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Blue eyes episode 4

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Blue eyes episode 4 by : 6:49 am On June 22, 2021
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~By Yoo Na

Chapter 4
Itzel’s POV

“Friday! The day I hate most.” I said as me, Alfred and Diane entered the school.

“You said that yesterday too. You literally hate everyday in the week.” Diane said rolling her eyes.

“Right.” I answered her. I didn’t bother going to my locker. Alfred’s phone rang. Me and Diane continued walking and left him to pick his call. He joined us later.

“Guys, I have to leave.” Alfred said.



Me and Diane asked at the same time.

“Ethan just called me. He’s not feeling too well and his parents are not home.” He explained.

“Oh! Move along then. I’ll cover up for you.” I said

“Thank you.” He said and ran towards the school entrance.

“Who is Ethan?” A confused Diane asked after Alfred left.

Shit! I forgot to tell her.

“Uhm…. Alfred’s boyfriend.” I said sheepishly.

“Alfred has a boyfriend?! And none of you told me?!” Her voice rose.

“Jeez, calm down. I just knew about it yesterday too.” I said sighing. And she didn’t say anything after that. We headed to class. Gosh! We were having AP Calculus for first period. Kill me please…

As soon as I entered the class. I sighted Tyler. But he didn’t look so good. He was checking something on his phone. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked angry and confused. I sat down on my seat which was beside him. He didn’t notice me.

The teacher entered and everyone settled down. Through out AP class, Tyler was just twirling his Doraemon pencil in his hands and looked deep in thought. What was going on? And why am I worried?

*Because you like him, you idiot!* My subconscious said and I internally smacked my self.

Through out school today, Tyler was unusually silent. No one seemed to notice but I did.

He went home before any of us did. And when I got home, I tried to see if I could get through him but his phone was off.

As I lay on my bed, my door opened and the Ronnie entered.

“Mum said you should come downstairs for dinner.” She said in a small voice.


I’ll be down in a sec.” I replied, she nodded and closed the door.

I love my little sister so much. Even though she can be naughty at times. There’s this girl in her school who used to bully her. Out of anger, Ronnie teleported her to Alaska and left her there for hours. After she was satisfied, Ronnie teleported back to Alaska and teleported the girl back to school. The girl whose name was Mitchelle was really terrified. She told the teachers and her parents what happened but no one believed her. The school principal had to call my dad. They all agreed Mitchell was going crazy so they took her to a therapist. My dad didn’t even punish Ronnie.

I headed downstairs for dinner looking gloomy. Still trying to figure out what was wrong with Tyler.

“What’s wrong honey?” My mum asked, concerned.

“Boyfriend problems?” My dad added.

“Does she even have a boyfriend.” Ronnie muttered and my mum smacked her. I didn’t say anything during dinner, I just ate and went back to my room.

I stayed awake until 9pm when I slept off. I woke up feeling thirsty, I checked the time and it was just 11pm, I got down from my bed, opened the door and went downstairs. I opened the fridge and took a bottle of water. I gulped down the water, covered the bottle and went back upstairs. As I closed the door to my room, the lights in Tyler’s room was switched on, I moved closer to the window to see him clearly. He was dressing up, was he going somewhere? He opened the door to his room and went out. I should follow him.

I wore a grey hoodie on top of my nightie, put on my white converse and went out quietly. I unlocked the main door as quiet as I could. After I unlocked it, I tiptoed outside and locked the door behind me quietly.

I saw Tyler walking down the street. Where was he going? It’s 11pm in the night and it’s dangerous. I walked not so quietly behind him. I thought he could hesr something from far away, why can’t he hear my footsteps.

He finally stopped walking when he got to the park. I quickly hid behind the flowers. Some guys came out from God knows where. They seemed to be having a discussion when one of the men suddenly slapped Tyler. The street lights shone on his face. He was really angry. The men attacked Tyler. They were 17 in number. Tyler started off well but then, the men started punching and hitting him with metal bats. What was wrong with him and why wasn’t he using his powers. They had beaten him to a pulp and I couldn’t watch it again. I got out from the bushes where I had hidden and clapped my hands loudly so they can notice me. I stood gingerly like a boss folding the arms. One of the men burst into laughter.


are you…..do…doing.” Tyler managed to say with blood dripping from his lips.

“Is she your girlfriend? Good thing! She’s gonna get beaten up too.” He said gruesomely.

“I don’t think so😏. Why don’t you drop your weapons and let’s fight with our hands.” I said smirking.

“Hmm… feisty. I like it.” Another man said.

“Itzel just go!” Tyler said but I ignored him. I signalled for the men to attack.

Ah! I beat the 17 men with no stress. For the final attack. I lifted the 17 of them into the air with my mind, my hand was balled into a tight fist. With all my might, I forcefully released the men which made them go flying in the different places, I could swear I heard bone(s) crack. I dusted my hands and quickly went over to where Tyler was. He wasn’t moving. I felt his pulse, he was still alive. I couldn’t lift him on my own.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” I said to Tyler who didn’t even hear because he’s passed out. I sprinted home. I tiptoed upstairs to Ronnie’s room.

“Ronnie! Wake up!” I whisper yelled and my little sister grunted.

“What do you want.” She said rudely.

“I’m sorry for waking you up but I really need your help.” I whispered so my parents wouldn’t hear us from their room..

“What do you want me to do.” She asked rubbing her eyes.

” I need you to teleport me to the park. Please.”

“What! The park? Tonight?”

“Yes, please.” I pleaded.

“Fine…” She said relunctantly.

She held and hand and teleported to the park. She gasped when she saw the body of the injured men lying on the floor, groaning in pain.

“What is going on!” She yelled.

“The person I want you to teleport is over there.” I said quickly and pointed in the direction of where Tyler was.

“Uhh….no one is there.” Ronnie said.

“What do you mea- uh oh! Where did he go.” Tyler was gone! I started fidgeting. What if one of the men had carried him. I counted the men and they were intact. Where did he go then.

“The person might have found his way back home. Can we please leave.” Ronnie said and before I could even say anything, she took my hands and teleported us back home.

I couldn’t sleep a wink. I was worried sick. Thank God today was Saturday. I had made Ronnie swear never to tell anyone what happened yesterday.

Someone knocked on the door to my room. The door opened and my mum came in.

“Honey, your dad and I are going to work and I’m dropping Ronnie of at her ballet class. I made breakfast already.” My mum said.

“Aiit mum.” I made a sign to Ronnie to keep her mouth sealed and she winked.

I don’t even have Tyler’s number, there is no way I could reach him. I sighed.

I took my bath, dressed up and went downstairs. As soon as I got downstairs, the door bell rang. I walked sluggishly towards the door and opened it.

“Hi.” He said.

My eyes widened. My heart leaped. Tyler was here!

“Omg you’re alive!” I hugged him tightly and he chuckled.

“My body aches, you can get off me now.” He said.

“Oh… Sorry. ” I said sheepishly.

I dragged him into the house and sat him on the couch. I folded my arms and crossed my legs.

“Explain everything to me. If I hadn’t beaten up those men, they could have killed you!” I said sternly.

“They could have killed you too!” He shot back.

“Well, they didn’t and they can’t even try to. I have black belt in Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu.” I boasted and he just sighed.

“So you’re gonna explain how and why all that happened or not.” I said

“There’s nothing to explain Itzel, my powers are gone.” He dropped the bomb.

“I’m sorry what?” I asked not believing my ears.

“My powers have been taken. I don’t have any Tresspower anymore.” He explained further.

“You’re kidding right?”



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