringad sounded like Spanish to me.
“Moringa! You still have some more?” He asked.
“No ooh!”
“As if my mama na dealer of moringa” I said to myself.
“Are you ready for the klzz of life?” Officer Tunde listened to Brother Wale’s breath.
“Sir his mouth don spoil, let me klzz the klzz of life!” Yemi volunteered.
“no wonder! you resemble g’ay sef!” I almost said.
“Don’t worry I will klzz the klzz” Officer Tunde said.
“Okay sir, God will bless your mouth as you klzz” I almost said.
The sight of a man klzzing a man really disgusted; I felt like throwing up.
“Sir no swallow him spit oh” Sergeant Headward said.
“cohoooo cohooo!” I heard someone coughed.
“Oooh! Brother Wale is alive!” I saw him moved.
“Brother Wale is alive!” Yemi hugged me.
“guy which kind hug be this, shey I be woman? Abeg leave me jor!” I pushed him off, seeing moments later that the warmness the hug offered had stood my d’ick. Don’t blame me, The last time a male not to talk of female hugged me was in 1759BC.
The only one I needed to hug at that point was Brother Wale.
“Brother Wale you are alive!” I hugged him.
“Thank God am alive! What is chuking me in my leg?” He asked.
“I think It’s my p’rick” I almost said.

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