Blue eyes episode 5


Chapter 5

Itzel’s POV

“You’re kidding right?” I asked Tyler.

“Would I joke with something like this? I woke up this and realized my powers were gone. I even got messages, the person was mocking me.” Tyler explained.

“How did that even happen.” I asked, confused.

“I told you the ARRENTRESS chronicle was stolen.” He said.

“And what does the Chronicle have to do with you loosing your powers.” I asked raising a brow.

“ARRENTRESS has been placed under a curse by the person who stole the Chronicle. All powers will start disappearing if we don’t do something quick.” Tyler said. He was feeling up.

“Oh….well, what are we going to do?” I asked.

“I don’t even know, its-”

The doorbell rang, interrupting him from saying what he wanted to say. I stood and went to open the door.

“Roneia?” My little sister stood at the front door in her ballet dress.

“What are you doing here, you should be in your ballet class.” I said.

“Yeah, duh! Guess what’s for lunch in my ballet class. Vegetable sandwich! And I’m definitely not eating that.” She said and walked past me into the kitchen not noticing Tyler.

“So you teleported from your ballet class? To eat at home? I’m so telling mum.” I said sternly.

“Oh c’mon Itzel. You want me to die?” She whined.

“They give you healthy foods for your own good.” I said placing my hands on my hips.

“Ouu! That rhymed.” She said playfully and I glared at her.

“Come on, just let me eat this for once.” She pleaded.

“Fine! Eat whatever you’re gonna eat, clean up and go back before your ballet tutor finds out that you’ve disappeared. ” I said like the good sister I am.

“I love you Itzy!” She said happily making kissy faces at me. I just smiled and went back to the living room. It was awkwardly silent. Me and Tyler didn’t say anything to each other since my sister was in the kitchen.

After about 25 minutes, Ronnie came out from the kitchen.

“I’m done! And don’t tell mum anyth- ouuuu aren’t you the new neighbor?” Ronnie said finally noticing Tyler. “You look hotter than the other night. Can I take a picture with you?”

Tyler looked confused and embarrassed.

“Ronnie just go.” I said sighing.

“Don’t be a joy killer itzy.” She said rolling her eyes. “Who’s gonna see a hot stuff and not fantasize.” She started taking pictures of Tyler.

“Uhh, what’s your name again? Forget it! I don’t care. You’re my boyfriend now.” She winked at Tyler. “off I go. Adios bitches!” She said and teleported.

Tyler blinked once, twice, thrice.

“Your sister is crazy!” He finally said after recovering from his shock. “How old is she?”

“She’s just 10. She look and talks more than her age.” I said and Tyler blinked again.

The door suddenly burst open.

“Hey bishesss! Diane in the house! Yo! Yo! What’s good!” My best friend walked in and I facepalmed.

“Just “hello” would have been good.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Who cares! I’m hungry and I’m gonna get something from your kitchen. Be riiiight back!” She said and walked into the kitchen also not noticing Tyler.

“She’s the bigger version of Ronnie.” I said to Tyler and he nodded.

Very soon, Diane came back with a tray full of three steaming Cup Noodles. She settled down and started eating. She noticed Tyler.

“Oh hey Tyler, didn’t see you there. Want a cup of noodles?” She said with her mouth stuffed.

“No, thanks.” Tyler said grinning nervously.

“Well I want one.” I said to Diane.

“Bitch this is your house, go make one for your self.” She said and stuffed her mouth with noodles.

Roneia and Diane should probably live together.

Tyler’s phone rang and he answered it. “Hey man what’s up……No I’m not at home…… okay talk to you later.” He disconnected the call.

“Was that Tony?” I asked.

“Yeah, he said he’s at my door and I told I wasn’t Home.” He said

“Well, your beside your home! Tell him to come over.” I said.

“Really?” He asked brightening up.

“Yeah.” I said.

He quickly ran towards the door, opened it and bolted out. Afterwards, he came in with Tony. Diane’s mouth was stuffed with food and when she saw Tony coming in, she almost choked.

Me, Tony and Tyler talked about what happened to Tyler yesterday.

“So what are you saying we should do.” Tyler asked Tony.

“We go to ARRENTRESS.” Tony said.

“Are you kidding me? The chronicle had been stolen, the kingdom is under a curse, the seal has been locked and no one can leave or enter the kingdom.” A frustrated Tyler said.

“Well we have to try again!” Tony said.

“I’ve tried so many times to unlock the seal and it didn’t work.” Tyler argued.

“Well, then we have to keep trying! We’re going there right now!”

“Now?!” Me and Tyler asked at the same time.

“Now.” Tony confirmed.

“Can I come too?” Diane who hasn’t said anything since asked.

“Uhh sure.” Tony said and Diane blushed.

We all set out to the place. Even though I’ve never been there. Okay I’ve been there but that was when I was born.

We finally got to a deserted place after about 45 minutes. We all got down from the car. And walked into the deserted forest. We walked a little bit deep into the forest and stopped at a tree. Tyler placed his hand on tree and then a very big circle appeared. It was really foggy so you couldn’t see anything inside the circle, later the fog began to clear off and a very big gate came into view. A very big Golden gate. Me and Diane marvelled at it.

“Wow. So this is the gate?” I asked.

“Yeah. You see those palm outline, I have to place my palm on it so the gate can unlock but Everytime I try, it doesn’t open.” Tyler explained.

“Well then maybe you and Itzel should try and then you and Tony. Don’t Take me serious, I’m just saying.” Diane said.

“Bingo! That’s it. Two different people. You and Tony try first.” I said and Tyler rolled his eyes.

“You think we haven’t tried that? I’ve tried with every ARRENT out here and it still didn’t work.” Tyler said.

“Well then what about me? Let’s try together.” I said shrugging.

We both moved towards the gate and placed our palms on the outline.

Everywhere began to rumble, like an earthquake was occuring. The gates began to shake and squeak, everywhere became really windy and finally, the seal unlocked and the gates opened! The seal was unlocked! By me and Tyler.

“Oh my God! We did it!” Tyler exclaimed.

“The seal has been unlocked but the curse is still there.” Tony said.

“One question. How and why were both of you able to unlock it.” Diane said.

Yes. How and why?


That’s all for chapter 5. This chapter wasn’t edited so there might be mistakes and typos. Leave comments and let me know what you think.πŸ™‚

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