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Blue eyes episode 2

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Blue eyes episode 2 by : 6:46 am On June 22, 2021
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BLUE EYES 💙{The eyes that sees it all}


Itzel’s POV.

Ever since I woke, I had this weird feeling. I wasn’t feeling good at all. Something or someone powerful was near. My heart was beating really fast like I was in love or something and the feeling was unusual.

“Darling, we’re leaving now.” My mum said and left my room. Right! Today is Saturday and new neighbor moved in. We never related with any of the neighbors. But this time, my mum and dad said we should act like normal families. The neighbors invited us over for dinner tonight. I headed downstairs.

“Remember, no powers. It’s our usual family dinner. So be careful.” My dad warned and we all left for the neighbors house.

While we crossed the lawn over to their house, the feeling was getting stronger.

“Ronny, try to smell if there’s anything strange. Like the Tresspower.” I told my little sister.

She shook her head. “Nothing like that.” She answered and I sighed.

As soon as we got to the door, my mum pressed the bell and the door opened almost immediately. And a womam appeared. Her eyes were so blue. And they Were the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Hi!” She grinned showing her set of pearly white teeth. “Do come in.” She said and we all went in. The house was just like ours.

“I’m glad you guys came. Are these your kids? They’re really pretty.” She said. Her voice held so much power.

“Hi ma’am, I’m Itzel and my sister is Roneia, it’s nice to meet you.” I greeted her and Roneia just bowed.

“I have a son of your age.” She replied beaming.

“Oh really?”

“Tyler get down here this minute!” She yelled in the direction of the staircase which led to the second floor. Very soon we heard footsteps. Every footstep made my heart Beat really fast. Why? I don’t know either. It’s like someone is controlling my heart but that’s not even possible.

The boy finally got downstairs. He greeted my parents and just said Hi to me and Ronnie. His eyes were blue. Like the ocean. They were glistening like crystal, they were so blue that you could get lost in his eyes. He had eyebags under his eye, he didn’t sleep?


lie but he’s hot. Really hot. I tried to read what was on his mind. But a very huge force struck me like thunder and I fell to the floor. Everyone looked at me.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” Tyler’s mom asked me.

“I’m fine, I just didn’t get my balance.” I replied and smiled politely.

I tried to read his mind again and the force struck me again but this time I didn’t fall. What was going on? His mind was blank, he was blocking me out. Is he…? Is he from the clan??!

“Stop trying so hard.” He whispered in my ears, I felt his hot minty breath against my ears. A cold shiver ran down my spine. And my heart beat sped up. What does he mean.

While eating dinner while my parents chatted with Tyler’s mom. Tyler stood up from his chair.

“I’ll be right back.” Was all he said. His voice was pretty deep.

I was feeling the urge to wee so I asked Tyler’s mum where the restroom was and she directed me, on my way back I saw Tyler coming out of his room, he didn’t notice me. His hands were in his pocket. As soon as he came out of the room, the door closed gently, by itself. He had used the mind control. Suddenly he stopped walking and turned back, our eyes met.

“What are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be downstairs?” He asked.

“You have powers don’t you? ” I folded my arms and edged my brow.

“You noticed didn’t you?” He smirked.

“Who wouldn’t notice?” I said in a “duh” tone. “Your powers were strongly felt.”

“Yeah whatever, I’m going downstairs.” He said and left. Rude.

Finally, the dinner was over. I was bored out of my mind. Only the parents did the talking while we just looked. Ronnie was already dozing off.

We finally left for our house after saying goodnight.

“Okay does anyone feel anything strange or it’s just me.” I said as soon we got to our front door.

“I felt it too. The strongness of the power.” My mum said.

“I tried to read their minds but I get blocked out, with force.” My dad added. Ronnie already went up to her room.

“So they have powers? Only the royal family in ARRENTRESS has blue eyes. How come theirs is also blue.” My mum wondered.

“They can’t be the royal family. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or they’re wearing contacts. It feels good to have a fellow ARRENTRESS neighbor.” My dad concluded and my mom agreed.

” Anyways, I’ll go to bed now. Goodnight.” I said to my parents and went upstairs.


“Itzel get your ass down here before I tell Ronnie to teleport you to North Pole!!!!!” My mum yelled from downstairs and jumped from the bed. I’m not going to North Pole.

I took my bath, brushed my teeth, dressed up and went downstairs. My family were already eating breakfast so I joined.


why do you keep threatening me with North Pole.” I asked sighing.

“Don’t you love North Pole? ” She smirked

” Mom! You know I don’t!” I said back. She didn’t even reply. Ronnie had once teleported me to North Pole on the request of my mum. I was there for 2 hours and almost froze to death. By the time Ronnie came back to teleport me back home, my bones were frozen and they were so painful. As much as I loved winter, I hated North Pole.

“After breakfast, you’re going to the store to get me cooking oil.” My mum said.

“B….but…. But why meeeeeee. Can’t Ronnie just teleport and go get it?” I whined.

“Ronnie can’t go. 1. Because that’s stealing. 2. We can’t expose our powers.” My mum said

“I’ll just go, stay at home Itzy.” My dad finally said something after wolfing down all the food.

“Aww thanks Dad. I loveyyy youuuu.” I grinned.

“You’re not going anywhere Louis. Itzel is going and that’s final.” My mum said sternly. And I groaned. Today was Sunday and I had planned to spend my day at home doing nothing.

After breakfast, I rested on couch and after a while I decided to quickly go and get what my mom sent me.

“Mom I going already!” I yelled in the direction of the staircase.

“Alright honey! Take the thrash bag along!!” She yelled back.

