Blue eyes episode 7

❄️ Blue eyes❄️
❄️The eyes that sees it all ❄️ Chapter 7

Itzel’s p.o.v
I opened my eyes tiredly and found myself in a dark room with a dim light coming from the open celling I think, hands and legs tied to tall pole.

“Where the hell is this.” I groaned

Damnit my hands hurts and I can also feel the dryness in my throat .
How did I get here? Last thing I remember is someone knocking me out.

“Oh great, I have been kidnapped” I said sarcastically.

“Anybody here! Someone help me please! I need a glass of water!” I yelled.

“Really? a glass of water?” My inner conscious kicked in.

“Yea can’t you feel the dryness? I’m pretty thirsty here.” I whispered.

Great! I’m kidnapped and the next thing to do is talk to myself
Way to go itzel.

“Anybody there!” I called again and this time I heard the door cracked opened and I hear a light footsteps approaching me.

“Hello, who is there? What am I doing here? Let me go! I’m useless!” I yelled angrily.

“I’m just a normal regular girl, it’s not like I have powers or something you know?” I ranted like a parrot.

Wait what the hell is that! I was giving my kidnapper a clue, when did I become this stupid?

“You talk to much little girl.” my kidnapper scolded angrily, that voice belongs to a man! Well that’s a start , I have to know why he kidnapped me.

“You know calling me a small girl is pretty offensive.” I snapped back.

Okay, would these words stop coming out of my mouth. I’m never gonna get out of here if I continue talking to him like this.

“Who are you, why did you kidnap me?” I asked calmly.

“Why did you change tone huh? Why do you continue yelling at me.” he said smirking and I keep mute swallowing the insults brewing up in my throat.

“What kind of power do you possess? How were you able to open the seal? That seal is one of ARENTRESS’ ancient binding seal, it’s not a child’s play.” He said and my eyes almost pop out of their socket, wait he knows about ARENTRESS? He is from antress? Mostly importantly did he cast the seal?

“I…I don’t know what you are talking about.” I replied pretending not to know about what he is talking about, I have to make him talk maybe I can get something from him.

“No one will ever find you here Itzel, you will be here as long as I want.” He threatened and I swallowed the lump in my throat, he knows my name!


you k.. know my name” I stuttered.

“Answering question with questions, you lack manners little girl, now tell me how are you able to break the seal.” he asked in a stern voice.

“You are wasting your time, let me go! You can’t get anything from me.” I said with anger seething in my voice.

“Then we’ll do this hard the way.” He said and left the room.
Hard way? He is not gonna torture me will he? I have to escape before he comes back…

🏢 Back at home 🏢
(Writer’s POV)

Itzel’s mom, Tyler and Ronnie are walking towards the park, Ronnie was in front sniffing like a wolf will Tyler and itzel’s mom trail behind, they have been searching for itzel since last night and they haven’t find anything yet, r
Ronnie said she pick up itzel smell here that’s why they are here.
(Incase you forgot, Roneia has Zutroziogos. Meaning, ability to see through things and ability to smell)

“Her smell disappears here.” Ronnie said as she halt in front of a long wooden bench.

“What do you mean her smell disappears here.” itzel’s mom asked in a cracked voice

“I don’t know mom, it’s unusual seems like someone erase her smell, so we that won’t able to find her.” Ronnie replied.

“That means she is in danger.” Tyler added.

“Oh no!” Itzel’s mom said in a shaky voice.

“This is all my fault” Tyler muttered.

“Don’t worry, I will find her, I promise you.” Tyler assured and they all sighed warily.

Itzel’s p.o.v
I kept struggling to loose the rope my hands got tied with but it’s too tight my wrist hurt so much, but I have escape before he comes back.

Wait I have a pocket knife in my back pocket! What was I thinking before? Fuck it itzel!
I removed the small knife from my pocket and I started cutting the rope.
I spent 20 minutes cutting the rope and I kept praying he doesn’t catch me.

After cutting the rope I bent down and cut the ones on my leg and it’s pretty fast this time around
After cutting the ropes I step away from the pole
Thank goodness! Now I have to move to plan b. Find a door or window”

I walked quietly so I won’t step on anything that will make unwanted noise, I got to the door and try opening it but it’s locked
I tried scanning the room to find any other door but it’s dark.

I started using my hand to feel and I got something! A tiny window, I pushed it slightly and it opened!
But can I pass through this tiny window? I studied the tiny window and my eyes dart back at my skinny body.

Well I got to try it, I’m wasting to much time I have to escape before he comes back
I climbed the tiny window and pushed myself through it
That’s it! Come on itzel you can do! In a bit! In a bit!
And boom my body landed in a hallway.


that hurts!

But good thing is that I’m out, now I have to get out of this building without getting caught.

I sneaked quietly and I saw one big door and I opened it, It looks like a study room, the weird part is there wasn’t anyone here.
I scanned the room and I saw some papers on the desk.

Wait, what is that! The …..spell? It’s one of antress ancient spell, it’s dangerous and it’s source is dark magic.
I folded the sheet and put it in my pocket and I continue searching the room maybe I can find something helpful
I saw some plans craft on sheet, my kidnapper is planning to take over ARENTRESS and turn us into his slaves. The man who kidnapped turned out to be the Adviser to the king of Zole. The Element Kingdom. Fire, earth, water and ice. I brought out my phone and took pictures of some books and pictures. I also made a quick and short video of the room, showing Everything clearly. Samsung never fails with it’s high definition camera.

I left the room quickly I have to warn others about this!

I got to another door and open it, fresh breeze hit me.
He left me alone in the building? He is not scared I’m might try to escape? It doesn’t matter, whatever he thinks doesn’t matter! I’m out I have to keep running like my life depended on it
Well it does…


This story was written by Tomi Layo. A very good friend who decided to help. She wrote this chapter and I just edited it and added some things.

So all the credits go to her.
Babeeee, words can’t describe how much I love you😭❤️. Thank you so much ❤️

Next chapter coming up. 😚

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