Blue eyes episode 11 – finale

{The Eyes that sees it all}

A/N: The four previous Chapters were written by AUTHORESS Tomi. I wrote this chapter myself to show I’m sorry I am. And i hope you guys forgive me😪

Itzel’s POV

“Aren’t you going to hug your dear uncle.” Uncle Zachary said with a sly smile. I grinned fakely and hugged him.

As soon as I hugged him, I smelt a familiar perfume. Then everything suddenly clicked together! The voice of the kidnapper was my uncle! He knew my name because he was my uncle!

I quickly separated the hug and smiled.

“Uhm dad, mum. Me and Tyler have something to tell you real quick! Can we go to your study dad?”

“Uhh…sure. Zachary we’d be right back. ” My dad said and we all trotted to the study.

I explained everything that happened to my parents.

“Okay dad. What uncle Zach doing here.” I said as soon as we entered.

“He said he heard you were missing and asked if you’ve been found.” My dad explained.

“Doesn’t that seem suspicious to you?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“What are trying to get at?” My dad, Mum and Tyler said at the same time.

“Can’t you guys see?! How did he know I was missing? Tyler told me you guys didn’t tell anyone I was missing so how did he know? And his cologne smells the same way as the Kidnapper’s and the voice sounds the same.” I explained.

“Okay, that actually makes sense.” My mum said and Tyler and my dad nodded in agreement.

“Dad, you once told me Uncle Zach has been the Special Adviser to the King of ARRENTRESS for 20 years. Tyler, you also told me The ARRENTRESS chronicle was stolen from you but you couldn’t see who it was, right?”

My dad and Tyler looked at me like I was crazy.

“Uhh….I didn’t tell you that.” My dad said.

“Neither did I tell you anything about the chronicle being stolen from ME” Tyler said.

“She’s right isn’t she? Then where did she hear the infos from if you guys didn’t tell her anything.” My mum said.

“Trust me, I don’t know either.” I said confused by my own words.

“What do you mean? You just said those words. They came out from your mouth.” Tyler said rolling his eyes.

“I’m serious!! Those words weren’t even on my mind. I don’t know how I said them!” I said.

“Okay, what’s going on.” My mum said confused.

“Hol’up! You said you and Tyler were hearing voices, right? Maybe that same voice is giving you ideas! That means you and Tyler are the key to releasing ARRENTRESS!!” My dad said.


all gave him looks.

“Okay so Tyler, that woman isn’t your real mother?” My mum asked.

“Yes. I just paid her to act like one.” Tyler said.

“Now that we know all of this, can’t the kids at least eat and rest? Then we can come back to this” My mum suggested and we all agreed.

We all went out of the study room back to the living room. As soon as I got there, my two best friends screamed in happiness and came to hug me.

“Omg! I can’t believe this! Are you okay? Did they do anything to you? What about your powers, are they still intact?” Diane threw questions at me and I chuckled.

“I’m totally fine Dee.” I said smiling.

“Wow! I can’t believe you kept that huge secret from me for years.” Alfred said sourly.

“I guess Dee already told you about my powers. I’m really sorry Alfie. I was just waiting for the right time to tell you.” I said sighing.

“It’s alright, as long as you’re okay.” He said and hugged me.

“Both of you should shower and get ready for dinner.” My mum said cheerily. I’m happy she’s happy and I’m happy everyone is happy.



It was 10PM in the night and I was feeling really cold. I tried to pull my blanket over myself but there was nothing. That was when I realized I wasn’t in my room infact I was sleeping on the floor.

I stood up quickly and looked around. There was only one road ahead. It was all foggy and I couldn’t see clearly but still I walked forward.

“Anybody here?, Mum? Dad? Tyler? Roneia? Uncle Za- ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I screamed in fear as someone touched my shoulder.

“You came earlier than I thought.” The deep voice said and I shivered in fear.

“Who are you?” I said in a shaky voice.

“As you can see, I’m faceless.” He said and I looked at him very well and saw that he was really faceless. I screamed in horror. The faceless man laughed evilly.

“What do you want from me and how did I get here.” I asked getting scared.