“Itzy wait! I’ll follow you.” My sister came running from her room.

“No! Stay at home. I’ll get you ice lolly on my way back. Okay?” I said and carried the thrash bag and went out.

As soon I was outside. I saw Tyler going in the direction of the store, with his hands in his pocket. I dumped the thrash bag in the big thrash can and ran after him.

“Hey there neighbor!” I greeted panting heavily.

“Hi.” Was all he said. I rolled my eyes.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“To the store.” He said.

Gosh, I was feeling really hot. I should have run. The weather was hot and burning. I need something cold. Like an ice cream.

“Follow me.” He suddenly said and I gave him a confused look. He sighed, took my hands in his and dragged me towards the ice cream van. He asked me to choose a flavor and got me an ice cream. Wow!

“How did you know I wanted an ice cream.” I asked trotting behind him.

“I read your mind.” He said simply.

We sat down on a bench in the park.

“So what are you powers.” I asked him, licking my ice cream.

“I have ArrenZiogos, Arrenotreum, ArrenLibrosos, Arrenstnou, Pieaces.” He said.

“Out of everything, the only thing I know is ArrenZiogos and Notreum which is mind reading and mind control. What does the others mean.” I said

“Librosos is being able to hear something or someone from miles away, stnou is mind blocking, Pieaces is an healing power, I can heal any type of injury.” He explained and my jaw dropped.

“How come you have those powers, you’re not even the prince.” I said and stood, he stood up too and we started walking towards the store.

“I’m not the prince, but I’m the prince’s best buddy.” He said and I nodded.

Suddenly, two cars collided with each other on the road and went flying in the air, everyone on the road were shocked, some were screaming. Suddenly, Everything stopped, the cars were hanging in the air, no one was moving, no breeze. Time stopped and it was Tyler who stopped it.

I watched him move towards the car and use his mind to bring the cars down safely, he separated the cars from each other. One of the drivers had a cut on his forehead and Tyler used his healing power.

What the f√¢k was going on! Everyone was frozen along with the time but I wasn’t, why?

I moved closer to him and tapped his shoulder. He jumped in fear.

“What the- how come you’re in my time? Why are you not frozen like the others?”

“I don’t know either and what just happened?! You can stop time?!” I yelled at him. He sighed and looked up in the sky. He looked down and closed the space between us and he klzzed me. HE FREAKING KISSED ME!!!

He broke the klzz and looked at me.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? You’re still not going to explain all of this?!” I said folding my arms even though my lips were still burning from the klzz.

His eyes widened. “You still remember what happened? How come. I thought I wiped your memory. ” He said and now my eyes were as wide as saucers.

“W…what are you talking about? You tried to wipe my memory? You can wipe memories too?!!! God! This is too much, why? ”

“Look, I have the Kreutzer and Kreusmus power. I can stop time. I can also wipe memories through klzzing. I thought you were frozen when I stopped the Time, but you weren’t so I tried to make you forget about the incident then I tried to wipe your memory, but it didn’t work either.” He explained. “This has never happened and I don’t know why it’s happening.”

“I think I’ll just go.” I ran towards the store and he released the Time and Everyone was moving again. I bought the cooking oil and ran home. With many things on my mind.

Time stopping
Memory wiping
How come he has all these powers when he’s not the Prince of ARRENTRESS. Or…maybe he was and he just disguised as a normal guy.

I got home and dropped the oil in the kitchen and ran upstairs to my room.I collapsed on the bed and took my phone.

12 missed calls and 5 messages.
7 calls from Diane and 5 from Alfred. Then 5 messages from Diane.


12:30 pm: Bish pick up your calls

12:33: what are you doing 😩

12:34: I’m boredddd😭

12:49: OMG!! Are you…… dead???!!

1:00: I’m at your front door

I heard the door opening downstairs. That must be Diane.

The door of my room burst open. My best friend ran towards me and hugged me.

“Jeez, where were you. I thought you died.” She hugged me really tight.

“Get the f√¢k off me! You’re suffocating me!” I said and she quickly jumped off me.

“But seriously-” she was cut off by the door opening. It was Alfred.

When Alfred saw Diane, he gasped and Diane did the same.

“You liar!” Diane seethed

“You traitor!” Alfred gritted.

They were both giving each other death stares.

“Okay can someone tell me what’s going on.” I said.

“When I was calling you and you weren’t picking up, I called Alfred and told him. He called you too and you didn’t pick up. So he told me to call him when I’m coming to your place and I also told him to call me. But he didn’t!” Diane explained.

“You didn’t call me either!” Alfred argued back.

“I….I was just about to call you.” Diane stuttered.

“Oh really? But I don’t see your phone any where.” Alfred retorted.

“You didn’t call me too!” Diane quickly said.

“I was about to!” Alfred said back.

“Oh really? But I don’t see your phone anywhere.” Diane said using his words against him.

“Are you using my words against me?” Fred said.

“Both of you shut up!!!” I yelled in anger and they both kept quiet.

And both of them realized they were at fault. Diane opened her purse and brought out a raspberry lollipop and Alfred Brought out a Strawberry bubble gum from his pocket. They both exchanged it and grinned.

“I hate you.” Diane said opening the bubble gum Alfred gave her.

“I love you too.” Alfred said too, opening the lollipop Diane gave him and they both burst into laughter. while I just watched the drama unfold. My best friends are crazy☹️



Oh, about the time stopping, in case you guys don’t understand. When Tyler stopped the Time, Everything and everyone paused. Nothing was moving. But Itzel didn’t pause.
You wanna know why she was in his time and why Tyler couldn’t wipe her memory?
Keep on reading 🙂


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