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Blue eyes episode 3

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Blue eyes episode 3 by : 6:47 am On June 22, 2021
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~By J Park

Chapter 3.

“Monday, the day I hate most.” I said as me and Diane entered the school hallway.

“You say that everyday.” My bestie remarked.

I sighted Tyler and his mum coming out from the principal’s office. As if on cue, she noticed me and signalled for me to come over. I walked over to where she was.

“Hi Mrs Williams.” I greeted.

“Itzel dear. Thank God you’re here. As you Tyler is new here, so I would like you to help him locate some places. Would you please do it for me.” She said politely.

“Uhh, sure. I’ll do that.” I smiled.

“Thank you so much. I owe you one. I gotta run now. I’m late for work.” She said and she klzzed Tyler’s forehead.

“So…let me see your schedule.” I said to Tyler and he handed me a sheet of paper.

“Hmmmm…..you have all the classes with me except history and Civics. And your locker number is 108.” I said looking at the paper. Things were still awkward between us because of what happened yesterday. “Follow me.” I said.

I’d left Diane, now I can’t find her. While looking for Tyler’s locker, I spotted Alfred at a corner, but he wasn’t alone. He was with another guy and they were making out. Yeah, Alfred is gay and me and Diane totally support him. I can’t believe him! He got someone and didn’t even tell me?

“Wait here.” I said to Tyler who hasn’t said anything since.

I sneaked over to where they were and cleared my throat.

“Freddie, you didn’t tell me you’ve got someone.” I said folding my arms.

“I was going to.” He grinned sheepishly. I shoved him off and faced the other guy.

“Hey. My name’s Itzel and I’m this moron’s best friend.” I said.

“My name’s Ethan.” He said back, smiling.

“So who’s the top and who’s the bottom?” I asked both of them.

“He’s the top and I’m the bottom.” Alfred said shyly.

“Oouuuuuuuu.” I said wiggling my eyebrows. “I approve you guys relationship. And Ethan, I break bones so Don’t mess with my best friend and take good care of him.” I said. “Bye Alfie!” I said smirking, knowing he hates it when me and Diane call him that.


call me that!” He yelled but I was already gone. I went back to see that Tyler was just were I’d left him.

“Your friend is gay?” Was the first thing he asked.

“I thought you were planning on not talking to me today.” I said sarcastically. “And yes! He’s gay.” He didn’t say anything.

We finally found his locker. He set his pin and put some stuffs in his locker and we headed to class for the first period.

“You’ve got a boyfriend?” He suddenly asked on our way to class.

“No I don’t. Why?” I said.

“Nothing, just wondering.” He said shrugging.

All eyes were on us. On Tyler to be more specific. I mean who would see a very handsome and hawt guy like him and not stare. Fiona and her minions suddenly appeared.

“What do you want now Fiona.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I’m not here for you. Move!” She snapped and pushed me away from Tyler.

“Hey youuuu. Want me to give you a tour round the school?” She said seductively to Tyler and I gagged.

“No thanks.” Tyler said politely but I could see he was annoyed.

“But it seems like you one.” Fiona said again using her fore f!ng£r to draw imaginary lines on Tyler’s chest. He swatted her hand away in disgust.

“I told you I don’t need a tour round the school and even if I did, I’ve got Itzel. You’re getting on my nerves. Get lost.” He said angrily and Fiona’s cheeks turned red due to embarrassment. Tyler took my hands and pulled me up from the where where Fiona had shoved me. We walked further away from her until he dropped my hand.

“I can’t believe you guys deal with people like her.” He said.

“Tyler!” A figure came running towards us. Tony? He just call Tyler now didn’t he? How does he know Tyler.
He approached us.

“Hey mahn!” Tony said. He and Tyler hugged and did a friendship handshake thingy like they’ve known each other for long.

“Hi…uhm, sorry what’s your name again.” He was talking to me.

“Itzel.” I said smiling.

“Right! It’s a rare name so it’s hard to remember. I’m sorry.” He said grinning.

“it’s fine.” I just said. He and Tyler started talking and I tried to read Tony’s mind..


His mind was blank. He blocked me out. How did he do that!

“Uhm, Tyler how did you guys get to know each other. ” I asked unsuspiciously.

“Oh! Tony is my best friend. Not until he moved here. We still talked to each other on the phone tho.” Tyler explained.

“oh…” Was all I said.

Wait a sec! I couldn’t read Tony’s mind and Tyler told me yesterday that he was best buddies with the prince of ARRENTRESS. Could it be that Tony was from ARRENTRESS and he was the prince? Argh! I’m so confused rn. I tried reading his mind again and it was still blocked. Classes were going to start anytime soon.


Puta!” My bestie yelled while approaching me. She realized I was not alone. I was with Tony who was her crush and Tyler. She blushed in embarrassment.

“Hi Tony, Hi new boy who everyone is talking about in the whole school.” Diane said weirdly and Tyler chuckled.

“Hi Diane.” Tony greeted back. He knows her name?? And he doesn’t remember mine? Tsk

“Class is starting soon and the hallways is getting empty, let’s go to class before the principal meets us here. ” Diane said and we all reasoned with her.

Lunch break, lunch break! Was all that was going on in my head. I pretty much hated school even tho I was an “A” student. Me, Tony, Diane and Tyler headed for the caf. Alfred was nowhere to be found.

“Uhm Itzy, I wanna use the restroom and you know I’m new here so…” He said shyly.