He flicked his fingers and a high chair appeared and he sat on it. He flicked his fingers again and a white rope tied me up. I groaned in pain.

“Firstly, I’m the Faceless Sawyer. You came here on your own will, I didn’t bring you here. All I want from you is your power. The more you struggle to get free, the more the rope tightens and burns you.” He said as his voice held so much power and authority.

“Why me?!! Why my Powers?!!! You Faceless devil!!!!” I screamed in anger but the bastard only laughed. He got down from his chair and walked towards me angrily and slapped me really hard. I screamed.

“Don’t you dare shout at me you wench!!!!” He yelled in an authoritative and angry voice. Tears streamed down my eyes.


kept screaming Tyler’s name in my mind.

“I should have been the king!!! The rightful King of ARRENTRESS!!! But I wasn’t chosen!! Why? Because a Faceless person can’t rule!! Now I’ll show you what a Faceless person can do after I destroy ARRENTRESS, make all the powers mine and create my own Kingdom making you all my slaves. ” He said and laughed evilly.

“You’re sick!” I spat. “You can never destroy ARRENTRESS! There’s me! There’s Tyler! There’s nothing you can do!!!! I hate you!!!” I screamed as much as I could.

He laughed and kept on laughing for like 2 minutes.

“You think you can destroy me? The only way you could destroy me is my destroying my face and the person who does that dies with me. No one wants to die so no one dares me.” He said and laughed again.

“I think I will! Even if it’s to save ARRENTRESS and the pain and sorrow they’ve been under for years, I’d destroy you and die!!” A voice countered from behind.

“Ty… Tyler.” I said softly with tears dropping from my eyes. He heard me screaming his name and that brought him here.

“I expected you’d come later than this.” Faceless Sawyer said.

“Well, I’ve got no time to waste cos I’m just going to kill you at once!” Tyler said bravely.

“Go ahead! The people of ARRENTRESS are watching you right now, your family is watching you. Go ahead! Strike me hasur tiny finger!!” Sawyer said laughing.

“Tyler please, don’t do it. It’s a bait. Tyler please!!!!” I cried and begged Tyler as I tried to free my self from the rope.

“I’m sorry Itzel. But this is for you and the people of ARRENTRESS.” He said dipping his hand in his pocket. He bought out a blue shiny diamond aimed it at Sawyer’s Faceless face.

I watched as the blue diamond rolled towards Sawyer.

“Tyler noooooooooooooo!!!!!!” I screamed with all might as the diamond hit Sawyer in the face and his body caught fire. The fire died immediately and turned into ashes. The ashes ascended into the air and finally disappeared. As soon as that happened. A book fell from the sky with a loud thud. The Chronicle!!!

The endless foggy road cleared up and turned into ARRENTRESS. Everyone was watching sadly. Even my parents and friends. Everywhere was silent.

The rope disappeared off my body and Tyler fell to the floor. I stood up from the floor and ran towards a dying Tyler.

“I told you not to do it!!! I told you!!” I yelled at him in anger.

“I…did…. what…. I…. Had…. To…. Do Itzel. I’m happy ARRENTRESS is free.” Tyler managed to say.

“Please Tyler stay. I love you Tyler please.” I sobbed and ruffled my hair in anger. “Can’t someone do something!! Healing powers?? Anti dying powers?!!!” I yelled at everyone watching crying bitterly.

“The deed has been done Itzel. It has been written down and nothing can be done.” Tyler’s grandfather said sadly and every other person started weeping.

“I love you too Itzel. I’ll be back for you. Please wait.” And with that, Tyler died.

I screamed so hard my lungs almost tore and I fainted.



THIS WAS WRITTEN BY AUTHORESS YOO Na, the main owner of this story.

I wrote the final chapter myself to satisfy you guys and I hope you love it.

Did Tyler actually die?
I don’t know either 🤷
There will be an epilogue so we’ll know if he really died.

All credits to me AUTHORESS Yoo Na, one and Only brains behind Blue Eyes 😌💙

I hope this final chapter brings back all my readers😪
I’ll keep on apologizing to you guys😩

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