Blue eyes episode 8

❄️Blue eyes❄️
❄️ The eyes that sees it all❄️
Episode 8

Itzel’s p.o.v ❄️
It was getting dark and I haven’t found my way out of this forest, I didn’t stop running for a second because I knew my kidnapper would have been back by now and he will start searching for me, I can’t let him get me, I have to keep running
I was keeping up with my pace when something hit me hard and I stumbled, I looked up to meet my fate, whatever that just hit me now is not gonna take it easy on me, I turn my gaze up but I found nothing.
Wait, what that shitty hell is that? I’m sure I hit something now but I can’t find anything.

I stood up and walk slowly to find out what just happened to me.

Bang! I hit it again! Wait is that… A seal! A binding seal! That’s why they is no body guard or anything, he already make sure I can’t get out of this forest, even if I escape the building I can’t escape the forest!
Oh no he is going find me!
Think itzel! Think..

🏚️Back at the building 🏚️

King’s adviser p.o.v
I just got back from the kingdom, I have to play both side to achieve my goal when I saw itzel and the prince open the seal I casted I knew Itzel has become a threat, I don’t know the kind of power she possessed to be able to break ßêüī binding spell, the spell was supposed to keep the whole ARRENTRESS realm in the dark and power-limited so I can execute my plan but she broke it! Even the prince couldn’t break it alone but she helped him! I have to know her power source and use her for my own good.

I open the door of the room I kept her in and I felt something is wrong, she is a talkative she should have been blabbing by now but everwhere is silent.

“Itzel?” I called and I got no reply.

I couldnt see anything because of the darkness of the room

“Çæñv!” I summoned and fire started burning on top of my fingers.

……A/N ~ (the advisor name) …. Can summon two elements ice and fire..( the antress power name)

I can clearly see the room now.
She is gone! How did she escape? I should have put someone here to guard the door, thankfully I already cast a binding and cloaking spell here she can’t escape this forest!
But what if she breaks it like she broke the kingdom spell?!

The one I casted here is not even nearly as strong as ßëüī!

But come to think of it the prince is not here to help break the spell together so she can’t escape! I have to find her quickly..

Itzel’s p.o.v
I have been trying to break this seal for the past 1hour now and the damn seal won’t open
“Åêūîøæ!” I yelled getting frustrated.

Damnit! Damnit! Why wouldn’t it fucking open
He is going to catch me and torture me! I don’t want to go back there!

“Focus Itzel.” I heard a voice in my head, it sounds like Tyler’s voice but it’s sounds more magical than his usual voice.

I take a deep breath and with my eyes closed
“Åêūîøæ! Åêūîøæ!! Åêūîøæ!!!” I casted and the seal slowly broke
I did it!

“Now run itzel, run and don’t look back he is coming for you.” The magical voice warm and I took my heels.

I can’t let him catch me! I kept running and didn’t look back like the voice instructed….

King’s adviser p.o.v

I have been searching for 1 hour and half now and I can find any traces of her
She has the power to cover tracks and smells? More tricks
What else can she do?
You are mine itzel! I will find you!

Writer’s p.o.v
After 3 hours search, the king advisor couldn’t find Itzel, that was when realization hit him
“She broke the seal!” He growled angrily.

“I underestimated you Itzel, I thought you couldn’t do it without the prince, I will come for you Itzel.” He yelled angrily and his voice echoed through the whole forest…

Itzel kept running till she got out of the unknown forest .
She didn’t even know where she is and how to get home.
She saw a small cottage and walk to it tiredly, she didn’t know how she got the strength to run like that without stopping to take a breath.

She got to the little cottage and knocked After knocking for a while one old woman open the door and was shocked to see a teenager in front of her house, sweating profusely.

“Hello, what can I do for you.” The old woman asked gently.

“Ma’am..p.. please..where .. is this?” Itzel asked panting and gasping for air.

“Dear you are in a small town called Roseville and this is Hartwary street.” The old woman replied sweetly and Itzel eyes dart to the house address.
“67, Hartwary street.” Itzel mumbled before she blacked out…

Back home..
Tyler’s p.o.v
Itzel has been missing since last night and we don’t have any lead
This is all my fault, I should have told her about my identity she wouldn’t have gotten angry and left that last night.

I went to see my grandfather today maybe he sees anything about Itzel but he didn’t.

I promised Itzel’s mom I will find her.

“Roseville town!” I heard a voice, it’s sounds like itzel but it’s different.

“Hartwary street, number 67, save me!” The strange voice said again.

“Itzel? Is that you?” I asked but I got no reply.

Roseville? I have to follow the strange voice…

*What kind of powers does itzel possessed?
*What’s with the new strange voice?


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