” Yeah yeah. I’ll take you.” I said sighing.

I told Diane and Tony to go ahead that me and Tyler have to go somewhere.

I directed him to the gents and waited outside till he finished. It was like I’m his girlfriend or sumn.

“I’m done.” He came out grinning.

“So fast?” I asked raising a brow.

“I just washed my hands.” He said still grinning. I felt like smacking him.

“Let’s go then.” I said.

He interwined my hands in his and Sparks shot through my body. His hand was warm and soft, the warmth from his hand spread all over my body. I blushed.

“What are you…..d… doing.” I asked nervously.

“I’m new here so I don’t want to get lost.” He said nonchalantly. Does he even realize the effect of what he’s doing 😩

I Decided to change the topic.

“Why are your eyes so blue.” I asked him. They can’t be contacts or are they? I said to myself.

“They’re not contacts.” He affirmed. Damn it! He read my mind.

“My eyes are naturally blue.” He said.

“Then I won’t call you Tyler, I’ll call you Blue Eyes.” I said and grinned like a little kid.

” I won’t call you Itzel either.” He said.

“So what will you call me then?” I asked him.

“Hazel. Your eye color is Hazel Brown. It’s cute.” He said and tightened his hold on my hand. I blushed and didn’t say anything.

We arrived at the cafeteria and he dropped my hands. The warmth left my body and my heart dropped. Why was I even acting like this?!

Classes have ended and everyone was going home. I later saw Alfred and he told me Ethan was driving him home.

Me, Dee, Tyler and Tony stood in front of the school. None of us had brought our cars. So we decided to trek home.

Tyler and I were at the back while Tony and Dee walked in front of us.

“Where do you live Tony.” I asked him.

“Just down the street. About 10 minutes from your house.” He answered.

“Wow! Your house isn’t far from Dee’s.” I said and after that no one said anything again.

We finally arrived in front of me and Tyler’s house. We said goodbye to Tony and Dee and they continued walking. I’m sure Diane will be happy because she’s alone with Tony.

“You’re the only one at home right?” Tyler asked me and I nodded..

“Would you come over for some of my mom’s cookies.” He asked.

“Are you inviting me to your house?” I asked and smirked.

He rolled his eyes. “You’re coming in or not?”

“Alright alright. I’m coming.” I said

He unlocked the door to his house and we entered. He went straight to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a plate of cookies. My mouth watered. He gave me the whole plate of cookies.

“All yours.” He said.

“Why? You’re not eating.” I asked.

“I don’t like sweet things.” He said.


I took one cookie from the plate and dropped the plate on the kitchen island.

“I’m going to my room. Wanna come?” He asked closing the bottle of water he was drinking.

“Uhhh….sure?” I said.

I followed him up to his room. His room was neat and tidy. It was painted blue. His room was full of Doraemon stuffs. Ranging from Stuffed Doraemon bears to pencils. It made his room look really bluish.

“Doraemon? Seriously?” I asked chuckling.

“What’s wrong with Doraemon 😒” he asked.

{A/N: Sorry for disturbing your reading. Doraemon is a cartoon character. It’s really cute and the colour is blue and white. I’ll get out now 🚶}

“Nothing.” I said quickly. My eyes darted to a big Doraemon stuffed bear on his bed. It was cute.

“You want it?” He asked me.

“You read my mind didn’t you?” I asked folding my arms.

“Yeah.” He said and smiled showing his cute little dimple. Urgh! Turn on!

“Now, you want it?” He asked again.

“Is it okay by you?” I asked biting my bottom lip.

“Of course. Since it’s you. I’ll give it to you. Anytime you miss me. Just hug Bluey.” He said grinning.

“His name is bluey?” Cute.

He took the big Doraemon from his bed and gave it to me. I said thank you.

“Why are you being so nice to me. I mean in every Wattpad story, the new neighbor is always harsh and rude.” I said.

“Well I’m not a Wattpad character. I’m naturally nice and besides, it’s you.” He answered and I blushed.

“My parents will soon be home. I should go.” I said and he nodded.

I was home already. I carried Bluey to my room and placed him on my bed. I dropped my bag and went to take a shower. After I’d taken my shower, I put on shorts and a tank top and plopped on my bed thinking. Why do I react like that when I’m with him? Why is he so nice? Why does he have to be handsome?! I sighed.

I decided to call Diane. It rang twice before she picked.

Dee: Heyyyy bishhh

Me: Cupid’s assistant, I need your hellllpp

Dee: Yo! Yo! What’s up!

Me: is it possible to fall in love with someone in a day?

Dee: Who is it? Spill it!

Me: My cousin’s friend likes someone so she asked me.

Dee: Hmmmm. It’s possible. Love at first sight. Or it could be infatuation, maybe she’s just attracted to him. Itzel, you’re the one right?

Me: Yeah it’s me and I think I like Tyler
*1, 2, 3*

Dee: Whattttt!!!!!!!! You like Tyler???

Me: Jeez calm your tits. My ear buds almost blowed off.

Dee: We’ll talk tomorrow. Like, real talk. I have some things to say about Tony too.

Me: Aiit Diane. Love ya!

Dee: Hate you too!

And with that, the call ended. I dropped the phone on my bed.

I can’t believe I’m saying this. It’s just been a day but I think I like Tyler. A lot!

I have nothing to say😑
I’m really angry at you guys!😤

J Park.

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