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Blue eyes episode 9

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Blue eyes episode 9 by : 6:55 am On June 22, 2021
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👁️‍🗨️Blue eyes👁️‍🗨️
💙The eyes that sees it all 💙
Episode 9
💦 Tyler’s p.o.v💦

“Roseville town!” I heard a voice, it’s sounds like Itzel but it’s different.

“Hartwary street, number 67, save me!” The strange voice said again.

“Itzel? Is that you?” I asked but I got no reply.
Roseville? I have to follow the strange voice.
I grab my Jacket and keys and I rushed to Itzel’s house.

“Roonie where is your mom.” I asked hastily.

“My mom and my dad went out to search for Itzel, what’s wrong? Did you find something that can help?” She asked.

“Yeah, I keep hearing this strange voice in my head that keeps telling me to save her.” I replied.

“You think it might be her?” She asked eagerly.

“It sounds like her, I can’t sit here and assume. I have to check it out, the voice directed me to Roseville, you wait here and tell your parents about it.” I instructed.

“What!? No way I’m following you Tyler, you are gonna need my help.” She stated.

“No Ronnie, it’s late i don’t know what’s in store for me. Roseville it might be dangerous than we expected I can’t risk your life like I did to Itzel.” I protested.

“Nah I’m following you and that is final.” She insisted and walked to my car, opened it and made herself comfortable
Seriously!? She is really stubborn just like Itzel.

I called Itzel’s mom and updated her about the voice and the trip, she sounded worried because Robnie is going but I assured her that Ronnie will be safe.

After hanging up I entered my car and drove off to Roseville…..

After 2 hours drive we got to Roseville, Ronnie was already dozing off before we got there, I parked somewhere safe and tapped Ronnie.

“Hey wake up, we are here.” I announced calmly.

“Ok, so where do we go next?” She asked rubbing her eyes gently.

“Huh.. Hartwary street number 67, but it’s late already I don’t think we can’t find number 67 tonight. How about we lodge in a motel and search for number 67 tomorrow?” I reasoned.

“Ok anything you say.” She replied.

“Ok, let’s see if we can find someone and ask where the nearest motel is.” I said and alighted from my car and Ronnie did the same.


saw one man approaching where we were and I walked up to him immediately.

“Good evening sir.” I greeted.

“Evening, how can I help you?” He asked.

“Sir please we are looking for the nearest motel and Hartwary street, house number 67.” I asked politely, I don’t think it bad asking for Hartwary direction now it will be easy for us to find it tomorrow.

“You are in Hartwary street right now.” The man replied pointing to the sign post in front of us.
How come I didn’t notice that!

“And house 67 is few blocks away but the motel is quite far from here.” he added.

“Oh really? I think we will settle for house 67 then.” I replied happily.

“Ok, house 67 is five blocks away from here, it’s by the left.” He directed and I nodded.

“Ok thank you sir.” I acknowledged.

“You are welcome” he replied and walked away.

I went back to where Ronnie was and told her about what I found out and she was suprised.

“What a coincidence!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah I know right, come let’s go.” I replied and we entered the car and I drove slowly so can I spot house 67.
We parked in front of one little cottage which is the sixth house from where I met that man.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Ronnie asked eyeing the weird looking cottage .

“Well.. we will never know unless we check.” I replied and walked to the cottage while Ronnie trailed behind
I got in front of the door and knocked lightly.

One old woman opened the door and I started having second thoughts about this place
I don’t think this is it.
But the thought vanish when Ronnie whispered into my ears.

“I can smell her, she is here Tyler!” She whispered and my heart boomed with joy.

“Hello what can I do for you please?” The old woman asked.

“Ma please have you by any chance seen a female teenager here recently.” I asked eagerly.

“Tyler?” I heard Itzel call as she descend from the stairs.

“Itzel?” I called softly with shaky voice.

“Oh my God, Tyler” she cried and ran towards me pulling me into a hug.

“Ronnie you are here too!” She said as she disengaged the hug and hugged Ronnie
“I missed you big sis.” Ronnie said sobbing.

“You know each other?” The old woman who has been watching the drama unfold finally said.

“Yes Mrs Hannah, they are my family ” Itzel replied.

God! I miss her voice. I put my hands in my pocket as I resisted the urge to pull her close and klzz the hell out of her.

“Oh dear that’s good.” Mrs Hannah exclaimed.

“Thank you for taking care of her ma, she got lost when we were hiking yesterday and we have been looking for her since then.” I lied.

“It’s nothing dear, come join us I already cooked dinner you can sleep here for tonight and leave tomorrow.” she offered.

“That’s so nice of you ma’am thank you.” Ronnie replied and we all walk to dinning room.


finishing dinner Itzel and I volunteered to do the dishes while Ronnie went upstairs to the room we will be staying.

“Tyler how did you find me?” Itzel whispered when we got to the kitchen.

“You told me where you were Itzel, I don’t know how you did that but you connected with me telepathically and told me where to find you.” I explained, whispering.

“I did what!? Tyler I didn’t connect with you, I heard your voice when I was in the forest also.” Itzel whisper-yelled.

“I didn’t do that. I didn’t even say anything.” I said.

“Ok I’m starting to get confused.” She said.

“We will find out about the voice later, what matters now is that you are safe” I said softly.

“Tyler there is something I need to show you.” She said and with the look on her face I can tell something is wrong.
Itzel showed me the video clips she recorded, the pictures and the spell sheet I was amazed and confused, how can someone plan something like this against ARRENTRESS.

My eyes bulged out of my socket when she told me Zachary, my father’s advisor is the one behind everything.
My father trusted him! How can he do that!
I stepped out to call Itzel’s mom to inform her that we found itzel and tell her about what I just found out from Itzel.
I went back inside after hanging up, Zachary won’t take over ARENTRESS. Not when I’m still alive!!!!

Writer’s POV

Zachary, the King’s adviser who also worked for the element kingdom could not find Itzel so he gave up and planned on continuing the search the next morning. Getting to his hole, he found out that the spell paper was gone and was devastated.
He sent a quick text to Bailey who was one of his workers.


📨:Tyler and roonie found her and they have the spell sheet
Get me the spell sheet or she is dead.

Tbc …

Leave comments and let me know what you guys think.

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